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Multiple Settings Fishes out of Water


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Mera wasn't sure what she expected after she was thrown up from the depths of the Trench and into the darkness of her unconsciousness.

It had been a harrowing week for her, regardless of where she ended up. Abandoning her kingdom in search of the Trident was enough of a doozy on its own, and so was actually finding where the blasted thing was in all the chaos of the surface world--but then she had to actually go and get the thing. She wasn't expecting to actually succeed getting past the horrors of the trench and retrieving the legendary Trident, but it all worked out the same. At the very least, Orm would not have the power to lay seige to any place.

That's how she ended up knocked out, thrown with her newfound weapon out of the depths of the Trench and to the far corners of the earth. Just like she hadn't expected to be worthy of the trident, Mera also didn't expect to wash up on an island cut off from the rest of the world. And she certaintly didn't expect to wake up with the hottest surface dweller in history looming over her, pleasantly surprised at seeing an Atlantean.

Mera has no idea where she'll go from here, but she knows it'll be interesting.


Looking for a AU roleplay with a little Mera/Wonder Woman as the central plot! I don't mind if this plot has dark elements, is done with entirely original characters instead or any other creative ideas--I'd just live something to make just from that picture. Semi-Lit to Novella writers needed for this one!

If you are interested, message me!

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