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Realistic or Modern From Friends to Strangers [OPEN]


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From Friends to Strangers


A group of friends against the odds. They hung out everyday without fail, they knew everything about each other. They were the type of friends that everyone wished they had, always sticking up for each other and having each others back. They survived high school together and made their way into the big bad world. "Friends Forever" was the promise they made, however as soon as school ended and they ventured into the world, the promise was forgotten. Friendships which were once so strong now dwindled into a Facebook friendship. They promised to write and stay in contact and off course they did but soon the messages became less and less frequent as time went on.....


So basically this RP will start about 3 years after they finished school and started their lives. Some went to college, some may have stayed home, some may have traveled , some may have started jobs. In the first year contact between the friends began to slow down until it eventually stopped and they lost contact with one another. 3 years after they left each other behind, the group of friends are called back to their hometown for the funeral of Chris, one of the group. He had also been sick and died from an illness. Upon returning home the group plan to meet up to celebrate Chris's life and to see eachother once again. Everyone has changed so will they be able to be friends once again or are they too different now.

Character Sheets


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Ooh, seems interesting. I’ve got a few ideas already of what kind of character to bring in.


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Hello! Mind if I join? I have an idea for adding 2 characters who are twins into the mix! :)

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