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Fantasy Fortune of Whales


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 Scene; The Ryu-Fujin

What was that pounding? Oh, right. Her head.

Aveline woke to the loving embrace of yet another skyman style hangover. She rose from her bed Like an undead from the grave. All pained moans and trying to learn the world again. First, she looked around the room, seeing all the maps hung in her cabin. The little trophies from good plunder. Her private liquor cabinet, placed right beside her desk, which was covered in charts and more maps. Plans for the next job. Then she saw her mirror, her nude self inside it on her bed, and the little bump beside her, still sleeping. She looked down at the woman slumbering beside her and smiled - Must have picked up someone fun last night - before getting out of bed and walking toward her cabinet to retrieve a fine bottle of spiced rum. She took a swig and set it on her desk, then started to look for her clothes. 

Finding her clothes scattered about the cabin as though a small twister came through. shirt of the floor, trousers hanging on the coat hook, and her coat was... hu, in the cabinet. odd she hadn't noticed that before. Regardless, she started with her pants, grabbing them off the hook. She slipped them on and began wondering where her belt went, before seeing it tangled in the bed,

Maybe that explains why she was sore. then again, she could have fallen. Then there was a noticeable shaking in the cabin. It surprised her a second, but she felt it was familiar. Quickly, she stepped out of her cabin door -still mostly unclothed - and looked ahead at her ship, covered in shade. Looking up, she saw the underbelly of a great one. A flying whale above them, going past on it's gentle way.

"well..." She muttered to herself.

"That's lucky."

A grandiose Cetacea Gold. The markings on the whale - which had a slight yellowish-gold glow to them curving along its side and branching clear to it's massive maw from the end of its tail - gave away it's breed. For a moment, she felt sad that, likely, she was the only one on board who knew such things about the fine beasts. Oh well! That simply meant she had opportunity to teach it to the crew!

At that thought though, she gave a thought a wonder; where was everyone?


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Gerald yawned as he climbed onto the deck. He felt like a he’d just been suffocated by hundreds of feathers while having informative but very irritating sentences being blasted at him from a scalpel-wielding woman dressed like a fowl. It was a dream, but the feelings persisted. Probably had something to do with the annoyance of finding the sheer number of grammatical mistakes that was the “certified” text on raising peacocks he was reading last night. “It’s” instead being used instead of “its” was a pet peeve of his.

Walking across the deck, squinting through the sunlight, he considered the distant whale. It almost looked like a cup of tea. Though the intimacy of tea leaves can be alleviated using the Ritual of the Pillow Cases, as many theoretical physicists say, there is a chance that this would spawn a miniature man-eating tentacled chair capable of manipulating the intricate mechanical gears of a clockwork bee to suit its own purposes, making the easing quite dangerous and not very practical.

Huh? What? Must still be awfully tired. He really wasn’t a morning person. Shaking his head, he turned and looked back at the opening he’d come out of. Deep, dark, comfortable darkness. Maybe he should stop walking towards the railing and head back down there. It was then when he noticed the Captain.

“Um. Why are you…?” he asked as he fell off the side of the ship.


Let's see where this leads...
 As Roman walked the peer, doing his best to quash the telltale bob of augmented legs while his heart preferred to climb in his chest. This was a mistake. He could see the ship from afar. A runner. Arguably of light build with a sharp frame for cutting the air like a knife. The kind of ship preferred to fast, light transport. Also for smuggling. And worse. But then again, did law matter? He was finding more and more that he tended to disagree. Some laws demanded that he be hunted for not breaking others. He would smile at the irony... no, just contradiction, had it not ruined his life.

 His feet clacked on the weathered wood. An effect made only more prominent by the weight of a small traveling chest and a violin case grasped in either hand. This place was awfully open. He lowered his chin into the high collar of his jacket to hide the steel affixed to his jawline. Together with an eye-patch hiding his augmented eye he certainly looked the part.

 He was much closer now and he looked up to see a Cetacea Gold pass over the ship. How had be missed it? Probably staring at his feet. The great beast made him feel better. The intuitive creatures were unknowing friends of navigators, seeking air currents in a way humans never would. He brought his eyes back to ground level has a man tumbled over the side of the ship. Before Roman had time to worry about concealing his dull, grey limbs a cold, steely hand gripped the falling man by the ankle. Roman had wedged himself between the pier and the ship as the man dangled below him. Looking down, Roman's face as a picture of shock as he watched his violin tumble past the man and toward Terra. He heaved the two of them back up onto the pier, having to kick a little as the ship moved ever so slightly. The pair fell onto the pier, Roman landing uncomfortably on the remainder of his luggage.


The Mechanic considered it to be near a miracle that he had managed to catch a wink of sleep last night.

He recalled hearing the main two voices that kept him awake most of the time; the captain's and an unknown woman's. Whatever he had thought about that he couldn't exactly remember, but he had understood that she needed a bit of relief. 

Munford heaved himself out of his bedroll in Ryu-Fujin's engine room. He let out a low pleasant growl as he stretched his arms, whilst listening to the soothing hum of the Cienav's engine that powered the oars at the forecastle. It wasn't  active at the moment since the winds were enough to keep her moving. 

When he knuckled his temple, his feeling of ease ebbed away when a detail he wanted to forget of last night resurfaced in his memory. Munford's mechanical eye had malfunctioned for a moment since the vision of his right eye had become thermal. Unfortunately he had looked at the wrong direction at the wrong time with that sight, and had seen something he didn't want to see that his captain could do. 

"Aes give me strength." He murmured sheepishly to himself, as a tinge of heat rose in his pale cheeks. After a few more seconds of recovering, the mechanic gradually made his way out of the comforts of his resting place, and onto the deck of Ryu-Fujin.

He was almost always found below the deck, and hence was accustomed to dark lighting. The effects of the sunlight that radiated from the heavens strongly annoyed him and usually tempted him to step back down the steps leading to the deck -- but this time, the harsh rays were blocked by a vast body flying in the sky.

Munford hastily walked towards the centre of deck while admiring the magnificent beast. He had seen one of these before, back in the days before he had jumped aboard this ship, but it was truly a rare treat. From the corner of left eye he saw the captain near the front of the ship; barely dressed.

Munford's lips formed a small distasteful smile at the sight. 'Pirates will be pirates.'

His sightseeing of the majestic whale was cut short when the Ryu-Fujin rocked slightly. He hadn't realised that they were near a dock site until he looked over at the boarding entrance, and glimpsed a part of a hunched-over man near their Cienav. Tilting his head a fraction, he trotted towards the man to see what he was attempting to do. 

"Gerald?" Munford said in disbelief as he saw the body of the surgeon being held by the strong grip of the stranger on the docksite. "What in Terra's name did you do now?" 


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"What the-" Was all Herika could say as the whale passed by, her mind trying to figure out what exactly had happened. She had heard and felt the shaking of the ship before opening her eyes and looking up from her spot on the deck. It seemed like she had fallen asleep right there the night before, but those thoughts were quickly put aside when she saw the big whale. Her father told her stories about them, but she wasn't much of a fan back then.

The woman then noticed the commotion around her, a small smirk making its way on her lips. Herika begrudgingly got up and stretched, taking her time as the mechanic talked to the others. She shook her head and made her way to Aveline, while taking off her own jacket, but still wore a lightweight shirt. At least she was more dressed then her captain, she thought, and draped the jacket on Aveline's shoulders. The jacket was big enough for both of them, and Herika decided the other woman needed it more than her now.

"If that's lucky, I don't know what that is, then." Herika said, the smirk never leaving her lips, and pointed to the general area the others were. She crossed her arms, quite amused by their antics and waited for her captain's orders.


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Aveline laughed, wrapping her arm around her crew mate.

"He caught him, didn't he?" She said, going to the side of the ship with her.

""Luck doesn't stop things from happening, skyman. It makes things turn out n your favor!"

She peered over the side of the ship, looking down at the men. She leaned over, getting a proper look. She hadn't quite seen the catch -seeing as how sje was away from the side at the time - but knew that it was a good one! 

"Gerald!" She exclaimed with a smile.

"Fine day to try flying, but next time i suggest you bring wings along."

She stood upright, still looking their way and gave Roman a slight nod. 

"Come on men. Hop aboard!" She ordered.

"We have much work to do! Oh yes, much too much work."
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Using the age-old specialised breathing technique known as "hyperventilation", Gerald calmed down after almost falling, screaming, to the land of doom under the heavenly islands, twisting and turning, life flashing before his eyes, until he finally hit the ground with a horrible, sickening squish. Luckily he hadn’t, thanks to this nice man here lying on a small travelling chest with that cool eyepatch and that piece of metal under his chin that seemed to serve no purpose. He almost looked like a pear. Sort of.

Gerald struggled onto his wobbly legs, fell over, and then crawled over to the man.

“Oh, thank you! Thank you! You saved my life! I’m in your debt forever.” Gerald tried to shake the man’s hand, found that it was so heavy that he couldn’t lift it, then settled for patting it instead.

“I’m – I’m sorry about that box. I’ll definitely pay for it! Or get it back, somehow. I’ll be your servant for the rest of my life if-” He stopped. He looked at the arm he was awkwardly patting. Then at the strange, bulgy legs. Then at the eyepatch. The chin-metal. The whale.

He scrambled backwards, nearly falling off the pier.

“You – you – you – you’re a – a – Nim-Cel guy! You – what – oh no. You’ve come to kill us all! But you saved – no, that’s a – but still – wait – how could you – I’m going to – no I’m – wait – no –” Gerald broke down into a sobbing mess on the ground, wailing incomprehensively about something to do with tea leaves and pears.


Let's see where this leads...
Roman stood up, pulling his collar back up to his chin. He offered a disheartened look to the space by his side that his violin had occupied moments ago. The man, Gerald presumably, was muttering on the ground. Roman bent down, grabbing the man under the arm and pulling him to his feet. Roman pushed his steel jaw-line out and and looked Gerald in the eye. 

"I ent...", he hesitate before finishing and added a quiet, harsh tone to the last word. "Nim-Cel". Roman stepped backward, releasing the man. He looked up to see the Captain leaning over the side of the ship and put on a smile that didn't match his furrowed brow. Did this count as a good impression? She seemed to be in a good mood. Judging by their meeting last night she ought to have a hang-over. Maybe she was a pirate.

"Captain!" He greeted the woman with a warn tone. Roman collected his remaining luggage and and walked toward the end of the railing, stepping onto the ship. He took a moment to feel the slight rock of the ship, perched uneasily on the atmosphere. He took a deep breath. It was a sensation that made him miss having toes. To envy The Untempered. He smiled for real this time. Walking toward the captain he swapped his travelers chest between his hands so he could offer the Captain the one with skin on it.

"Captain Aveline, thank you again for the opportunity."

I'm just going to leave these here for my own use:


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Burn was already on the side of the ship. To anyone approaching, they could easily mistake him for an old man thanks to his raggedy clothing and hunched over posture. He had a spyglass up to his eye as he was surverying the horizon. The kobal payed little attention to the other crewmembers, instead focusing intently on the water.

He viewed humans as inferior, even though he had decided to be a part of their crew, and so did not want to waste time talking to them.

After staring into the horizon a bit more, he wrote down something in his journal.

"Return 144.1666, -34.544 to 88 D."

The next phrase he underlined several times

"Remember to have proper materials!!!"


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                The project wasn’t hard to find, and was being driven by Haru while the mouse Nezumi clung to the padded shoulder for dear life. Warranted fear, given that the moment Haru was visible, was when the woman came up the side of the sky whale, her feet balanced on either side of the sail mount as she glided from current to current, trying to follow the patterns and get ever closer to its massive head. When she heard a shout however, the Boatswaine glanced back, and without a second thought folded the sail that had stood taller than she did. The solar surfer dropped, spinning dizzily although not near as fast as it should have been, indicating at least some Sol somewhere in the thin craft.

                Whoever was falling however, turned out not to actually need help. Or not to need Haru’s help. Someone else was pulling them to safety. Unfolding the sail once again, Haru soared upwards past the dock and after something of a jerky stop stepped off the single person. The sail collapsed easily, the entire thing standing on the tail end and leaning against her shoulder. It really was a tiny vessel, perfect for working on the larger ships while traveling, and for racing about. Nezumi, the moment they were on the far more solid ship leapt down to the deck, curling into a ball beside Haru’s foot. “Did we have specific plans for today? If so I can go put this away and make the adjustments later.
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The captain nodded the metal man's way.

"Very welcome, sir." she said.

"Or perhaps we'll be able to call you a skyman now!"

Very duely excited. Aveline was always quite happy to welcome a new addition to the ship. shame that so many people keep getting incinerated or stabbed, or eaten by those sky beasts, though. but she had a good feeling about this current crew. they certainly weren't going to die horrible , slow, and gryesome deaths... they'll probably be quite very quick! 

"Hurry along men, we've... hmm." she paused, looking down off the side of the ship.

Something quite small had perched beside the Ryu-Fujin. a single person ship with a youngling aboard. curious . 

"Girl!" she called out.

"What is that tiny craft you have there ? "

She hopped over the side - first grabbing a discarded piece of sail - and landed on the dock.

"I don't recognize the make." she said, wrapping the sail around herself.

"Is it made by a hobbyist? mayhaps some form of artisan  of some form?"

Never stop being curious . that's what father always said.

Hasn't steeredher wrong yet. though, it did get a few men incinerated . 


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Gerald landed on the dock again after being grabbed by that man, again. He tried to get up into a sitting position. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. With a jolt, he suddenly slapped himself in the face. “Oww!” he wailed, falling backwards onto the ground yet again. Huh. Wailed. Whale. There was a whale. In the sky. Like floating tea leaves. Then an abrupt aftershock from the slap throbbed from the impact zone, snapping him back into reality. He had to get away from that Nim-Cel guy! He had to – no, wait, didn’t he say he wasn’t one? And didn’t the Captain just welcome him aboard?

He struggled onto his feet, swaying slightly, with blurry vision. What was this? He knew he wasn’t a morning person, but this felt like he’d been drugged. Maybe he had. His teeth started clattering at the thought. No. No. He just got up on the wrong side of the bed, or something. There was no one here who would actually care to try to get rid of him. He was just too useless. And with that cheerful thought, he shuffled past the Captain and the girl with the mouse, up onto the ship, between the Cobal – or was it Kobal? – Expert, the First Mate and the non-existent Mechanic and straight into the hard, solid, splintery mast.


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Burn turned and glared at Gerald. Right away he could notice his ineptitude. With a chuckle, he put away his spyglass and faced Gerald.

"If you're having trouble walking around, maybe you should just stay on land. This is no place for greenhorners..."

He talked different than other Kobals, slower, and more meaningful.


Let's see where this leads...
Roman stood in place, trying to figure out what to do with himself after having watched the captain leap from the side of the ship. At least he was hired, but he had expected some instruction or maybe a tour of the vessel. He was only roused from this state by the thwack of forehead on lumber. Roman spun on his heel to see the man who had fallen from the side of the ship stumbling away from the mast. Roman had taken some offence to being called Nim-Cel earlier, but truth be told, that grudge was barely worth holding; It was a fair mistake.

Roman put his hand on the man's shoulder, turning him so they could look each other in the eye.

"You alright, Brother?" He asked, wondering if the man was in shock. It would not be an unreasonable response to a near fall to your death. He turned to the cloaked figure standing beside them.

"I think he might benefit from some..." Roman trailed off momentarily as he realized that he was looking at a Kobol. After a pause he managed the final word, "Water..." This must be okay. Noone else seemed concerned by the presence, but this was rare.

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