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Fantasy Flight 162 (Passenger jet crash in fantasy realm)

Sub Genres
Adventure, AU, Horror, Magical, Realistic


A passenger jet on a flight from JFK to Berlin experienced an unexpected and violent storm shortly before reaching the mainland. From the crew standpoint they had lost all communications. GPS went out. Soon they realized they were in even more trouble than they could imagine. Flight 162 crashed soon after.

The flight crew did what their training told them to do. Go for a beach landing if there were no people. But they couldn’t spot any stretches of beach long enough. The land was undeveloped, so fields were unavailable. All they were left with was a water landing. Naturally they did their best to set down as close to shore as possible and used a river inlet. But the pilot did manage to beach the jetliner. The crew was forced to have the passengers evacuated though. The evacuation forced everyone to leave everything behind.

After the evacuation the Captain allowed a small team to return to remove any carry on baggage, galley supplies, first aid kits, blankets and such. The rear third of the plane was submerged.


Now the humans find themselves stranded in a world that will be full of surprises. To start with, it is a fantasy realm. The closest setting to what they will find is that of the rpg, Pathfinder. The group will discover that magic exists in this realm as do all manner of races.

The magic of this realm is not like AD&D, Harry Potter, or any of those bending genres. It is a slow process, not intended for combat, unless prepared in advance. Preparing can take weeks, months, or even years.


Pilot 4
Flight Attendants 8
Passengers 365 (22FC/70BC/273EC)

Total: 377 souls

Note: It IS possible to fill a passenger slot with a pilot, or flight attendant. They could be travelling somewhere.

Disallowed character types
Air Marshal
Anything similar. This does NOT mean you can't be a criminal or less than a saint. But I am going to go with security doing its job and this being an otherwise routine flight. IE no prisoners being transported or big dark plots.

*Sure, you can be military or ex-military, law enforcement. But you won’t be allowed weapons. Feel free to make clubs or makeshift weapons though. Also, feel free to go after loot later on.

Please use the CS format I will provide. No animated gifs.
I encourage everyone to make more than one character. Pick one or two as your mains. (Please note this on the CS - that the character is a main.) At first I expect a lot of the crash survivors to die. Sort of like Walking Dead, where people died from not accepting the reality of the situation.

Blank CS

Literate, 3rd person, past tense.
Decent spelling and grammar
My usual RP calls for a bit of content. I will be relaxing that a little bit. 2-3 good paragraphs is acceptable. But do not be surprised if I write 2-4 pages at times.

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