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  1. TURN 2
    New Foreigners

    Purple guys move at the end of each team's phase >:]

    [Bonewalker 1 moves to I15]
    [Bonewalker 1 attacks Fynola with an Iron Lance for no damage!]


    [Bonewalker 2 moves to S19]
    [Bonewalker 2 critically attacks Lloyd with an Iron Lance but Melnax blocks the blow!]

    @Hachi Machi

    [Gargoyle 3 moves to F18]
    [Gargoyle 3 attacks Veilvel with its Cupid's Bow but misses!]

    @Pretzel Heart

    [Mauthe Dog 5 moves to E23]
    [Mauthe Dog 5 attacks Reva for no damage and attacks again but misses!]

    @Pretzel Heart

    [Gold Mogall 8 moves to T22]
    [Gold Mogall 8 attacks Rex with Elthunder for 27.5 Damage!]
    [Rex is defeated!]


    [Zombie 10 attacks Melnax for no damage!]
    [Zombie 10 has latched onto Melnax! He can't move for 1 turn unless it is defeated!]

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  3. Pandora

    Location: U23 > Y23

    Pandora only nodded to whatever Sami said. "Well I'll consider it." Pandora said to Sami. She could only just sit 'still' while, Sami did her thing. Attempted to see what was going on, only to duck under Sami's arm when she fired an arrow. 'How very dramatic...' Pandora thought to herself, as she heard Sami's dramatic speech. The poor dog didn't stand a chance as an arrow pierced the poor things skull, not that it had even sentimental thought besides to kill. She could only take to whatever, Sami just gave her as she fumbled with the key in her hands. "But your back isn't exposed, mine isn't!" Pandora said to Sami, as she was technically behind her.

    [Pandora is still rescued by Sami]

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    The garrison's massive doors heaved open, and Nayu's eyes narrowed as she gazed at the two enemy soldiers who had pushed their way into the keep and were now blocking its entrance. An agonized wail tore from behind her, and she lashed her head around in time to see some of her soldiers being viciously attacked by the remaining monsters, sustaining grievous wounds. Nayu vaguely recognized one of the men from camp, and she believed his name was Rex.

    "I want the wounded to fall back! Do not throw away your lives so easily!" Nayu roared for the whole of the army to hear. She then turned her head back toward the stronghold, and she let out a low snarl as she tried to formulate a plan. The Alliance's current situation had taken a turn for the worst. Part of their army had taken serious damage, and and top of that the Legion had managed to open the fort's doors.

    With the outcome of the war and the fate of her comrades on the line, Nayu decided what she had to do. She could not allow the Legion to block the keep's doors. She knew that what she was about to do came with serious risk, but for the sake of her allies she would take that chance. She spread her wings, before flying toward the stronghold's gate. She landed in front of the Legion's flier, baring her fangs at the rider and her mount before whipping up a powerful gust of wind. The current sent the Legion soldier hurling backwards into the keep, knocking her off her mount.

    Nayu had managed to create an opening into the keep, if only for the moment. She focused her attention on the young woman next to her who held a bow in her hand. She wondered what the enemy soldier would do, now that the two of them were staring at each other eye to eye.


    [Nayu moves to M15]
    [Nayu uses Blowhard on Iona]

    [Kayo moves to R16]
    [Kayo pairs up with Melnax]

    @Captain Gensokyo
  5. Rex
    Location: U23> retreated back to camp
    "I otta come up there and take you down from that horse because no one mocks me like that and..." Rex yelled to Quetzal before magic lighting was shot in front of him. He then slow turned to see a giant looking straight at him. "Umm... Hi...?" Rex said scared. And then Eye shot lighting at him again and hit this time. Some how still standing Rex swayed back and forth as he turned opposite of the castle and of awake and half knocked out state he began making his back to the base camp.
    [Rex is defeated]
    [Rex retreats]
    @SirBlazeALot @DoctorDiggles
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  6. Vlad
    Location: Y22>T21
    After killing the gargoyle Vlad was ready to relax for a moment... but then he heard the sounds of thunder and turned to see a Mogall and had struck one of Vlad's comrades. Rex he believed he was called. "More prey I see..." Vlad said in his bat form in a monstrous sounding voice. Then he flew off to combat this foe. As he made it looked as so the Mogall was going to attack again but with a quick claw(or talon, what ever you would call his feet) to the eye, the Mogall paused in pain. Then with this chance Vlad went in for the kill. Claws first Vlad charged at the Mogall. One claw went into the Mogall, killing it quickly and the other grabbed a hold of a tendril trying to grabbed at him. Once it was dead Vlad got his claw out of the Mogall and took it's tendril.
    [Vlad moved to T21]
    [Vlad attacks Gold Mogall(8) for 110 damge]
    [Gold Mogall(8) is defeated]
    [Vlad obtained a Mogall Tendril]
  7. Quetzal
    Location: U21 > T17

    Quetzal burst out snickering at Rex's choice of words. "Would you like a step ladder darling?" She teased without caring about his feelings or the consequences of distracting the young soldier. There was a flash of light and Quetzal gagged at the sight of the grotesque floating eyeball. However she was disgusted and intrigued. Such a creature harnessing the power of magic was awesome. Another lightning bolt struck Rex and Quetzal was torn from her thoughts. "Oh! You poor thing!" Quetzal opened Nosferatu and prepared to avenge Rex.

    When Vlad came crashing down into the eyeball she shut the tome and sighed with content. "That works too I suppose. Good work darling!" With that she continued her journey toward Fort Castellum completely absolved of her guilt. The walls grew taller as she approached them. Along the way she noticed another one of her comrades being assaulted by a Zombie. "You naughty thing! Keep your hands to yourself!" Her tome floated in front of her and glowing purple patterns formed in front of her. A dark blast fired at the Zombie but missed it as it wrestled with Melnax. Quetzal wasn't the most accurate mage on even her best day and the situation wasn't helping.

    She decided to try once again and if she missed this time at least no one could say she didn't try. "Stay still darling!" She shouted at Melnax as she fended off her irritation and concentrated her power into her spell. Her next dark blast hit its mark. The zombie dropped instantly as Quetzal sucked the life out of it to fuel herself. "No need to thank me dear!"

    [Quetzal (9) moved to T17]
    [Quetzal (9) attacks Zombie 10. 65 damage.]

    @ChazGhost @SirBlazeALot @Truthblade
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    After catching some breath, Korvalt looked his right and saw a strange looking skeleton that was…living? There seemed to be some irony there. He was pretty sure that it was one of those creatures that he saw earlier. No doubt it was hostile, so he had to kill it.
    After drawing in some breath as he approached the demon, rushed towards it as hard as he could. As soon as he was near it, he let a roaring shout as he brought down his axe upon the skeleton with rushing force, shattering its bones apart across the ground. Rest in pieces I guess. He thought to himself, smirking slightly.

    [Korvalt moves to S18)
    [Korvalt attacks Bonewalker (2) for 90 damage]
    [Bonewalker (2) is defeated]

    [Melnax moves to R17]
  9. Sami
    Location: Y23 > U18

    Sami rolled her eyes in front of Pandora and watched as the bat flew off anyway to kill a giant eyeball. "I guess you've got my back then rookie! Hang on!" Sami whipped the reigns on her deer and sent it prancing majestically forward toward the fort.

    [Sami (11) moved to U18]

    @Misuteeku @SirBlazeALot @ChazGhost

    Location: S22 > T18

    [Elta (2) used "Just Keep Swimming" on Sami (11)]


    Location: U18 > P14

    A sweet melody drifted into Sami's ears and invigorated her and her deer to be bold and go the extra mile. "We can make it to the Fort rookie!" She raced ahead to the walls of Fort Castellum at an even faster pace. Sami arrived at the wall and spotted a young grey haired woman standing by the opened doors of the Fortress. "Legion Scum!" She roared as she pulled back her bow string and let an arrow fly at the woman. Maybe if she had quietly attacked the woman and didn't give her a heads up the arrow wouldn't have whizzed past her. "Dammit! Slippery bitch!" she cursed as she readied another arrow. "Rookie if I fall I want you to run into the Fort and find somewhere to hide. Wait for the others to come get you, understand?"

    [Sami (11) moved to P14]
    [Sami (11) equipped Cupid's Bow]
    [Sami (11) attacked Emilia (6). Miss]

    @Misuteeku @Lettuce @SirBlazeALot
  10. Zane
    V22 > S20

    Zane snarled in frustration when the monster ahead of him instead attacked the man next to him and forced him to fall back, he grew even more aggravated when another ally took down the creature instead of him. Being in dragon form always got his blood up and was magnifying his desire to destroy the monstrosities or simply fight something in general.

    Growling at not having anything to fight he released his transformation and tried to cool off a little while he ran forward with the rest of the group, looking ahead he saw Nayu was out in front all alone and looked on worriedly.

    [Zane moves to S20]
    [Lothric moves to P18]
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    Location S20 to Q17

    Out of nowhere, a Bonewalker aimed to pierce at Lloyd's stomach with an iron lance. Fortunately, Melnax blocked the attack, allowing Lloyd to tumble for cover against the foreign enemy. On the ground, he watched Korvalt deal the finishing blow onto the hostile bonewalker, ending its crazed, belligerent activity. Lloyd thanked his comrades for saving his life, "Thanks Korvalt and Menlax! Although, I could've handled that on my own," before dashing away from his spot. He sighed, since now he knew he'd have to repay Korvalt and Melnax someday for rescuing him from certain doom. A small, short memory returned of Lloyd facing against the bear with Melnax, before he picked up his pace away from the battle's location. The scenario reminded him of the time when Melnax and himself faced adversity in the form of a powerful enemy, a bear. Hopefully, he would be able to return the favor on the battlefield rather than living it down in the barracks everyday. After all, Lloyd knew that Melnax was the type to brag about his actions.

    Treading away from the plains and towards a forested area, he overheard Nayu's orders. He was quite surprised their commander still spoke loud and true despite the heavy damage they incurred by the demons and the enemy forces. Her words of encouragement allowed him to move forwards the castle's entrance. As long as his commander was here, he must uphold his duty as a soldier, even amidst the carnage. Now secure in the forest, Lloyd breathed a side of relief. In the forest, he was well hidden, meaning he could hide himself away from any surprise attacks, or even prepare an ambush against the enemy. Instead of leaving his iron sword out, he placed it sheathed into his scabbard. He waited in the forest, readying himself for another dash forward to the castle's main entrance.

    @MythicMew @SirBlazeALot

    [Lloyd moves to Q17]
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  12. TURN 3
    New Foreigners

    Purple guys move at the end of each team's phase >:]

    [Bonewalker 1 moves to K15]
    [Bonewalker 1 attacks Fynola with an Iron Lance for no damage!]
    [Bonewalker 1 strips Fynola!]


    [Gargoyle 3 attacks Veilvel with its Cupid's Bow but misses!]
    @Pretzel Heart

    [Mauthe Dog 5 attacks Reva for no damage and critically attacks her for no damage!]
    @Pretzel Heart

    [Bonewalker 11 appeared on A16]
    [Bonewalker 12 appeared on Z16]
    [Gargoyle 13 appeared on A22]
    [Gargoyle 14 appeared on Z22]
    [Mauthe Dog 15 appeared on A25]
    [Mauthe Dog 16 appeared on Z25]
    [Blue Mogall 17 appeared on A28]
    [Blue Mogall 18 appeared on Z28]
    [Zombie 19 appeared on A19]
    [Zombie 20 appeared on Z19]

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    TURN 3
    Legion of Stone

    Slot B
    starts on Wednesday August 9th at 12:00am and ends on Saturday August 12th at 11:59am. (Probably gonna be early or late on this note sure yet)
    @theglassangel @Horror @Petite Rouge @InsaneAsylum @Lettuce @Pretzel Heart @theunderwolf @Creek @KageYuuki @ZephyrTD @BlueInPassing
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  14. Those monsters were really getting too close and too numerous for Afi's liking. People seemed to be losing their armor left and right, and some were getting pretty beat up, by the looks of it. And now, to top it all off, all of the people on the field were beginning to converge on the fort. Everything was going downhill fast. Straight ahead, between himself and the looming building, stood two major obstacles. One was one of the very monsters he had just been concerned about, some creepy skeleton thing that he'd really rather go nowhere near. The other was that dragon he had noticed earlier. She was throwing herself into the fray alone!? As Afi saw it, she was either incredibly stupid or incredibly powerful, and knowing his luck, it was probably the latter. She had blown one of his allies clear out of sight, and the others near her probably weren't in the best shape to deal with her, considering that one held only a staff and another was missing a rather unfortunate amount of her clothing. He was going to have to do something about this himself, wasn't he? There was nothing else for it. It was time for him to show off his skills.

    Afi moved in close to both the freaky bone monster and the dragon, holding his spear at his side. Then, he crouched into position and began his performance. It was an alluring dance, one that told the beautiful yet sorrowful tale of two star-crossed elven lovers, incorporating many swaying motions into the choreography. The chanting in old Yuban that accompanied it carried a mournful tone, and it was much slower in pace than his other war-dances. It was also a dance that made all who saw it feel a powerful need to hold someone else close. Even better, the dance, which he knew to be potentially debilitating for foes, had the added benefit of making him feel entirely better about this situation, too. He was in his comfort zone, and no one could stop him when that happened.

    [ Afi moves to L16 ]
    [ Afi uses Hokeo ]
    [ Bonewalker 1 has fallen in love with Whimsey! ]
    [ Nayu had fallen in love with Fynola! ]
    [ Afi's Thrill of the Dance has activated! ]
    [ Turn ends ]

    @SirBlazeALot @theglassangel @ZephyrTD @MythicMew
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    Still in her Dragon form, Dali moved beside Naira. A gargoyle was nearby her. Dali tossed her a doorkey with one of her claws. (Somehow I guess.) she fired two blasts of holy light breath at the gargoyle, but the monster avoided both blasts with its agile flight pattern. "Aw man..." Dali grumbled, her voice hazy and scratchy because of her dragon form. She'd get it next time... if all these monsters didn't get her first.
    [Dali(5) moves to E19]
    [Dali(5) trades Doorkey to Naira(10)]
    [Dali(5) attacks Gargoyle(3) but misses!]
    [Naira(10) trades Doorkey with Rope(3) with Veilvel(12)]
    [Naira(10) waits.]
    [Veilvel(12) rescues Naira(10)]
    [Veilvel(12) moves to J17]
    [Veilvel(12) waits.]
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  16. EmiliaWhy the fuck was everything going on around her? Thunderbirdwoman was blown off her bird, some bitch shot an arrow at her. Couldn't the Alliance have waited for a Nagadamn second? Oh, whatever, She was just about to notch an arrow and take aim at the Manakete near her when she saw Afi come in and start dancing- The dance was entrancing, but she couldn't watch stop to watch the dance that almost made her want to.. Elope with the Manakete.....

    Fuck, no time for that. Tearing her eyes away from the Hula Dancer, she pulled out a beat trap and put it down in front of her. That was the best course of action now, she was sure.

    [Emilia Put down a Bear Trap]
    Bear Trap 3->2]
    [Turn End]
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  17. Ari Blomgren

    In one practiced motion, Ari drew his bowstring back... and missed. He had tried to exercise some caution with his aim as the knight was currently struggling with the animal, but this was a rather unusual situation to find himself in. A grazing deer or an unsuspecting hare was more his usual fare back at camp, and in the Maltian arenas, he'd faced his opponents head-on in combat. There had been nobody's safety to worry about save for his own and honestly, he preferred it that way.

    Gritting his teeth, the archer nocked another arrow into his bow with a steady hand despite the failure of his first shot. His eye fixed itself onto the beast's ribcage, behind which its vitals would certainly be: heart, lungs, liver. The Mauthe Dog was thrashing in the air now, its jaws clamped around Reva's leather gauntlet as it fought tooth and nail to draw blood from the woman in some way, any way it could.

    "Be still!" He shouted, though it was unclear whether he was addressing the knight or the dog. His sudden outburst elicited a roll of one red eye towards his direction, but he'd already let another arrow fly before the animal could fully turn on him. This one grazed by by several millimeters, taking off some fur with it. Ari, however, did not wait to see if his arrow had met its target; he already had another lined up to follow. A whistle thanks to the arrow's fletching, a soft thunk of the arrowhead embedding itself into flesh, and a dying whimper told Ari all he needed to know.

    He felt his own heart twist at the sight, ugly as the Mauthe Dog was. As the creature dissolved into dust and dispersed into the winds, Ari knelt to pick up the red gem it had left behind. He looked to Reva with a suspicious glance and reached into his pouch. "One for one," he said, tossing her a key that he'd been tasked to keep. He didn't even know what it opened, but fair was fair. He'd done most of the work. Still, as he pocketed the gem for himself, he expected the woman to raise some objection.

    [Ari(3) attacks Mauthe Dog(5) for 65 damage.]
    [Mauthe Dog(5) is defeated.]
    [Ari trades Chest Key with Reva and picks up Red Gem.]
    [End turn]

    [Reva(11) moves to E20.]
    [Reva partners up with Dali.]
    [End turn]

    @SirBlazeALot @InsaneAsylum
  18. Mazelle
    Mazelle could hear the sounds of combat as her allies fended off the continuous onslaught of monsters. Her only option was to move forward and hope for the best.

    She continued forth, and stopped in a small patch of trees, listening for the sound of an approaching monster or Alliance soldier.
    [Mazelle(9) moves to G22]
    [End Turn]
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  19. More monsters, just what they needed. More damned creatures from the depths of hell itself looking to spill their blood. Already a few members of the Alliance had been forced to retreat from the sounds of things. It was time to move, they couldn't afford to dawdle outside of the fort. Not with the monsters breathing down their necks, and certainly not with the Alliance's bastards already on its doorstep.

    Rushing forward, the Laguz found herself skidding to a stop in front of a Gargoyle. She bore her fangs at the creature and snarled.

    [Move to F19]
    [Use Tip the Scales]
    [Dali has been buffed]

    @InsaneAsylum @SirBlazeALot
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  21. [ Whimsey moves to L14 ]
    [ Whimsey uses Hold the Line ]
    [ Afi's DEF and RES have increased! ]
    [ Emilia's DEF and RES have increased! ]
    [ Whimsey's Fortissimo has activated! ]
    [ Turn ends ]

    [ Charme moves to K17 ]
    [ Turn ends ]

    @SirBlazeALot @ZephyrTD
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  22. TURN 3
    New Foreigners

    Purple guys move at the end of each team's phase >:]

    [Bonewalker 1 is in love with Whimsey and stares at her.]

    [Gargoyle 3 moves to K18]
    [Gargoyle 3 attacks Veilvel with its Cupid's Bow for 65 damage!]
    [Veilvel has fallen in Love with Gargoyle 3!]

    @Pretzel Heart

    [Bonewalker 11 moved to D18]

    [Bonewalker 12 moved to U16]

    [Gargoyle 13 moved to G20]
    [Gargoyle 13 attacked Mazelle with Cupid's Bow but missed!]

    @Petite Rogue

    [Gargoyle 14 moved to T20]
    [Gargoyle 14 attacked Vlad for 35 damage!]


    [Mauthe Dog 15 moved to F23]
    [Mauthe Dog 15 attacks Ari but missed!]


    [Mauthe Dog 16 moved to V22]

    [Blue Mogall 17 moved to E24]
    [Blue Mogall 17 attacks Ari but missed!]


    [Blue Mogall 18 moved to V24]

    [Zombie 19 moved to D20]
    [Zombie 19 attacks Reva but misses!]

    @ idk who's controlling Reva anymore and idc

    [Zombie 20 moved to V19]

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    TURN 4
    Alliance of Fire
    Slot A
    starts on August 12th Saturday at 12:00pm and ends on August 15th Tuesday at 11:59pm.
    Remember to tag me when ya post :3
    @Chromquistador @Truthblade @Hachi Machi @DoctorDiggles @MythicMew @ChazGhost @Jellyon @Captain Gensokyo @Misuteeku @IG42

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  23. Vlad
    Location: T21>T19
    In his bat form Vlad looked at the growing number of monsters and smirked, as much as a giant bat could. The hunter was going to be getting a lot of prey today. That's when, as Vlad had his guard lowered for a moment, a gargoyle came and slashed his back. Vlad was not happy with this.

    Vlad quickly swooped to behind the gargoyle and drove his fangs into it's neck. He then started sucking it blood as he rapped his wings around the creature to prevent a counter attack. After a moment or two the gargoyle seemed a lot paler and didn't move as Vlad dropped it from his grasp. The wound created by the gargoyle a moment ago had now almost completely healed.
    [Vlad moves to T19]
    [Vlad attacks Gargoyle (14) for 110 damage]
    [Gargoyle is defeated]
    [Vlad heals 30 health]
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    Location: T18 > S16

    [Elta (2) moves to S16]
    [Elta (2) uses "One Hit Wonder" on Kayo (3), Korvalt (4), Melnax (7), and Quetzal (9)]

    @Captain Gensokyo @Truthblade @SirBlazeALot

    Location: T17 > T16

    Even though Quetzal said that there was no need to thank her she was irked when people took her advice. "Humph." She grumbled. "How ungrateful." she mumbled spitefully. The army could have given her just a little bit of fanfare. She had just saved a man from a Zombie. "Next time I'll just watch and laugh." The witch grumbled to herself bitterly.

    Quetzal didn't get very far before she found another one of the Bonewalkers approaching them with a garden variety of weapons. A sword for slashing a lance for piercing and an axe for hacking. "How adorable." She would let her spite stew and let the thing be if it wasn't awfully close to her. And something about the melody Elta was playing made her feel focused. It would be a waste to not cast a spell in this state of mind.

    She opened her tome again and a dark aura wrapped around her curvaceous figure. "Leave this earth at once little bone man!" Quetzal sent the dark blast of Nosferatu hurdling toward the bonewalker. It shattered into a pile of bones as it had its life force sucked out of it completely. "Mmmm!" Quetzal moaned decadently as the bonewalker's life rejuvenated her own. She didn't need it but it still felt good.

    [Quetzal (9) moves to T16]
    [Quetzal (9) attacks Bonewalker (12). 65 damage]


    Location: P14 > M18

    Sami had prepared herself for the enemy to retaliate. Instead she heard the sound of war drums. Her eyes looked ahead and she saw the Legion's drummer. Her eyes narrowed before falling back on the grey haired woman who seemed to be standing up straight as if she had just placed something on the ground. "Sneaky Legion whores." Sami growled to herself though Pandora certainly heard her. She readied another arrow. This time she drew her Longbow and returned her Cupid's Bow to her back. The drummer had become her new target.

    Then she heard the aggressive flap of wings nearby. A second of distraction changed her entire outlook on the battle. She looked down the path of the Fort and saw a man engaged in combat with a hideous Gargoyle. It had its claws wrapped around a bow. Sami knew as an archer that airborne units fall quickly to archers. The wyvern rider and the young girl he had with him didn't stand a chance if the abomination attacked them for much longer.

    In the face of her true enemy the Monolith and in the face of her temporary enemy the Legion of Stone Sami faltered. She hesitated to load another arrow and pull back the bowstring. To strike down the Legion whores or their manwhore dancer in this instant would speak volumes on the Alliance of Fire and her own family name. Sami grit her teeth. It was time to decide what kind of samurai she was.

    She whipped the reigns of her deer and turned him away from Fort Castellum. "Yah!" She rode forward and readied an arrow. Sami stuck her tongue out and blew a raspberry as she passed by Nayu the Legion Gryphon Rider and the Legion Hula Dancer that had cursed her Commander with the power of Love. The Gargoyle came into her sights and she twirled the long arrow before pulling it back. "I am Takeda Sami of the Takeda Family! Proud samurai of Komodo and the Alliance of Fire! And I WILL NOT kill a man while in the presence of demons! I WILL NOT allow demons to assist the Alliance of Fire in our righteous endeavor! Strike me down if you will Legion cowards!"

    Sami released the bowstring and her arrow flew long and true. The Gargoyle's head became impaled by the rider's arrow and it fell from the sky and crashed into the ground. Bones could be heard breaking as the creature made impact. Itseized briefly. Then it lay still. "Good riddance." Sami's heart began to beat heavily in her chest as she then directed her attention toward the group of Legion soldiers and Nayu. Her own allies were far away and she had no idea how they would react to her actions. She gripped the reigns tightly and told Pandora "Remember what I said rookie."

    She wondered what this would mean for her going forward. Had she just committed treason by saving the lives of Legion soldiers? If she was to be tried and executed then so be it. Sami knew in her heart that her feelings toward the Legion were only temporary. Yet there would never be a time in her life when a demon would be her ally. She refused to fight the Legion with help from the Monolith's creatures. No such stain on her honor would ever come to be.

    [Sami (11) moves to M18]
    [Sami (11) equips her Longbow]
    [Sami (11) critically attacks Gargoyle (3). 255 damage]

    @Misuteeku @Lettuce @ZephyrTD @MythicMew @Creek @theglassangel @Pretzel Heart @SirBlazeALot
  25. Zane
    S20 > R16

    Looking around the battlefield Zane watched Sami nail a gargoyle and made a short speech about leaving the Legion soldiers alone while the monsters threatened both armies, grinning he raised his fist in the air. "Good shot and well said!" He shouted before moving closer to the rest of the group.

    Getting into position he faced down the Legion troops. "Legion Legionaries the right term? Legioneers? Nevermind....I joined this army to see these thrice-dammed creatures destroyed!" He shouted, he didn't have any personal dislike of the people working with the Legion he just felt that the Alliance seemed the better choice if he wanted to see the New Foreigners wiped out. "I'm going to crush these things, feel free to either help or stay out of the way!"

    [Zane moves to R16]
    [Lothric chills out]

    @SirBlazeALot @DoctorDiggles
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