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Fandom Friendly Faces -- A South Park RP

Sub Genres
  1. AU
  2. LGTBQ
  3. School
  4. Slice of Life


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All the days of childhood memories have come and passed, the days of playing in the streets evolved into schoolwork and book time. In other words, high school, yes high school. Those kids from South Park are now high schoolers dealing with their own problems, grades, and home life issues. Of course, nothing is normal in South Park, crazy things still happen and on top of that, you have teenage drama, issues, and romance. Between stopping aliens from taking over the town, an invasion of hell, and the demons within, it's just a normal day in this sleepy mountain town.

Friendly Faces is a slice-of-life high school RP based around the South Park Universe. No prior knowledge is needed as long as you have basic knowledge when playing the canon characters. You can also play original characters if so wanted- though canons are preferred. You can make your own plots for your characters, everything you do in the rp does affect how the RP is going. I do take ideas for mini-plots, it's mostly just an open world that we make up as we go along nothing solid just a little high school RP!

3rd graders are in their junior year at 17-18
Kindergartners are in their freshman year at 15-16


× This RP is lazy-lit I expect at least one to two proper paragraphs. I want proper grammar and punctuation. I understand writer's block happens and just let me know if you're having an off day and It'll be fine. Just let me know if you need a bit of a break as well.

× No NSFW content is allowed on this rp, as you know the RPN rules allow none of this, either fade to black or don't do anything at all. Kissing is okay, but if it gets too heavy touching then you know exactly when it's time to fade. Gore is okay, but don't describe it in detail, that's not necessary.

× Be polite to GMs, disrespect is not tolerated. They're GMs for a reason, they're here to make sure the RP stays in order. Respect their decisions and their rulings, if you have an issue with a GM contact me and I'll look into it.

× If someone is causing drama don't feed into it, just ignore it and alert an RPN staff They'll handle it, it's not worth getting in trouble for. Drama in roleplay is highly encouraged, who doesn't like a little drama between characters.

× Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated. I will not have anyone bullying someone for their identity, sexuality, religion, or race. Discrimination of any sort including those making fun of people with disabilities I will report you to RPN staff

× Metagaming, powerplaying, auto-hitting, auto-dodging are not allowed, as they remove freedoms from other roleplayers. Regardless of who your character is, they will not be the center of attention all the time, nor can they be the best at everything. Nor are they perfect in any way shape or form.

× Follow All RPN Rules and their policies

× I would like a post once a week, that's all but, I understand people have lives. If you can't post let me know, I know people have jobs and school, I'm pretty understanding about that. Even I probably will have issues posting once a week sometimes. I'd like to make this RP comfortable and relaxed, it's not the end of the world if you don't post once a week.


Stan's Group
Stan Marsh - Open
Kyle Broflovski- teacups teacups
Eric Cartman - Open
Kenny McCormick - Open
Leopold "Butters" Stotch - Open

Craig's Group
Craig Tucker - starstucker starstucker
Tweek Tweak - Open
Clyde Donovan - UraharaSteph UraharaSteph
Token Black - Open
Jimmy Valmer - Open

Wendy's Group
Wendy Testaburger - Open
Bebe Stevens - Open
Nichole Daniels - Open
Red McArthur- Open
Heidi Turner - Open

Other canons are allowed, as well as OCs.

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