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Fantasy Four Suits: Of Gods & Devils - Interest Check (Vol. 4) (Always Open)

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Action, Adventure, Anime, Magical, Mystery, Super Powers, Supernatural

Destructus Kloud

The Like King

"Welcome, my child. To the beginning of The End."

Centuries ago, a man named James Stryker led a splinter group towards the continent of Ornare. They crossed an entirely unknown, insurmountable sea filled with creatures of the deep to escape persecution at the hands of imperialist oppressors. Armed only with basic tools, fiery courage and the unbridled magic flowing through their veins they dared across years of hardship and sacrifice. And finally, achieved legacy.

The Kingdom of Four Suits.

In the golden years of its initial founding, there was peace once again for the weary travellers. A place to rest and build, a place where one did not have to fear for attack or discrimination. Thanks to Stryker, it was a haven for any that wished to practice the magical arts. Unfortunately, following the great leader's untimely death, the kingdom began to break down under its new joint leadership. Stryker's four disciples unknowingly tore apare the Kingdom of Four Suits in their hubris. Split into four new factions, the Four Suits Kingdoms were born.

It was not for almost four centuries until tragedy once again befell Ornare. A terror from the past, the followers of Stryker faced their old oppressors. The Argossian Empire. Using advanced machines and technology, their invasion tore asunder Ornare and only through the alliance of all the Four Suits Kingdoms were the insidious imperial invaders driven off. And while this victory brought brief peace, Ornare soon continued on a bloody path of infighting and warfare.

The date is currently 1000 ASF (After Suits Founding). The people of Ornare are recovering slowly, but tensions are rising once more. With strange and magical occurences happening all over the continent it is up to those who inhabit it to restore the balance - or tip it to their favour.

No matter the hand you were dealt, it's all fair game in...

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Welcome, welcome. This is a roleplay that has been running for a little over a year now, albeit a couple reboots. Recently we went on hiatus for a couple of months, but we have finally returned with a new volume! So - what do we have to look forward to?

Firstly, we do indeed have a discord server for all OOC purposes. We're quite the friendly bunch, so don't be shy and come on through if you're interested in joining. I'll dm the invite so as to not annoy the moderators~

The roleplay itself is detailed. We do not do one-liners, poor grammer or spelling nor lazy writing here. We expect your posts to be more than one paragraph and for it to be reasonably readable. If anyone is confused or has further concerns regarding this, please feel free to contact me (Kloudy) or one of the other rp staff members. We are all here to participate in the story, so lets make it easier for everyone else right?

The story is set in a medieval-fantasy world rife with magic, armies and monstrous creatures. You are free to make your character from a wide variety of races, backgrounds and abilities. In terms of creative world-building, we're fairly flexible and like to incorporate your awesome ideas into the setting. Feeling like inventing a new species of fish that can enter the time stream and swim between realities? Sure, let's serve up some temporal tuna!

There will be fresh IC and CS threads for this arc of the roleplay, which will be coming soon. Feel free to express your interest below and invite as many friends as you please! We won't be closing this interest check for as long as the roleplay runs, so there will be no first-come first-serve business here.

I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay and once again, welcome to - Four Suits: Of Gods & Devils.

(Also, you can read the current lore of the roleplay here.)
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Destructus Kloud

The Like King
Looks cool! Is there a summary of previous entries anywhere that newcomers can read?
Yes! We are currently working on an official summary of the previous IC (although we do have an unofficial one in the discord) and we also have an entire timeline of the history of the world the roleplay is set in. The lore page is linked at the bottom of the OP.


The lord of randomness and the warp
hmmm sure iv got a dumb idea... mayhaps you require a... wild card of sorts yes o-0? im sure a random farmer with perfectly avrage and normal stuff will defintly not be a problem for anyone

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