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Fantasy Fresh New Start

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Adventure, Anime, Horror, Multiverse, Mystery, Realistic, Romance


Hello wonderful people!

I’m not new to RPNation I just left my old account for as a fresh start,

Few things about me
- I’m multi-para
- Not a Native English speaker so my spelling can fail
- Currently attending classes so answering isn’t available 24/7
- I’m a bit stubborn but will be open to ideas
- I prefer female roles as it’s more within my comfort zone

I'm an Absolute sucker for Romance, thrills, horror, psychological, and adventure type of plots. I mostly do play female roles, since I'm most comfortable but I'm a 100% on-board for doubling as a male. I often do use strong language for my characters, and I don't have many limits with my writing but again important. Having the ability to talk with me, share your comfort zone and big nono's is important! Writing is a two player game, I'll be as respectful to your boundaries are humanly possible.

Fleshed Out Stories

A Cost for Freedom

It is said that in a faraway Kingdom, within the mountain tops, within the point the sun first kissed when it rose. There lived a young Queen and king, whose palace was said to be carved out of beautiful marble and ice. As cold as it seemed, the palace was filled with a warmth, as a small Princess with skin as white as snow, hair as fine and white as a dove's feather, bright purple eyes that glimmered with joy was conceived to the happy couple. Yet even with the joy their gift brought to themselves and their subjects, there still lingered...Farther from the embrace of the sun, there stood a kingdom of rock and fire, hellish creatures who ruled the dried land. Their people had died, their fertile lands being ripped away from them...It was becoming far too much, they had to think about the safety of their subjects, to avoid anymore loses..

On the sunset of the very first day of spring, the rulers of the two Kingdoms met where the Ice turned to rivers and the fires turned into quite rocks. On that very day, a piece treaty was made -- The day the Princess turned 17, she would be wedded to first born of the opposite kingdom, along with a bride the new king would have received fertile land and share the power his daughter would hold.

That was Years ago, now the young Lucille stood before crowd, head to the ground as she was marched down the aisle by her father. He was wearing his best outfit, decorated with the medals of combat and honor passed down by the long lines of their family...Marching his daughter to the enemy, as a present to end years of bloodshed, yet many others with common sense saw this as the Kingdom of Ice and Snow bowing before the enemy...They had submitted...Tunes played in the grand cathedral, the pale Queen to be wore a heart neckline with lace, the rest hugged her body...She didn't have much of a bosom, but her hips were rounded and wide, a train of white lace trailed behind her...Upon arriving at the pew, she would glance to her husband to be...A stranger, a complete stranger who she held a complete hatred for....

He had ripped her freedom away.

Ideas To Flesh Out

Porcelain Doll

A young doll maker falls in love with a Victorian Woman of high Status, he continuously tries to win her heart, yet her parents make their communication very limited...Until the young nobel woman is burned alive out of jealousy by her fiance's mistress, causing half her face to be disfigured horribly -- Bringing shame to her family's name they fake her death, keeping her locked away within the Manor walls...

The doll maker offers a solution, to restore young woman's face with Porcelain.

Till Death Do Us Part

Rival spies must fake a happy marriage to fit into a society where the most elite are welcomed, and the lower classes frowned upon like waste...Fitting in and appearing head over heels for one another, investigating the mysterious disappearances of lower class families and reported deaths being live streamed by those who are believed to be in that very society.

Fandom I'd love to roleplay

Until Dawn ( Oc x Oc )

Black Butler ( Ciel x OC ) ( Oc x Oc )

My Little Pony (Discord x Oc ) (Sombra x OC) (Oc x OC )

Heathers ( JD x OC ) (OC x OC)

Soul Eater (Kid x OC ) (OC x OC)

Death Note ( Light x OC ) (L x OC ) (OC x OC)

Hunger games (OC x OC)


Mafia Leader x Police's Daughter

Creature X Scientist

Werewolf x Vampire

Ghost X Human

Superhero x Villain

Villain x Sidekick

Rival x Rival

Criminal x Police's Daughter

Bad boy x Good Girl (Roles can be switched)

**I also play darker Themes but I'd prefer to talk about those in DMs


Ya boi
Hey if you’re open still I can do that fire and ice one. I do have to give a warning though, my length for posts varies with mood I have been making a little progress on it so I’m doing a little more then what I would if I didn’t. You can count on 1-3 paragraphs no matter what though


Hey if you’re open still I can do that fire and ice one. I do have to give a warning though, my length for posts varies with mood I have been making a little progress on it so I’m doing a little more then what I would if I didn’t. You can count on 1-3 paragraphs no matter what though
Send over a Dm!


Ya boi
As he stood there, back turned against the crowd, Vukan tried to allow the noise around him to drown out his own ringing in his ears but it seemed to only make it grow louder. He began to hear screams, the sound of women pleading and children crying, men shouting in anger. His eyes flitted about yet the sounds weren't visible and that's when he knew it was still all in his head. He closed his eyes tightly and that's when the images began rushing through.

He was a young boy, hiding just outside the guildhall, he could hear his father and the knights speaking of a war upon them with only few options to stop it. Their Kingdom was suffering and the cause was still unknown yet for whatever reason there were lands that were untouched by the flame. A flame that judged nothing but devoured everything seemed to have no end for it's greediness. As if feeding off the King himself, his anger and rapacity for power only seemed to make the flame stronger as it consumed everything in its path. Losing almost everything, Vukan's father gave only one option to save their people and Kingdom.

The crowd falling into silence brought him back to present. Vukan cleared his throat and stood up straighter as the music began to play, the surrounding area a reminder of the treaty once made so long ago. He clenched his jaw, holding back his own anger as he could feel the chill of the 'Ice Princess' creep along his spine, almost stubbing out the fire within him. He waited for them to be closer before he turned to greet the King and shake his hand. He focused his heat where his hand greeted the Kings and as they parted the King replaced his hand with that of his daughter's. Lucille. He let her name dance in his mind as he took her hand, and before facing the front, he glanced over the crowd at his people. He noticed how they looked at ease and he could tell they were feeling the safety that is supposed to embody this wedding, and he had to remind himself that this.. was the cost of his freedom.
Interest checks are where you say you would like to rp then do so in pms or a set thread. Good writing though

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