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    *considers the irony of that statement*
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  2. @InsaneAsylum Veilvel's inventory is full so Naira's gotta trade the door key for something he has.
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  3. Fixed it!
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  4. @theglassangel
    @Petite Rouge
    @Pretzel Heart

    Hello I haven't talked to any of you so allow me to introduce myself. I'm Doctor Diggles the Diggle Doctor. I am not here to call you names or send you threatening letters. That is not my way. I would like to discuss the possibility of a temporary truce between the alliance and the legion to fight the monsters.

    Our opinions on the monolith may differ but I think we can both agree that all monsters will have to be exterminated. In this fight they have done more damage to us than we have to each other. Two of your men have been stripped. One is in love and near death. Another is being surrounded. They have already killed one of our men and can possibly kill another.

    I know you are men and women of honor and that you fight for a cause you believe in with vigor. And I respect that. I hope that you see the same in us. This chapter is called Unity. Human, Laguz, Manakete, and everyone in between have a mutual enemy in the monsters. It is foolish to continue to attack each other when the true enemy stands before us.

    In return for cooperation with the monsters I would like to suggest we split the treasure chests and roll a die to decide who can take the Fort. If we come to an agreement I expect you to honor it as we will. If the thought of backstabbing us crosses your mind and you go through with it the action will be remembered. And I will lose the respect I have for you all as a worthy adversary.
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  5. Well technically no one can die in this battle...
  6. Our characters don't know that.
  7. What a twist! :O

    I have no problem with you guys teaming up, there's no rule that you have to fight each other, and if you decide to go through with it I'll alter the victory conditions for you guys.
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  8. How so?
  9. You guys have to put your Commanders on each of the thrones if you want to take the fort together to hold off the monsters. And that will effect the next Chapter's scenario a bit.

    If the monsters win however and kill all of you, then you all fail and that to will alter the events of the next chapter
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  10. So one team per throne? An even-split victory?
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  11. One team per throne, yes.
  12. @DoctorDiggles What does the Alliance want us to do exactly, if we enter a truce?
  13. I thought the good doctor was quite clear. We don't attack each other, we kill the monsters, we divvy up the loot from the fort between us and do a roll of some sort to see who keeps the fort.
  14. Eh, with the win conditions changed, don't think we'll need to roll for the last bit
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  15. No, I meant the specifics of how we can achieve such an end goal from our current situation.
  16. IC wise, the commanding units would probably have to meet
  17. I mean, if this is what you guys want to do I'm ok with it.

    I know some of you might not want to make a truce with us. For this entire time, our two sides have been divided.

    However, my character would have no qualms against making a truce with you. And if you guys don't mind it, then I don't either I suppose.
  18. I do somewhat agree with BlueinPassing. How are we going to achieve a truce in our current situation? Nayu has been afflicted with the love status. She won't be able to talk to S'zura if she's enamored with Fynola....
  19. Oh... umm.... fucking gargoyles -_-;
  20. I'm not rp'ing this out if it happens to me. Mark my words.
  21. Neither would I.
  22. @DoctorDiggles

    As a speaker of the Legion, I just want to make it known that there's been some fiery discussion regarding your proposal, and we're trying to come to a synopsis as fast as we can. Especially with you guys being in your turn, I assure you we'll have something soon.
  23. Maybe we can all take part in this fiery discussion.
  24. Are people from opposite factions able to share a backstory?


    Like, once together but grew apart somehow sort of story.
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  25. Sure :3

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