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Futuristic Freelancer Legends


will turn your insides into your outsides
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Yes. The answer is no.

It seems like, by your definition, any sort of entertainment media which takes place in space is a spare opera.
I could also give you a bunch of movies that took place in space that are NOT space operas. But I feel like you wouldnt care.

I haven't heard of him, but that quote sounds incredibly uneducated. Sure welding looks like magic to a caveman.
Arthur C. Clarke is one of the more influential science fiction authors of our time. He (literally) ranks up there with Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, and H.G. Wells.
And if you haven't heard of them, honestly you are missing out on the core of science fiction. Most, if not all the ideas you see in modern sci-fi are owed to these guys and other authors like them. Not knowing who they are is like being a high fantasy fan and not knowing about Tolkien.

You could tweak a character to fit. Or you could make an entirely new one. But it's clear you don't want to put in the effort.
It's not an effort thing, it's a mismatch thing. Like I said it's no big deal. You aren't obligated to do anything for me to make my character work, and neither am I obligated to shoehorn an idea I had into a single species to conform with the lore.

Thanks for stopping by regardless. Sorry I can't make your character work.
No worries. Best of luck to your roleplay.
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Howdy hello, I'm interested in this, could I get a link to the rp page?

There are OOC links on page 1 and 3.

The other pages are linked from there.

I suggest before continuing reading everything here and on the other pages so that you're fully caught up on lore

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