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Four friends went through a life and death struggle in their late teen years. In the wake of those tragedies they went their separate ways, but agreed to meet up again in eight years. Some went to college, some went into the military, some got married. But as agreed they reunited.

The place they chose to meet up again was New Orleans. This is where the married pair was considering settling down despite some very bad memories.

As a part of their reunion they have planned a number of activities. They used to enjoy paintball and airsoft. They might take a cruise. They will avoid anything illegal or that could ruin a background investigation as some of them have careers ahead of them that they spent the past eight years working towards.

I may run one of the four as a main character. The others will be important NPCs though. I may also run a second main that is not one of the four. He works as a cook for a Cajun Asian fusion food court. They sometimes do catering.

For everyone else, I am looking for characters in the same general age group. This will begin with people who are networking, making contacts for future jobs, collaborating to start businesses, etc. Or your character could just be getting dragged along by a friend with those goals, but sees you as someone who needs a push to socialize.

We can stick with a slice of life. Or we could turn this into a reenactment of Lost or Mysterious Island. But that is up to the group. Tags will be added if needed.

3rd person past tense
3+ decent paragraphs
Decent spelling and grammar.
I will enforce the drooling in a corner rule if needed.
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