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Fandom Fnaf security breach sign up

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Lucifer morningstar
Welcome boys and girls, to the newest group idea i have created...due to the latest fnaf trailer i been inspired to create this group but i need some help with the plot creating as i have two ideas so far

1. A freddy fazbear mall but except you and your friends stayed till near closing time, this is a mix of last year the nightmare game. If you dont know what that is its were four students get sucked into a nightmare and must escape before the killer finds them. Basically there would be 4 teenagers vs killers one of them being vanny...can you escape before they turn you into animatronics?
2. A normal roleplay group based on the fnaf world and security breach.

1. No animatronic gifs, please no...i like the story but i dislike the actual jumpscares
2. Form will include backstory, schedule, name and etc.
3. Have fun, this can be multi fandom if needed

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