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Fantasy Forsaken Dawn Guild Lore


Lithia Lace

The Restless One
This is the guild more page, we can all add to it to create the lore of this world so if there is anything you feel is worthy of being placed in more don't be afraid to make a post. However for now please just enjoy these maps.


Since there is nothing in the Wayfinder Tundra I will be added these two cities. The City of Glass and Redwall. The City of glass is found just north of Dayne Bay and Redwall is found in the mountains of the Wayfinder Tundra.
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Lithia Lace

The Restless One
Religion: Worships Eris, Nyx, Hel, and Thanatos (The Deities of Chaos, Night, and Death)

Homelands: Islands of Aerenal

General Lore: Dark Elves hail from the Islands of Aerenal. Years ago, the many continents and countries were at war, while the Dark Elves served whichever side promised to benefit them the most. Dark Elves, being inherent and prestigious practitioners of necromancy helped fuel the war. It was a truly dark time as many went to battle only to be met with the corpses of family, friends, and lovers on the battlefield. If losing the loved one wasn’t enough, they were now faced with the task of cutting them down in order to move ahead in the war.

When the war came to an end the Dark Elves still maintained a high standing within society, with nobles among the varying courts. However, it would be a long time for the deeds of the Dark Elves to be forgotten, assuming they ever would be. Hated and/or feared amongst the general populace, the Dark Elves kept to themselves for the most part, unless sought out for tasks or attending court. Unfortunately, this semi-self-isolation only fueled the fear of the Dark Elf species, though it’s not entirely unwarranted as the noble families of Mercurius and Rast still strive for more power within the world. When another dark elven family began to grow in power and popularity both Mercurius and Rast were quick to squash the issue, killing the family and cursing the only remaining member, Scarlet. Leon, brother to the head of the Mercurius family, Alaric, led the charge against the family. But when faced with the child, Scarlet, Leon could not bring himself to end her life, so he hid her away. However, a guard hoping to rise in the ranks, saw this and sought out the head of the Mercurius family. No longer able to hide his inability to finish the job, Leon fled deep into the woods. Realizing they had little chance of escaping, Leon abandoned the child, placing a curse on her to hopefully deter his family from hunting her down. After being captured, Alaric had Leon killed for his misdeed and spent the years watching for any sign of the escaped elven girl.
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Lithia Lace

The Restless One
Homelands: Eldeen Reaches

High Elves are very similar and yet different from dark elves. I suppose one could say that they are two halves of the same coin. High Elves are experts and practitioners of Conjuration and Abjuration, though it is not unheard of for them to practice the art of Divination, due to this, it comes as no surprise that the Eldeen reach is most prosperous of all the countries on Korvaire. Whereas Dark Elves typically use Necromancy to call about the dead, High Elves use the art of summoning to summon beings from beyond our realm of existence to fight by their side and aid their allies, be in battle or in a more supportive role.

There is a realm called the celestial plain, it's a realm made entirely of magic, it's somewhat like the afterlife only these beings have never walked the earth. When a person summons they use your magic as a beacon. The summoner calls out with a wish or goal in mind and one of the spirits of that realm answers. Once they manifest in the world, you can put a name and an image to the spirit that answered your call, making it much easier to summon them. It is because of this that summons can be passed down, once you have a name and an image you can teach future generations to call upon them. These beings are conscious magic given form so when they are summoned they require a body, that body is created, shaped, and formed, and sustained by the user's magic. The strength of your summon is tied to how strong you are because they need a body that can handle their power, if the body is not strong enough then they will have no choice but to hold back their power. If the body is not stable their power will manifest in a wild and unstable manner.

High Elves are seen as wise and use their wisdom to guide the people, although they can be seen as condescending as typically High Elves think they know best and it's kind of hard to argue with them given their track record. However, High Elves typically don't concern themselves with matters outside of their borders, they are welcoming and kind to those who visit their lands...mostly, they aren't perfect they're simply nicer and more intellectual about telling you to fuck off, but there is a sternness to them. They are typically very well organized. High elf Nobility mostly reside in the kingdom of Greenheart, within the Towering Wood, ruled by the four high houses of which the Luminaria sits amongst.

Some High Elves do serve as emissaries, even taking part in court to ensure that relations to other countries remain well.
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Lithia Lace

The Restless One
Blessed Red Wine [Restores a great amount of health can be used up to 3 times]

Cloak of the Sun [A lightweight cloak that radiates heat, keeping its wearer warm even in the coldest of climates]

Demon Drug [A potion brewed into a fast-acting steroid. A serum that thickens acids in the muscles, allowing them to deliver more force when flexed. Only lasts a handful of minutes, as the acids break down to their normal consistency as they're crunched between the muscles.

Element Phials [Glass vials filled to the brim with elemental energy infused in them through Phos' Phial Charge spell. They detonate with an elemental explosion on impact, but as the magic is infused in the object itself, opening the vials don't actually do anything.]

Golden needle [cures purification, but is also worth 2000 coll if sold]

Liquid Vim [Preserves Stamina/Mana for 45 seconds]

Lux Stone [A special stone he received as a gift: increases his affinity with lightning magic, allowing him to charge items faster with lightning specifically.]

Mother Gem [When a Yuki-Onna is born their mother cries a special tear gem, that gem is then gifted to the child it was shed for. The Gem has the power to amplify ice magic in general but works best for the one it was made for.]

Panacea [Cures all debilitations]

Placative Brew [Returns one who is possessed to sanity]

Platinum Ring [It channels and focuses her ice magic allowing her to make special ice swords.

Smelling Salts [Wakes someone from sleeping]

Rabbit Pie [Increases Perception a small bit for 30 minutes...and they're delicious]

Spirit Lantern [This Lantern emits a cold blue light for 20ft. If you shine this lantern on deceased remains for 1 minute you can cause ghostly illusions of the dead to manifest. These illusions will hover above the remains and act out the last five minutes of their life. This effect is silent and shows the dead as they were in life, depicting any items they carried. It does not, however, reveal any others that may have been present at their time of death. The events may be less clear to make out if the body has been moved, it also does not work on the undead.]
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Lithia Lace

The Restless One
The Shadow Marches were once a prosperous country, well protected by an alliance of noble knighted families, amongst them were the de Runes of Lanter Tower, Lilira Luminara then known as Lithia De Rune's family. About 12 years ago a strange and tragic phenomenon took place, seemingly overnight every noble household within the shadow marches was laid to waste, not a single one was left standing and no one knows what happened. Some say monsters, others think it was more likely an awful curse of some sort one that would have taken a lot of time and preparation or perhaps a dark summoning whatever it was it even stretched into the county of Droaam taking out six noble houses across the land. Either way, the Shadow Marches fell into chaos and disarray. It is now a cesspool for all manner of criminals, bandits, and pirates now that there is no one to left to keep order people hardly ever bother to send out quests for help as most feel it wouldn't matter and even fewer are willing not help, fearing that whatever took place all those many years ago is still lurking within the shadow marches and to this day no one knows what the goal was.
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Lithia Lace

The Restless One
Thrane is a centrally-located country on the continent of Khorvaire. Its neighbors include Aundair to the West and North, Breland to the South, and the Mourland and Karrnath to the East, across the Scions Sound.

The seat of power in Thrane is the great city of Flamekeep, which plays host to the Imperial Court of Thrane.

The court is ruled by the Monarch—though, in recent times, that position has been held by Regent Gestalt de Lyonesse, younger brother to the late Monarch, until his nephew comes of age.

Below the monarch is an intricate web of courtiers, both major and minor, who surround the throne like flies to a carcass. Chief among them are the Great Magnates, an inner circle of chief nobles—each with near sovereign power in their own domains—whose support ensures that a Monarch’s reign goes unchallenged.

Courtly life in the capital is decadent, ancient, and encrusted with many layers of meaningless ritual. However, beneath the gilding hides a court of vipers, as is expected with so many great powers nestled under one roof. The politics can become quite vicious.


What follows is one of the only articles of a rare author by the name of Morro De Leria, a man who sought to learn as much as he could about the various creatures that share in our world.
Sadly this is one of the only articles to be published by the researcher, as much of what was written here was deemed laughably Absurd by the communities, and the backlash to the article ended up ruining any credibility of De Leria, causing him to pass on without ever publishing any of his other studies.

Goblins are common, albeit annoying, occurrence of the world. With traces of the species traveling back almost as long as recorded history, it's amazing how little We know of the creatures!
But here I hope to share my knowledge of the race, and maybe bring you, my dear readers, a little closer to the bizarre creatures we know, as goblins.

What is a Goblin?
Goblins are often considered vile, disgusting creatures, looked down upon as more of a pest, or maybe a rancid mold, than actual creatures.
Quick to multiply, and rarely much brighter than a child, they often crop up from seemingly nowhere, stealing from nearby villages and homes, and even cities, should their numbers grow large enough.

Goblins are Subterranean creatures, incredibly adept at digging intricate pathways beneath the dirt, creating entire communities, Called Barrows, that will likely never be found.

What Kinds of Goblins Are there?
Goblins appear in a multitude of forms that might surprise surprise you!
The most common of the species is the garden variety goblin we all see. Short stature, the usual Green skin, jagged sharp teeth. This type grows to roughly a meter tall, and is the "core" species of the goblin race. all goblins are born as this common breed, and any branching types are actually results of the unique goblin magic that creates their hierarchy. Goblins in this form are usually grunts or workers of the horde
The next breed of goblin is the often called "Mage" of the species. This breed is identifiable by a paler complexion, and are often smarter, if only marginally so. The mages of goblins are commonly adept at two different spells of the mages choice, usually evocation spells(though the odd, more intelligent mage may use a support spell of some type.). These goblins are often advisors of sorts, or tacticians.
The third recorded Breed is the Hobgoblin! probably the most visually striking of the three, The hobgoblin stands at roughly 2 meters tall, and is often a much more durable and bulky form from the usually diminutive species. Functioning as the muscle of the species, this breed usually stands as a front line soldier.
The final breed we will go over is likely the most surprising. The Troll! standing at a terrifying 3 meters, the Troll is an incredible outlier of the species, and thats not just because of its size! Trolls are often solitary, having been ousted by their birth group, with a massive stature and incredibly hostile, even to its own species.
There is a possible Fifth breed, but in my time of researching the species I've failed to gather enough information for a reliable study.

How do Goblins use Magic?
Goblins use a unique and bizarre form of ancient Tribal runes. Through the use of scarring, goblins will carve their magical runes into their skin. The process is slow, and likely agonizing, but send to be used as a form of religious rite, a gift from some unnamed deity, as each scarring is accompanied by a ceremony of sorts.
It seems there is a pair of rules to this magic, and both seem to have dire consequences. The first, Do not attempt the scarring ritual without an elder. And the second, Do not attempt to give, or get, a third rune. Most all goblins are restricted to two runes, and as far as my studies show, they are with those runes, for life.
Runes can be located on each of the goblin breeds, bar the common breed. The rune alters the body of the goblin, and the time of the rite varies on the elders decision.
Hobgoblins are given an enhancing rune at a very young age, and are chosen specifically by the elders. The rune is large, and often encompasses the entire backside of the hobgoblin. It causes incredible growth, muscle density, and durability, but does take up one of the two permitted runes.
The mage runes at given when a common goblin has Proven itself to be exceptionally bright among it's siblings, and is marked on the backside of each hand.

Sadly, a trolls runes are...inert. a troll is what happens when a goblin breaks the second rule, never get a third rune. The the magic that the runes use warps the goblin's form, and can't be healed. This, and the effects it has on the mind of the goblin, lead to the troll to be exiled for the safety of the Barrow.

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