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☘ " i'm glad i could love you from the start ! " 🌸 ../.. last updated. july fifteen 🍃
hi hi! call me bun | adult | she/her | any pairings (pref. for fxf or mxf) | 200-1000 words per character

  • please be 17+, preferably 18+ when messaging me!
  • relaxed, i usually can reply every other day, rarely daily
  • ghost-friendly, i do my best to let you know if i'll be gone for a while
  • discord for ooc chatter, i'm fine with sticking to pms as well
  • rps through pm threads, maybe discord but the character limit,, pain
  • double-friendly, will offer for mxf & canon x oc pairings
  • unrealistic (animanga/drawing) & realistic faceclaims
  • always happy to rewrite posts if you need me too, just lmk
  • a-okay with having multiple threads together! just needs more patience
  • any pairings okay, so let me know your preference
thanks for your time!! if there's any interest, please message me! 🎋
🌙 like a fire flower!
xbelow, i've included some interests (& characters i'd like to write against) + plots + wanted faceclaims for oc x oc.
please let me know who you'd like me to write for you if we are doing canon x oc, or if you have wanted fcs!

mlqc / love & producer.
victor, shaw, gavin
  • aus or original universe with canon divergence is okay! i have a few ideas for aus we could use. i'd prefer canon x oc for this.
  • qixi 3 au, aka xianxia universe. based on the dates for the qixi event, please give me black dragon zeyan or zheng ling xiao and in return, i become a clown & do anything for you
  • halloween 2020 au, aka fairy-tale universe. based on the dates from wonderland after dark, loved the take of beauty & the beast with the twist being beast & the rose, or even gavin's date because,, wolfboy
  • west moon au, aka wuxia universe to celebrate the release of west moon for english server
  • inspo from bouncing ideas off one friend, but cape summer based au. . .? like a group of people are set up together to solve mysteries, on an abandoned island or somewhere else. can include evol.
  • original universe, with changes made for our ocs? starting in season two where the guys have different roles? a-okay! season one, just for the nostalgia? yeah, sure!
love in light & night.
evan, charlie
  • call me the biggest clown! anyways i've been reading translations for the first chapter for this, and i'm,, in love
  • would love to explore the original universe for this, but i'm open to aus especially if i'm writing sariel, maybe even including some fated lovers junk in there
  • everything i know is only based on translations rather than an official english server though, so maybe we can just cry about this rather than writing until there's more info available
tears of themis.
zuo ran, lu jinghe, xia yan
  • i barely know two things about this game but i'm doing my best to read personal story chapters, and finished main story in close beta! would prefer canon x oc.
  • open to aus or original universe with canon divergence, since i barely know a single thing about future chapters but like to read character analysis tweets like it's my major lmao
  • vague ideas but prosecutor mc / oc. . .? going against any of the guys. . .? maybe going against one of them once, then discovering the rise of crimes/cases and finding it unnatural and suspicious. just me throwing basic thoughts out there.
  • no aus in mind but i'm open to coming up with stuff! such as a wuxia au or even a spin on the electrifying night event with musician x fan, famous x manager, etc.
for all time.
canon x oc to be added.
  • oc x oc, or can be used for an au to any interest above.
  • protag is invited to watch their friends play, but mysteriously gets transported to a different time period, specifically the time period the play was set in. around this new universe, protag runs into some familiar faces who are completely different than the peers they once knew them as, with them being priests, kings, queens, mages, and knights.
psycho pass x tokyo ghoul
oc x oc, or an au for canon x oc pairings.
  • in the cyberpunk/futuristic world of psycho pass, ghouls are no secret to the citizens. they mostly choose to live silently, not leaving a trace of their life for humans to pick up on. tired of living like this and being subjected to the rules set by coefficients and psycho pass, a new group has sprouted, working to spread the drug them from the radar of any dominator.
  • there's a lot of world-building that still needs to be done, but a small idea i had was a previous second in command of the group (maybe the leader's brother or distant family) getting caught by the public safety bureau on purpose, planning to work with them to investigate the syndicate/group.
  • the group would mostly be ghouls and have a very 'survival of the fittest' mindset. they wouldn't be considered good or evil, but a threat to the psb.
the princess imprints a traitor.
oc x oc, or an au for canon x oc pairings.
  • a royal family member is killed by their sibling after the palace falls during a rebellion started by the homunculi who served aristocracy for centuries.
  • the new king, the leader of the rebellion needs the royal family member alive for whatever reason and uses the philosopher stone to go back in time five years, not remembering anything but the royal family member does.
  • in order to stop the rebellion from happening, they must find the leader of the rebellion again and assign them to be their royal knight, while gaining power to stop their family from ruling the way they do.
demons, adventurers, & beasts oh my!
oc x oc, or an au for canon x oc pairings.
  • do you ever crave medieval adventure with demon pacts, magic, mythical beasts, princes who run off to meet with their beloved in the gazebo only to return to the castle in the morning and their beloved doesn't know who they are until their coronation? head filled with thoughts.
  • i could go on about some mermaid prince or princess that has to hide their identity and a maid or butler who just started working accidentally discovering.
  • or something like ancient magus bride, more casual with less royalty, more magic, and dragons in the countryside.
  • maybe even something with demon pacts since i really want that,, pureblooded demons no longer being around or only one being left, having to find a person to search for some magic stone that holds way too much power, that person being from a prophecy? very cliche/tropey ideas, but i'm a sucker for this thanks to isekai manhwas.
list of various manhwas / games / anime / shows that i would be willing to write!
oc x oc, or an au for canon x oc pairings. canon x oc pairings are specified.
  • collar x malice (saeki, yanagi, shiraishi)
  • piofiore (yang, nicola, henri)
  • cafe enchante (ignis, rindo)
  • fire emblem three houses, awakening, fates (xander, dimitri, claude, yuri, gaius, lon'qu, inigo)
  • obey me (lucifer, mammon, diavolo)
  • genshin impact (zhongli, tartaglia, thoma, gorou) note: will open after ,,, i finish exploring inazuma?

  • men of the harem (,,,, listen. i didn't think i'd like this manhwa more than i did,,,, canon x oc but pm me)
  • i'll just live on as the villainess
  • i married the main lead's dad
  • my husband hides his beauty
  • wotakoi / love is hard for otaku
  • kimi ni todoke
  • will put more manhwa / shoujo manga here (cr: nana, furare girl, daddy i don't want to marry, i will change the genre)

  • goblin: the great and lonely guardian
  • way of the house husband
  • hotel del luna
  • mr. sunshine
  • link click (canon x canon or oc x oc unless used as an au for anything above)
  • kimi no na wa
  • tunnel ocn
  • meteor garden / boys over flowers / heirs esque
  • beauty & the beast dynamics / smth with monsters,, monster hunting,,?
  • something with because this is my first life or hello my twenties vibes? i had a small idea where a group of girls lived together, with a coincidence that they were all mythical creatures like reapers, vampires, a gumiho, could have interests outside of their friend group who are connected in some way such as someone who can see when people are about to die x reaper (based on the kdrama black), smth like that ya know what i mean lol
  • things like touken ranbu or soul eater where you have weapons / swords that are people and special people who can wield them? idk i've been playing touken ranbu lately since it got an english server
  • music video-based, i'm a loser who's thinking of stuff that already has plot-heavy music videos. such as btob's i'll be your man or triple h's 365 so fresh
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