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Fantasy Forsaken Dawn Guild NPC CS Page


Lithia Lace

The Restless One

Scarlet Fires

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  • Marcus Maddox
    Age: 56

    Height: 6'0

    Weight: 190 lbs

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Race: Human (Mage)

    Personality: Marcus can seem rather emotionless and sometimes comes off as grumpy. However, this is largely due to his old age. He has little patience for those who rather play games or beat around issues. Despite all this though Marcus can actually be rather generous and caring even if he doesn't show it.

    Bio: Marcus has always been a bit of a recluse, choosing from some reason to live in the Madwood. Due to his choice of living in seclusion and the place in which he chose to do so, many people dubbed him crazy. However, one day Marcus came across a small child, a dark elf abandoned in the woods and on the verge of death. Taking in the small girl, Marcus cared for her until she was once again in perfect health. It was then that he realized the boarding death experience granted the small elf a strong connection to spirits. As a mage, Marcus also has skill in making potions and small charm bags. He works with both herbs and crystals; knowledge of which he passed on to Scarlet as well as that of necromancy.

    • Necromancy -
      Ability to summon both spirits and corpses.
      The ability to exchange his life for that of someone who has perished. This will allow the person to come back with the retention of their memories prior to dying; unlike that of the usual necromantic resurrection.
    • Conjuration -
      The ability to heal both minor and major wounds.
    • Illusion -
      The ability to blend in with his surroundings.
      The ability to cause targets to see and hear things that aren't really there.
    • Evocation -
      The ability to control and manipulate electricity/lightening.
    Weapon(s): Broadsword

    Item(s): N/A (For now)

    • Knows that Scarlet is the daughter of the Mordai family.
    • Used to work with the Mordai family.
    • Renamed Scarlet 'Mortem' as a nod to her actual name.
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The world just isn't fun without a little chaos.
Name: Parmerith
Alias: The Temple (Or White) Priestess (Signifies her role as head of her family.)
Age: 369
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Race: Aurai (A Type of Nymph)
- Duty Driven
- Radical
- Stubborn
- Impulsive
- Respectful
- Selfless (For certain people or races.)
- Serious
- Persistent
- Devoted
- Courageous
- Generous
- Dignified
- Elegant
- Firm
- Observant
Bio: (Coming soon, maybe)

Primary: Evocation (Mainly Lightning and Wind) She is extremely advanced with Evocation magic, being able to cause a lot of destruction with her powers and call forth immensely powerful lightning, and the wind she calls forth is said to cause shockwaves.
Secondary: Enchantment - She is able to enchant items and give them certain properties and she can enchant herself, allowing her to gain immense strength and move fast enough that after images are occasionally seen when fighting her, though that is mostly in short bursts.
Trinary: Abjuration - She is quite skilled in healing and can heal major wounds, cure some sicknesses and get rid of some blessings, she even knows how to cast shielding spells.
Weapon(s): Crimson Great Sword - A Powerful sword that is said to be nearly indestructible and has been passed down throughout her family for generations.

- As a Nymph all girls she gives birth to are considered full blooded Nymphs and all boys don't receive any of her Nymph traits.
- Is the Mother of Cyndoka
- Her nature as a Aurai makes it so that she is resistant to the effects of wind and electricity.
- Has a particular dislike for races deemed monsters towards Xen'Drik civilians.
- Her title is well known throughout Xen'Drik and she is quite liked for it.
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Name: Abcalisra
Alias: The Black Baroness (Or Witch)
Age: 402
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Race: Cat Sith
- Observant
- Tolerant
- Deceptive
- Mellow
- Skeptical
- Aloof
- Callous
- Calculating
- Brutal
- Shrewd
- Narcissistic
- Quirky
- Morbid
- Caring (Only to family, though she isn't above tuff love.)
- Playful (Sometimes sadistically so)
Bio: (TBA)
Magic: Primary: Conjuration - She is quite skilled in crafting powerful weapons, creating abyssal portals, she also knows how to conjure up creatures to fight for her.
Secondary: Necromancy -She is able to revive a large amount of dead corpses, deal curses and take the souls of dead and use them to increase the power of their undead.
Trinary: Transmutation - She is quite advanced at changing the properties of other objects and knows how to do it in a quick motion occasionally.

- Is the mother of Renaque
- She is immune to curses and blessing due to her nature as a Cat Sith.
- Her title is well known throughout Xen'Drik as a evil Witch.
- The children she gives birth to are either a full blood Cat Sith or not, the later case usually results in their child being disowned and given to their father or some random civilian.
- She tends to show no mercy to those who move deep into her home territory.
- Has a family lineage Guardian Pet named Morda, they can grow in size to be a threat when needed. It was given to them as a gift by the White Lineage as a sign of unity amongst the two families.
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Name: Amatsa Woodson
Age: 18
Race: Half elf
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
Appearance: herOIP.jpg
Personality: Protective of those she cares about, Stubborn, Honest, loyal, hardworking, confident, cool headed, cold (to those she just meet), polite.
Magic: Primary- Evocation: Earth shape: She can mould the earth around into walls, pits, or even just quick sand.
Earthen grasp: A large hand bursts through the ground and tries to grab and crush it's target or drag it underground.
Mud Wave: A wave of mud that pushes foes back and covers them in a sticky fast drying clay that either slows or imobalise whatever it hits.
Secondary- Illusion: Flash: A bright light that temporarily blinds enemies.
Blur: The casters body becomes blurry and hard to hit.
Bio: Amarsa is a wandering adventurer that is well known for her hate of bandits and organized crime. Not much is known about her except that both her parents used to be the owners of well known tavern. Her father was an amazing cook and her mother the famous elven musician Elizabeth Woodson. Not much was known about her father but there have been rumors that he use to work for the Lipseka family, a group of criminals known for there brutality and greed. Her parents died 6 years ago when there inn caught fire mysteriously. She was visiting her grandparents on her mothers side at the time. She believes that the Lipsekas had something to do with it and has been hunting them down to this day.


The world just isn't fun without a little chaos.
Name: Coyuki Hartell
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Hetrosexual
Race: Witch
Personality: Coyuki has somewhat of a mischievous and sinister personality, though she does tend to show concern for these that she deems a friend and cats. She tends to be rather calm and logical, speaking with etiquette, but she rarely ever leaves her home and instead will make deals with others in order to get what she wants or needs. But she still doesn't show a fondness for those who enter her territory unless they are known allies and will opts to use magic to scare them out of get rid of them through lethal means.

Bio: Coyuki is known to have been born in raised in the ruins of Bazek Mohl, her home is one of the few buildings there that remains in perfect condition, and when she was little her mother was there to protect her and the ruins. Her mother trained her in well in Necromancy and divination, though she grew to love divination the most and favored learning about it more than Necromany. She didn't really get to know many people due to the fact her family was very protective over the Bazek Mohl ruins, in a matter of fact the only people she really knew were her mother and the family of Black and White, who would frequently visit them, though it was mostly for favors and to make deals. But when she was 14 she lost her mother due to a group of adventures, for the first time she left the Bazek Mohl ruins to find The Black Baroness, nearly getting herself killed in doing so as well, but she was luckily found by Renaque and Cindoka who brought them to Abcalisra. She quickly went on to make a deal with Abcalisra in order to have all the adventures killed, except for the one who did the finishing blow to her mother, she wanted that person to be cursed along with their bloodline, the deal was finalized, and she stayed at Abcalisras Keep for a year as a servant and student to Abcalisra. She quickly went on to become friends with Renaque and Cindoka for their assistance though the fact that she usually had to pick sides between the two made it clear that she typically favored Renaque, which may have dampened their relationship with Cindoka somewhat. When she was 15 she figured that she was finally ready to go back to her home in Bazek Mohl, and she was escorted by Renaque, Cindoka and Abcalisra, to ensure their safety. When she got there Cindoka and Renaque stayed with her for a month to ensure she was settled in, before going back home, making her forever grateful towards the two. She then spent most of her life staying inside her home and warding off anyone that wasn't part of the Black or White family, that dared got close to Bazek Mohl, using the many corpses around the area to ward them off. She was also able to get a massive amount of stray cats to keep her company as well and quickly went on to take care of them and use them as a means of company for when Black and White weren't with her.
Divination - She is very skilled at Divination magic and knows how to track and see what others are doing, she can use it to figure out if anyone enters into a certain area, figure out if she is in danger or get a brief glimpse into someone's past. She also tends to use Divination sometimes to communicate people via dreams when they go to sleep.
Necromancy - She is very skilled when it comes to necromancy, being able to call upon the dead to serve her and even communicate with some dead spirits.
Weapon(s): A broom.
Item(s): A bunch of potions
- Is friends with both Cindoka and Renaque
- Is fond of cats and has many of them as pets.
- Her eyes will usually turn red when she has murderous intent, or upon meeting new people, but this can sometimes happen when her mischievous and malevolent side begins to show too.
- Has a particular fondness for Renaque.
- Her bloodline use to be at the services of Blacks bloodline and served as informants for Whites.
- She is 5'2 and weighs 104 Lbs
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Lithia Lace

The Restless One
Name: Zilyana Luminara
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Race: High Elf-Dark Elf
Personally,ty: Zilyana at most times seems emotionless or as the very least done with everyone's shit or just can't be arsed. She's cynical and strict, unlike her outwardly optimistic cousin she is more of a realist, far more ruthless and less forgiving which most people think she may get from her mother (the dark elf) she does however love her family very much, sh rarely smiles, but is willing to help with her cousin's dream. She is very blunt and does not give a damn who she offends saying it.

Bio: Zilyanna was born in Greenheart to a dark elf woman and a high elf noble. There is a lot of controversy surrounding Zilyana as she is the heir to the Luminara household which her family takes no issue with, but given the reputation of most dark elves there were more than a few onlookers who had their opinions of...the unsavory side of the lineage. This was offset by the fact that her grandfather was still head of the household and her father had yet to take the reins so her time of ruling would be well off, far into the future so no one had cause to complain at the moment.

When Her cousin lost her family, the two were practically raised as sisters from that day forward. Lilira became her most cherished and important friend so when she chose to go off and make a guild, she chose to go with her, just to help out. Mostly because she knew Lilira wouldn't be able to help herself in helping out in the field.
Magic: Evocation, Divination, Abjuration, Conjuration.
  • Silentium- Zilyana creates an area of dark purple roses that silences targets rendering them unable to use magic.
  • Shadow Shackle- Zilyana creates a circle of black roses and vines that binds targets in place, remembering them unable to move.
  • Static Cage- Zilyana creates a pale blue rose that emits electricity and draws in nearby targets to it, stunning them.
  • Briar Rose- Zilyana creates a circle of purple roses that cast off their petals and put the target or targets to sleep.
  • Asylum- Zilyana creates a circle of white roses that heals all who are inside.
  • Sacred Soil- Zilyana creates a circle of blue roses that cures delimitations
  • Misery- can be used in conjunction with Asylum and Sacred Soil, creating a growing area of thorns that grows around the circle of roses that inflicts misery upon the enemy by transferring all damage and debilitations upon the surrounding targets.
  • Gilded Rose- A golden rose forms around Zilyana and or allies to protect from attacks.
  • New Growth- Zilyana has the ability to accelerate the growth of plants.
  • Chloromancy- Zilyanna possesses the ability of clairvoyance and recognition through the use of plants but only if the plants were present during that time.
  • Glare- creates a vortex of holy light that seeks out and attacks nearby foes with beams of light.
  • Seism- Creates and eruption of earth and light, not unlike an earthquake, only more contained.
  • d5ce65bc8eb50632032c0f6f21a55e35.jpg
    [*][Strix is most commonly used as a mount easily able to carry two and possibly more, depending on their size able to produce high pitched sonic roars that can deafen and stun foes, it has sharp powerful talons and sharp teeth within it's beak. It also had razor sharp features that I can use as projectiles, moving them around with he wind it can produce just by flapping it's wings]
  • b5a1aaaa3ac384e4fdd9b4d2dee44ebf.jpg2d6cc045ffb9efc810a362aa51c48fac.jpg68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652...jpeg

Weapon(s): Halberd [Enchanted to be light from the user, allowing the user to have quicker and more powerful movements while maintaining it's full weight when used against foes, it may also be called to return to her if she were to lose it] Armored Claws [Enchanted with a minor curse that lowers a foes attack, defense and staminia] Snake Sword [Has the same lightweight and return enchantment as her Halberd but can also cater and reassemble then disjointed] Daggers [Light weight and return enchantment], rope dart/sling.

Item(s): Storage Crystal, coin purse, alchemy stone [Special kind of storage crystal that allows a person to store reagents inside to create items. In order to use it the user must be aware of what they are making, how it's made and what it is made off. The item cannot be made if the user does not have the correct reagents or the correct amount to make it. The user cannot create anything living or too big, nothing bigger than a potion]
  • Zilyana is a Botanist and an Alchemist so she is capable of making many kinds of potions and alchemical solutions.
  • She enjoys gardening, mostly roses but her cousin loves lilies so she grows those too, if she likes you enough and you ask her to grow a flower she will, otherwise she won't grow you anything unless it's needed.
  • Her mother used to be an assassin and funny enough was actually supposed to assassinate her father, but...the family prefers to leave that little detail out of the public.
  • She likes to read.
  • Her clothes are made from special materials and enchanted to protect her just as well as armor if not a little better while remaining light and flexible.
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Elenion Aura

One Thousand Club
Name: Petrus Poincaré de Villiers
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Race: Human
Appearance: Olive-toned skin, brown hair, and green eyes.
Personality: On the surface he appears easygoing, but has a side that forces others to keep their guard up around him, lest they fall victim to his machinations. While appearing lazy and casual, he is far more astute than he lets on and is always a few steps ahead of his peers during conversations. He tends to get along with those he interacts with, but his nonchalant attitude tends to frustrate his fellow nobility. Despite this, he has a wealth of knowledge of the Kingdom's current state of affairs and has enough diplomatic sense to understand the ramifications of certain potential actions against the neighboring countries that surround them. He is a cunning strategist and is particularly skilled at mind games to throw his opponents off. He cares greatly for those under his command, valuing their lives and advises them to retreat rather than fight to the death at every possible juncture. He abhors killing, only doing so if completely necessary; his tactics generally rely on incapacitating the enemy. He dislikes blind faith in gods, as he prefers to rely on the strength of men. On the other hand, he enjoys archery, long rides, subjects of curiosity, poetry, scheming, and organizing feasts.
Bio: Petrus, an orphan immigrant from a distant land, was taken in by the nobility of Flamekeep as a child and raised as a surrogate brother to Olivier. The two grew up together, withstood the trials and tribulations of courtly life together, and were all-but inseparable in the months leading up to Olivier's fall. Before he was sent off, Petrus came and promised to work toward making the court fit for Olivier's eventual return.

Evocation - Wind Arrow

Abjuration - Healing Wind


Weapon(s): Silver Bow
Item(s): N/A (TBD)
Miscellaneous: N/A (TBD)


Hoggard Nako
Hoggard is a jolly bloke who happy owns a successful shop within the city of Wroat, despite the harmful stereotype that orcs are nothing more but booze drinking, purge happy behemoths.

He takes pride in his work as an alchemist, always pushing the boundaries and breaking the restricted roof in order to make progress.

Despite his orcish appearance, he is gentle and always makes sure his customers come out of the shop happy. He never lets any negativity brings him down, always hiding his sorrow under an infectious smile.

Hoggard is a clever alchemist that can make wide sorts of things, he never sticks to a single category. He could crafts things like bombs for adventuring or even something as simple as soap.

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