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Fandom flowers in spring ( oc x cc search ! )

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🕊「 Bim's partner search! 」🕊

hi hi ! i'm bim ! i'm a 22 year old rper with 10-ish years of experience on and off : )

some rules & other things !
- please be over 18 if you're gonna contact me !! this is nothing against minors, i just prefer to rp with people my age ;w;
- platonic and romantic ships both welcome !!
- please be lgbt friendly ! (if you struggle writing lgbt relationships that's fine ! but no homophobes)
- this thread is for oc x canon specifically, but i'm ok with oc x oc, so if i strike your interest at all, let me know !
- my way of typing here is purely for aesthetic. in rp, i use proper punctuation, grammar, spelling, and capitalization !
- ooc chat isn't a necessity, but it is definitely preferred to be able to get comfortable. i'm not too particular with this though, so, it's not a deal breaker
- i consider myself semi to advance lit, arguably novella if given the time and patience. i range from 600-3000+ words per reply and tend to mirror my partner when possible
- quality over quantity !! can't write 3k words but can give something interesting? go for the interesting !! i'm sincerely not concerned with your wordcount, so go fuckin brazy lol
- i love more mature topics when they're handled correctly ! exploring them in a safe and healthy environment is my favourite
- i'm not triggered by anything, but please tell me if you are !! i tend to tag triggers automatically in both character sheets and replies but for the both of us, i'd like to know if there's anything to avoid! ^ ^
- i try to reply frequently but i am a full time worker and a freelance artist so sometimes i get a little muddied, i always reply at least once a week IC and at least once every 2-3 days OOC. if things get too hectic, i'll let you know !!
- ghosting is ok, i'd like to know beforehand if something is wrong but i totally get being uncomfortable and won't hold it against you. if you wanna come back to the rp at some point too, i won't be mad ! ^ ^
- constructive criticism welcome !! i'm always willing to improve my characterization and would love to know where i can ! : )
- i am willing to start new series too if you think i'd be interested in it !!

now time for fandoms !
yellow means craving and italicized means i'm more confident in my ability to rp as that character !

[ bnha ]
(not caught up with the most current season that's coming out right now!)
chars i can play ; aizawa shota, bakugou katsuki, todoroki shoto, izuku midoriya, iida tenya, uraraka ochaco, mina ashido, shigaraki tomura, himiko toga, jin bubaigawara
chars i'd like ; overhaul, shigaraki tomura, toga, kirishima eijiro, sir nighteye, kaminari denki

[ my sweet tyrant ]
chars i can play ; atsuhiro, non
chars i'd like ; atsuhiro, masago

[ magic-kyun! renaissance ]
chars i can play ; rui anjou, aoi suminomiya, teika ichijouji, todo chieri, kanato hibiki, juri chikamatsu
chars i'd like ; rui anjou, rintarou tatewaki, mone tsukushi

[ life is strange ]
(first game & before the storm only right now, working on lis2 & 3!)
chars i can play ; chloe price, warren graham, max caulfield, rachel amber, victoria chase, kate marsh
chars i'd like ; nathan prescott, chloe price, victoria chase

[ the last of us ]
(1 & 2)
chars i can play ; ellie williams, jesse, tommy miller, joel miller, owen moore, manny alvarez
chars i'd like ; joel miller, abby anderson, dina

[ fruits basket ]
(not done yet!! anime only right now but i do intend to be reading the manga soon!)
chars i can play ; kyo sohma, yuki sohma, shigure sohma, hatori sohma, tohru honda, arisa uotani
chars i'd like ; hatsuharu sohma, yuki sohma, ayame sohma, hanajima saki, akito sohma

[ squid game ]
chars i can play ; seong gi-hun, ji yeong, kang sae-byok, cho sang-woo, jang deok-su, abdul ali
chars i'd like ; abdul ali, cho sang-woo

more to be added !!
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