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Absence For my Partners


You can call me Rhys
Please read -

I am having to postpone all my RPs both new and current indefinitely. For the foreseeable future, I will not have the time nor the mental capacity to put all the effort I would want into the story. My husband's diabetes complications have cause damage to his optical nerves. (They are thinning) and there is no certain time in which he will be able to see a neurologist (earliest they said was January, but his eye doctor is trying to get him worked in sooner).

The only silver lining in this is that the eye doctor said the current damage that is happening will not cause him to go completely blind. Yet it could cause him to be unable to have a driver's license or work because he will be blind enough that he wont be able to read properly or for long periods of time. (He is a licensed insurance adjuster, so his eyes and ability to read are extremely important for the work he does)...

There is even a possibility I may be forced from being a stay at home mom (for the past 13 years) and attempt to locate a job of my own which will further take from my time to write. Sad as it is to say.

IF I make my return, praying that all goes well, I will be more than happy to pick up RPs or even find new ones with all of my partners. Ya'll are so wonderful and I have truly enjoyed writing what we have. Even if it was only in the planning stages.

Beyond here, I can only say how sorry I am that I am having to do this, but Family does come first. I truly hope we can write again soon! (I'll be save ALL our RPs~!)

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Oh goodness no worries!!! Family absolutely does come first. Best wishes to you and your family! ❤


Wishing you, your husband and your family the best of luck. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers. Of course if you wish to pick up again I’ll be here, if not I am sending you the best and thanking you for our experience here.

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