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Fantasy Free State High School *REBOOT*

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Nice, then I'll wait patiently. I already have an idea for a Kink, now it's time for me to just attach it to a real character.


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I'm coming back with Evren, quick question though, are our original interactions (with characters that carry over) still canon? @aDistraction
They can be.
Is there a thread to paste? Or is it on here?
I will be putting a CS thread up soon.
Do we actually spar in this school?
Not sure, but here's another question : can we play more than one character?


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Hopefully those interested stick around. Interested to see what types of characters we get. May bring a teacher/pro hero in from another game too if needed, just age them up and come up with a "ten years later" Summary.

Had a neat concept for them that I always found fun in some games. Pretty much gets arrested and sentenced to death penalty, but somehow comes back after its carried out and is technically free since their confirmed punishment was carried out and post humorously prosecutions kinda fell into a new prescidency (just didnt stick due to poor planning/potential kink evolution) Kink was a mix between Wolverine and Hulk.

Student wise the character idea was more mild Deadpool crossed other stuff with kink wise. Though neither were similar personality wise, the older one a Bakugo type personality, younger one a Todoroki/Emma Frost one.

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