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Fantasy FLESHSCAPE - Interest Check

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Miles-long carcasses fuse with the sinewy soil. Towering hills follow you with their glowing, restless eyes. Cavernous, toothed orifices hide all manners of twisted creatures. A vast, grotesque expanse of bone, skin, cartilage and meat, sometimes interrupted by rivers and lakes of bile, blood, and other noxious humours.

The Fleshlands.

Legends tell of an ancient time, when the world was different. Some say that if one were to dig deep enough, underneath all the flesh and bone and sinew, they would find enigmatic remains of what was before.

But how, and why did things change? No one knows. Some say it was the will of a God; others believe it was the work of the ageless titans known as Dragons. Despite this, it is unclear which one came first: the fleshlands or the dragons themselves. They are without doubt the most powerful beings known, embodying the alien intelligence of the world itself.

A world which is very much alive and tends to behave as a creature, driven by unfathomable logic. The fleshscape is always shifting, following the labyrinthine vision of an alien conscience.

A bizarre, unforgiving ecosystem.

A land of monsters... and a land of humans.

In Fleshscape, you play the role of leading members of a small, primitive nomadic tribe. You journey through the fleshlands seeking knowledge, resources, or simply looking for a relatively safe place to settle in.

Everything you use, wear, or wield comes from the corpse of another creature: you will need to hunt, kill and scavenge in order to survive!


Somewhere within the depths of the Fleshscape, a heart had died, ceasing its rhythmic pumping of blood. Now it awakens, thumping away with renewed vigor, stronger than ever...

Characters : Fantasy - FLESHSCAPE - THE GUTS

If you're still interested, come say hello in The Brain, and bring with you any questions you may have about the world, the lore behind it, and the potential for your characters. I will stick around for a bit to answer.

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