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  1. Mr Foxx

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    Dawn looks at the man. "Oh, a person."

    Her tails tense up a little, but not too much.

    The man reaches the group, looking a bit tired. "Okay, could you all honestly tell me who blew up the tree?"

    He sort-of recognizes all of them, which is pretty creepy.
  2. Fgkun

    Fgkun New Member

    Leonard just shrugs at the words the girl replies with. It's not addressed to him and he wouldn't cause such a ruckus either way.

    When the girl extends her hand, Leonard takes a good look at it and then reaches out with his own hand, shaming hers. Three girls he has met here and two of them are awfully pale. They should probably get out more.

    "Well, my name is Leonard deRenais. Nice to meet you", he answers her. Yami, huh? That's a name he knows. His father wasn't very fond of him, but mom is another story.

    When suddenly someone unknown speaks from behind him, Leonard turns around to face an older man. Oh, he didn't even see him coming. That's probably a teacher or something.

    "It was her", the young man quickly says, pointing a Celeste. She's not going to blame him again this time.
  3. Yami Noctis

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    Aria crosses her arms and stands behind Leonard, she racks her brain quickly. "So you are Elysiums kid..." she mumbles.
  4. Divine_Stalker

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    Cerin looks at the group "So are all of your parents the heroes who defeated Helostor?" He not sure about telling who his parents are, the Yangs don't really have a good reputation, despite helping fight Helostor.

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  5. Mr Foxx

    Mr Foxx Fox w/Keyboard

    The man frowns at Celeste. "That was a rare tree. Please save your spells for my class, the sparring arena, or jobs."

    He then looks at Aria & Leonard, and smiles. "So you're Yami & Elysium's kids? That's nice. I knew them from school, even before we went to this Academy."

    He then looks at Cerin & Dawn. He can guess who the mom is already, but he won't name names. "And who are your parents?"
  6. Divine_Stalker

    Divine_Stalker White Rose General

    Cerin stares nervously at the man for a moment. "Uh.... well... our parents are uh." He quietly mumbles to himself "Kesler Yang is our father." He then looks at Dawn nervously.
  7. Yami Noctis

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    Aria steps away from Leonard. "Yes my father is Yami, however my mother is Molly." She glances at the man somewhat warily. "Who are you and how do you know my father?"
  8. Mr Foxx

    Mr Foxx Fox w/Keyboard

    Dawn looks at the man. "Uh, Angel Yang is our mother..."

    The man smiles. So Angel took Kesler's last name. Cute! He then looks at Aria. "I'm Nick Decrois... So you use Molly's last name?"
  9. Yami Noctis

    Yami Noctis New Member

    "Yes...I use the last name of Aberforth. The only reason I do so is because I haven't yet inherited the position that matches the name." She tilts her head slightly at nick.
  10. Divine_Stalker

    Divine_Stalker White Rose General

    Cerin looks at Nick and smiles slightly. "Oh Nick Decrois, your one of the people who helped defeat Helostor years ago." His ears twitch excitedly. "Did you know our parents?"
  11. Fgkun

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    As Leonard has his attention turned to the newcomer who just introduced himself as a teacher, he can't help but overhear Aria mumble behind his back. Well, what's wrong about being mom's son?

    Anyways, back to the teacher start ding before them.

    "Yes, of course. We'll do our best", he answers since nobody else seemed to react to that sentence in particular as if they weren't interested.

    Though, this guy mustn't have been someone important if neither Aria or Leonard have ever heard of him.

    Then, when the kemono talk about their parents, sone thing makes click in his mind. Yes, that's where he knew the name Yang from. That band of assassins and dark magic users who managed to find enough followers to form a city...
    He doesn't quite know what to make of that.

    "Haven't earned the position yet? That's quite ambitious", the member of another noble house that could claim the title exclaims. Maybe other people want to have a go as well.
  12. Mr Foxx

    Mr Foxx Fox w/Keyboard

    Nick chuckles. "Oh, for a minute I thought Yami took Molly's name."

    Nick looks at the Yangs. "Yep. I was one of the first people to meet Angel... And I didn't really do all that much against Heolstor, Yami did a lot more."

    He looks to Leonard. "So who's your father, if Elysium's your mother?"

    He can guess that it's Moran, but he shouldn't bring that up. Leonard might be uncomfortable talking about a dead parent.
  13. The Fabulous Emerald

    The Fabulous Emerald 'Show Me Ya Moves!'

    Celeste just stands and listens to all that is said. From what she could tell, everyone here had parents who went to this Academy and helped against Heolster. Heck, even her dad did from the stories he had told her. As she watches everyone, she notices that this man who had just turned up also used to be here as a student - chances are he could've known about her dad. She just continues watching, not really interested in what's going on.
  14. Divine_Stalker

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    Cerin nods. "Yea our mother told us about how she was sealed away." He chuckled. "Also it's kinda funny that both of our parents.... uh have a spirit within them." He looks at his sister. "Nevil and Akumi are nice."
  15. Yami Noctis

    Yami Noctis New Member

    She smirks at the son of De Renias. "I would expect no less from the child of the house of mage knights." She steps back and glances around once again her eyes resting squarely on Nick. "If I recall the stories my father told about you correctly you are a dark magic weilder. He seemed to hold you in somewhat high regard." She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a small silver rod and spins it in her hand thinking.
  16. Mr Foxx

    Mr Foxx Fox w/Keyboard

    Dawn remembers one time when Akumi scared her during a bedtime story, but she apologized after that. And Nevil is pretty nice... "Yep."

    Nick chuckles as well. "Yeah... So they've mellowed out? Good."

    He looks at Aria. "Yes, I do know some Dark Magic... He did?"
  17. Divine_Stalker

    Divine_Stalker White Rose General

    Cerin smiles. "Yea and Uncle Lister is nice too... even though he can be a little scary at times." He chuckles, then remember that he still has to get to his dorm. "So uh, I gotta go, I need to find my dorm then get some food." He looks at his sister. "Lets go."
  18. Fgkun

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    At Nick's comment about his father, Leonard's face darkens considerably and not even what he thinks is supposed to be a compliment from Aria can cheer him up. Well, figures that this question would come one day. Moran, the great hero who managed to live for the light and not for his family. And then he died for the light as well. How ironical it is that Leonard's own lightning magic shows in no way a holy attribute like his father's did.

    "Well, it was Moran Blackart, the great hero", Leonard replies, though his tone doesn't quite show much conviction about that statement. In fact, Leonard doesn't even particularly feel like continuing this conversation.

    "I think I'll go to the dorms now. Time to move into my room. Eh...see you later", the heir to a responsibility of being a mage knight tells the ones that are actually left. With that, he as well takes his luggage and walks through the doors into the dorm building.

    There, he checks his badge for his dorm number. Surely, it must be written down there since there's no place else it could have been put.
  19. Yami Noctis

    Yami Noctis New Member

    Aria watches Leonard walk off in grim silence and she faces Nick again. "He did or rather he still does, he has not really told me why though." She notices everyone go to leave and suddenly has a thought. "Oh by the by do you have an area where a wyvern would be able to rest?
  20. Mr Foxx

    Mr Foxx Fox w/Keyboard

    Dawn nods. "Okay, brother."

    She heads over to the dorms.

    Nick frowns. "Oh, sorry for bringing that up..."

    Then he looks at Aria, a bit confused. "Wyverns?"

    Eh, we've had all sorts of big animals & dragons roosting here.
  21. Divine_Stalker

    Divine_Stalker White Rose General

    The back of your badge has your room number.

    Cerin heads to his dorm and enters. He looks around and smiles. "These rooms are nice." He sets his bag and his coat on his bed. He takes his badge and attaches it to his hip then picks up the map and heads back out. "I'm hungry, I guess I'll head to the cafeteria." He glances at the map then starts walking off to Academy Island.
  22. Yami Noctis

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    She flicks her wrist briskly and part of the silver rod extends out. Showing itself to be a whistle or call of some sort. She puts it to her lips and blows into it. After a couple of moments a dark speak appear in the sky and approaching fast. "I guess I should introduce my companion to the teacher at least. His name is Excellion." There is a rush of wind and a large grey serpentine type wyvern lands in front of them. It wraps its tail around her and stares at Nick.
  23. Swiftfire

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    For once, Chase had paid attention to the welcoming speech. He didn't sit still and fidgeted the entire time, but at least he didn't start daydreaming.

    Now, after zoning out for a few minutes, he was wandering about, having pinned his new badge to his bag upside down by mistake. Right. The deans seemed to have left already, so he couldn't give them that important letter as yet. It could wait, he was hungry.

    Following his nose and the map, he headed to the cafeteria to stuff his face.
  24. Divine_Stalker

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    Cerin enters the cafeteria and heads over to the lunch line and gets a grilled chicken sandwich with some fries and drink then sits at a empty table in the corner. He looks at a few other students sitting at a table nearby, he figures they are a couple zero star students, be then starts eating.

  25. Swiftfire

    Swiftfire Night Owl of Shadows

    Upon entering the cafeteria, Chase got excited as he looked around. Yes, it was only a cafeteria, but they didn't have those back in the village. You either bought food from one of the shops, or had to go and hunt it yourself. He was beginning to like the idea of simply turning up at the cafeteria to snack.

    As he walked to the food counter, his nose twitched. Why was he smelling fox? He couldn't see any other critters in here. Well, there was that guy with the fox ears, but surely that wasn't right. He ignored it for a moment and loaded up a tray with mostly meat and a few bits of chocolate as dessert. He'd try the coffee later. Then, he headed over to Cerin's table and plonked himself down, opposite him.

    "Hi! So, I noticed you smell of fox. What's up with that? Are you a shapeshifter?" he asked, without shame.


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