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Fantasy Free State High School *REBOOT*

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Pikachu Dance
@EldridSmith I was going to have Eldiza say she dreamed she met Evren. That the stuff from original was a dream. Evren could have the same dream, which would be eerie that two people who haven't met had the exact same dream of meeting. Or Evren could have not met her before and would find it strange that a girl he hasn't met dreamed of him and knew his exact name. You can choose for Evren, my character will remember from a dream.


One Thousand Club
I would say Amber would just be a person to normal use peoples last name at work. She is use to it due to her old job at a large hospital. XD


Two Thousand Club
I think i was waiting on a response, but yeah im fine saying they are fully at classroom with a mini-skip if needed


One Thousand Club
its okay guys life happens, its been the same for me as well. Im going to try and post tonight before going to bed

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