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Multiple Settings Follow the Paper Trail . . . (Now with New Pic Plots!)

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The Last Unicorn
Yes I am still looking for those wondering ^,^ just didnt see why I should make a new thread when this one doesnt have that many pages yet.


Crisis Averted
Hello! I think I'd be interested in the Male Mafia Member x Female Civilian plot, or possibly the 3rd Pic Plot!


the bad kid is on hiatus
I really like the idea of the 1st pic plot or the serial killer/mafia member x club/burlesque dancer!
Hello, I read your plot ideas and a lot of them are very interesting to me. I was wondering if you would like to PM and discuss a roleplay. I am perfectly fine with playing the male role.
Salutations! Having just finished going through your thread I have to say I think we would be a good match. If it's still available I would be very interested in doing the picture plot #10. I do have to head into work in a couple of hour so, I won't be online that much longer. I hope to hear from you either way and, will get you a reply sometime tonight. Hope that you have a wonderful day.

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