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Grade A Bitch

A like or love means you're accepted. And don't forget to send me a writing sample.

    : (Their true name.)
    Aliases: (Other names, titles, nicknames, and aliases.)
    Age: (Biological age. How long have you been there?)
    Gender: (Male, Female, Genderless, or Hermaphrodite depending on Race.)
    Race: (You may create your own race, provided that you will write down a fairly detailed description of its physiology, specialization, etc.)
    Class: (This might make it easier)

    : (Ships gotta sail, then sink each other.)
    High Concept: (Sum up your character in a sentence, if possible.)
    Religion: (if they have one or follow a god/goddess at all.)
    Backstory: (At least a solid paragraph, but go as detailed as you wish. Put very long ones in a spoiler pls and thank you)

    : (Written, or a picture. If written, then at least a detailed paragraph of text.)
    Weapons & Armor: (Anything that the character uses for protection, or attack during combat.)
    Items & Personal Belongings: (Any other items that the character has, or belong to them.)
    Skills & Abilities: (Not magical. Include things like bartering, or the ability to pickpocket.)
    Spells & Magic: (Magical. Spells and magical abilities that the character has.)
    Weaknesses: (Weak sides of a character. Fears, inabilities, inexperience, emotional issues, mental issues, etc. Only ones that could be said to negatively affect the character.)

    FLUFF (Optional)
    : (What does the dark lord do in his free time, when not vying for supremacy over the world?)
    Favorites: (things like favorite weapon, town, drink, food, etc, etc.)
    Quote\s: (Notable things that the character has said, that may show off their personality or speech type.)
    Theme: (Musical theme.)
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Grade A Bitch
Bailey Hall
Bales, Halfbreed, Coinín, The Wolf Tamer
The Bow and Blade Ranger/Rouge

High Concept:
The voice of reason with gremlin energy
Bailey believes in the elven gods but doesn’t fight anyone about differences in beliefs. Her favorite god is Tulena.
Bailey was born in Antiva, to the happy but unconventional couple Nathaniel "Nathan" Hall and Phyrra Inarie. If the names and the fact she has pointy but not really pointy ears didn't give it away, Nathan and Phyrra were a human and an elf respectively. Which meant in the eyes of both their kingdoms, Bailey shouldn't exist. So Antiva was probably the best place to raise her, a safer place than anywhere in Even Thelmar, but typically out of sight from the human empire. For the first few years of her life, her parents lived in a small house on the outskirts of Antiva, teaching her both human and elven customs. Bailey didn't know she was different at first, her parents always nearby when she was around the other citizens, keeping an ever-watchful eye. They never explained why she couldn't play with the guard's kids. Or why it wasn't safe for Phyrra to go anywhere without Nathan even if Antiva was considered a safe town. Bailey was around 6 when her mom left for the first time.

Bailey didn't understand, but Nathan found a way to distract her the only way he knew how and got her a small training bow. In reality, it was a tiny toy bow he reinforced, but she loved it. Bailey had always wanted to learn how to fight like her parents, and this was the first step. She spent hours with that little bow, her and her dad working on aim and technique until she couldn't use it anymore. Got too big for the toy boy, so when her mom returned for visit, she brought a small price bow. A real now this time. It was the best 8th birthday ever. It was around that same time that Bailey started to notice something a little strange. Little voices here and there when she would pretend to talk to the mice skittering over the targets. Thanks for her warnings.

When she told her mom, and after a little more experimenting, it was discovered that Bailey could speak with animals. Her passive magic skill, the ability she was born with. Apparently, Phyrra had something similar, a telepathic link with animals instead. In any case, her parents were both ecstatic, but at the same time, her mother had to leave again shortly after this discovery was made. She was angry at first, wanting very little to do with the letters her mother sent, focusing on training and the studies her father put in front of her. It was easier that way. And the cycle would repeat for the next few years. Bailey was trained with a bow and sword by her father, she was taught how to hunt and the basics of what she would need to survive on her own. And while her mom was in town, Bailey was taught ho to use throwing knives, elven customs, and their histories.

It was a cycle repeated until she was 15 when Phyrra arrived on her birthday and told her to pack a bag. Bailey was confused at first, but after about three weeks, they arrived in Cyenhona. It was something Bailey had been looking forward to since she learned about it...but she knew there were rules. Half-elves couldn't get a family tattoo. So her mom suggested a wolf, and Bailey jumped on the idea. It just felt right, even if it didn't have a specific meaning. Well, at the time anyway. When they returned to Antiva, her parents had two more gifts. A large wolf cub. And a collection of materials to choose from. Her father was making her a bow. A breakdown bow, one like he used. And now the wolf tattoo made a lot more sense.

A year passed of more training, bonding with Fenrir, rumors of her father planning something against the crown, or at least he was speaking out against it. The king seemed to know all, or someone reported her father, because one night during autumn, the town awoke to the smell of smoke. They were under attack, mercenaries waving the royal insignia, calling out for Nathaniel Hall. Her father and those loyal to him decided to fight back. And they were either slaughtered or captured as traitors to the crown. Bailey was among them, bloodied and beaten down, fighting until her body gave out after watching them parade her father's body through the streets of Antiva as an example. Suck it up, and deal with it. Among the mercenaries were slavers, who picked out a select few of them while the others were taken away and killed like her father was.

Half-elves are a popular target for slavers, which spared Bailey her life but sent her into another world. Her bow and Fenrir were safe, she made sure of that before she headed into the battle, but after two weeks in the back of a caged wagon with hardly anything to eat to drink, she had wondered if she should have fled Antiva instead. Their first destination was Terberis, where she was cleaned up and washed like a show pony and taken a private party. She wasn't the only one up for sale that night, and she doesn't know what happened to the other ones. But Bailey knows they probably ended up in a similar situation to her. She was bought by a noble in Reaycaster, an alchemist named Rolph Tavares. She was fitted with a set of bracelets which set up a ward, something that prevented her from leaving his manor. He used for experiments, many of which left her sick or scarred, demon's blood the cause for the discoloration on her cheek, she was shown off at parties and made to use her skills. Not only was she a pretty face, but an alarm system he could control.

There are a few details better left out, but the point is, for the three years he had her trapped in that manor, she was tortured and unable to do anything about it. It was shortly after she turned 19, and it was a typical noble party. Mingling drunks, showing off the exotic beauty who could split an apple with a bow from across the ballroom, Bailey was approached by Ryan Brightwall. And he asked if she wanted to run away. At first she laughed at him, made a joke about how she'd probably burst into flames the moment she tried to leave. He smiled, and broke the runes on her bracelets after a few minutes of exploring the manor. And then they ran. Stole a horse from Master Tavares while him and his wife were tending to their drunk guests, and their first stop was Antiva. Ryan bought her armor, Bailey was required with Fenrir and reclaimed her now, and the three of them have been on the road travelling ever since.

Bailey is a woman of short stature with a neat hourglass figure. She’s 5’4”, weighs roughly 135lbs, without her gear of course, and has feminine features that look more human than elven. Bailey has black hair, and light blue eyes, with a scar that goes over her left eyebrow to the top of her left cheekbone. Half of her right cheek, jawline, and neck are slightly discolored like a burn but the skin itself seems fine. Her ears are slightly pointed which signifies she is in fact a half-elf, and a feature she’s proud of instead of trying to hide unlike what some people would prefer. Her body is scared, most of them faded from training in her younger years, a few more recent. And they don’t seem to form any type of pattern. It’s not uncommon to see her with small cuts, burns, or bruises though. Bailey is always wearing a leather necklace with a fire opal pendant, a gift from her mother, and a silver ring with some simple yet elegant designs carved in the surface, a gift from her father. There's one more interesting thing about Bailey's appearance, a tattoo between her shoulder blades she got when she was 15.
Weapons & Armor:
- Bailey's armor starts with a base layer of a green cotton tunic and dark brown pants. It's easy to move in and keeps the rest of her armor from chafing.
- Over her tunic is a leather chest piece, which while not extremely thick so it can't protect from attacks that would cause extreme damage or very large weapons, it's very sturdy leather and protects her against quite a bit. Connected to the chest piece are leather shoulders, made of five layers each of which have an elvish design etched into the leather.
- Farther down, Bailey wears leather bracers that cover her forearms, but underneath she wears a pair of gloves, each one has two fingers that extend up to cover her index and middle fingers which helps protects them when she uses her bow.
- Her lower body is protected by top quality leather tassets and thigh-high boots that serve the purpose of both Graves and as extra protection under the tassets. But if you're paying attention, her boots have no soles, just a small strap under the middle of her foot to make sure it's not coming off.
- Last but not least, is her cloak. A rather simple brown cloak, it's meant to protect her from the cold, the rain, and to help her sneak around when it's dark.
- Break Down Bow: Bailey's primary weapon, an ash break down bow made by her father. It's 3 pounds in total, with a full draw weight of 58 pounds. It vine-like carvings in the wood and small brass details. The limbs have a slight recurve to them, the riser is rounded but countered for her hand. In the middle of the riser is a think line of brass, and if you twist the two parts, the bow will come apart for easy concealment. Her quiver is made of leather and holds 35 arrows. 15 normal, 15 barbed, and 5 small game arrows for hunting.
- Arming sword: A double-edged sword just under 3 feet long, with a circular pommel and crossguard. You typically see this sword with humans foot soldiers, it's a safe assumption that Bailey stole it. It's her secondary weapon, used when she's out of arrows or in an area she can't use her now as effectively.
- Throwing knives: Both handy for combat and as a party trick, Baily has a set of five identical throwing knives. Mostly they serve as a backup weapon, an opportunity, or an extra tool. So while not entirely combat-focused, they're invaluable.
- Fenrir: A large dire wolf that has been Bailey's faithful companion for many years, he's both a reliable mount and an amazing source when it comes to battle. He's also incredibly intelligent and if he doesn't like you, Bailey doesn't like you.
Items & Personal Belongings:
- Fire opal necklace
- A silver ring
- A braided leather bracelet
In or tied to a worn, but sturdy and reliable rucksack Bailey has:
- A sleeping bag
- A journal filled with various doodles, notes, and other things of some importance
- Supplies for making runes, which include 3 smooth stones, two sticks of chalk, practice parchment, and a small thing of ink
- A small cast-iron skillet
- A small tin of salt
- A small divided tin of various spices from Antoppe
- A portable anvil (a small, somewhat thin piece of metal you can stick into a tree trunk which is perfect for what she needs. Bailey's is about 3.5 pounds and made of bronze)
- A 2-pound hammer
- A water skin, half full
- Dried venison, some berries, cooked rabbit, greens (this often changes)
- Small first aid kit: Two needles, some thread, bandages, a burn salve which is half empty, herbs both pre and unmixed
- A small collection of scrap metal, mostly mild steel for making her own arrows
- Some rope and string
- A whetstone
- Bowstring wax
- A change of clothes and undergarments
- Citrus scented elven soap, no she will not share
Skills & Abilities:
Blacksmithing Basics - Bailey knows how to fix minor damage to blade edges, profiles, and how to craft her own arrowheads. Anything else that requires more skill, and you are out of luck.
First Aid Basics - She can give you stitches, make a sling, stop the bleeding, basically keep you from dying until you get professional or magical help because she isn't capable of either. Bailey does, however, have a knack with healing herbs and concoctions the elves of Cayonne make.
Bi-Lingual - Bailey speaks both the common tongue and Elvish fluently, as well as reads both. The common tongue is easier for her to read, but reading elvish is easy enough.
Lock-Picking - Self-explanatory, she's good at picking locks. Simple locks are the easiest for her, only taking a few seconds, and the time she needs to undo a lock only increasing. With her currently lock picking set, she cannot unlock "expert and master" locks without breaking her picks.
Pick-Pocketing - She's not the best pickpocket, using basic methods on easy targets or the classic take the key off a sleeping guard, she's not a novice but she's not exactly an adept either.
Hunting - Bailey is a small game hunter, and due to her skill with a bow, it's common to see rabbits or squirrels with deadly shots but no damaged meat. At the same time, she is also able to make effective but simple snares.
Archery - Having been trained by her father since the moment her tiny hands could hold a bow, Bailey is now an expert archer and can best most everyday Joe Schmoe with a bow. That being said, there are always people better than her, such is the way of the universe
Swordplay - This skill includes both her ability to use her arming sword and her throwing knives. She uses her sword skillfully, but due to her favoring her bow, those who only use swords will still most likely best her a majority of the time. Her throwing knives are a different story, their success up in the air based on her opponents' reaction time and the environment of the battle.
Rune Crafting - Bailey knows how to safely and successfully craft many different types of runes, which is why she never has to buy any. Well, it's why she rarely has to buy any. She's still learning, and whole there are many runes she can craft, there are many she can't.
Cooking/Baking - Basics, but she won't kill you, not will it taste bad. Just don't expect anything fancy like from Ambergarde or Tavila.
Elven Religion/Studies - Her mother would be damned of her daughter grew up ignorant of her culture, so unlike most Half-Elves, Bailey is not only aware of their gods and stories, she's very knowledgeable of them as well. Not that anyone ever believes her.

Spells & Magic:
Beastspeak: Bailey's passive ability thanks to her elven blood, she can speak to animals. It's almost like a type of telepathy, other people unable to hear the animal she's speaking to make a sound while they can hear her speaking to it. When she was younger and the ability first appeared, she was only able to speak to small animals such as nice. As she got more practice with it, her ability stronger and she slowly gained the ability to speak with stronger animals. As of now, if she can get its attention, Bailey can speak to large creatures about the size of bears. When her mana is low, Bailey is unable to speak to any animal, even if it's a tiny little mouse.
Roots - A spell that can be used in one of two ways. The first, Bailey focuses magical energy into the ground for five seconds, which manipulates the roots to attack. Three arches going outward from her for 30 feet, it's an AOE/Crowd Control version of the spell. As of right now it simply pushes people back and has the opportunity to do minimal to minor damage but can get stronger. The second version of this spell has the same setup, Bailey focuses her magical energy on the group to use up traps. In a 10ft radius, there can be 5 traps with various success rates, the first one normally being the most successful. Both are easy to perform in combat, but draining so she can only use them every so often.
Claustrophobia - Bailey has some pretty extreme claustrophobia. She can deal with her arms being restrained, but she needs to be able to move her legs. She hates small spaces, and she hates them even more if it's dark. And she absolutely cannot have her chest compressed in anyway without freaking out.
Fears getting caught by slavers - Bailey was caught once, and she would die before getting caught again.
Has nightmares - While most of the time they aren't particularly bad, Bailey will sometimes have ones that rattle her to the core and leave her an in odd state of mind for the rest of the day.
Is unable to wield a blade any larger than an Arming sword - While she certainly has the strength to do so, Bailey lacks the training to wield anything larger.
Hates wearing real shoes - Shoes with soles make her feel disconnected from nature. Also, she prefers being barefoot, and the fact it can weird people out.

FLUFF (Optional)
Making more arrows, writing, training, reading, cooking/baking, stepping on rocks barefoot just to show people she can and it doesn’t bother her
Town: Antiva, can’t beat home
Drink: Mead from Halamead, or Peach wine from Ambergarde
Food: A spiced noodle dish from Cyenhona she does not remember the name of
Weapon: Her bow of course
Song: An old elvish lullaby her mother used to sing her

"I swear to god, they're just bees."
"I feel like I've seen you before, and that can go one of two ways. Neither one those of particularly good."
"Trasna ort féin!"
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Grade A Bitch
Ryan Brightwall
The Brightwall Dragon, Sparky

High Concept:
An asshole, but at least he doesn’t try to hide it
Ryan worships Enone, but very laxly
Backstory: (At least a solid paragraph, but go as detailed as you wish. Put very long ones in a spoiler pls and thank you)

Ryan is a typical sight among the nobles and an oddity among the peasants. He stands at 6'2", weighs 218lbs, both of which are proof of a childhood where he never had to struggle for food. He has strong features, medium blonde hair he normally ties up out of the way for battle, and hazel eyes. A few old scars dot his arms, a few newer ones in his back from arrows and his military career. But there's a fun little thing about Ryan that most humans don't even think about. His right upper arm is tattooed in a pattern that resembles dragon scales. Or feathers, they're often confused for one another.
Weapons & Armor:
- Underneath his armor, Ryan wears a white tunic and a red vest, and worn yet well made leather pants.
- Steel platemail is very expensive armor, and this set came from the royal military. His chest piece has the remnants of red and gold paint, colors of the royal human military.
- His gauntlets have the Brightwall family crest stamped into each side, just under the elbow. The Brightwall family crest is a Griffin in front of two crossed swords.
- The rest of his armor, has some minor dings here and there, damage from the battles from the military and from his adventures with Bailey, military armor all follow pretty simple designs
- Steel Longsword: Four and a half feet long, this two-handed blade is his primary weapon. It's a fairly standard, single-edged blade (both a false edge he uses for sparing and a real edge he uses for battle) he bought a few years ago when his last sword broke beyond repair. He uses it as both a sword and a shield, clearing the way for his allies in battle thanks to the reach, you also have to be careful he doesn't accidentally hit you with it.
- The Brightwall Ring Sword: The ring sword is a stylized, double-edged blade that's 3 feet and 10 inches in length. This type of sword is used by the Brightwall Family in Reaycaster, each male member of the family gets one forged for them once they turn 21. It has a typical cross guard, and the pommel is circular but mostly see-through. You can see the tang, which is peened over the end of the pommel. While not typically supposed to due to the length, Ryan wields this blade one-handed.
Items & Personal Belongings:
- A tent
- A bottle of expensive brandy, half-full
- A water skin, almost full
- A change of clothes
- A large bag of coal (It wouldn't fit in Bailey's bag)
- A book of old hero stories
- Venison jerky, half a loaf of bread, elven citrus jam, a small bottle of elven hot sauce, and some crackers
- Tobacco flower soap
- Whetstone, though he needs a new one
- The Brightwall Family insignia, can help with most nobles
- A hairbrush and a comb
- A map
- A small thing of ink and a quill
- A small journal
- A sleeping bag
- A rain tarp
- Some extra strips of leather, cloth and sewing supplies that once again, didn't fit in Bailey's bag
- A small pot for boiling water or making stew
- Some different seasonings
Skills & Abilities: (Not magical. Include things like bartering, or the ability to pickpocket.)
Spells & Magic:
Fireball - A pretty standard spell and one that many humans learn, this was the first spell Ryan ever learned when he was a child. Which means he has excellent control. Ryan is able to control the size If the fireball, focusing more magically energy into his palm for bigger fireballs and less range, or less for small fireballs and more range. Keeping a fireball in his palm gets increasingly painful the longer he does so, and he could end up burning himself pretty badly.
Fire Weapons - Ryan is able to cast a spell that puts a magical fire on hi and two allies' weapons. These flames can only last a minute, and they can burn allies if you are not careful. If you sheath your weapon before the spell is up, the flames are put out and the spell will need to be recast.
Lighting - The most common and easiest combination magic to learn, Ryan is able to send out an arch of lighting from his palms 20 feet in front of him in a single direction. Using this spell takes a massive amount of mana and typically leaves him unable to cast any other spell until he's had rest. Since he only recently learned this spell, his control is not that great, you need to be standing clear of the spell radius because he could possibly hit you.
Fears drowning - He was pretty much born with this fear, large bodies of water cause him unease, boats are his worst enemy, and he absolutely hates tries to the cost.
Hard time dealing with low money - Ryan was born into the esteemed Brightwall family in Reaycaster, so he isn't used to not being able to afford everything in sight. At the same time, he also isn't used to not being able to use his families influence for just about everything.
Unable to use a bow - Not just due to lack of training, Ryan lacks the disciple and muscle to use a bow properly and for extended periods of time.
Water Magic - Because of his aptitude with fire magic, Water magic has a greater effect on him and will often do more damage. Especially when he is in the middle of casting a spell.

FLUFF (Optional)
: (What does the dark lord do in his free time, when not vying for supremacy over the world?)
Town: Grayport, he's a frequent customer of the black market and he enjoys the sailors
Drink: Brandy brewed in Reaycaster, not many people know about it. Aka, you need money to know about it
Food: Roasted duck, small portable pies, and dried venison that isn’t too dry
Weapon: His trusted Ring Sword
Story: The tale of his grandfather on one of the last dragon hunts

"I am this close to smacking the absolute shit out of you."
"Five gold says you won't."
"I'm going to pretend like I didn't just hear that."
"Don't play with fire if you don't want to get burned."
Theme: Not an exact theme, but it's still pretty cool
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Rusty of Shackleford

Seven Thousand Club
Name: Addam Helder
Aliases: None
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Paladin (Traditional longsowrd, and maybe a lance and shield if he's on horseback.)

Sexuality: Heterosexual
High Concept: Innocent boi looking to do good despite everyone around him being assholes.
Religion: Addam is a devout follower of Enone, and prays to all of the angels whenever he can, but he usually prays to Hasmal, given his line of work.
Addam's birth was nothing special. He was born the son of a blacksmith and a seamstress in a small, quaint little village. Life was...life. They didn't have much to go around, the local lord was a bit aloof and disconnected from his people, but everyone was happy, all things considered. He was raised on traditional values. Work hard, be kind, and worship Enone. But he always wanted...more. He was fascinated by the stories of brave knights saving fair maidens from foul beasts, of chivalry and honor. The paladin's were everything he wanted to be, and despite being of low birth, he held onto hope. His oppurtunity came when a passing knight errant, who knew Addam's father, offered the boy a chance to join the Order of the Griffon. The Order was beyond prestigious. Some of the greatest heroes in Liomura were paladin's from the Order, and it wasn't something that happened often, for a peasant boy to be offered a place among them. Addam of course said yes, and at the age of twelve, he was whisked away to the capital, where the Order's main headquarters was. He was amazed by the majesty, the tall buildings, the streets, everything. But this wonder soon faded when his training begun. Day in and day out it was the same drudgery. Clean armor and weapons, recite the same stale, soulless prayers, so on and so forth. The recruits were all treated poorly, supposedly to toughen them up, but Addam in particular was a target. Everyone else came from important families. Except for him. That meant if something happened to him, no one would be able to stop them. So, Addam suffered through his training, his devotion to Enone helping him through, especially when the Order started hammering down that loyalty to Liomura was to be held above everything else. he slowly watched as the Order became more and more militant, and less religious. Tey were thugs, not knights. Regardless, Addam was knighted just a few months ago, and able to use basic divine magic. Currently, he is a knight errant, until he grows in experienece, but he has his doubts. He wonders about the future of the Griffon Knights, their purpose in the world. WIth the King growing in power and cruelty, he hopes the Order doesn't become just another tool of oppression.

He's quite tall for his age, and is quite thin, though he has some muscle from conditioning.

Weapons & Armor:
Chainmail Armor, with the symbol of the Order emblazoned on the tabbard.
Items & Personal Belongings:
Holy Symbol of Enone
Holy Book
Skills & Abilities:
Horse Riding
Spells & Magic:
Flame Blade: Focusing his devotion, Addam can engulf his blade in flame for a period of time, not only catching his enemies aflame, but also increasing the heat of the blade and increasing it's cutting power. This requires intense focus and energy to maintain, and if he isn't careful, he can actually make the fire too hot, and actually melt his sword.

Lay On Hands: Basic healing. Addam focuses his empathy and love of others to heal basic wounds. So far, he can close large wounds, but only enough to stabalize someone on the verge of death, not heal them fully. It also drains him after use.
Weaknesses: Addam is naive. Like, sometimes stupidly naive. his upbringing led to him developing a very idealistic view of then world. He believes that all people are inherently good, and refuses to accept that people can't be redeemed, and this of course leads to him being easily manipulated. He also has feelings of inadequacy, and he will often do drastic, stupid things in order to prove himself "worthy".

FLUFF (Optional)
Hobbies: Addam has a knack for reading, something he picked up during his time in training. He's not the best at it, and ocassionally has to have people tell him what bigger words are, but he enjoys it nonetheless. He also enjoys fishing, though he isn't the best.
Town: His home town. He misses it, and hopes he can go back soon and see his family again.
Food: Stews of any kind. He's also very fond of fish.
Drink: Nothing, really. He isn't very fond of alcohol in general, but will drink spiced wine if need be.
Weapon: A longsword. He almost has an obsession with taking care of his blade, and keeps it in pristine condition.
Story: "Ser Lawrence and the Dragon," about a brace paladin who slays a dragon to save a princess. It's simple, but it reminds Addam of a simpler time.
Quote\s: "Blessed are...wait, how does it go again?"
"I grew up listening to the stories. You know, brave knights saving virgin maidens from vile witches and dragons. Chivalry, honor, duty...it's all nonsense, isn't it?"
Theme: I wanted something heroic, most definitely. Addam strives to do good, and is a good person. But I also wanted something militaristic, to show the slow transition the Order of the Griffon is experiencing, and the Red Wings theme from Final Fantasy IV fits those two criteria perfectly. There's also the fact that I've based Addam after the main character from that game, Cecil Harvey.
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New Member

Alabaster Mordha
Al, Bast
Inquisitive Rogue/Sniper
Potentially a Caster, but not at the outset, it will take him lots of practice and character development to get there.

High Concept:
Irreverent young elf looking to make his way in the world.
Believes in all of the Elven Pantheon, but has a particular favoritism for Pholomos
Alabaster has always wondered what, exactly, he was put on this planet to do. With his mother a healing priestess of Ledis and his father a renowned Frost mage, great things were always expected of Alabaster. And in the beginning, he seemed like he would be just the expected prodigy of such a powerful line. Gifted with the sight to see magic easily in the world around him without gestures and invocations, given a keen mind and an astute command of numbers, it seemed at first that he would have no trouble following in his parents' footsteps. But then... the accidents started happening. The botched runes, the frostburned fingers, and that one time he turned his dog into a toad (poor Aster was never the same, even when he was polymorphed back he still croaked instead of barked). What at first seemed like the usual mistakes of an apprentice never went away, and though Alabaster tried and tried - mastered the theory of magic in every way he could - the practice, well, it just never came. After nearly blowing up his mother's study - and under the eye of the other priests and priestesses in Ilnanor! - it was collectively and silently decided that perhaps Alabaster should just never try dabbling in the arcane arts again. Not when such bad luck followed him around.

Eventually, he left his home in Reathsara, where he had lived with his father when they couldn't be with his mother in Ilnanor. He wasn't quite ashamed of his failure - moreso, he couldn't stand the disappointment of his parents - and so he quietly departed one night, gone to find a new home elsewhere in the world. Having left two years ago, he has made his way quite far from home, recently arriving in the human settlement of Halamead. He still doesn't know yet where he is going or what he is doing, but... well, anything is better than nothing.

A rather laid-back individual, Alabaster is comfortable enough taking his time in figuring out his path in life. He's an elf. He's got a long time to figure it out. Having been indirectly cast out of his home, he has no problem joking about the haughtiness of his own race, and is quite dismissive of such 'superiority complexes' that other elves have. He makes fun of his own name often.

With all the theoretical knowledge of a wizard but none of the practical ability, Alabaster still has yet to figure out what he wants to do in life. He exudes an aura of an untamed, questioning and questing youth, who, while something of a cautious individual, has bouts of throwing discretion to the wind when he thinks the time to prove himself has come. He is someone who has yet to figure out his strengths, though is well acquainted with his weaknesses - and wisely knows to steer away from magic at all costs. Thank goodness he can always see it coming, right?

Still yet to figure himself out and knowing he has a long way to go, Alabaster is eager to explore both the world and himself. All he really wants is to find where he belongs - it's gotta be out there somewhere.


Alabaster is quite a fitting name for a Snow Elf as pale as Bast is. The silver-white hair and blue eyes mark him clearly as one of the Northern-descended kin of the cold, although he actually grew up on the southernmost island of Elven lands. His parents are both Snow Elves, having moved South long ago when his mother devoted herself to becoming a priestess, long before Bast himself was born. He stands at a remarkable near-six feet tall, quite the height for an elf, and claims it's because he's a Snow Elf - physiology used to bitter winters and low rations - raised on an Aquatic Elf diet, much more rich in variety and helping along his growth quite a bit. He is taller than both of his parents, and stronger physically than both as well, having come to rely on abilities outside of magic to make himself strong. Most of his strength is in his arms, shown by a pair of broad shoulders. At fifteen, he went with his father to Cyenhona to get his tattoos, which are on his face and mainly around his eyes, accenting the ability he was born with in seeing magic. Aside from the tattoos on his face and the piercings in his ears, he has no other marks on his body aside from the occasional scar, which he's picked up since leaving home. As a youth, having a healer for a mother meant that his wounds were always left without visible scars remaining.
Weapons & Armor:
Armor: Leather Armor, well worn and makes no sound when Bast moves, and does not inhibit his movement at all.
Weapons: Longbow with a quartz decoration where he knocks his arrows. Clearly elven made, though from Reathsara, not a prized Toumur bow.
Items & Personal Belongings:
Bast didn't really bring anything with him outside of what he needed to survive when he left home. He isn't a sentimental sort. He has all the basics required for roughing it in the wilderness, and not much aside from that.
Skills & Abilities:
Linguist: Speaks Elven, Faye, several different Human Dialects, and Orcish
Good with Numbers: He "sees the math" in the physical and magical world around him, and would make a fine accountant if he ever settled down. As of now, he uses this skill in his archery, having quite the grasp of angles which makes him an excellent deadeye.
Fast Learner: Well, at least when it comes to intellectual pursuits, such as figuring out how something works or was designed, or how to use such things. He's less successful with figuring out people.
Spells & Magic:
Passive: Detect Magic (the ability to see auras around spells to determine their schools, and detect hidden runes and decipher their purpose without effort.)
Magical Klutz: Magic is dangerously eager to surge into action around Alabaster, making him wary of getting too close to anyone actively practicing magic, and deterring him entirely from trying it himself.
Tactless: He is certainly not immune to sticking his foot in his mouth, especially so when it comes to other elves. He's "over" the high and mighty attitude, and has been known to say things that get himself into trouble with other members of his race.
Laid-back: While this could also be considered a positive trait, because it makes him much more approachable than other elves, it is also a weakness. Bast often expects things will just "work themselves out," and has very little initiative or motivation driving him.

: Bast has an eye for architectural design, something he usually keeps to himself. Whenever he enters a new building, he takes at least a moment or two to observe how it was put together.
Bast is also a swimmer. Having grown up on an island, he often found himself in the ocean, diving under the waves to escape responsibilities that awaited him ashore.
Town: none set in stone, because he hasn't been everywhere yet
Drink: Honey Mead
Food: Fresh Fruits, especially apricots. He cannot stand dried fruit, and raisins are blasphemy.
Weapon: Though he claims any bow will do, he has a strong preference to using his own.
Story: Whatever the local gossip has that's the newest story

Quote: "Alabaster Mordha. What kind of pretentious arse names their kid Alabaster Mordha? Call me Al. Or Bast. Hell. Bastard if you think it suits me."
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I'm not crazy. My reality is just different

: Melora Adonis
Aliases: Mel
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Scout Archer

: Bisexual
High Concept: If it can be seen, it will be seen
Religion: Follows Sariel
Melora has been training in archery ever since she was a little girl. Raised in a poor family on the fringe of society, she was taught at an early age how to hunt and thrive off the land. When she grew up, she joined the army and sought out the Scouts, where she could go out and gather intelligence directly from the field. With the pay she was getting from there, as well as a side job as a waitress and then odd jobs from the billboard, she managed to work her way out of the fringe.

After removing her family from the fringe as lowly peasants and set them up with a full farm so they could support themselves and sell the fruits of their labor, she went out on her own. The travelling she gained from both the army and accomplishing the tasks on the billboard instilled in her the will to travel and explore. She took on more and more daring jobs in the army, scouting and reporting on enemy troop movements and going behind enemy lines to listen in on conversations and plans of enemy officers.

While she's retired from official army operations, she makes a lot more money as a scout for hire now. She can always go back, but it's about time for her to move on to bigger and better things.

Weapons & Armor
  • Shortbow- More used for close-mid range shooting
  • Leather Armor- Used to keep her movement as unrestricted as possible while protecting herself from damage and the elements. Enchanted with ice and fire magic to keep her warm in cold climates and cool in hot climates
  • Short Sword- Used in only the closest quarters and never as a first resort
  • Throwing Knives- A belt of them at the ready
Items & Personal Belongings:
  • More arrows than she should ever need in any 1 situation
  • Bag of rune enscribed rocks. Used for traps
  • Smoke vials. Thrown to the ground to be used as a smokescreen. Poison can be poured into it to turn it into toxic gas.
  • Fire Bombs. A basic grenade. Light the fuse, throw, go boom
  • Caltrops, used to cover her escape especially against ground animals
  • Various vials of poison to tip her weapons with
  • Stacks of money
  • Survival gear
    • Tent
    • Preserved Food in case she runs out of her main supply
    • Cooking Gear
    • Bed Roll
Skills & Abilities:
  • Rune Crafting- She knows a few runes that she can craft. She's not a dedicated crafter though, so she'll need to buy some
  • Advanced Archer- She can use her Shortbow for well beyond its effective range.
  • Climber- She can climb most structures and trees with ease
  • Expert Hunter- She can hunt everything from Squirrels to Bears, though she prefers to stay on the smaller side
  • Advanced Scout- Using stealth to gather information and reporting on the weaknesses it is her bread and butter
  • Survivalist- She can survive and thrive in many environments given the bare minimum
  • Herbalist- She can tell what flora is good to eat. Those that aren't good, she can use enchant Item on to make it good to eat
  • Gardener- She has a strong green thumb

Spells & Magic:
  • Fire: Besides the utilitarian use (like starting a fire or lighting a fuse or lantern, she can also throw fireballs or use Precision Flame from her fingertips
  • Heal: She can heal herself. While she can heal others as well, it's effectively useless as it takes far too long.
  • Sensory: She can enhance her 5 senses, used to sense entities in the area, even if her vision is obscured by a wall or smoke

  • Not good with a sword. Anyone with basic sword training can probably overtake her with a sword
  • She's a human. She has human constraints
  • Has to rely on wit and resources over anything else to take down an enemy
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It was so much easier to blame it on Them.
Name: Merin Twostone
Aliases: Cannonball
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Race: Dwarf
Class: Knight

Sexuality: Heterosexual
High Concept: An idealistic Dwarf who believes in the power of unity that seeks to protect future generations by preventing evil from spreading, and making allies.

Religion: Follows the teachings of Cignir

Merin was born in the inner city of Odelun to a family whose first born were always warriors. Combat was in his blood and he was expected to fight like his parents did, like his grandparents did, like every first born Twostone in living memory had.

But Merin had a kind heart, ever since he was a boy. Fighting and pain had never been appealing to him. He resisted his training, and his combat skills suffered for it.

But all this changed when his parents gave him a sister, Merin's beloved Ultear Twostone. Merin found himself immediately smitten by the new life, a proud older brother.

"This is what we fight for." Merin's mother told him on the rare occasion the warrior gave advice to her son. "For those we love who come after, so that they might have a better life than we did. In this we emulate Cignir, protector of the future. In this we approach the Divine.'

Merin took this to heart, and his instructors were astonished by the change. He went from the quiet, surly boy always trying to cut class, to one of the most dedicated students they had. Soon he was part of the Dwarves assigned to protect the lands around Odelun from monsters and bandits.

For years Merin did this, but two years ago the dead rose and the Dwarves faced a crisis like they never had before. The few times Merin fought with the dead made him realize that this was a terrifying, dangerous threat to dwarf kind, to the world. But the Dwarven Leaders refused to call for help.

Merin thought this supremely selfish. What was pride when measured against the lives of their peoples futures? Their unborn loved ones? Those future generations they would never meet but could have loved? Why not try to stand together?

Merin wouldn't go against the wishes of his kingdom, but he left his position and struck out into the world. He would be an ambassador for the Dwarven Kingdom. He knew his people were exclusive and not always viewed kindly, and wanted to change that so when the time came and the Dwarves asked for aid, the other nations would look more favorably on them.

He was a drop of water, just a single dwarf, but even the ocean had to start somewhere.

So he set out and eventually fell in with a band of knights that called themselves ‘The Candle Knights’. With no formal command structure save their leader, Artur Dragonheart, the knights mission was to provide aid to those who needed it and ask little in return. Smitten with their ideology Merin asked for membership, quickly proving himself and being admitted into the knights.

The Knights, however, were in dire straits. Their membership was failing, not many wanting to devote themselves to a life of danger and sacrifice, and with the knights selflessness came a sort of poverty. They wouldn’t take grand rewards for their grand deeds, and so they had little money. What was more, many of the knights died in the service of good, and Merin lost many friends because they refused to back down against injustice, even when the odds were stacked against them.

But the members were determined anyway, and while money was nice, it wasn’t something they needed. They didn’t have a centralized structure, they just had the Dragonheart Castle where they met, a knowledge of all the other members, and a common symbol. They went off alone, in pairs or small groups and did good where they could. So long as a single knight stood, the Candle Knights would endure.

Merin made a name for himself as one of the deadliest and most efficient members of the knights, even achieving some regional fame around Halamead when he and his comrade, the half elf Lilia Crantz managed to drive of a pack of Wargs by themselves. Crantz was badly wounded in the attack and was sent back to Dragonheart Castle, but Merin has stayed in Halamead.

Appearance: Merin has a long, blond beard and broad nose. The hair on his head is cut short, as was the style in Odelun when he left. (The short hair on your head was thought to make the length of your facial hair stand out more)

Weapons & Armor:
Gudrid Gudrid is Merin's Axe. Made for him by his father, it's of the finest dwarven make, as is all of his equipment. It is particularly special to Merin as it was made with a twin, the ax that belongs to his sister, Ultear.

Karl Karl is Merin's two handed Hammer. He takes it out when he need to hit something really, really hard. Of the finest dwarven make, there are very few things in existence that wouldn't drop when struck by a two handed overhead swing with Karl in Merin's hands.

Shield of Cignir Despite it's grand name, it's only special for it's particularly ornate dwarven crafting and has no magic imbued in it. It's a heavy shield that is only easily used by a strong, stout dwarf. On it's face are worked beautiful color illustrations of Cignir's deeds protecting those yet to be born.

Dwarven Plate Merin wears a heavy, well crafted set of dwarven plate armor. Functionally immune to any blade that hasn't been seeped in magic, it's protection is such that, combined with his shield, people have had easier times toppling huge Tieflings or Beastmen than the Stalwart dwarf. More than one blade has broken on Merin's armor.

Throwing Axes Not Merin's preferred weapon, but if something needs to be hit and he cant just run up to it, Merin is proficient enough to send these angular dwarven blades soaring through the air and into his target.

Items & Personal Belongings: Merin has his smoking pipe, a wood carving knife and a lute, as well as camping gear.

Skills & Abilities:
Metal Work: Merin knows the basics of metal working, and so can repair armor and weapons given the right tools.

Wood Work: Merin enjoys wood working and likes to carve figures that he gives as gifts. He is no master, but he is a talented amateur.

Music (Lute) Merin knows how to play the Lute. It's one of his favorite things to do around the fire. He plays well enough that he’s been able to stay for free at taverns, on occasion, when he plays for the customers.

Martial Prowess Merin is an extremely skilled hand to hand fighter, and his armor often makes him nigh unstoppable. His comrades in the Candle Knights nicknamed him ‘Canonball’ for his ability to launch his heavy, metal clad body at the enemy and tear them apart like they might be if a cannonball had hit them. Merin has met very few people who have been able to match him in melee martial prowess. He is best with his axe, shield and hammer, but is no slouch with any other melee weapon.

Genuinely Kind Merin is also surprisingly diplomatic for an armor clad dwarf. He likes talking to people, and he’s quite good at it. He is well liked by most who meet him for his calm, kind demeanor. A warrior he may be, but most can tell that it's for others that he picks up his ax and dons his armor.

Spells & Magic: None.

Blindly selfless Merin will harm himself to protect another, even if that other isn’t someone he knows. He’s selfless to a fault.

Not Agile Merin can move quite fast even in armor.... but only in a straight line. He wears heavy armor and a lot of weapons. Merin can deal with this, he is extremely strong and has high endurance for even a dwarf, but there’s no getting around the fact that the armor, while it protects him beautifully, also slows him down. It makes it harder to turn quickly, harder to do the agile things that others, not clad in armor, can do.

Not learned in magic He has very little understanding of magic. He comes from a land where no one can use it, and as a result he’s never seen it or been particularly interested in it. Because of this, he doesn’t know how to combat it. Merin is a fast learner, however, and this could change.

Gullible Merin desperately wants to believe in others. He knows that this can burn him, but he will often give someone the benefit of the doubt even if they don't deserve it. This has had consequences in the past, and will likely have consequences in the future.

FLUFF (Optional)
Hobbies: Merin enjoys playing his lute and working with wood. Many people expect him to enjoy metal work, but he only knows it to take care of his weapons and has little love for it.

Favorites: Merin's father made his weapon, Gudrid for him and made a matching axe for his younger sister. His axe is very important to Merin as a reminder of his family.

Merin enjoy's music, particularly stringed instruments.

Quote\s: "Kindness is a battle. It's hard. Some people think it makes you weak, but they're wrong. Only the truly strong can be kind. That's what I want to be. I want to be strong in the truest way."

"Intent is important. You need to remember why you do what you do. Why you pick up your ax, why you stand against the dark. A heart that knows why it does what it does, and remembers that reason is love, will not be led astray, even if it must take up arms against another."

"My life is important, but it's not as important as the lives of those who come after. I want to make the world a better place for them, to stand as an example that a single good dwarf can make a difference."

"No, if you flip me on my back I won't die. I'm not a turtle!"

Hrist and Gonoril Twostone: Merin’s warrior mother and smith father.
Ultear Twostone: Merin’s beloved younger sister
Artur Dragonheart: Ostensibly Merin’s ‘leader’ in the Candle Knights. The informal nature of the group means he is more of a friend. First amongst equals.
Lilia Crantz: Merin’s closest friend in the Candle Knights. Is currently badly wounded, but will hopefully recover back at Dragonheart Castle.

Theme: Battle Cry - The Family Crest
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ELYSIA | The Forest Nymph

Name: Elysia Solanum.
Aliases: N/A.
Age: 23.
Gender: Female.
Race: Faye | Forest Nymph.
Nymphs are a taxonomic group underneath the grand umbrella term 'Faye'. When compared to the other races that share the same title as them, Nymphs are considered to be among the more intelligent and less bewildered creatures, subsequently also owning more magical capacity than any pixie or moss monster ever would.

Forest Nymphs are just one of many Nymph types and are often considered to be closely related to Dryads and Flower Nymphs. Although they share many qualities with the other forest dwelling Nymphs, Forest Nymphs take a more general position, embodying all kinds of plantlife that could be found in the forest. Because of this, it is widely speculated that the more specific plant-based Nymphs originated from this race.

Appearance wise, Forest Nymphs are greatly diverse much like the Faye and Nymphs in general. Just like Fire Nymphs embody fire in eternally burning locks of hair and water nymphs have skin that the Smurfs would be jealous of, Forest Nymphs have their own unique traits that allow them to stand out. Their appearance pretty much screams plants; their hair often being a mingle of plantlife, their green skin revealing beautiful patterns of bark or flowers all the while their love for floral decorations just makes their connection to nature even more prominent.
Class: Druid | Practices Natural Magic.

Sexuality: Heterosexual, probably.
High Concept: Angry grass girl ready to throw hands to save her forest from harm.
Religion: Elysia follows all gods of the Elven/Faye Pantheon, although she has a special place in her heart for Tulena.
Let me tell you about my forest.

On a perfect summer day, when Elan's sun stands high and mighty, golden light glistens on the tiny droplets of morning dew as they glide down the heart-shaped leaves, and the singing of Osharian Nightingales turns my home into a natural orchestra. My grove is a beauty like no other, but travelers don't always see that.

I've heard and seen many stories from inside and beyond the forest of unspeakable harm; woodland burned and replaced with ugly shacks, rare plants viciously pulled from their hearth for coin and even Faye hunted and slaughtered for their whimsical properties. Much like my parents, I seek to protect my home, but I no longer know if that's possible behind a cover of leaves and twigs.

The Halamead people have always been careful around our forest. They tread with timid steps and alertly peek past the branches as they bring down their works of iron on Tulena's gifts. Some have taken their attitude as kindness or respect, but I've never been so sure. They know we're watching after all, so perhaps it's our power that they respect over the forest itself.

It's not the Halamead folk, however, that I worry for. There is talk of a brewing conflict, and it echoes through the forest. I don't know much about the outside world, but one thing I do know; war makes men mad, and mad men do awful things.

Save for the distress the fae continue to spread across the forest in their serenades of chaos and destruction, we have felt a shift in the land. Bandits ransack our treasures more than ever, Faye disappear at increasing paces, and we see less and less stout bodies and pointed ears pass through. There is change on the horizon, and it's not for the better.

Albeit with shame, I cannot hide the fact that I've dreamt of leaving the forest countless of times, often for the very reasons as the one I speak of now. Our people need protection, our land does too, but how can we protect ourselves when we don't even know what's headed for us? We always run and hide for whatever treads into our forest, but why?

I might not be strong, or smart, or wise, but I know lurking won't get us anywhere. The world is changing, and we must follow. Balance is nature's wish, after all, and we should seek to maintain it.

It's time to explore.

Appearance: Standing at 5’1” and owning a thin frame, one wouldn’t exactly classify Elysia as a particularly intimidating protector of nature. Long spring green grass covers her head for hair, reaching all the way past her lower back. Behind her ‘hair’ hide her long pointed ears that are often adorned with floral decorations, their sharp design clashing somewhat with her softer facial features. Her light green eyes add to the overall softness of her face, revealing a plethora of even lighter green shades when hit by sunlight.

The grassy hair isn’t the only feature that reveals Elysia’s Nymph heritage, for her skin also does a good job at doing so. Like any Forest Nymph, Elysia’s skin hints of green, although in her family’s case the colour is somewhat more faded and creamy (but still noticeable) than usual possibly due to coming from a mountainous, colder region.

Aside from the green coloration, Elysia also has several vine-like markings that run across her skin starting from the lower neck. Although the skin might still seem smooth from a distance, running one’s finger across a marking will reveal a slight elevation that feels plant-like of texture. During spring, small buds form that, when summer arrives, will flourish into small light-pink flowers that release a very sweet aroma.

Weapons & Armor: Considering iron is a big no no and Elysia has no combat skills whatsoever, weapons are a bit of tricky concept. Nevertheless, she has some ways of protecting herself, namely in the shape of a big, sturdy stick.

Big Stick: An unnamed stick that stands at roughly 5 feet, 'Big Stick' is pretty much exactly what the name suggests. What was once nothing more than a birch branch is now a birch branch that was straightened a bit and had its smaller brunches cut off. Essentially, Big Stick could work as some sort of makeshift Bo Staff, but its durability and strength is uncertain, especially in the hands of someone as inexperienced as Elysia.

Sling: A small leather sling that Elysia once.. found left behind in the forest. The sling mainly acted as a means of entertainment, but turned out to be the closest thing she has to an actual weapon. Given that she has only ever hit stationary targets while remaining stationary herself, her proficiency is very limited at best.

Sling ammunition: Elysia mostly relies on rocks to fuel her sling, but she also carries around a handful of small but thorny chestnut seeds that can also make quite a bit of an impact.

Items & Personal Belongings:
Elysia carries around a set of pouches filled with a variety of seeds that she can grow using her magic. Some of these seeds sprout into plants that could possibly be of combative use, while others are more of medicinal worth.
Bovista Maculosus | Spotted Puffball
A species of fungus also known as nature’s explosives, the Spotted Puffball belongs to a family of round fungi that reproduce by emitting a sudden cloud of dust-like spores when bursting. The cloud is roughly 3 meters in diameter, and is known to be particularly irritating to the eyes as well as creating a very dry sensation in one’s mouth (much like cinnamon would). The fungi are rather vulnerable and can easily burst, but can be used as a pretty nasty projectile if handled properly.

Papaver Somnum | Sleeping Poppy
A species of Papaver Poppies that is a well-known ingredient of many sleep-inducing and calming medicine. Although the flower itself doesn’t offer much other than a pretty picture, putting certain materials on this flower into someone’s drink or soup can easily put them in a sluggish state after a while, sometimes even ushering them into sleep.

Soldanella Oshariae | Osharian Snowbell
A species of light-blue Snowbell that grow near the Osharian Mountain Range. These flowers are particularly sought out for the material that hides inside their stems. This snow-like paste belongs to the recipe of many ‘healing’ ointments, and even on itself it can be used to reduce irritation of a wound and rid it of possible infection.

Calceolaria Cantus | Singing Slipperwort
A species of flower that look like little cute pods or purses, these flowers might not seem harmful at first sight. Upon bursting one of said pods, however, one will be greeted by a deafening screeching sound that does a good job at scaring away predators from consuming it. The Singing Slipperwort doesn’t have much else going for it, but it’s definitely a good distraction or intimidation tool.

Ilex Rutilus | Crimson Holly
A species of flowering plant that shapes into a bush of dark-green leaves with long, crimson-red thorny ends. Not only do these shrubs look like bad news, the edges of the leaves are sharp enough to pierce through skin, making it a common plant used for defense.

Caprifoliaceae Borealis | Northern Honeysuckle
A species of Honeysuckle known for its ethereal white coloration that can only be found in northern parts of the continent. The Northern Honeysuckle is an edible flower that has properties that can decrease or even neutralize certain (weaker) poisons and venoms.

Hedera Caruleum | Cerulean Ivy
A species of climbing/creeping plants that is easily identified by its hints of cerulean blue, making it a rather pretty plant. Cerulean Ivy is found in many places, including the forest near Halamead, and generally acts as quite a resilient material that can be used like a somewhat less sturdy rope. When grown, the Ivy will always try to grow around an object, which allows it to be used somewhat creatively with Elysia's magic.

Skills & Abilities:
Animal handling: Spending your entire life in a forest comes with the added benefit of being accustomed with the surrounding wildlife. Elysia has a lot of knowledge when it comes to animals, and does a good job at interacting with them even without her magic abilities.

Herbology: It is pretty hard not to know your way around plants as a Forest Nymph. Elysia is good at recognizing and utilizing several categories of Fauna, although she’s relatively limited to the plant-life inside her forest.

Medicine: Tying in partially with her two aforementioned skills, Elysia knows how to patch someone up using herbs and other natural remedies. She has only really practiced on animals and other Faye, though, so she might accidentally make things worse when aiding the other races.

Agility: Elysia is quick on her feet and rather acrobatic, which can give her the upper hand in a conflict. Especially in forests, Elysia can remain particularly docile, making it hard to catch her.

Faye Communication: Conversing and interacting with certain species of Faye is, well, challenging, to say the least. Elysia has enough hands-on experience to likely be better at handling a Faye encounter than any other non-Faye.

Spells & Magic:
I. Wild Shape: Shapeshifting spell | Having lived her entire life among nature and its many whimsical creatures, Elysia has spent many years trying to learn the ability to shapeshift into a variety of beasts Partly thanks to her natural predisposition to natural magic, Elysia had an easier time getting a grasp of this rather advanced magic, and can utilize it every day to take the shapes of any forest-dwelling companion she has seen before. This spell allows Elysia to achieve a lot of wondrous skills, ranging from combat and stealth all the way to communication with animals. There is, however, a limit to her capacities, most of which are addressed below.
First of all, Elysia can only use Wild Shape to take the shape of beasts that weigh less than her and must have a solid grasp of what the creature is and how it moves. Every new beast she transforms into is an entirely new experience, and it generally takes weeks or even months to be able to properly use a new shape. As of right now, Elysia knows how to properly handle a series of bird species (like owls, doves, and other small birds), a few small to intermediate sized mammals (like squirrels, badgers, mice and deer), and a small handful of insects.

Second, Wild Shape is an expensive ability that requires a constant influx of mana and energy. Wild Shape can remain active up to two hours, but this would sap Elysia of all her magical power for the day. Generally speaking, Wild Shape can be actively maintained roughly 30 minutes every day without Elysia feeling like a walking zombie, but this still consumes a size-able chunk of energy and mana.

Last but not least, Wild Shape isn't just all advantages as Elysia also takes over the disadvantages of the shapes she chooses to transform into. Not only will she submit herself to a possible decreasing of sensorial perception, Elysia oftentimes also becomes more vulnerable to damage. Shapes like insects or small birds are especially fragile, which means that she has to be very careful when utilizing them. Any damage she takes won't magically disappear after all, and will directly hurt her.
II. Bloom: Plant Growth spell | It is very rare to find a Forest Nymph that isn't in some way capable of manipulating plantlife, and Elysia definitely isn't that rarity. Bloom, more mundanely known as Rapid Growth, is the ability to rapidly accelerate a plants growth, turning a seed into a fully fledged flower within mere seconds. Bloom is a versatile tool that can be used in many different ways, something that is elaborated on in the spoiler below.
in order to cast this spell, Elysia must directly or indirectly touch the target(s), meaning that she must have physical contact with the plant or the surface that it grows from/is connected to (this has a 20 meter range). Elysia must remain in contact and focused for as long as the spell is active, and any disturbance will cause the spell to stop abruptly.

Bloom is a spell that is particularly dependent on the desired effect as it will increase or decrease in expense depending on how much one wishes to desire. Smaller, less complex and non-magical plants tend to be much easier to grow, and can sometimes even be affected in batches (example: growing a group of tiny dandelions). Larger, more complex or magical plants generally take much more concentration, time and energy to grow, and as a result can only be targeted on their own. Elysia can also target specific portions of a plant, although this often falls into the same necessary level of concentration/energy as a 'complex plant' due to the required detail.

As a rough estimate of Elysia's capacities, she could technically turn a sapling into a sizeable tree using this spell, but this would sap her of all her mana for the day.
III. Sway of Nature: Plant Manipulation spell | Sway of Nature is a spell that allows Elysia to temporarily manipulate the motions of a plant, allowing her to twist vines, crack branches and make flowers swing around as if they're dancing. Much like bloom, Sway of Nature is cast through (in)direct physical contact with the chosen plant, reaching up to twenty meters of control. Elysia must remain in contact and focused for as long as the spell is active, and losing this focus will immediately stop the spell.

One thing that makes Sway of Nature a lot more useful, is its ability to be used in unison with Bloom. By both growing and motioning around a plant, Elysia is given much more options than these spells would give her individually.

Iron: Being a Faye, Elysia is weak to iron and wholeheartedly avoids it.

Fire: Elysia doesn’t enjoy fire for a plethora of reasons that probably aren’t all too difficult to figure out. Not only is fire a volatile threat to herself, it also does a good job at harming the very forests she tries to protect.

Combat: Just because she’s dumb enough to face any threat that faces her, doesn’t mean that she’s actually capable of dealing with it. Elysia has little to not experience when it comes to combat, which is something that is simply bound to inconvenience her in the future.

Physically frail: She might be fast, but she’s definitely not durable.

Magic: Her aptitude in natural magic comes at the cost of being completely oblivious and inept when it comes to any other school. Runic magic is also just a hot mess.

Unknown Territory: Pretty much everything outside of the forest near Halamead is unknown to her. She doesn't know anything about the locations or their cultures, nor can she communicate in anything more than Fey and broken Common.

Hobbies: Spying on outsiders, exploring, collecting random items, teasing the pixies, nurturing plants.
Favorites: Is very fond of birds, particularly colorful ones.
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: Re'Wersu
Aliases: Rei
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Bestias (Werwolf)
Class: Shaman
One who has a strong connection to the spirits and the land. A shaman will commune with a spirit in order to create a contract with them. Once a contract is made a Shaman can channel and call upon the spirit to become one of them granted them magic provided by the spirit of which they can use.

: Straight
High Concept: Young Shaman out to seek Spirits to make contracts with while getting to see the world.
Religion: Naturalist
It simply is the belief that the living world as a whole is a 'living being'. Its more so a philosophy of keeping balance in nature avoiding causing harm to nature. If you cut down a tree, you plan another. Hold respect to mother nature even the pray you eat should be treated with respect. Much like a birth, death is meant to be celebrated for the individuals accomplishments and their body buried to be returned to the soil in order to nurture the earth and continue the cycle. The believe in the cycle rather then any supposed deity that may or may not have created it.
Re'Wersu was born into the Wer tribe, a group of Bestias werwolf who live off on their own in the wilderness between Oshar and Eve Thelmar mostly in the higher elevation woods. The tribe itself had thrived for over a hundred years, once having been enslaved before breaking free and murdering many of their captors and traveling far through the land to find a place to make their own. The clan itself act as nomads traveling around rather then having a dedicated home migrating around always planting back trees for each one they might cut down and ensuring the ecosystem can sustain itself before finding a new home to live every few years. They specialize in hunting something learned at a rather young age to be effective in catching prey seeking to give it a swift death and nourishing and fully utilizing every part of the animal. A main part of their trade is the leather they get alongside various regents from animal parts others might find usable.

Re'Wersu growing up was more of a tomboy. The second child and daughter of one of the tribes few Shamans she sought to show herself as being strong as many in her younger generation viewed the shamans naively as being weak and often questioned their choices despite their leadership often being what allowed the tribe to last over the centuries. She would do much like any of the children do getting into fist fights or wrestling matches to prove her strength. For Re'Wersu while she wasn't a light weight, she wasn't exactly the strongest either having many who outclassed her thought it didn't stop her from attempting to prove herself. When she got old enough to learn to hunt at age 8 she had even gone so far as to make her first catch on her third day out under her father's guidance and a merciful killing at that filling her with great sense of pride.

When she was nearing nine she began to grow sensitive hearing 'the voices of the lands' as her tribe would explain though for the civilized world she had the innate ability to feel magic even if faintly. She was given a test by the clan shaman to see if she was capable by placing several various charms made of bone and other material. Told to select just one she did just that picking out a rather strange bone charm feeling a pull by it, which in the case was due to a spell being placed upon it confirming she was gifted. From there the tribe celebrated the rise of the newest Shaman in training a position of pride for the tribe. For her it was a mark of embarrassment and a point for many of the younger tribe members to pick on her not quite understanding the value of the shamans seeing them as 'weak'.

Re'Wersu began training to be a shaman being a bit reluctant to take it feeling as if she was wasting her time. Her mother Su'Weris pushed her to learn keeping her on track teaching her the things she needed to learn in order to become a Shaman. Rather then typical sparring matches with her peers she found herself instead being forced learn about the cycle of nature or to 'clear her mind and focus on listening in to the world. Naturally she would do her best to sneak away to other things though she was often caught not too long after. It took a good amount of time to finally get through her thick head a bit of what she was being taught. While her more hot headed attitude wasn't able to be completely quelled her mother's teaching along with that of the other Shaman eventually began to seep in and take root. By the age of 14 Re'Wersu had a decent degree of skill sensing spirits (magic) and could start to learn to commune with the spirits.

Upon turning sixteen her right of passage of turning adulthood came. Excited at what was to be a great Hunt, instead she was greeted with another ritual, one well revered by the elders in her clan though for more of her peers more so scoffed at. Rather then hunting a dangerous beast to prove her worth she was instead to go into the wilds and make a pact with her first spirit. She had spoke up against it wishing to be granted the Great Hunt but was refused, pushed that the 'greater glory' for her was becoming one with nature, going beyond simple communing and to become one with a powerful spirit, binding their wills together as one. Begrudgingly she accepted with no other way to prove herself she set out on a journey up further into the mountains of Oshar on such a pilgrimage.

Nine long days of journeying lead up the mountains. The bitter cold biting at the teen bundled up plenty of furs to help keep warm. Much of her journey she wondered if it was all pointless and she was just getting herself lost.The cold biting at her the entire time with beasts far more dangerous then she could imagine. She would travel, hunt for food and make shelter at night. The further into the mountains the more desolate as the winds whipped the air seeming to threaten to toss toss her away and the frigid cold threatened to freeze herself and any food she managed to obtain. Despite feeling as if it was all pointless by the 7th day she felt... something pulling at her. On day 8 that feeling only grew stronger, just there by a thread lingering in her mind feeling as if she was going the right way without knowing exactly what it was. On the 9th day her journey lead her to the top of one of the mountains fair up in the sky. The wind cut across her feeling as if it was trying to slice her apart. It was there she noticed a cave, no it seemed more like a structure in the mountain top. Entrances exiting on four points as if the top of the mountain was some dome.

Inside the wind blew through unlike outside coming in strong yet focused, the air gushing in north to south, then changing to east to west as if swirling into the cave. The walls were hollowed out so perfectly as mosses and other greens seemed to flourish inside despite lacking direct sunlight. The wind blowing sounded almost like an animal call, a bleat that seemed rather imposing. Looking up the top was domed upwards almost perfectly smooth with the center etched upwards to a point. Re'Wersu began working using a rock, smoothing it to a dull point before using it to slowly etch a circle into the ground, creating an etching for a circle for the ritual, etching it deeper then normal as if following some otherworldly guidance. From there she branched several channels out, following the lines out curved as if to channel the very wind as it cascaded through the cave. She sat upon the middle, taking some special herbs and medicinal mix meant to help invoke a clear mind. With that she found 'him'.

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as her body felt lifeless as another entered it. Veðr was its name. Though it possessed her lacking a form of its own, she could feel its very being of wind, taking the form of a ram in her head albeit seeming fused with that of nature with its ram horns looking as that of tree park thick jutting out into its horns. Its wool white and wavy almost abnormal in the way it flowed as if it was wind in itself constantly shifting. It was upon that moment the two connected, their minds, their very being entwining finding a connection they shared holding idealizing both strength and the desire for freedom, to make ones own choice. From that a contract was formed and what was once two became one of shared conviction.

Re'Wersu traveled back home taking now only four days to arrive home. Upon her arrival a great celebration was had. The communion was once again done this time to the chanting and celebration of others and through Re'Wersu's lips did Veðr speak and of praise of their strength and resolve he did so praise. While Re'Wersu still recieved some teasing of the younger of her tribe, a part of her inside felt a sense of accomplishment. She felt as if perhaps it was her calling... yet still part of her still questioned it. Was it really her desire or was her path laid before her and she was all but like a feeble sheep following it to its destination to slaughter?

Years passed since her trial of adulthood and taking on the position of a Shaman. The youngest of the Shaman she was still very much being trained having much to learn along the way. While she had a connection with a single spirit, it was just a single one and the others all found contract with three or more. She needed to commune with more yet she felt no particular pull like the others to go on another quest. The spirits all but seemed quiet to her. It seemed the land she called home at least for now had nothing to offer her. Her journey to make a contract had left her curious of the world further away, the world that was left untouched by her tribe yet likely with spirits inhabiting it that may offer wisdom they currently lack. That and she couldn't deny it was a good excuse to see the world.

Re'Wersu spoke to the Shamans telling them she wished to travel the world to seek her other spirits. Perhaps in part a half truth, but one they saw some value in. With a final celebration of her departure, the young Shaman set off into the world away from the wilds venturing in the land of mankind she was unfamiliar with. Perhaps there behind the overambition and neglect of the land she could find spirits in need who might seek to guide her. Or perhaps she might just have a bit of fun along the way?

: Re'Wersu stands 5'6 with somewhat tan skin and a curved athletic form. Her hair appears to be darker blue in shade being rather unnatural for most races though somewhat more common in her tribe. Her hair is rather wild extending back to around the length of her hair in the back frilled more out back rather then falling flat with two long bangs up front extending down several inches below her shoulders. Her wolf ears extent up from the top of her head with a tint of white along the top and along the hair inside the bottom portion of her ear. She has yellow eyes with partially transparent black pupils with lines along the edge being less transparent then the center. Her nose appears rather normal though when sniffing the air more astutely her nostrils will open wide. Just above her posterior is her fluffy tail with the same dark blue color as her hair tapering off into a lighter gray at the end.

Weapons & Armor:
Cleaver Sword: A rather unwieldy looking weapon, the blade itself is roughly 3 feet in length with a 5 inch wide one edged blade. The Cleave is quite heavy and is balanced just a few inches past the center of the blade. The blade itself is actually dwarven made, being obtained like many of their particular weapons through trading various goods in their region and having their particular designs forged to their liking. This particular sword was crafted specifically for Re'Wersu as a memento for making her first contract with a spirit.
Throwing Spear: Primarily a weapon for hunting rather then killing. Re'Wersu will often carry several throwing spears on her. The spears are simple wooden spears with stone or metal tips depending on the material available. She will generally make them herself with the exception of buying the tip if it is made of metal.
Light to No Armor: Armor is more a 'hinderance' and viewed as a sign of weakness for her tribe for one fearful of being hurt. If she wore any sort of 'armor' it would be likely minimal at the very most being leather.

Items & Personal Belongings:
Knife - Sure a knife that can be used as a weapon, but its meant more so meant for carving wood or other such survival uses.
Long Brown Leather Pack - A 'backpack' of sorts designed to hang on one side. The pack holds a portion in which her spears can be held for hunting able to hold onto about 8 at once if fully stocked up. It contains other things such as a single change of clothing (little sense to have more then one), a fire starter, a fur blanket, a vial of sweet smelling herbs (to clear her nose of scents), a length of rope, and a length a twine.
Leather Waterskin - Meant to hold water strapped to her side.

Skills & Abilities:
Spirit Sensitivity (Detect Magic) - Re'Wersu was gifted with the ability to use magic, and in part the ability to detect magic. Through training she is able to feel the presence of magic whether its in the air or attached to particular objects. Her ability gives her some limited ability to 'feel' the type of magic.
Strong Perception - Being born a Werwolf, Re'Wersu is a natural strong sense of smell and rather good hearing as well. She has rather decent low-light vision as well to help in places with dimmer light. She is able to catch onto things easier then most can due to it.
Natural Survivalist - Living with a tribe that tended to keep to themselves most of the time fending for themselves in nature meant she grew up learning to be rather adapt at learning how to survive without many supplies out in the wilds.
Huntress - Her tribe thrives off eating meat being their main delicacy, perhaps in part due to their wolf-like nature. As such, Re'Wersu grew up learning how to hunt game for the sake of food. While her impatience can occasionally get in the way, when she is able to focus herself she can be quite an effective hunter when it comes to the spear or even her own blade.
Brawler - If there is one thing her clan is about is physical strength, while normally about weapons they are also about being able to fight bare handed. Re'Wersu grew up learning how to beat down people who challenged her in fights or deliver a swift kick to those who questioned her ability. Even without a weapon she can be rather dangerous, granted it might be far from the most refined form of unarmed fighting lacking much technique behind it more about just raw strength.

Spells & Magic:
Commune with Spirits - An ability that allows for her to communicate with the spirits. There is a formal ritual for new spirits and a shorter 'trance' that can be invoked for spirits she has a contract with.
To be a Shaman, the most important step is to be able to communicate with the spirits. In such a case she will spend time 'sensing' the area to find a place in which she feels a strong connection with the spirits. The ritual itself can change based on the spirit she is attempting to talk to. She will draw upon a circle, often drawing it upon the ground whether creating an indent in the earth or by creating a marking. From there the circle will be filled with the Spirits element (for example surrounding the circle with water, placing various rocks, or lighting it on Fire). She will position herself in the center coating her with such an element (maybe putting mud over parts of her skin, or drenching herself in water, or in cases when it comes to say Fire she might hold up a controlled flame in her hands as to not burn herself). From there she will begin entering a trance usually associated with low humming of the user often with the user seemingly having their eyes roll to the back of the head. Often the ritual is further enhanced by particular music being played by those outside the circle. Upon a successful communion, the spirit will merge itself with the user of which they can communicate with others taking over the body temporarily and being able to speak within to the Shaman of whom summoned them to speak. It is from there

Once a connection is made the Shaman can attempt to create a contract with the spirit. If accepted the spirit will link itself to the Shaman following them along on their travels until such a contract is revoked. With a contract established a Shaman is able to start a communion with the 'spirit' by taking a moment to enter a trance (lacking the formal ritual) allowing the two to become paired together. With a formal contract the Shaman will typically hold over full control over their body though elements of the spirits personality are known to bleed out into the Shaman amplifying certain personality traits they might have.When it comes to a Shaman's magic, it is linked to the particular 'spirit' they have a connection to and as such they are unable to use magic related to that spirit without fire communing and linking with the spirit.

Veðr (Air Based Spirit)
Wind Imbue- A spell focused upon either an object or person. The air surrounds the object or person, aiding it movement causing a flow of wind to help propel them forward based on their movement. For an object this will often make a heavier object lighter making it easier to move. In the application to a person it will further enhance their own motions. If they swing the wind will both move the air out of the way as well as push behind to push their hand forward faster. The weight or the person or object along with its size can vary the effectiveness. The effect isn't permanent lasting about 30 minutes at most. The time limit itself is lessoned based on the weight of the object being Enhanced.

Gust - A concentrated burst of wind. The air is gathered in a particular area sometimes using an object such as a weapon or a body part for the sake of ease. Once compress the wind is release causing a big gust of air out projecting outward. The gust itself can be used to suddenly propel an object or person forward from the backlash of wind released at once. Once the gust of air is released, it will release in the chosen direction though it will quickly disperse without anything physically keeping it locked going in a certain direction.

Magic Connected to the Spirits - Re'Wersu's magic is linked specifically to the Spirit of which she is connected with. If she hasn't actively communed with the spirit, or the link is forcefully broken in any way she is unable to use magic outside her ability to sense or to commune. Likewise, magic that might be granted by one Spirit can't be used while she communes with another spirit.

Lacks Long Range - While Re'Wersu has a rather strong right arm when it comes to throwing a spear, there is only so much distance a thrown projectile could go compared to a well made bow. While she has magic at her disposal much of her magic tends to be focused on more close to mid range techniques not being very adapt at further distance magic or ones involving precision at great range.

Sensitive Hearing and Scent - Her ears and particularly her nose are incredibly sensative able to hear and in particular smell things beyond what a normal mortal might. While its a great benefit when it comes to things such as hunting it also opens herself up to greater drawback. Her strong sense of smell can make particular smells far more potent on her greatly increasing the effect they can have on her. Her sharp ears can pick up sounds much more acutely making loud noises that much harsher on her with certain frequency of sounds normally not audible to others able to be heard with some being rather unpleasant or painful to her.

Light to No Armor - She refusing to wear metal armor. While there is some validity it can interfere with her particular form of magic, its also in part due to her own personal belief of what a warrior is from her clan. This makes being struck quite dangerous with often just simple material if any at all for an attack to have to go through, with the greatest defense if any she might wear likely just being leather.

Pride - One of the traits instilled in her by her tribe is the aspect of Pride. Living on the land and being known to fend for themselves her clan has instilled the need to be strong and hold a certain extent of pride for ones strength. While perhaps not as easy to invoke as many, if her strength is put into question and she a challenge is placed against her she will take it up. An even bigger issue is often this can lead her into situations where she has a clear disadvantage where she will take on a contest even if she hasn't the feintest clue just what the event she is even competing in is. Gambling in particular can be quite devastating for her not knowing how to quit.

Lack of Etiquette - Living much of her life in a tribe, even under her mother's tutelage as a shaman has caused Re'Wersu to be unfamiliar with normal social behavior when it comes to 'civilized society'. She isn't going to bow her head to someone she has no reason to respect. If she eats, she is going to use her hands not some stupid utensils. She dresses however the heck she wishes to dress. Laws are at most suggestions she will only bother following if it makes sense to her. She isn't going to do well particularly around the very prim and proper types.

: Drinking (That's a Hobby Right?), Festivities, Gambling, Competition
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: Asahi'ris Benkei
Aliases: Harima Higo (enlightened name), Asa, Blind Monk, Kensei, Sensei, Sage
Age: 147
Gender: Male
Race: Half-Elf (Snow Elf)
Class: Sōhei (warrior monk)

: Celibate
High Concept: A venerable old sage and fervent practitioner of the martial arts; humble spiritualist and yogi.
Religion: Elven Pantheon, especially Otnir and Tulena
A native Astorian, Asahi'ris Benkei was born into a family of caravanserais on the outskirts of Ilnanor during the winter solstice. His parents, both Elf and Half-Elf respectively, were regionally-known (in Halamead) and critically acclaimed for their former narratives before adopting a semi-nomadic lifestyle. His father was an accomplished martial artist and master of the sword until losing his arm to another prolific duelist, and his mother - a skilled artisan who produced gorgeous works of art (poetry and scriptures) for the nobles of Astoria. Beneath the windswept peaks and wuthering heights of the Osharian ranges, in warm Halamead, the family were offered a lucrative business opportunity and established their own enterprise which employed prospective locals in delivering the 'wintersun-blessed' waters from the rough-hewn peaks. In his youth, Asahi'ris would accompany the traveling companions and learned how to forage, track, path-find, and hunt (with a spear). He was also raised in reverence of the pantheon - and took these studies very seriously. Although nurtured by loving parents, they would beat him if Asahi'ris spilled even a droplet (buckets brimming with water, balanced on a staff over his shoulders) and encouraged their workers to discipline him the same. These provocative lashings served to condition his mind and body, refining his spirit, wits and will, into well-earned attributes that helped forge him into a proficient mountaineer.
In his teenage years, on a fateful company expedition, unbeknownst to them, the workers were stalked by some vicious, feral beast. Asahi'ris heard the wailing cries from his group anguish the otherwise serene, peaceful ambiance, and hurriedly rushed back to camp. A grisly sight. Claws of black steel, fur as nocturne, and visceral eyes glowing red; jewels as if plucked straight from the molten steppes of hell itself. Grounded, steady and fearless, his lock-jawed gaze paralleled the snarling beast's own. Upon his arrival home, battered and bloody, Asahi'ris clutched the head of the beast - still dripping with blood. When his parents implored their son about what transpired, a young Asahi'ris simply lessened his grip on the head and let it drop to the floor, where it rolled at their feet. He'd then promptly pass out. After licking his wounds, Asa's parents assigned him to the caravan between Halamead and Roalon, where he spent many a night drowning his sorrows to suppress the grim pangs of aghast that tormented him in his wakeful dreams. Sleeping awake, one bar fight too many, a brutish patron bit the top half of his right ear off. Asahi'ris returned to Halamead only to discover that their business had been embargoed by the Roalon council for his raucous behaviour. Ashamed, his parents shunned him out of the House Benkei and Asa became a vagabond. Asahi'ris wandered Astoria before his restless nature eventually led him to the life of the sword.
Already vastly proficient with a spear, he spent the remainder of his twenties traveling and engaging in duels. Asahi'ris was later employed by a 'reputable' merchant within the Grayport black market - thus began his work as a bodyguard. Apparently, he single-handedly slew a gang of nineteen ruffians over a disagreement of golden trout. Injured during the fray, Asa was apprehended and tossed into the Grayport Fort dungeon, though petitioned his freedom by requesting to join the army. A hesitant warden reluctantly agreed and begrudgingly sent him on his way to basic training, though in a penal battalion. After proving himself, Asa was transferred to an infantry unit stationed within the capital, Terberis. His superiors realized his potential and recommended him, after four years, into the Liomuran Army Special Forces Support Group: the Queen's Own Regiment of Arcane. It was here when Asa liaisoned with his Eve Thelmar brothers-in-arms that he learned more about his Elven heritage, and about the monks in Ilnanor. After 30 years of distinguished service, Asahi'ris retired at 61 with the rank of Warlock (Captain) and military honours to confess of his exploits. He'd return home, though discovered his family had moved on. Asa hiked the trail and planted a sapling at the site of his troubles with the beast from years ago. Asahi'ris would then spend the next decade attending festivals, participating in the festivities himself, and performing great acrobatic feats, interspersed with a grandeur display of magic. A crowd favourite was his sparking of glitter-infused gunpowder in the midst of roundhouse kicks and somersaults, igniting his performance with a fluorescent array of blossoming fireworks and rapturous cheers from the audience. Asa earned most of his renown this way until an incident that marred his reputation forced him to retire from the entertainment industry.
At 75, he'd opt for a life of asceticism and traveled to the Eve Thelmar settlement of Ilnanor. An outsider, Asa wasn't permitted to enter the city, thus withdrew himself from society and went into seclusion. For 60 years he extensively studied monastic teachings, philosophy, technique, and trained relentlessly with both the sword and staff, perfecting a unique style of swordsmanship he called the "Ten Heavens" - in respect of the ten Elven Gods. At 135 years old, Asa returned to the Osharian ranges yet again and opened his own dojo, teaching the 'School of Ten Heavens'. The sapling (sakura tree) he planted years ago grew in the center of its courtyard. 'Sensei Baiken' taught several year-long classes until the age of 146, where he then embarked on a journey into uncharted territory. A fabled dragon of old was rumoured to still be residing, in dormant slumber, in a cavern deep within the ranges. Asa made the endeavour, yearning for its wisdom, and for months he lived off the land while exploring Oshar.
Asahi'ris will tell you it's an Elven bow-maker that blinded him.
After multitudes of strenuous effort in dealing with his blindness, struggling to find his way back, he eventually returned home and closed the dojo to potential hopefuls, and trained the last of his pupils before shutting it down entirely. He spent the next year devoting himself to isolated meditation, where he continues the practice to this day. It helps Sensei Baiken to 'see' the world around him and sense the presence of others.

Weapons & Armor
Fists of Fury - Asahi'ris has trained passionately for an abundance of years, breaking his knuckles numerous times on tree trunks, wooden staves, and through deflecting polearms. It served to strengthen his punches when conducting martial arts. (muay thai boxers do this to their shins-lil fun fact for ya)
Katana -
Bo Staff
- a 40cm carving 2 inches from the tip fits a razor-sharp blade, used for slashin' n' gashin'. On the opposite end, hardwood procured from the Toumur tree. (pictured above - his armour, too)

Items & Personal Belongings:
Woven thatch satchel;
Sewing needle
3 spare robes
Spare girdle
Oriyoki set*
Small pouch;
* In the Zen tradition, each monk has 4 bowls, for food, soup, tea, and water, wrapped in a large napkin, and a set of chopsticks, a spoon, and a spatula. In Japan, this is called an oriyoki set.

Skills & Abilities:
  • Ironflesh - Asahi'ris has conditioned his body so much so that it's a weapon in of itself, like a true warrior monk, and is impervious to most unarmed attacks - if the aggressor is fortunate to land one. (This doesn't mean he can't be knocked back or swayed off balance).
  • Power strike - he strikes with the weight and speed of a falling tree and is an extremely proficient martial artist.
  • Weapon master - Asahi'ris, the Sensei Baiken, mastered the sword and staff*.
  • Quick reflexes - if the environment is still enough, Asa can react in the split of a split second. Woe how old age and blindness have impaired this ability.
  • Still balance - it's possible for Asa to balance a bowl of soup on the end of his bo staff, transferring it from one surface to another, without spilling a drop.
  • Great endurance - years of athleticism and his tenure in the army have advanced his fitness to that of an athlete's. This also refers to his mental fortitude. His physical fitness began to plateau in recent years though, especially when he stopped performing at festivals.
  • Efficient linguist - born into a family of caravanserais, it was imperative to speak at least three different languages. Asa can hold a conversation in each tongue but his vocabulary is mostly trade-related, except for Elvish in which he's fluent.
  • Erudite trainer - Grandmaster and Sensei of the School of Ten Heavens' style of fighting (specializes using magic in conjunction with a bo staff, sword, and martial arts).
  • Wound treatment - Asa understands herbology (specifically plants in the western region of Astoria) and can craft medicinal poultices from them.
  • Nimble forager - as a merchant, vagrant, soldier, etc. you learn how to live off the land and what not to eat. A survivalist at heart.
  • Humble charisma - kind and respectful, most Astorians find Asahi'ris to be well-spoken, polite, and in turn are willing to, within reason, grant him favours. Helpful when trading.
  • Adept gymnast - an extraordinarily skilled acrobat, Asa is very flexible and flows through his maneuvers with ease. Almost hypnotic.
  • Pristine soul - his mind and body - a temple. In meditation, Asa can heal wounds much faster and 'bless' others with feelings of positivity.
  • Keen-eared - he can hear a pin drop in the next room over.
  • Able musician - Sensei Baiken taught his students through song and poetry, not just practice. He can play the flute pretty well.
*Fuck loads more proficient with the staff. Dude is like 10th prestige

Spells & Magic:
  • Fire-working - essentially casting pretty-coloured flashbangs from his hands. When used in conjunction with acrobatics, this can daze or confuse an enemy. It's also pretty lit entertainment lol.
  • Waterbending - unable to wield it as effectively during the day. At night, Asa can summon up to 4L of water from both hands and has the capability to freeze it into tools/weapons such as gauntlets or hooks, but only at night. He prefers using it for crafting ice sculptures.
  • Blizzard - an ancestral ability, Asahi'ris can cloak himself in a storm of bone-chilling frost at the expense of quickly sapping his mana. Asa can manipulate the frost to conjure an ice thrall, though this spell must be charged and requires an extreme level of concentration. Usually requires meditation beforehand to work.
  • Zephyr - with a breath of wind, Asa can propel himself to great heights. (think crouching tiger hidden dragon type shit)

  • Fuckin' blind - unable to see and relies heavily on sound to get around. In a noisy environment, it's extremely hard for him to do so and is at a great disadvantage - especially when it's hot. In a colder environment, it's much easier for him to 'sense' the world around him.
  • Lacking armour - save for his steel shoulder plate and waist-guard. Although agile, a well-placed blade could incapacitate him. As he's moving on in age, wounds are slower to heal.
  • Passive - Asahi'ris tends to avoid conflict when he can, and won't fight unless it concerns his personal safety or those who can't fend for themselves.
  • Aloof - Asa enjoys the quietude and peace of mind that comes with it. He has trouble connecting with others on an emotional level.
  • Ritualistic - his beliefs are dogmatic, set in stone, and proved to him through years of experience.
  • Blunt - he speaks his mind and won't pussyfoot about it if he feels his opinion needs to be heard.
  • Can't shoot for shit - a hopeless archer.
  • Too quiet - people forget he's there sometimes - until they trip over him meditating.
  • Ascetic - you can't rely on him for supplies unless it's foraged.
  • Trippin' balls - ya know Tibetan monks can somewhat activate the DMT in their brains? Yeah.
Ice sculpting, playing flute music, writing poetry, illustrating said poetry, meditating, practicing yoga, teaching his 'School of Ten Heavens' technique, performing acrobatic stunts, entertaining others with fire-working magic, and tending to the plants in his dojo.
Enjoys a vegetarian diet and prefers plant-based food. Cooks rice like a motherfucker (so good). His preferred weapon of choice is the bo staff and he finds folk who banter enjoyable to be around. Appreciates campfires with good music, and the regaling of war stories. Also enjoys sparring.
"Of flowers, the cherry blossom; of men, the warrior."
"You cannot master others until you master thyself."
"One who chases two hares won't catch both."
"Nothing is lost... everything is transformed."
"A frog in a well does not know the great sea."
"A barking dog never bites."
"Cause brings result."
"Fall once, stand twice."

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Name: Juniper Mae Fenelhorn
Aliases: Juni, or Mae
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Tiefling
Class: Cleric

Sexuality: Bi
High Concept: Small, Dumb ass tielfling girl bulshitting her way through the world in hopes of discovering its secrets.
Religion: She believes in all the elven gods, but only worships Elan.

Juniper was raised in the human capital, her days were far different than the average teifling. she spent them in her large, luxurious bedroom reading many books, and playing with her, countless toys. Her mother, obviously not biological, was a beautiful snow elf, so beautiful in fact that she turned heads everywhere she went. Juniper's mother used her beauty to her advantage and became an escort for rich and powerful nobility in Terberis. She quickly became known as the Rose of Terberis and her profession although looked down on by some awarded her with a lavish lifestyle, expensive jewels, fine silks, and large and expensive mansions were she entertained her guests. So many guests in fact that she was most days far too busy for her daughter, this resulted in Juniper being raised by maids, books, and toys. Despite all this the little girl was content, the maids spoiled her with affection and the books around her acted as her only window to the world beyond the manor, but what wonderful windows they were she learned of heroes embarking on epic quests, strange humanoid creatures with fur, and most impressively secrets hidden behind a wall of mist. Occasionally, when her mother had time, she would tell her stories of her people, how they were mistreated, and how important it was for her to stay hidden. On her twelfth birthday her mother gifted her a rosewood staff with a large amethyst in the center of it, Juniper loved it the moment she laid eyes on her present, even if she didn't know what it was at first. She learned that the staff originally belonged to her late father, a tiefling who was burned alive by humans, she stressed the importance of living an invisible life, the practice became part of her daily routine she pushed her toys to the side and devoted herself to her new treasure, around this time she also became unbearably curious of the mysteries of the world. Through ancient texts, she read stories of giants and dragons that were supposedly extinct, however, no one was ever sure. The years seemed to pass slower and slower as the young girl finally reached her fifteenth birthday, her mother had planned a surprise, a most delightful one, She hadn't made plans with any clients that day and brought her daughter outside of the manor's gates for the very first time. Juniper didn't know why she was allowed to leave for the first time, she didn't even care where they were going, she wore a mask, a cloak and glued face to what was outside, the tall, strange buildings that were far different from her home, the people who didn't seem calm in comparison with her, and the different shades of the plant life around her, all of this amazed her. Well, almost all of it her mood quickly soured when she saw to young tiefling girls being whipped in the middle of the street, Juniper wanted to shout out, but decided against it, after all, no one else seemed to care about what was happening. For the rest of the trip she was silent, gone was her excitement, it had been replaced with a full realization of what she had been shielded from for all those years. Eventually, they reached their destination a small forest far away from any cities or people, she didn't where they were going instead she just followed silently behind her mother. Finally, they stopped in front of a large Juniper tree, her mother told her that it was under this tree that her father was buried., it wasn't at all what she was expecting, the outside world was far worse then she could have ever imagined. On the dawn of her 21st birthday, Juniper was awoken by her mother and quickly placed in a carriage, half asleep and confused, they passed the fronts gates of the city and rode away. By the time they had reached the edge of a large forest, Juniper had been learned of what had happened. One of her mother's costumers had seen her and rumors had already begun to spiral about her, to ensure her safety as well as her mother's safety, she was forced to leave the only home she ever knew. Her mother had prepared a horse for her and instructed her to ride north until she reached the northern territory. With one final embrace, her mother rode away into the distance, leaving her daughter with only a bag of supplies, a horse, and her staff. However, it was at that moment that her quest had started, Juniper wasn't blind she had read of the mistreatment of her race as well as seen it before her very eyes. It took her a full month to reach the Eve Thelmar, undetected and she had seen many more acts of violence towards her people in that month, tiefling children being forced to do hard manual labor while their human masters whipped them, A starving tiefling woman being on the streets for food, and tiefling babies being ripped out of there mothers arms. The human empire was a disgusting place. However, she quickly found out that throughout the kingdom of Eve Thelmar awaited friendly elves and incredible sites, Just like the knights in her stories she would strive to achieve greatness, she would record all the oddities she discovered and search for a way to explain them, but there was no rush she had plenty of time to explore the world she had been hidden away from. Or at least the elven one, she talked with hundreds of people, listening and recording their stories, and visiting many places with strange sites, from Joren the city with dragon bones to the hidden city of Soiteuax she had visited them all. Throughout all of this, she never failed to send her mother a letter telling her of all the great adventures she'd been on. Just like that two years had passed and she had explored and seen all the sites she possibly could, in the Eve Thelmar is, she wanted to see what secrets the human empire had, maybe even go to the dwarven kingdom, she hadn't even seen the infamous green mist yet. So, with a few months of planning, extreme caution, and a new goal in mind Juniper embarked on her new journey to see the rest of the world.

Appearance: She wears a wooden mask over her face, she wears a long sleeve white button up shirt, with she tucks into her black pants along with her tail, and wears knee high leather boots and matching leather gloves. Over all of this she wears a black robe, and also has many gold rings decorating her horns and tail. No skin is visible when she is wearing this in order to keep her race hidden. She keeps her hair in one braid.

Weapons & Armor:

Her father's Staff - used for both casting spells and smacking the shit out of people
Two, steel daggers - hidden in her boots for safe keeping
Big fucking rock - a last resort
Items & Personal Belongings:

A large leather satchel to keep her belongings
A water skin presently filled with heavily watered down elven wine
small pouch filled with 20 gold pieces
A small red, leather bound journal
Pens and ink
A map of the world without Soiteuax
a few sets of spare clothes
A paper bag that contains a month old pastry, forgotten
various trinkets and baubles from her travels around the elven territory
a book all about the human empire
bed roll
A wooden mask

Skills & Abilities:
Stealth - A lifetime of learning about the cruelty inflicted on her people has taught her to keep out of sight when needed

Well spoken - Taught from an early age how to get on peoples good sides and how to be polite

Elven Historian - She has become an expert on elven culture and history from her travels

Quick - Juniper is light on her feet, this helps with running from wild animals or dodging arrows

Fantastic eye sight - Born with the ability to see far away

Curious - will happily throw herself in danger if it means uncovering a lost piece of history

Spells & Magic:

Minor Illusion - She can manifest objects, no bigger then the size of her hand, the down side is that no one can touch the object, she can also use her ability to make small objects dissapear from people's sight for upwards to an hour

Minor Healing - She can heal, scratches and small opened wounds


physically weak - She couldn't lift a heavy object if her life depended on it

flight risk - She would much rather take her chances running away then stay and fight

Terrible archer - to put it simply, she can't shoot for shit

Stubborn - Growing up getting everything she wanted has turned Juniper into a bit of a spoiled ass, if there's something she wants she will use any means necessary to get it

Kleptomaniac - She collects a bunch of keepsakes from the places she visits and doesn't have much room to put anything

Curious - This is a double edged sword, she will often bring others into danger if it means finding or seeing something she wants

Being caught - scared shitless of being enslaved by humans

FLUFF (Optional
Hobbies: reading, doodling in her journal, collecting trinkets, chatting with friends, competitions of any kind

Favorites: A sweet apple tart that her mother used to make

Quote\s: "Well on the bright side, I'm still alive."
" It's not stealing if you don't get caught."
" what do you mean I can't keep a goblin as a pet?"
" Just a quick reminder that my staff can be used for more than casting spells."
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forbidden maiden

"My opinion might not fully right, but it's still more right than yours."
*play Eu'Minba's theme song for more immersion in her profile

  • NAME

    Lil' Professor
    (Nickname given by Doraion)
    "Age can't define your wisdom, nor look can define your potential."

    "It's surprising, isn't it? Most people see me more like a little boy."

    Bestia (Bull)
    "A bull is associated with a stupid animal that only follows orders, but I will gladly spare my precious time to prove you wrong."

    The Alchemist
    in the making
    "You might belittle me, but I know, my future is brighter than your lonely night."
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Name: Elias Rosanne Caern
Aliases: Elias, Eli at most. Few know Rosanne is even part of her name.
Age: 47? Somewhere around there? She stopped counting at 40.
Gender: Female
Race: As Human as it gets
Class: Cleric

Sexuality: Heterosexual, if she had the care to be interested
High Concept: She tried to retire but the paperwork got lost so she stuck around in the Church long enough to get named a cleric
Religion: Enone, with a particular respect Adoel as a house guardian and patron
What much is there to say? Farcrest is a place many people pass through and few seem to stay. Sometimes, though, people get stuck just a little too long and wind up having to stay. Elias sprouted from the humble upbringings of a farm that needed and was never granted a son. She was brought up by loving parents, praying to the angel for good harvest and led what most would consider a quaint, if not boring life. Where the travelers that came through Farcrest brought great stories of the rest of the empire lands beyond, Elias brought a basket of pears and calloused hands. Though such a life was never begrudged and the girl was plenty grateful, the colorful tales of what lay on the horizon always pulled at her and she could never shake a desire to make something more of her years here. Upon coming of age, Elias respectfully requested to leave home and packed what little she had to travel, making it as far as Grayport before her situation soured to the point she found herself stuck in the underpinnings of the city.

It was during this time in Grayport that Elias got into her fair share of troubles and had more adventures in a few short years than she thought she'd have in a life time, though the details are.. less than savory. Its illegalities as alluring as its close calls, Elias flew too close to the flame on more than a few occasions and soon the troubled young woman got herself landed in a church, rather than jail, on account of a merciful Father who happened to vouch for her out of pity. But, it soon became apparent the man's generosity lasted as long as her compliance to straighten out and keep out of trouble. Over the years, the pastor became something of a parental figure to the unruly girl and they forged a bond of mutual stubbornness. Elias became involved in the church and returned to Enone at first begrudgingly, then with sincerity as she became an adult. The spark to fight that she'd found in the alleys of Grayport never faded, and once her schooling was completed, Elias became a cadet and eventually a templar, and her faith to Aodel grew, devout if odd in her views of Enone himself. When not away on border skirmishes to help expand the tenuous empire, Elias was bound to Grayport trying to straighten out its youth in the name of the Church, as the Father had with her. Years passed that way, the woman continuing to practice religious studies and get herself in and out of fights all the while. Every scar was earned, every reprimand a hardened lesson. Elias grew, trained, and still managed to mess up.

Chaotic as battles are, Elias herself doesn't remember exactly what happened. Her brother in arms, another boy who had joined the Church and grown up with her, crossed blades with her,.. Rumor among those who wanted to ruin her career said they were lovers. One moment he was there, and the next he was lost in the sea of mud and blood in the air and she had his broken sword at her feet. She went back to the church, seldom spoke of it, and moved on. There had been a chance once once for a family, maybe. Between gaps in the battles, her religious studies continued as if she could save someone next time, whoever it was. Missions became fewer, but she was determined to climb through the Church and gain some kind of recognition for the years she'd poured into it. And yet still, the years dragged by. When she finally received her calling (and the Church's approval) to be not just a templar, but a cleric, Elias had thrown in the towel on much else. While she still harbored in her heart the simple desire to go back to a farm life in a small village in the middle of nowhere, to retire with a modest home and a good loyal dog, Elias had chosen this path, and it finally chose her in return.

Appearance: A grizzled, stocky figure of sun-weathered skin and graying speckled with white and usually tied back into some kind of braid or bun. Her eyes are a warm and weathered from silver to gray, framed by a face that rests in a well-worn not-quite-smile. Though in her later years, Elias's face has the soft sort of a beauty that saw too many hard years. Her hands and body speak of a life of hard work, calloused and scared by various weapons, burns, spells, and other marks of combat. One in particular runs over her right cheek to the ear, which is nicked. At the back of her neck rests an ornate tattoo of the sun, wreathed by leaves and stems of grain.
Weapons & Armor:
Armor: A simple set of half-plate with a chest piece clavicle to mid-ribcage, pauldrons, vambraces, and gauntlets, and calves protected by plate armor. A scale-mail shirt extends to her upper thighs, underneath which is a simple grey gambeson. The standard medium armor of a well-funded warrior. The holy symbol of Elan is emblazoned on one pauldron.
Cross Spear: As her main weapon, Elias wields a long glaive, its head a simple but deadly point and nearly a foot and a half in length itself. Below it rests a wide cross-guard. It's not an elegant weapon, but it's efficient and in the right hands, deadly.
Arming Sword: As a point of principle, an unadorned arming sword rests sheathed at her hip. Less clunky and suitable for one-handed use.
Dagger: As a point of caution, this simple and short blade is kept on hand at all times and sheathed out of sight under the sleeve of her gambeson.
Items & Personal Belongings:
Medallion of Aodel: A small sun and leaf pendant with a prayer inscribed on the back
Broken Hilt: Of a longsword, specifically, but the blade is long gone
Journal: Worn leather cover, lots of use
Light Camping Gear: Bedroll, waterskin, mess kit, tinderbox, 20 ft of rope
Whetstone: Nothing special
First Aid Kit: Includes your basics- bandages, needle and thread, and a bottle of strong alcohol she keeps well-stocked
Mundanes: common clothes, washcloth, soap, and a bit of cedar oil
Prayer/Rites supplies: 2 white candles, chalk, sage incense, and a bronze bowl for burning
A bit of home: An envelope containing a drawing of a farmhouse, a few sprigs of wheat, and dried flowers. It smells like a warm wind...
Skills & Abilities:
Polearms and Swordplay: The toolkit of any templar includes knowing how to fight. Elias tends towards polearms, one-handed swords if she must. Her fighting style is surprisingly offensive and she isn't used to wielding a shield, preferring to be light on her feet.
Elven: In addition to the common tongue, Elias learned Elven during her time spent in the consulate church.
Cooking: The gruff warrior is a bit of a homemaker and while she doesn't cook often or anything fancy, she makes a good, reliably hearty stew.
Wordsmith: Though not used often, the quashed romantic fills her journal with poems and can be quite eloquent when needed. She has a wonderful singing voice, though it almost never gets used.
Horseback Riding: Elias took to riding from a young age, seeing it as one of the few freedoms she could have from studying. She doesn't allow this skill to get rusty.
Intimidation: To get to the point of being a female Cleric, Elias is not new to the idea of having to put her foot down to get what she wants, even if it means frightening whoever she is trying to get over on.
Spells & Magic:
Hand of the Faithful: Upon making contact with another individual, Elias may begin to slowly heal injuries. The spell works as long as it is channeled and upon concentration being broken, the spell ends. The more dire the wound is, the longer it will take to mend and the more energy it will sap from her. There is nothing she can do for the dying.
Light's Bastion: The caster summons before them a tower shield woven of light to block an incoming attack. The stronger/more hits the shield takes, the greater a struggle it is to maintain. A direct blow from a large creature, artillery, or comparable ect, will break the shield immediately- otherwise, it takes 3 hits before being shattered.
Storms: Elias has never been fond of storms and thunder is one of the few natural occurrences that scares her. Superstitious, the gods must be angry when the sky opens.
Deep Water: Being an inland lass, Elias never learned to swim. Given she wears plate armor quite often, the woman is consequently unnerved by deep water.
Children: Be it a trap, be it trying to save one, be it an impossible task, Elias has a severe weak spot for children, a consequence of not having any of her own.
Cynical: She can be quick to judge and quick to grow bitter. This streak leads to a lot of sharp words that she'll shrug off as honesty.
Reckless: Elias set aside a shield and self-defense years ago. Even in the smallest fight, she gives it her all and whatever doesn't kill her, she'll stitch up and heal later.
Cruel: Battles and a hard road to get to where she is have hardened the woman. Liars, betrayers, and evil have a zero-tolerance threshold. Extreme measures don't scare her. The "greater good" can justify a lot.

Writing: An old habit to help gather her thoughts, and make extraordinary of the dull norm of life.
Sparring: Even in her off-time when not in battle, Elias is always down for a good practice fight to keep skills sharp.
Philosophy: Though Elias doesn't usually have anyone to talk to about it, she's always open to sitting down for a good think.
Season: Autumn, when the world gives one last burst of color before fading, and the air is crisp and smells of cinnamon. The days are warm but the nights are cool and spirits are still high from the summer.
Foods: Simple bread and jam, lightly toasted. A good, strong brandy.
Other: The smell of cedar, being on an open moor and feeling the wind, a starlit night, the warmth of the sun on a rock.
"Make yourself a home in my presence, remove your boots, lay down your blade. I am not your enemy until you make such of me."
"I have been asked by the faithless, what reason have the gods to watch over us? I ask them, for what reason do the stars shine? Sometimes, things simply are."
"I wish... to one day be beneath an open sky again, to feel a kind wind and hear a dog in the yard... I think people have forgotten those simple things."
"So much as think of crossing me and I will bury you so deep not even god will be able to find your wretched soul to bring it to hell. Do you mark me clearly?"
Theme: Willow Tree March
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shadowform.png[BASIC INFORMATION]
Name: Nero
Aliases: Nero Duskward (fake human name)
Age: 21 (though he looks younger due to him being a fairy)
Gender: Male

Race: Faye|Moon Fairy
The Moon Fairy is subgroup of the Fairy race which is part of the even bigger and diverse race known as the Faye. Like all fairies, Moon Fairies possess a natural aptitude in magic. Fairies regardless of their subgroup, can inherently use natural magic. The specialization of another magic differs in each type of fairy race. Fairies of all types also have wings of some sort.

However, the similarities between the Moon and the other fairy subgroup ends there. Out of all the fairy groups, the Moon Fairies stand out for various reasons. They are a nocturnal bunch unlike most of their contemporaries. While the other subgroups sport butterfly-like wings, the Moon bunch have unique bat-like wings. The bat wings don't allow the Moon Fairies to fly as fast or as long as a fairy with butterfly wings would. Rather they are used instead to let them hover a few feet from the ground, casually glide, or to intimidate enemies. Moon Fairies are naturally pale-skinned due to their lack of presence in the sun. Their ears are pointed like elves and their hair color can vary from silver to black to red or a mix of the colors. Another unique feature of this subgroup are their golden, piercing eyes. They are also bigger when compared to the other fairy subgroups, the smallest Moon Fairy being about 1.5 ft tall.

The overall personality of the Moon Fairy is unique to their race which is true with all the subgroups. The Sun Fairies with their light magic carry within them the most optimistic attitude, while Water Fairies are usually shy and cautious. The Fire Fairies and their blazing enthusiasm perfectly match their element. The Moon Fairies are a mixture of mischief and curiosity, a personality perfect for creatures who wander in the shadows and live under the moon.

Magic-wise, Moon Fairies are the fairy group that has the least power over the natural magic area. Though the little power they do have in their hands, limited shape-shifting, they use to their advantage. What they lack in natural magic, they compensate with in shadow magic. While this area of magic is considered to be shameful, the Moon Fairies take pride in it and that it was what made them who they are, believing as if it was a gift to help with survival from the gods, Tulena, Dhedor and Thonera. They view their shadow magic as a more purer and not inherently evil form of the human-cast version and while it has been said that those who use dark arts are easily corrupted; there has been no report of any Moon Fairies having been so just because of their natural affinity to this certain magical field.
Class: Nightblade
The Nightblade Class: A rogue type that specializes in magic or powers that augment their stealth, and when they do, those powers generally feature darkness, shadows or the occult as themes.

Sexuality: Nero prefers anyone he truly trusts.
High Concept: A seemingly evil loner who has a heart of gold and just wishes to restore his community, stop rare creature-hunting, and prove that shadow magic can be used to do good.
Religion: He follows Tulena, Dhedor, Thonera, not personally, but out of respect for his community's traditions.

The Moon Fairy hive-community that Nero was born in, was in the woods that was near the human city, Freyford. Though the fairies were there before any human settlement had been established. The dark forest that was in the area was a place where most people who aren't locals would usually have wanted to avoid. To humans, the places near the Emerald Mist wouldn't have been an ideal place to live but to the Freyford Moon Fairies they felt right at home. The hive used to be closer to where Freyford was but as time went on, the relationship between the two races weren't exactly pleasant. Even more, due to the Moon Fairies' use of shadow magic, tales and rumors had been made to make them look like evil, savage golden-eyed shadow monsters. Regardless, most of the Faye including Fairies (except for the Woodland Fairies who sucks up to the human race) of all types were already at odds with humans. By the time Nero was born, the fairies had given themselves a great distance from the human settlement.

As a young fairy, about the equivalence of a pre-adolescent human, Nero would be asked often by his peers to play a few pranks on the Freyford townspeople as was the mischievous nature of Moon Fairies, though the elders did not approve the recent constant traveling of the younger ones. Nero accepted to venture to Freyford but not to do pranks rather to learn more about humans to quench his curiosity. At his trips, while the other fairies picked on unsuspecting humans, Nero would find an object of human nature and study it. He had been told of how dangerous humans were but nevertheless he continued to learn more about them. Finally, one day when he and the others were in town, Nero disguised himself as a small human child and found a group of human children. His encounter with them was pleasant and the adults were even convinced. Nero played with the human kids and thus enabled him to communicate a little bit with those outside the Faye race. The other Moon Fairies though were not pleased with this fact, as they knew nothing good would ever come out of Nero's interaction with them. As a result, his community from then on had treated him as an outcast. However, this only fueled his desire of interacting more with the humans rather than with his fellow fairies.

At around the equivalence of a teenage human, Nero could have easily passed as a human, with his pointy ears guarded by his hair and a black cloak concealing his wings. Though he would have definitely appeared as someone who was a bit strange-looking, quiet or slow-speaking and had a limited vocabulary. But he could understand and communicate well enough to not appear out of place within the humans. However, Nero didn't realize that one of the adult humans found out that he was a fairy. That human told others and tracked Nero down. Nero, unaware of all of this, had led hunters right into where the hive-community was. Soon after, the dreaded hunts that the Freyford Moon Fairies heard about, had come straight to their homes. To the Freyford hunters' eyes, the Moon Fairies were a rare creature whose parts would make the whole town rich. Unfortunately, almost all of the Freyford Moon Fairies were captured and those who evaded the hunt, like Nero, were scattered far from their home, which was now in ruins. Nero knew he was the cause of it, and he lamented the result of his actions. For a while, he wanted revenge. He used his shadow magic to terrorize the town, earning him the name, "The Mist Monster." Though he knew that would never bring back his community, so he stopped his fruitless effort of revenge.

After living by himself in the forest for quite a long time, he decided to go back out into the human world, not only because he wanted to move on from the past but also because the hunts were getting worse. Before he left, he found a few abandoned, rusty daggers lying in the woods and started to use them as non-magical weapons for self-defense. From there, Nero started to travel inland, and ran into Bleakshear. Bandits and mercenaries filled the place and he soon found out that there was a code to follow if he wanted to stay here. To Nero, it was as if it was another grim place like Freyford but at least no one could have possibly recognized him. Even better, no one seemed to care about his past, his mysteriousness. No one even questions as to how he claims to be twenty when he still sports a more youthful appearance. It was as if the people had secrets themselves. But there was one good thing that happened in this bleak town. It was at Bleakshear where Nero learned more about how humans operated and it was also where he found work, enough to get him some food and lodging though he could have lived fine at a nearby wooded area if there was one big enough or if he simply wanted to. However, he found that this human lifestyle suited him though he would have preferred a different line of work other than being a quiet mercenary. While he was a mercenary, he usually just rounded up his targets and left the bloodshed to others since he found the whole thing so distasteful. He has encountered many captured rare creatures while he's on his job and out of pity and understanding tries to find a way to somehow release them from captivity even if it meant risking his whole disguise. He soon made this one of his goals, to not only fill the hole in his heart because of the incident caused by him but to somehow avenge his fellow fairies who were captured through a way that wasn't harmful revenge. Nero, while he has yet to reveal to others about his shadow magic capabilities, also found out about the shame that is associated with shadow or dark magic and wants to prove to other people that it can be used to do good.

Appearance: Nero's natural, unaltered "fairy" height is 2 ft. His preferred "altered" height is between 4 to 5 ft tall but his height and overall size can shift at his will. His idle expression is always serious, as if he always has something on his mind. It causes, to his dismay, many to be intimidated by him. He has piercing, always-on-the-watch golden eyes that somewhat matches his pale complexion. He has shaggy, black and grey hair that he uses to his advantage to make his pointy ears look human enough. He has a lean body but has a somewhat slim build.

Weapons & Armor:
-He wears a long black coat that covers his bat wings. It has signs of wear, and underneath his cloak is a plain grey, leather tunic.
-He has a leather belt that holds his two rusty daggers.

Items & Personal Belongings:
-He has a small leather satchel that he carries around underneath his cloak, in it he has:
An old but clear mirror, to check if anything stands out that could betray his human disguise.
Some old human books he received when he was younger during his visits in Freyford.
Some edible forest berries that have healing properties that he eats for emergencies when he has no other source of food or if he's hurt.

Skills & Abilities:
Human Communication - Nero through his curiosity and consistent human-studying has bore fruit. He can understand humans much better than most Faye and can even verbally communicate a little bit. Though his spoken-words are often limited to a simple, "Yes." or "No."

Stealth - While Nero had the natural stealth of a Moon Fairy, it only improved when he became a rogue.

Sense of Hearing - During the time of the amplified hunts, Nero had to learn to notice dangerous sounds of the human hunters or else he would have ended up like the others.

Forest Life Experience - Nero knows how to handle a forest environment, after all he's lived most of his life in one. This includes knowing which berries to eat and which tree branch can serve as the perfect bed.

Spells & Magic:
Personal Size Alteration - Though Moon Fairies aren't exactly skilled in nature magic, they know a non-offensive shapeshifting spell that can help them survive. In Nero's case it helps him to blend in enough with humans. The size change spell is permanent, meaning that the size that Nero changes into will not be changed until the spell is casted again or unless something triggers it forcefully. The spell is also limited to the user only and cannot be used towards anyone or anything. The range in which the spell can change the caster's size is also limited, the smallest the caster can become is at 1.5 ft tall and the biggest size at 5 ft tall.

Smokescreen - An aura of darkness covers the caster, concealing their appearance fully. Nero uses this to intimidate others and is the spell that earned him the nickname, "Mist Monster."

Iron - All Faye, no matter what type, how big or small, are weak to iron. It's just the very nature of things. Nero found out about this tragic truth during his visits to Freyford and when the human hunters used it to their advantage to capture his fellow Moon Fairies.

Trauma and Loner Personality - Nero still hasn't found it in him to forgive himself for his past mistake. He isn't letting go of the painful event any time soon as it has been etched deep in his memories. As a result, he is often reluctant in opening up to others and hesitant when it comes to forming relationships out of fear of involving them in danger like his community in the past.

Questionable Disguise - While it can serve as Nero's saving card, the pretense that he is a human is still questionable due to his strangeness. If he's not careful, this risky card, while at the same time helpful, can lead him to his dead end.

Culture Studying - Nero, while not as mischievous as his contemporaries, had the spirit of curiosity. He always wanted to learn more about humans and their culture from the start but that curiosity soon bled into knowing more about Elves, Bestias, and etc.

Rare Creature Advocating - Nero, while a rare creature himself, is fascinated with the uncommon and rare inhabitants of the world. He has made it his goal of helping any kind of rare creature through any means, whether it's learning about a species, informing others about them, or directly helping one.

Weapon - His two rusty daggers, they've proved useful after all. Though blood has yet to cover them during Nero's use of them.
Town - Freyford. As much as he's despised its inhabitants for the destruction that they caused towards him and to others. Nero still remember the other memories he had of the town, the good ones. Plus, he liked the area much better than boring Bleakshear.

"Isn't the moon pretty? ...I missed the cheerful nights filled with laughter and commotion..." (faye talk)
"...No...No want human food. Have berries. Bag." (human talk)


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