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Flight for Freedom - Dragon Shifter RP - Interest Check


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Flight for Freedom

Deep in the forests of Orcalla, are secrets known only to few.

Past the walls of Perditta, the Great Kingdom, the overshadowing forest teems with life of all kinds, big and small.
From mice to monsters, this is their home. And they will fight for it.
But more men are becoming aware of these myths, more beasts are causing havoc near the wall, and the Hunters have gathered.
The Hunters do not care about the fact that many have disappeared in those forests, that it is said that all manners of Hell await them. Only that they hunt down the monsters within.

Meanwhile, one of these myths lives in two packs within the Forest.
Beast to Human in a heartbeat.

Astra, the Pack on the Mountain, command abilities of all kinds, as do their kin, the Draven, the Pack of the Volcano.
From Lightning, to Wind, to Fire, to Ice.
The Astra have been there millennia, peacefully protecting their land and their people from the Hunters.
The Draven are new, and plan to ruin that peace by taking over the Astra land, to destroy them.

Astra, Draven, and the Hunters.
Three sides of a War.

Which will come out flying free?

So, this is a Revival of an old RP of mine by the same name. There have been some changes, in order to avoid what happened to the last one, inactivity. But I'm hoping this one will turn out better!
Also, thank you to The Forgotten Host, for helping me sort out some issues, and push me into finally reviving this! I think I've been too nervous to for a long time.

Anyway, please comment below, or go straight here to find the RP, and explore the Lore, Character Sheets, and OOC. Please don't post in the actual RP yet though, we don't have enough people to begin xD

As a note, the Alpha of Draven will be chosen on a selection basis. You may put your dragon forward for Alpha of Draven, but the holder of that place will be chosen just before the actual RP starts, to ensure we have the best candidate!

Also, for helping me, The Forgotten Host will get first pick of positions :)

@The Forgotten Host
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