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Multiple Settings firestarter [fandoms and originals]


perpetually exhausted tree

My name is Berry, and I’m here to roleplay!

I always give my partners at least 300 words of spellchecked, somewhat grammatically correct words per post. I ask you to return that favour. Post lengths may fluctuate according to the scenario.

I RP over on-site threads, gdocs, email and Discord. While I’m fine with us not becoming the best of buddies, I would love to have an open channel of communication to discuss plot points.

Drop me a PM telling me what you are interested in roleplaying and please, please write something more other than “I want to roleplay this”. Your ideas and cravings are always welcome.


• me, i'm good with any sort of gender and orientation and pairing.
• regarding romance, i'll like to just let it roll and see what happens. not a fan of instant love.
plot with me. we'll carry this game together.
• ditch-friendly. i'll be honest, i've ditched before. so no hard feelings on my side.
• if you're looking for someone who replies with extreme speed, i'm not your person. i'll prefer an easygoing roleplay where i don't feel pressured to reply.
• please don't take control of my character, or ascribe to them traits they do not possess. seriously, please don't do that.
• i don’t play canon characters in fandoms. ocs only unless otherwise stated.

NOTE: There’s been a good amount of people asking me to play m// or the male in m/f with them. I would like to develop some of my female characters too. As such, going forwards, I’d prefer to play the woman in m/f or obviously, f// pairings.

⇢ something grimy, dark and claustrophobic.
⇢ mail order bride situation.
⇢ police officer x medium: the duo working together to catch a serial killer?
⇢ your own cravings and ideas

⇢ the apocalypse
⇢ reincarnation, a too-familiar face catching your gaze while you are walking down the street
⇢ a life free of blood and bonds to any mortal; what sacrifices has been made to attain that?
⇢ dark and secret organisations protecting the world, blurring the line between grey and greyer
⇢ the bitter and intricate rivalries conducted between families
⇢ a group of disparate people who are gathered together for a common goal because they are very, very good at what they do
⇢ gentrification, and the people who struggle against it
⇢ teeth-clenched teamwork
⇢ warm and honeyed first love, first loves that sour and crack into bitterness
⇢ dragons of the city, dragons of the mountains
⇢ the supernatural hiding beside the human
⇢ the supernatural /living/ beside the humans
⇢ chosen one x no thanks i didn't ask to be here
⇢ land god x king of the land
⇢ underwater creature of doom x pirate
⇢ priest x deity
⇢ wanderer x homebody
⇢ criminal x policeman
⇢ artist x muse/their work of art
⇢ exorcist x ghost
⇢ urban mage x rural mage
⇢ nature spirit x urban spirit
⇢ merchant x mercenary
⇢ dragon x dragon slayer
⇢ holy person of religion x old god that they don't believe in
⇢ banshee x dying person
⇢ scientist x experiment
⇢ organized crime boss x bodyguard/second in command, protector x protected - that sort of vibe
⇢ organized crime member x civilian
⇢ witches • long roads unwinding into the distance • bells ringing in the scented darkness • a tall woman standing beside a lamppost at 3am in the morning • breath steaming in the cold • too many mouths and too many hands • a parade of beggars • the wild hunt • mother nature, blood running from her mouth and children suckling at her teats • dragon scales burning bright under the hot sun • waters rising, lungs seizing • hotel rooms with peeling wallpapers, a hand imprinted in condensation on the glass • quoting the words of dead poets at a closed window at 1:50am in a bad neighbourhood • you know it goes bad when you feel that strange little ache in your chest • shelves laden down with old books pressing in upon you, the smell of old ink and rotting paper heavy in the air
⇢ dragon age
⇢ harry potter
⇢ pokemon
⇢ shadowrun series
⇢ pillars of eternity
⇢ All the wounds on my skin are in the shape of your lips.
⇢ I have difficulty dealing with longing, that is my problem with death.
⇢ And I would hide my face in you and you would hide your face in me, and nobody would ever see us any more.
⇢ Love breaks my bones, and I laugh.
⇢ You could have been a god.
⇢ I have seen the movement of the sinews of the sky, and the blood coursing in the veins of the moon.
⇢ They say every atom in our bodies was once a part of a star. Maybe I’m not leaving, maybe I’m going home.
⇢ Did I not come to you on my knees with a kingdom in my hand?
⇢ It’s when you hide things that you choke on them.
⇢ Some days, he thinks he can still hear his wife's voice.
⇢ You are strange and sad, and your mouth wept black smoke.
⇢ Let sleeping dragons lie.
⇢ old grand lords and their land, bound to them in blood and spirit; they leave, and the land follows. alternatively, the land rejects a king, and seeks a new one. or the members of a bloodline all die out, and the land awakens with a vengeance, seeking revenge
⇢ guest right is an old law, as old as the iron law. a man takes advantage of guest right, and demanded shelter at the place of an enemy.
⇢ you've been corresponding with each other online for months, and you're finally meeting each other irl. how does it go?
⇢ a favourite customer who patronises your shop has been coming in looking like death more and more often. you are determined to find out the cause.
⇢ there is a dragon, and its princess (or prince). the feller's family comes looking, with knights and armies and all, but the princess says no, she stays.
⇢ a sculpture comes alive, a painting steps out of its frame. the artist is #shookTM. (how will they navigate the wold now? how did they even come to life in the first place?)
⇢ there's a ghost in the attic, and it's saying something, well - more of screaming the house down every night. you investigate.
⇢ harry potter: a auror and a wizard member of the triads go on the hunt for a serial killer.
⇢ etcetera eckcetera
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Your friendly neighborhood nerd (•͈⌔•͈)
Hey there! I'd love a Harry Potter rp with you, oc x oc, maybe something along the lines of what Newt does? Dunno, let's plot if you're interested! C:


aw yeah, let's get down!
oh my gosh another person on planet earth who likes beastars?? AND someone with extremely similar taste in themes, pairings, and plots??
my god, it's like looking into a mirror. please roleplay with me OTL, i'd love to do basically anything you listed here for oc/oc!! i'm really interested in dragon/dragon slayer, merchant/mercenary, and anything witchy!
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