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"What do you mean, Black? You're not—" An abrupt fist from the direction of Khione crashed into Zae's right shoulder midsentence. The haste of the punch caught him more off-guard than the force of the impact. With his opposite limb, Zael nursed the sight of the blow by rubbing soothing circles with his pointer and middle finger. He wore a conflicted expression on his face; Zael was happy that Khione empathized with his cogitation, but the lingering sting kept him from feeling too pleased. The mention of the victims' families did lure Zael out of his naivety to a small degree. A guild had a reputation to maintain. A fledgling guild that saves the lives of murderous beasts would hurt business. A simple solution would be to keep the fate of the Ogre under a veil of secrecy. Otherwise, bloodshed would beget more bloodshed. The momentum of the transporter continued to decline until it was still. Underfoot, the eerie screech of the vessel's brakes pierced through the thick sheet of metal. The dulcet ring of the lightning rail's bell bounded across the rail's broad walls to let the passengers know that it is safe to depart.

Sterngate was a fortress of trade for the region of Zilargo. Foremost, it provided safe passage for merchant vessels and cargo into Sharn. A line of soldiers decked the colossal garrison beyond the lightning rail's height. Below, the passengers took their first steps onto the arrival area. What was immediately apparent to Zael was the change of temperature and greenery. Unlike the densely compacted king's forests, the terrain housed little vegetation. The scene before him imbued his gaze with a dull and gray lifelessness. "So did anyone bring a map? Or a compass?" Zael mused with a playful tremor. The deep mine was somewhere within the midst of the mountainous region beyond the fortress's walls. The issue was ascertaining which direction was south and which was north.

Behind them, laborers filled the newly depleted space within the lightning rail with cargo. Ores and minerals clattered together within the lugged containers. Zael speculated that the touted shipments held bounty from the deep mine; It would likely be the last shipment until the mine was ogre-free. "We should ask one of the locals for some more information about the deep-mine before we take off. The locals probably pick up on a lot more than the cushy executives who write these notices," Zale grumbled with a dismissive hand wave. "I would volunteer, but my throat is beginning to feel parched from all this yapping," Zael feigned with a hoarse voice and a hand pinching the medial of his collar. Zael held no qualms mingling with drudges— he only sought to offer his companions more autonomy. Currently, Zael felt some guilt in imposing his desire to preserve the Ogre's life on those that found the notion disagreeable. It was an opportunity strike at testimonies to convince him otherwise.

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  • Cyndoka (Woman In White)
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    1619824764194.png Cyndoka nodded towards the tall white haired man when he went on to excuse himself, he seemed to be well mannered and friendly to say the least, though she is sorta use to the fronts of kindness right now. Then going on to give a affirmative smile of acknowledgement towards the skeleton man, this is honestly the first time she ever started working with a skeleton man instead of crushing the skull of one. Though she was willing to accept it, and upon noticing that the tension has died down she put her Maple Leaf away in her stockings not wanting to have to carry it in her hand. Then it was the dark elf woman that went on to ask if she could join, she decided to agree to it as well, it seemed she had amassed quite the party, with the amount of people with her the quest should be too easy. Maybe she wound turn it into a game of who can bring the most harpie heads back once they get there, but as she waited the Arcturus guy who had healed her earlier then asked to join up with her. She decided to agree to it though at this point she might as well have taken a S class quest with how many people are with her, but she decided against it since she already had grabbed and committed to the Harpie quest, maybe when she comes back she will take on a S class quest. It didn't really take too long before the people that went upstairs to grab their equipment started coming back down, once she saw that the whole group was now here she chuckled to herself a bit, amused with how big the group would be. She then went on to move towards the door waving her hand in the air as she spoke "Alrighty then my fellow quest mates, I know of a ship Captain who should be preparing to leave at this very moment, if we are fast enough we just might be able to catch him before he leaves." She knew the captain more so because she used him to travel to this city, she also dealt with a pirate attack for him and she could likely call in a favor for a ride to Moonwatch, and if the map is anything to go by, she could follow the river Ringbriar. With that plan settled in her mind she opened the door prepared to skip towards the docks with a cheery step, beckoning the others to follow her lead.
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Rhys Whitlock | Sharn, Cliffside docks?​

The group going out to hunt harpies swelled with surprising speed, quickly encompassing almost everyone left within the guild. It was rather surprising to see Akar left to himself after the tension died down. If he had not already cast his vote in the matter Rhys may have considered supporting the dark elf in his quest, but with the arrival of another adventurer the matter appeared less dire. Taking after Gul and Scarlet, he hastily recovered a small traveling pack from his room before departing.

“You are rather well connected.” Rhys observed when Cyndoka had finished laying out her plan. Reevaluating the woman who now was cheerfully skipping away at a pace which he matched with a steady gait. From what little he recalled of the map, their destination was not too far off and traveling in a group meant there would be fewer dangers along the road; in his mind it was all the more reason to remain vigilant. Anything which would willingly pick a fight with a group of adventurers would make for a deadly foe.

As they neared the docks a gust from the sea billowed the heavy traveling cloak Rhys had donned and doused the group with the unmistakable scent of briny saltwater. Usually one to tirelessly trudge along without a word, the varied group played on the undead mans curiosity, prompting him to speak up, “Blades I understand...” with a quick gesture at Scarlets sword, “but a ball of iron is a rather unusual choice; much like a leaf. Are they traditional or used for magic I'm unfamiliar with?” By now the docks were in sight, reaching towers making way for the view of an open and endless sea that sparkled in the morning sun. Most smaller fisher crafts had already left to begin their daily routine, but the bigger vessels remained gently swaying as workers milled about loading and unloading numerous goods. "Say, what ship is it we are looking to secure passage on?"


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  • There wasn't much information to the quest. It was local, so it luckily would require him to travel very far. The only issue was that Breland was a large area with much to explore and he wasn't entirely sure where the Shadowlock Keep was. Finishing off his piece of bread, Reed figured it would be best to get moving then. He had a limit amount of time to figure out where he was going and even less to then chase down and intercept the shipment. Marching out the front door and towards the nearest town hall, Reed was determined to finish his mission and be back before sun set. He had yet to make the acquaintance of any of his new guildmates and figured it would help if he were awake and keeping the same hours as the rest of them.
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Gul's long legs alowed him to keep stride along with Miss whites energetic skipping. "Lead the way Miss White." Gul said as he took in the salt air and tried to ignore the looks he got from the people they passed by. He turned to Rhys as he seemed curious about his choice in weapon. "No sadly it's jus a plain ball and chain and I know it ain't exactly common but it's served me well so far." He said as he chuckled to himself as he remembered the first time he tried to fight with it. "Not really easy to use either, I actually found it in these old ruins I found. I wasn't very good at using it at first but as time went on I got better and now I can't think of any othe type of weapon I'd rather use." He gave a chuckle as he thought back to how he used to clumsily throw it about. "It's great for keeping your distance like a whip but heavy enough I don't have to worry to much about armor unless it's magical kinda like a mace."

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    Silently following behind the group, despite her ability to keep pace, Scarlet found herself more lost in the sites around them than the discussion at hand. It wasn't that the conversation didn't interest her but having never known anything except the woods, she found herself mesmerized by the different shops they passed on their way to the docks. Her only contribution to the topic at hand was a slight nod in Rhys' direction when he commented on her choice of weapons. With speed, agility and precision, knives and swords could prove to be quite the deadly tool.

    As they reached the docks and the tall suffocating buildings gave way to a vast ocean bordered by a spattering of ships, Scarlet let out a small gasp, pausing in her tracks to admire the view. She had never seen anything like it and found herself transfixed by its beauty as the sun glinted off the sparkling waters. It wasn't long before she practically skipped to the edge of one of the docks to peer out at the endlessness of the water, admiring as it blended in with the horizon; the sky and sea meeting as one. With her eyes wide and sparkling, Scarlet's attention was soon grabbed by that of several nearby vendors. Moving from the dock's edge she wandered about the booths now, until finally stopping at one displaying several different crystals, all embedded into some kind of jewelry. Gently reaching out to touch one of the pieces her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a female voice nearby, "Can you believe they actually allowed a dark elf in Sharn?" the woman questioned. "Who knows what twisted magic she was summoned here for." another woman's voice replied. "Dark elves should stick to their own. They're disgusting and traitorous creatures... why anyone would trust doing business with them is beyond comprehension." The first continued. "Playing with life and death is such a disgusting and dark thing."

    Scarlet's ears drooped upon hearing their words. She knew that dark elves weren't very popular among other beings, but that was different than experiencing the distain from others first hand. "If you aren't going to purchase anything, I suggest you move on. You're not exactly helping business." The vendor stated to her. Looking up briefly at the man Scarlet responded, "Right... sorry." She muttered softly before moving away. As a wave of sadness and loneliness washed over her, Scarlet began looking around at the crowded docks, realizing she was lost, having wandered too far from her group. A feeling of panic starting to rise in her as well.

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Arcturus had been following along with the group and was near the center of the group. He found it somewhat difficult to keep the pace but in the end managed to do so regardless. He stayed silent in order to mentally prepare himself for the thought of hunting the harpies. He had hunted before, the standard wolves and forest animals that would pose a threat to the suburban village he had grown up in. Beasts he had only heard of from patrons of his bakery were soon going to be opponents he had to fight in the flesh. He had to brace himself with the very real possibility that those around him could be hurt or worse, he prepared himself for the worst, but was planning to do everything he could in order to protect the new companions he had recently made from an unsavory fate.

As they wandered into the seaside dock, Arcturus felt the breeze of the nearby ocean hit his face. Arcturus always had enjoyed the sea. He loved watching the waves as they crash up against the shore peacefully. The air of the dock was filled with the smell of salt from the ocean as well as the various foodstuffs being sold by various venders near the shore. The variety on the dockside shops was astounding, everything was sold near the docks, the wares likely being the source of multiple trade and cargo ships that navigated through the port on a daily basis. Arcturus had watched as the group had received several glares from nearby venders and buyers alike. The group certainly stood out, probably due to the likes of Gul and Scarlet. The sight of a Dark Elf in these parts of the country was certainly an uncommon one. Eventually he had lost sight of Scarlet when he looked away briefly.

"Hey White, we should probably board a boat as soon as possible, I feel like it would be problematic to stay in this city for long." He said as he turned toward the girl. He then used his height advantage to scan the crowd and look for the Dark Elven girl.

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Olivier de Lyonesse
Olivier disembarked the lightning rail and stretched, careful not to distress his blue quilted traveling clothes. His next order of business was to survey their new surroundings. How very bleak, he thought, staring at the dusty, arid surroundings as well as into the dead, empty eyes of the people who traversed it. "Oh, my, it's absolutely dreadful here, isn't it?" He asked, his voice surprisingly cheery in the face of the content of his words. It was almost as if he were revelling in the hopelessness of it all.

Olivier seemed to be in good spirits, walking with purpose, his shoulders carrying something akin to giddy, child-like enthusiasm for what they were here to do. Even the prospect of talking to strangers, let alone these people, did not seem to darken his mood overmuch. Of course he did not have a compass, either. Where would he even put it? In any case, he found himself nodding along with Black's assessment. The sooner they got the information they needed, the sooner they could embark on the latter half of their journey, toward the mine itself.

Taking no furhter cues, Olivier strode off toward the slow procession of people loading the rail for departure. Some of what they were hoisting looked as though it reasonably could have come from a mine. Unrefined ore. That was as good a place as any to start, he surmised.

Olivier was no fool. He knew how he looked to these people. There was no point trying to pretend to be anything that he wasn't, not yet, anyway. Back in Flamekeep, he'd have sent a page, or a younger cousin, perhaps, to go out and get the information he desired. But now he was responsible for getting it all on his own. His lip quirked in delight. This should be interesting.

"Ahem!" Olivier cleared his throat obnoxiously at the nearest soot-stained mine worker he could find. Bleary-eyed and stubbled, the man gazed at him listlessly, apparently taking in all of him at once.

"'Wot you want?" The man asked, in a tone that did not seem to suggest he cared to hear anything further from Olivier.

Undeterred, he pressed on. "What do I want? Heavens, no. It's not about what I want, it's about what you want," Olivier sneered, and could feel more than a few angry eyed miners turning their heads to look at him. When the man did not immediately respond, Olivier stamped his foot and exclaimed, "Do you mean to say that you do not recognize your saviors when you see them?!" He splayed his hands and indicated to Zael, Khione, and Black (or at least, in their general direction).

"We... Have come to solve all of your problems." He paused, surprised that this angry-looking man was allowing him to continue on uninterrupted. He thought he heard a low murmuring from behind him. "Well, we're here to solve your Ogre problem, at the least." At this, the man's eyes widened, though he could not tell what emotion they were trying to convey. Then the man wheeled on him, reaching to grab hold of the hem of his high collar. Ah, so it was anger, after all?

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  • Having found the information he needed, it wasn't long before Reed was waiting on the side of the road to the Keep. Based on what he gathered it wouldn't be long before the shipment passed through here. If he was lucky, the shipment would be unguarded aside from the caravan driver. However, it wasn't often that Reed was lucky. With a stretch of his arms, he settled into his hiding spot, his sword out and ready to spring into action. The ultimate goal would be to take out the driver, steal the caravan and drive it back to the brewer, making it look like nothing more than a chance robbery. Fishing a bandana out of his pockets, Reed tied it around his mouth and nose, then proceeded to rub a bit of dirt into his clothes. He then pulled on gloves, hoping the get-up would suffice.

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Stynger tilted her head slightly, conjuring an inquisitive countenance as opposed to the norm of receiving a disguised compliment. For an amnesiac, she was utterly puzzled by the concept of Phos's chocie of adjectives, let alone the fact that he had chosen her as the recipient of said word.

"Forgive me, but I do not comprehend this idea of 'cute', Master Flynn. Please elaborate." she simply replied.

When Phos reminded her of his disposition, she recalled quickly his dispositions earlier and took heed of his next remarks.

"Very well, I understand. I shall address you properly as you wish, Phos." she said softly.

Having travelled thousands of miles across Khorvaire, Stynger then took to heart their means of travel towards the King's Forest. Little is known about the exact location in which they must conduct their search and destroy objectives. She weighted their journey's schedule, as well as the capabilities of their dual endeavors. She opted for effectiveness within the shortest time possible to execute their quest. Unbeknownst to Stynger, she was already conjuring battle plans within her head as if it was a natural instinct. When she had realized it, the Cnidarian was prepared to do what was necessary to see her mission through. She turned to Phos, tucking her hands together in a maid-like manner.

"How do you propose we get there, Phos?" she asked.

While she already had an answer for that question, she was curious to see what Phos had in mind. From his vigorous personality, Stynger was poised to learn of his posture and point of view in that regard. By understanding how he plan to execute their march, she could then substitute for what they needed.

"In addition, I reckon we may need to do some reconnaissance before commencing our quest wholeheartedly. It is foolish to waltz in without the slightest idea of what our opposition could conjure." she added.

"Last, but not least, we may need to secure some sort of prize as proof to solidify our quest claims. Twenty goblin ears, perhaps." Stynger's eye glowed softly, keeping her nonchalant tone and expression as she stated their needs.

While she was confident in her abilities, Stynger was less included in the world's resemblance of questing etiquettes. Surely, there must be more than simply slaying and claiming. In all aspects, proof of kills were often practiced where she had traversed. It was not exactly natural for a quest recipient to somehow be aware of their deeds, let alone taking an adventurer's words for it. Perhaps Phos could enlighten her.

Stynger stepped forward, readying herself to walk with Phos as they conjure up a plan for their quest.



With all the hustle within the inn, from the happy chatter over food, parlor tricks, and excitement over the first official guild missions, its a wonder Anyone would be able to sleep soundly, and yet here was one, nestled withing the pile of scrap metal he called a companion as he finally stirred. It was pushing late morning at the earliest, at least that was the best Yorvik's sleep addled mind could guess. He cursed his bad decisions of the night prior, as he crawled free of the titan of junk, with a grumble, tugging his satchel free, and scrubbing his face, already smeared with grease and streaks of rust.
Had Yorvik intended to work so late into the morning, making sure Hauser was working its best for their first day with the guild?...No. Had that happened? He would vehemently deny it. Was He lying to make himself feel better? ...Yes, as the bags that marked his features among the grime and grease showed. It probably didnt help that he had fallen asleep on sharp, angled metal limbs, outside, among the insects that just made him look more filthy, but its not like he could bring Hauser inside yet! He seriously doubted the upper floors would hold the constructs weight anyhow. maybe he could talk to the guild leader to be allowed to stay in the mess hall, as long as he was out of the others way.

Scratching at his rats nest he called his hair, Yorvik let out a pitiful yawn, shouldering his way through the back door without a care, barely giving the mess hall a glance as he shuffled to the kitchen area, looking all to much like a bed ruffled child. Not one to socialize when sleepy, he quickly began to explore the kitchen to familiarize himself, finding what ingredients he needed. What Yorvik would proceed to concoct would look like some form of tonic from an alchemist, and arguably, it could be considered as such, not that Yorvick had the slightest idea of the methods of an alchemist. He just knew the best way to wake himself up. a hot, concentrated flagon of some sickeningly colorful creation he had dubbed "jazz juice". Hadnt a bloody clue what that meant, but damn did it feel right. after a crash, and maybe a shattering dish or two, he Finally came creeping out of the kitchen with a sigh, sipping at his drink. He couldnt stop another yawn from escaping, before grimacing, sniffing at his sleeve. he needed a wash...but he had so much work to do...

Shaking his head, he decided to put that off for later, getting comfortable at one of the tables of the mostly empty hall, letting his head drop to the wood as his poison of choice bubbled in its mug

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It was interesting that Stynger didn't seem to have a strong grasp on even some basic vocabulary like calling someone cute. Perhaps it was a cultural issue? As far as Phos knew the Cnidarians might not be a emotionally sound race. Though, the social implications of him outright calling her cute could fortunately be sidestepped as a result. Instead--

"I appreciate your understanding, lass."--he thanked her for not putting up a fight as far as calling him Phos goes. Something he was surprised by, though she doesn't seem the confrontational type anyway.

"How do you propose we get there, Phos?" She transitioned into their questing duties.

That was an important question. The Lighting Rail only ran from here in Sharn to Wroat, as there weren't any real civil settlements like towns or villages this side of the Dagger River. Although, there's one stop at the First Tower. Phos noted what could be an easy route, of course that's also only considering the northern line. Zilspar is also a viable option. As far as Zilspar goes, it really boiled down to where these goblins were spotted. He wanted to cut this mission as short as possible; best for them not to burn each other out too quickly, it would dampen their ability to work effectively as a team moving forward. As such, it was important for them to consider reconnaissance within the city to start, to best find which end of the forest to start from.

"In addition, I reckon we may need to do some reconnaissance before commencing our quest wholeheartedly. It is foolish to waltz in without the slightest idea of what our opposition could conjure." Stynger added.

That was fair. Phos had been rather focused on travel time, and hadn't considered the idea of actually hunting the things they were there to hunt. He'd studied up on goblins in the past; a crude and unruly race, they didn't lend well to magic because of their inherent inability to channel mana. Though, they were extremely adept in the field of proto-transmutation alchemy (non-magical alchemy and/or potion making). Phos' own Demondrug recipe was a natural evolution of early goblin-made prototypes. Best they find some compendium or whatnot, some kind of catalogue that could tell them what ingredients/tools the goblins have out there in the King's Forest.

"Last, but not least, we may need to secure some sort of prize as proof to solidify our quest claims. Twenty goblin ears, perhaps." Stynger continued to prove she was important for Phos in a number of ways.

Phos' biggest down fall was that he just couldn't not think: no matter how much he wished he could slow down. His train of thought was fast, but it was also extremely linear. He would continuously run issues through his think tank until he could seamlessly and fluidly address the next issue. He had such a hard time with curt, efficient, big picture thinking; if it weren't for Stynger, he'd've continued to address that reconnaissance matter as far in as when and where information gathering would be most effective. For the first moment; however small, his smile faltered and he lightly palmed his right eyebrow. I've got a headache. He did what he could to put that smile back on his face quickly.

"Proof is important, yes," Phos concurred with Stynger's point. "Though it best we take ten noses instead. The guild--while requesting proof of hunt--doesn't actually requisition materials used as hunting proof. So we can sell the noses when we're finished; whose mucus can hold value to apothecaries, as opposed to ears which are near worthless," With as much time as Phos had on his hands crossing the Barren Sea into the Straits of Shargon, he'd done some research on the structure of Northern Guild Law. "Now, as far as travel goes, if we start that reconnaissance you suggested, we can narrow down entry points into the King's Forrest and ride the Lightning Rail accordingly. I suggest we take to the nearest apothecary; there's no doubt they get supplies from the forest. If we find which end he plays keep-away on, I do believe we will have found our goblin nest." Phos began to walk towards the rest of the city as he finished this thought, an unspoken signal that it was time for them to be off.

Luce wasn't too soon behind him, towed by Lilira. She walked pretty quick for the shorty that she was; he almost didn't have to slow down for her. He made the effort to keep close and not leave her behind.

"I know this is getting a little ahead of ourselves but we should probably look into getting a boat, the trip would be so much shorter if we could just cross the river. I suppose taking the Lightning Rail to Wroat might make things a little shorter than walk in the whole six-hundred miles to the Dagger Wood even if we do overshoot the path across the dagger river a by a bit. I have enough Coll for the initial ride and another once we get back; I can do that much at least." Lilira was rather kind to offer what all she did, and Luce thought it admirable of her to be thinking of the well-being of the guild moving forward.

"That won't do, Madame Luminara. I have enough money for the Lightning Rail at least," He and Phos made the effort to create a resource pool to cover their first quest, and Luce was glad he'd thought about possible travel expenses. It would've absolutely slipped Phos' mind if Luce hadn't brought it up. "I'd sure hope I'm not in debt to you on my first day! What kind of guildmate would that make me?" He flashed a grin to her.

In the back of his mind though, Luce couldn't say that smile was all genuine. Hurting for Coll like he was didn't feel great. He really, really needed to make some good money. Yeah, Luce was here to follow through on some favours he owes, but do you really think he doesn't have he own reasons?

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Cyndoka (Woman In White)
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1620002072464.png Cyndoka lead the group to the ship yard without losing pace, she couldn't help but smirk at the comment Rhys made about her being well connected, she did know quite a few humans back on Xen'Drik but here her connections were much more limited. Honestly the ship captain, along with a few of their crew members were the only real connections she had here, heck her families crest didn't even mean much here anyways which was a bit disappointing but something she could live with she supposed. She had listened in on Rhys and Guls conversation about weapons, it was quite intriguing to say the least. But as she was close to reaching the docks her attention snapped towards Arcturus who seemed eager to get aboard the ship, she didn't waste a moment before going on to say "Don't worry I see the Ship Captain now." she then noted a man in a green hat with light brown hair and a yellow outfit on. Walking over to him she waved him over in order to catch his attention eventually succeeding after a few seconds, his face was full of recognition as he smiled over at her waving back. As she skipped on over to him, she stopped just in front of him in order to greet him "Greetings Captain Moore, it's a pleasure to see you again." the captains smile only widened as he then spoke himself "The pleasure is all mine miss white, I am glad that you had come to us just before our departure." waving him off she went on towards business "It's no problem, but If you would be willing to do me one more favor, that would be perfect. For you see I need to get to moonwatch for some important matters and was wondering if you could take me and my group there." Captain Moores smile vanished as she said that, which caused Cyndoka to grow a bit nervous, but with a sigh he then said "I suppose I could make a detour just for you miss white as a token of gratitude for your assistance with those pirates, but it will still cost a bit of coll." with a sigh Cyndoka took out her Coll pouch and handed him quite a sum of Coll. Which caused him to nod in approval. He then pointed behind him going on to say " The ship is just behind me, you can get on when you wish, just know we will be leaving if half a hour." With her now done talking to the man she then turned back to the group going on to say "Alright, with that now taken care of we can now get on the...." It was then that she noticed that there was someone missing, her group was a bit bigger than this and she knows that there was another girl in the group, ah it was the dark elf "Hey, where is the dark elf girl? Didn't she say she was interested in joining us? Where she go?"


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Rhys Whitlock | Sharn, Cliffside docks​

Rhys nodded at the skeletal mans explanation, it couldn't have been easy to learn to wield such a weapon but any hits it actually landed would be devastating without doubt and the whip like aspect probably gave it some utility. “It will certainly be interesting to see in action; though perhaps better observed at a distance.” the usual flat tone gave no indication of humor but the corner of the undeads mouth lifted just a fraction.

Up ahead the woman in white had already spotted her acquaintance, who went by the moniker of 'Captain Moore' and after a short exchange appeared willing to ferry them across the sea. Though the transfer of coll did not remain unnoticed. After following the captains gesture toward his ship and acknowledging the departure time; Rhys spoke, “It seems Sharn is not so different from the Madwood and Coll can improve many a relationship. We should make sure to reimburse you fairly from the quests reward.” Only then taking in the questions about the missing party member.

It was far easier to protect a single person than a group but that hardly excused him from losing one of his traveling companions before they had even left the city. Scarlet had contributed a knowing nod to their conversation about weapons only a minute ago, where had she gotten off to? Despite not exactly blending with the crowd, there was enough business about the docks this morning to hide the dark elf from sight. Perhaps Arcturus or Gul would have better luck with their height. “She couldn't have gotten far...” Rhys finally muttered in response to Cyndoka, before asking the tall healer "Any sign of her yet?". The mans concern about their departure was not unwarranted and even Cyndoka's connections probably would only keep the captain in port so long.

“looked really evil... pointy ears, silver hair and those eyes! They were white, just like old Rudy's tales!” an excited young deckhand rambled, providing a fairly accurate description of the dark elf as his comrade replied, “You think she's blind?The first shook his head vehemently and started,No way! It's just how witches of the wood look when they're trying to curse...” his words where cut short as a unnervingly cold hand clasped his arm and roughly spun him around.

“Where?” Rhys demanded in his usual grave tone, having been lucky enough to overhear the pair among the crowd. The young lad looked surprised and tried to shake him off but had little luck and only caused the undead to tighten his grip, “Where did you see her?” Rhys elaborated, starring unblinkingly at the deckhand. “Just over by the waterside, where Elm sells her crystals.” his friend provided worriedly, prompting Rhys to release the other and after a moment of consideration even tossed a single worn Coll at the young lad with a gruff thanks. Perhaps he was getting the hang of these acquaintances and the improving of relationships after all?

“His hand was cold as the depths...don't you keep that, it s a cursed Coll if I ever seen one! The dead will come to claim ya.” The first noted rubbing his arm while the second deckhand readied a smart reply only to spot Gul and suddenly turned a couple of shades paler.

Meanwhile Rhys had wandered in the indicated direction and even spotted the telltale crest of silver hair. It took a little longer to actually forge a path through the ongoing business but eventually he'd managed to get within earshot of Scarlet. “You're more difficult to keep an eye on than Akar, who happens to be an illusionist.” he noted, implying neither humor nor scolding in his tone; though his posture was relaxed.
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    Children and adult alike pushed past Scarlet or made a concerted effort to side step her, all the while whispering their distaste in her kind and her appearance. On her cheek glistened a small red drop of blood from a pebble thrown by a few trouble making kids. Tears had welled up in her colorless eyes and had begun to spill over mixing with the small cut. At the sound of Rhys's voice Scarlet whirled around, rushing to him she flung her arms around him without thought, relieved to see a familiar face. While she had only known him for a few hours, she knew he was kind and likely someone she could count on. After all he had technically come to her rescue three times now. She couldn't help but feel rather embarrassed and pathetic now, releasing him as her face and ears tinged red. Wiping at her tears, she responded softly "I-i'm sorry. I didn't mean to wander so far.... I'm sorry if I caused you or anyone else any problems..." Scarlet stepped aside for a moment as someone shouldered her out of the way, muttering under his breath as he went, "Move, freak." Biting her lip, Scarlet looked down to the ground, wrapping her arms loosely around her chest, almost as if to make herself smaller than she already was. "Is it always this way?" She asked barely above a whisper and more to herself than anything. She couldn't help but wonder if it would be like this everywhere she went. In a single day she had already experienced more than she expected, and it was overwhelming to say the least.​

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Character: Sekeolath'zhin ||Location: Forsaken Guild Mess Hall || Interacting with: whoever​

By the time Sekeolath’zhin pushed his way through the doorway and took his first couple of steps into the guild hall of Forsaken Dawn , it seemed to be mostly empty with the exception of a few lingering souls.Some of the present members looked his way; their responses to the sudden arrival of the little lizard provoked a variety of responses. Some people reached for their weapons ,others merely cast him a curious or suspicious glare and others simply didn’t care to notice his arrival at all.

“Wow,” he exclaimed loudly to himself with a sense of childlike wonder, “ this different than how I dream. Less fancy!” He paused in step cautiously and let his bright green eyes scan over the few occupants seated at various tables and chairs positioned throughout the room, looking for the least threatening person to approach. It only took a few moments for him to assess who seemed like the least likely to murder him and approached , careful not to move too quickly even though his excitement made it hard for him not to be propelled forward in haste. “Ahlo, friend!” Sekeo greeted the adventurer to be cheerily.

Ooc: I am intentionally leaving this vague in case Mistory Mistory wishes to pursue other opportunities more swiftly. Should that be the case, I’ll park my character here at the guild and wait for stragglers or for some questing souls to return!
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Gul nodded in agreement with Rhys statement as he had yet to fight with a group and his weapon of choice made friendly fire a real cocern. He was about to respond when he noticed that scarlet had wandered off. He looked through the crowd trying to spot Scarlet as Rhys questioned a couple of deckhands before hurrying off in the direction they indicated. They then seemed somehow come to the conclusion that Rhys had cursed the coll he'd given. 'Superstisous non-sense of course, Rhys hadn't cast even a spark of magic.' That was when the one who received the coll decided to look up, and up, directly at Guls faceless face. Now Gul wasn't usually one to play in to the whole scary skeleton thing but the look on the mans face as he looked into Guls eye made him think. 'Okay maybe just this once.' He let two pin pricks of yellow light appear in his sockets as he made a deep grinding growl and approached the men slowly. Once he got in front of the two Gul burst out laughing and said. "Oh you should of seen your faces." He laughed as he shook his head. "Despite what you or your buddy may think, I'm not here to drag you to the pits. I wouldn't of even scared ya if you didn't make it so dame easy." He sighed as he watched for the return of Rhys hopefully with scarlet in tow.


"QUANTITY OF MANA CONTROLLED BY THE....THE ...the...mmm" came the sudden outburst of the childlike guild member, before he groans. Yorvik rubs his eyes, grumbling to himself as he is pulled back to the waking world. Yawning, he stretches, arms wide with a tired grimace, atleast 3 pops escaping as he rolls his joints. Rubbing at his filthy face, he opens his bleary eyes, casting them to the culprit of his waking.

He blinks, and rubs his eyes once more to make sure his exaughsted eyes aren't tricking him, before eyeing up the...lizard "...your very short..." He mumbles sleepily,Glancing about as he tries to recall what he was doing to arrive at the table with an apparent talking lizard. his attention eventually falls on his mug of heaven, and he smiles.
"Ah...dreaming still..."

Holding a finger up, the universal "hold on" , before promptly forcing the beverage down. After several gulps he finished off the drink, Took a gasp of breath, and shook himself as he slammed the tanker down. Shaking his head to air out his tongue from the taste, He turned in his seat, hands placed firmly on his knees as he looked leaned forward, looking the best over with a squint.
"...so I wasn't dreaming..."

He straightens up, a grin spreading across his features as he runs a hand through his hair.
"Great! I was worried the lack of sleep was causing hallucinations!"

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Arcturus cautiously scanned the crowded port, but saw no sight of the girl, he relayed this information to Rhys as he had asked. Shortly after, Rhys took off to search for her on his own. Arcturus reacted by shaking his head. "Don't get lost yourself, pal." The man had said with a hint of concern in his voice as Rhys had walked off in an investigative fury. "I'll keep watch here then, just in case she finds a way back." He relayed his plan with a shout towards Rhys, who was already walking away. The situation had made Arcturus a little angry, not towards his companions, but towards all of the hatred filled civilians of Sharn, they seemed outwardly hostile to the peculiar group, and knowing the stories that Arcturus had heard, it was unlikely Scarlet was having a better time, as her kind was often depicted as evil spell weavers by most of the public who didn't know they personally. Arcturus learned quickly that the stereotypes and notions related to race and species are often exaggerated, in fact, at his old bakery, he often would have conversations with customers of all backgrounds, and despite their varied backgrounds in life they all seemed to be good people when it mattered.

He understood however, that not all of the citizens of the city would have a similar upbringing, so they were behaving crudely but predictably. He sighed as he scanned the crowd once more for his newly made companion, not finding her even on a second glance. He had only hoped that Rhys could find her before they had to depart. Rhys had interrogated a nearby group of deckhands and received information, although Arcturus hadn't quite heard exactly what was relayed to Rhys, he could tell it was probably what he wanted, as now Rhys had jogged with direction. Gul proceeded to scare the two deckhands who were trembling at the sight of the massive skeleton. Arcturus let out a deep, booming laughter as the two looked up towards his bony companion in fear. "Don't scare 'em too much Gul, or else they might have a bone to pick with you later." Arcturus had shouted his poor joke from afar to his guildmate.

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The Cnidarian dwelled on the thought of mutilating goblins' noses, which would be efficient in numbers compared to ears. However, as she nonchalantly concurred to Phos's thoughts, she was briefly stunned by her ability to simply brush off such an act. Despite their lesser societal developments and insophisticated ways of life, goblins were also a part of the world. While it was deemed as a simple stepping stone in the adventurers' norms, Stynger could not help but reflect on the moral aspect of said aggressions. Such barbaric acts, to simply be treated as a justified cause to go by the day. She held nothing of the sort on her conscience, for she does not even possess her very concept of self to begin with. Who was she, to judge the values of what is right and wrong? Sometimes the means does not justify the ends. Vice versa. Complexity derived from this erroneous yet natural course of how the world came to be. Stynger wondered, if her questing partner had queries upon this endeavor that they had agreed to? If anything, Stynger was worried about how conforming she was to the violent details of annihilating a race that had done her no wrong, then mutilating their bodies for the sake of securing the materialistic objects that held every sentient beings enslaved. Money, despite its handy utilities, possessed a dark side to it. Perhaps such philosophical contemplations were the woes of an adventurer. Even if they could bear to mislead themselves, their hands have long been tainted. In the end, it mattered little when it comes to the concept of individuality and diversity. What mattered was power - pure or corrupt. Stynger's grasps tightened upon her umbrella.

Upon Phos's mention of acquiring intelligence from local sources, she simply concurred with a nod. After all, any sane person would avoid a dangerous path. But the same argument could be made for keeping adventurers out. In all scenarios, they should exercise caution as soon as they enter the forest. Should the need arise, she would have to improvise. After all, all good plans were speculative. Without the slightest idea of Phos's capabilities on the field, it was best to bear witness and adjust properly to perform a proper maniple swap, lest they both fall victim to disadvantageous terrains and resistance or fatigue. Stynger remained silent, with little else to add as Phos concluded.

"A sound schedule, with a solid reasoning. I shall follow your lead." she replied, breaking away from her inner voice.

As they paced their way down the cobbled roads, Stynger eyed the local residency. Small businesses were advertised by their grouped patrons or referred to by the smaller stalls. Colorful banners wrestled with the wind, as they strung out above Phos and Stynger's path. Stynger reeled in her umbrella, securing the loose knots upon its fabric wrappings that was a make-shift attempt of a sheath. There was something about the atmosphere that tugged at her fractured memories from a bygone past.

"Say, Phos, have you been to Sharn before?" she asked, turning her attention towards her partner. An initiation out of curiosity.



Name: Lilith
Location: Countryside -> Forsaken Dawn Guild Hall
Interaction: anyone by the ear shot

Lilith stared at the cow in front of them. The hive was holding various fruits like berries and cut apples on their hand. The cow looked at it longingly, its eyes full of hunger and desire. Lilith was the same.

The Hive put out their hand full of assorted fruit. Like a desperate hobo, the cow went for the food with no question. By the audible slurping and grinding, it was enjoying its meal

Now it's the hive's turn.

Lilith's hand broke apart as a dozen Soldier Falares plague the head. Using their ferocious jaws, they dug deep inside its head, ripping it apart with ease. The cow jumped and shake like an angered bull, desperate to keep away the hive, but it was too late. Several soldiers already went inside its head and started breaking apart the brain. It wasn't going to last long

Soon, the cow slowed it movement and fell down like a conquered giant. Then the feast began. The Hive devoured every eatable piece they could find, from legs to the utters and even the eyes. They were an effective and merciless beast that left nothing behind. When the cow was left as nothing more than a pile of bones, Lilith was reformed, satisfied by the meal that will keep them full for the next few days.

They quickly left the area of the crime, soon someone will notice this feast and panic will ensue. They needed to make it for Sharn.


Lilith was almost lost travelling through the Sharn. Cities were bad enough, with all the people, buildings and roads they had to deal with. Now, they were in a city that was piled by another city and another city.

It was no wonder how they would come late to the Guild Hall. Luckily, the guild was located far from chaos of the city and closer to something more familiar to them. The greenery was bringing them so much calmness and intrigue, their instincts were calling them back to eat, but this was not the right place.

They headed inside the Guild Hall. There were already a few people inside though they admitted they expected more people here. Where were they?

That didn't matter at the moment, what mattered was making a good impression. These were the first-ever people they were forming relations with since Peter and his crew. They cast 'Divine tongue' to speak and 'Comprehend language' to understand.

They were to speak the same greeting they received from their old friend Pete.

"Good Morning you freaky fuckers!"
Despite being able to understand any language, slangs and swears were something that was difficult to grasp for the hive.



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"Only once, my brother took me to see the Paper Tower one time while he was out here working."

Sharn was a big and bustling city, just taking to the outskirts where they were you'd see that. It only got more crazy when you got deeper in, when the City of Towers really did look like a bunch of towers carved into a canyon. That said, Sharn wasn't known for any one particular thing other than 'big city go brrrr', but if there was something to know about Sharn it was the Paper Tower: the largest library in the world, stretching the entirety of the central tower. Thinking about it reminded him of how exciting it was to be in Sharn now that he could visit any time he wanted.

"Imagine how upset I was when we had to go back to Corvagura," Phos chuckled to himself. "All those books, and I only had a day!? Now though, I think it would be nice to visit between quests."

As he told his story, he kept soft tabs on where they were headed. They were on the Sharn Cliffside, the commercial port of the city; though the southern end wasn't well suited to the construction and kept as a beach, near where the guildhall was. The actual city city was above them, so he was walking them to the Fire Freight. The tighter city block style architecture suddenly opened up into a half plaza cut off by the actual cliff up into the city. People were piling into the plaza, cargo in tow.

"I imagine it's possible you used this to get down to the guildhall," Phos started, while it was possible, it wasn't likely. The Fire Freight doesn't run at night, and one other reason. "But going up is much different."

There was a large cut in the ground that made a semicircle against the cliff wall, solid steel in contrast to the cobblestone before. On the platform, people were strapping down their cargo using hooks that littered the platform. Stepping onto the platform itself, Phos felt his weight bring it down just that little bit more. Looking back, he saw Stynger kept close.

"Fuck!" He jumped. With as quiet as she was, she managed to get in closer than expected without his knowledge. "Is this how people feel when I do this to them?" He had a naturally quiet walk cycle, so he ended up doing this to people more often than the other way around.

Soon, the freight's launch alarm started blaring.

"There it is," The border of the platform came up as a guard-railing, one Phos grabbed onto. "You--uh--might want to hold on to something."

Let's hope she's not afraid of heights.

After a few moments of the alarm doing its thing, the Fire Freight exploded up the cliffside. The force was instantaneous, six Gs, then suddenly back to normal for the rest of the trip. It was a long way up, but the ride was only eight seconds. Phos couldn't help but laugh wholeheartedly when they hit the top, the sudden stop making him bounce up a couple inches.

"Faster, and much more fun than the stairs, don't you think? A shame we're actually not allowed on the damn thing." Yeah, it was actually illegal for anyone to be on it if they weren't a part of the Tower Trade Commission, but no one checks for ID or anything of the sort so who cares?

Now, in front of them was Dura: the first district of the city proper. They'll find an apothecary here no problem.

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Sekeolath’zhin waited patiently, watching Yorvik stir with large, unblinking eyes. The kobold’s long muzzle split into a broad and fanged grin while the human took some time with drowsy deliberation over the authenticity of his existence and once it was decided that he was indeed a real person, Sekeo nodded.

He thought the statement of the obvious amusing. “Yes, all kobolds short.” Then he thought a little. Come to think of it, for a human – the little rogue pointed a claw at Yorvik “You tall!” Maybe not the response that one might have expected, but at least to Sekeolath’zhin, who was speaking in comparison with himself , it was a fact.

As he started to introduce himself, a new arrival drew his attention . Sekeo turned his head to glance over his shoulder and regard the speaker, “Fucker?Keep hearing this word.” This word he’d heard directed at his person before. A lot. And yet the definition still eluded him. Oh well, the greeting seemed friendly enough to him. He waved at Lilith and called out, “Ahlo!”


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  • After a few hours, Reed could hear the distinct rumbling of the approaching caravan. As expected, luck unfortunately wasn't on his side. From where he sat hidden he could make out at least four men guarding the caravan, and its driver. Reed suppressed a groan, while it wouldn't be difficult to take them all out, he had wished to get things done rather quickly; and without the use of magic. While he could still do without using magic, it would make things more manageable. Focusing his magic, Reed took a deep breath then slowly exhaled. Slowly a thick cloud of smoke and cinder fell over the area, reducing the visibility and breathability of the air within two miles every direction. As the sound of the approaching caravan came to a halt along with its small guard, Reed sprung his attack, hitting the first man over the head with the hilt of his sword. The sound alerted the closest guard who blindly swung out with his blade narrowly missing Reed. As Reed moved to strike down the next guard, the air around suddenly began to clear. 'Fucking evocation wind specialist!' He cursed in his mind as he narrowly dodged a more direct attack from the guard now.

    Focusing on the man ahead, Reed parried a few blows before finally taking him down and turning to the remaining guards as the approached. "Now which one of you pulled that dirty counter trick?" He asked tauntingly, with a twirl of his sword. "Don't be shy now..." He continued.

    Slowly one of the other guards stepped up, "Stand down." The man stated as the wind picked up around him. "You are out numbered."

    Reed couldn't help but chuckle. Shaking his head lightly he stared down the man, "So it was you then? Very well." In the blink of an eye he was rushing at the man, dropping low he swept the legs out from under him. With the guard thrown of kilter he quickly plunged his blade into the next, before turning to the practitioner of wind evocation. Pointing his blade at the man's throat, Reed spoke once more, "Now, how should we handle you?" He questioned. Lightly tapping his chin in a clear theatrical display of contemplation, Reed finally shrugged. Stretching out his free hand he conjured a flame.

    "W-wait!" The guard shouted as he held one of his hands out as if to shield himself, not that it would do much. "Please, spare me." The guard begged.

    A booming laughter escaped Reed then as the flame dispersed. "Very well. Your failure eating away at your conscious will be a much better and drawn out punishment anyway." Flipping his sword, he knocked the guard over his head with the hilt. Turning from the unconscious guard, Reed was unsurprised to see the driver climbing down from his seat, backing away with his hands raised. "Go on then." He said shooing the driver away with a motion of his sword. As if those words were all the driver needed, the man turned tail and ran down the road. Chuckling while sheathing his sword, Reed climbed into the drivers seat and turned the caravan around, heading back down the road toward the Brewer's.

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Despite her stature the sudden unexpected impact had Rhys nearly stumble before he managed to recover his balance. In his entire career as guard for the Mercurius family nobody had acted in this manner and it left him feeling a mixture of confusion and concern. Somewhere behind them Gul was enjoying the reactions of a pair of deckhands who where not having their best day while Arcturus spurred him on with joke that would surely have elicited a hearty laugh from the lads if they weren't preoccupied with the fearsome skeleton.

The dark elf released her embrace leaving Rhys to stare dumbfoundedly at her blushing features. With a slow shake of his head, as if waking from a daze he finally managed, “It's hardly worth apologizing for..” Someone shouldered by with a casual insult igniting a sensation which the undead had not felt in a long while. Anger rose like steam in a boiler, clouding his thoughts as his head whipped around and vision narrowed on the offending party pushing through the crowd.

“Is it always this way?” The barely audible question drew his attention back to Scarlet and most of he building heat dissipated with sigh, “Not always...These people fear you, fear the unknown because they don't possess the will to look beyond their tall towers and sturdy walls. I think I was a little like that before coming here, before deciding to be an adventurer. Too afraid to set foot on an uncharted path.” He looked at her reddened eyes and asked in a quieter tone, “Are you afraid to see what lies ahead on this journey?”

To be thrust into a town full of people who hedged some serious prejudice against her kind after years of seclusion was undoubtedly traumatizing, but perhaps thats why he needed to hear the words from her mouth before rejoining the group and embarking on a dangerous assignment. If she did not wish to see more of this world, he would not take that choice from her. If she did; well there was an odd collection of adventurers started by an upbeat woman in white not far off, awaiting their return and passing the time with puns and the scaring of passerby's.


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