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Realistic or Modern forever searching. {still.}

Sub Genres
Adventure, Magical, Realistic, Romance, Slice of Life


do you think i'm odd?
meggy. 28. teacher. cat mom.

some deal breakers.
must be 18+. (only because i'm old, and it's weird)
please write long-ish replies. i DO want you to describe to me how your character holds a pencil, their nervous habits,
things they do when they're drunk. i LOVE to read descriptive replies, especially when our characters are interacting with each other.
i really would prefer anywhere from 1000+ words for introduction posts and 500-700 for replies!!
i'm going to want to have an OOC thread. i love creating edits and playlists for characters.
i also am just going to want to chat about your day.
i'm fine with RPing over the boards or PM. either is fine.
only m/f pairings. however, i can play either gender!
oh, i cannot code. i'm willing to learn, but don't expect fancy things from me.

plot ideas

idea i was in the middle before i knew it had begun
; *********** (craving x 43943902902)
modern pride and prejudice
need i say more? i'd KILL for this.
& id like to play Lizzie

idea 2: when the smoke clears;
A seaside motel. best friends.
she lives in a hotel and waits for him each summer.
one summer he stops showing up.
And a new resort is being built across the bay by his family.

if nothing above appeals to you, i'm open to discussing ideas.

|| word bank ||
| romance | best friends | family conflict | addictions | secrets | obsession |
liars | con artists | modern fairy tales | bets | fate | hatred | secret keeping | denial | soulmates | set ups | previous relationships | love triangles | self discovery |
| pride | redemption | indebted | feud | forbidden | mistakes | hope | artists |

please supply a writing sample when you message me. i'm posting one below. {this is just one section of an introduction post}

For some, life passes by slowly; it’s the counting of years, the counting of months, even down to the counting of the seconds. It’s the hellos and the goodbyes remembered, it’s the friends and the enemies of one lifetime, stretched along an achingly slow span. It’s the scraped knees to surgeries, the happiness to the tears. And even though life passes by slowly, for the human mind to remember every single, solitary detail, things are forgotten. The loss of a loved one is broken down to a day of all black and a mother crying. That break-up that kept them locked in a room for a week is remembered by a sudden waft of a familiar perfume, but then long forgotten almost as quickly as the memory past. The human mind is a peculiar thing, only remembering the bits and pieces – the parts of a whole. The average human is lucky. They get to forget. They get to fully forgive. And, when they least expect it, in the blink of an eye, life is gone.

And then there are the few. Their life carries on, uninterrupted by deaths. They can forget, oh how they think they can forget, but then an entire lifetime is brought back by a familiar street sign, or the familiar eyes of an individual. The eyes might not match the body the memory is attached to, but it’s the same soul. And in that instance of passing a stranger on a street corner, everything comes flooding back.

In all of his lives, he had never met someone who remembers. He liked to believe that he wasn’t the only one – that remembering was normal. That sometimes when he passed a stranger on the street they recognized his soul and were brought back to hundreds of years of lifetimes that they had lived through. He knew that people lived many lives, but the difference was the people who remembered. He wasn’t sure what made him remember, aside from the fact that most people were too caught up in the day to day struggle of life that they didn’t take to notice the stranger at the bus stop with them or the person ahead of them in line at the supermarket. They were moving too quickly to notice.

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