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Fandom First love/ Late spring.

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Ahoy matey, welcome aboard! Please refer to me as Koi (I'm a newish member here. I've had this account for a bit but this is my first actual post.) , and I'm only interested in a few fandoms. But these fandoms are something I can get behind at any time. So, even if you saw this a year later, I'd still be down to roleplay these. I'm Nonbinary and Pansexual, and I'm 21 years old! So it would make me feel more at ease if my partners were 18 or older and accepting of LGBTQ!

✰ You must be at least 18 years old or older!

✰ I'm a third-person writer! Multiple paragraphs, but I'm more concerned about quality than quantity. Please refrain from using one-liners!

✰My ocs are usually based on myself or are my comfort characters in some way. Feel free to express your thoughts about them, but don't be too nasty. Especially because I adore OCS, I'm sure I'll adore yours as well. I bring this up because of bad past experiences, or sometimes my characters may be in a grey moral area. ( I like them complex.)

✰ I'm open to all kinds of pairings! M/F. F/F. M/M. Etc.

✰I'm only going to do doubles! I don't want to just play someone for you. And I feel uncomfortable with you just playing someone for me.

✰ PM me! And talk OOC ^^

Now, onto the fandoms and my love interest for them!

Attack on titan.
{Levi. Eren.}

Bungou Stray Dogs
{Dazai. Chuuya. Atsushi. }

{Diluc. Childe. Xiao. Zhongli. Razor. leaning to Childe atm tho.}

{Judar- or Older Aladdin. Sinbad. }

Vampire knight.
{Kaname or Zero.}

Demon Slayer.
{Giyuu. Kyojuro}


I look forward to hearing from you darlings <3
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