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Futuristic Fine, I’ll Make the Mech RP

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Action, Adventure, Slice of Life


Time to murder the English language.

The Intro

There I was sitting in the old cockpit thinking about an old mech rp I was apart of when the will to do another story came over me. I opened my friendly neighborhood RpNation thinking surely somebody was starting something up, but no. After four pages I came to the interest check of the old story that started my search. It was at that moment sadness and understanding washed over me. The people were without mechs. If no one would make the rp I sought, I would rise to the challenge. Mechs need a voice too .

So friend, it seems you are here for the same thing. Let me fill you in on what I’m up to.

The Story
For the story, I wanted to revamp the old one I was apart of and put my own twist on it. Before I start shout, out to Nero: the hidden city I wish you were still going. Now let’s do this.

So the story centers around a VR mech fighter game that has become a major staple in the world. The game has become so large that it rivals other world sports, has its own pro league, and even made its way into the Olympics. Many around the world from young to old have chase their dream of becoming a pro and making it to the highest tier of play. You are one of those people. Along with your friends from childhood you fought, trained, and suffered until you finally made it to your dream, you are now a pro. In this next568107 stage of your life, you learn of your newest set of trials as you traverse through the world of the professionals.
While the game itself is a major point of the story, I also wanted to have the story tell the lives of a set of friends who are pulled into different pro teams and how their new lives effect their relationship.(If you guys have seen the kings avatar, I was going for a feel like that.) My original plan was to have two teams, a big already established team and a small low tier team. That was you could see both sides of the difficulties of surviving in that world.

The Game
I’m sure you are wondering all about the actual game by now, don’t worry I got you.

The name of the game is called Armored. It takes place in a massive solar system home to many different planets. Players make their own avatars to explore the planets and interact with other players.

When they aren’t using their avatar, they are inside their mechs. These mechs, named Armors, are the main draw of the game. Armors are used for most of the PVP interactions in the game and exploration of the system. Armors can be gained in a few different ways. They can be bought in game, created outside the game and scanned into the game, created in game from parts, won in competition, or found throughout the system. (Note: most of the top Armors were found in game, and the best parts are typically won in competition)

The planets in Armored range in size and ecosystem, but are the hubs for players. While there are three main planets that have areas open to all, many of the planets are entirely available for purchase. Normally players would just purchase land on a planet, due to the cost, but a few pro teams have purchased entire planets for their personal use.

1556240645772.pngThe PvP in the game is the main draw for the game. Various challenges appear in the game and offer items and in game currency. You can also challenge others for stakes. Over time you will increase your rank and if your lucky you might get scouted by a professional team.

What I need from you
Now that you have the idea, I should talk about what I’m looking for in my RP partners.

1.Fairly detailed writing.
I don’t expect you to be perfect, but you do have to write well enough that others can understand what you mean. You also have to write enough that you are adding to the story, so people can write off of you. Your character interesting, so tell us about it.

2. Listen, talk, and be willing to change.
There will be multiple people and we all want this to work. Be willing to change if asked, and no hesitate to talk if you have a problem or suggestion.

Story Teaser
Here is a little bit of my writing to let you see how I write and the sort of feel I am going for. Just so you know it is kinda long, sorry about that. Enjoy.

"Hey what's up kid," A tall man with medium length dirty blond hair exclaimed as he opened the front door of a Spanish styled villa "You must be the new guy. Smaller than I expected, but your skills are what we want so it's not like that matters. Welcome to the Asylum team house. I'm Maxwell, but you probably know me by my avatar name Martial Strike. It is nice to have you on the team. You can leave your stuff by the door for now, we are watching some film." Maxwell then motioned to follow him through the elaborate crimson and sandstone dwelling to a large living room where many sat on couches and beanbags watching a large TV.

"Hello and good evening as always people of Multum, this is Jack Daniels bringing you your daily news and info, live from the capital Athas. Our main story today is about the up coming match between the reigning world champions, Asylum, and their challengers the up and coming Xan premier champions, Exodus. It promises to be a real crowd pleaser with the return of Asylum's team captain, Martial Strike, after his leave from the pro scene. Be sure make your way to the capital to watch the match live or tune in tomorrow on this channel to watch. This is a match you can't miss. In other news, a roaming mech has been seen off the coast of Ahmoud, so any brave hunters should head there and try to claim the prize for themselves. People living in the area should relocate to a protected establishment if they are not already in one. The last in the news comes from the country of Zafir where in three days their amateur tournament will be held. Be sure to go and support your local favorites and tune in to channel 4 for coverage of the event. This has been Jack Daniels with Multum news and as always have a wonderful night in your land of plenty."

"Good, they haven't started yet," Maxwell said as he vaulted the sofa and plopped into an open spot nest to a large woman who held a bowl of popcorn " Grab a spot anywhere I will introduce you to the gang after the meeting. Meji do we really have to go over this one, I don't really think it has.."

"Shut up Strike," A skinny man with short black hair snapped before tossing back the last of and energy drink and turning up the volume "Pay attention to this. We will break it down after its done."

"Hello and good evening as always people of Multum, this is Jack Daniels bringing you live coverage and commentary of the match today, live from the capital Athas. Today's match is between Asylum and Exodus and will be fought here in Athas Premier Stadium. The pride and joy of the pro mech world will be making his return today. What surprises are in store, we will have to wait a see. Exodus is entering in now through the bottom entrance. You can hear the loud cheers from the people of Xan who came to watch their home team. Unlike Asylum, whose members come from different countries, all of Exodus' members originate from Xan. The team is composed of Ricky Kheen in the Gaia, Daniel Sharp in his Vanguard Juggernaut, and their leader Stanley McElereth In his Wing Zero Ex.

From the northern gate Asylum makes their way into the stadium. First is the sky king Ryuji Meji in his Storm Sworder. Followed by Alexis DiAngelo in her custom long range Konig Wolf Queen Konig. Last what you all have been waiting on, the king himself in his signature custom red...blade. Ladies and gentlemen it seems that Martial Strike will not be using his famous red Blade Liger. Instead he will be using a mech named the Ceaser The King. Well I don't know what that is, but here it comes along with Martial Strike out the north gate. That mech seems to be a wild mech and not one of his custom creations. Could this be what has kept Strike out of the pro scene. Well folks it's almost time to begin the match the judge should give the call as soon as both teams are ready. They will be fighting on the open plain field giving a clear advantage to Ryuji and his Storm Sworder in the sky along with the more mobile Asylum team as a whole. The fight will begin after this commercial break."

"Don't say anything," Ryuji stated before the collective ahh's spread across the room "It will skip the commercials." Just as he said, the broadcast came right back.

"The bell has been rung, and both teams are firing on all cylinders. Exodus has split into a two rush maneuver with wing taking to the sky to provide long range support while Gaia and Vanguard advance. Wing is raining blows on Konig wolf to prevent a focused shot from her sniper rifle and the combination with Buster Eagle. That is a good play on his part, if she gets her buster cannon attached she will blow right through Van and his near impenetrable armor before he even gets close. Will the focusing on her and leaving (A sonic boom goes off)... There he is the sky king coming in from directly above wing, he is straight vertical! He used cloud cover and the sun to block visual and a jammer to prevent radar. Ryuji has pulled out his wing blades and.... cut the wing neatly in half!!! What a move from the sky king I can only imagine the g-forces he was under in the dive. I think we have just witnessed the end of the match with that move, as Exodus' leader was forced to eject. Here it comes, Alexis has called in Buster Eagle and.......what is Sharp doing?" Juggernaut turned around and headed back towards the wings rifles "O wow he has dove and grabbed the Wing's two buster rifles cumming up after a roll, how does he move like that in such a big mech. Sharp is pulling them up and has fired both at the same time one at the Buster Eagle and another at the retreating and recovering Storm Sworder. Oh my lord!!! Two hits, he has shot not only the Buster Eagle, but has also clipped the wing of the Storm Sworder!!! What kind of shot was that, it seems that Exodus is still in this... wait Sharp is not finished. He's putting the rifles together and forming the his teammates signature Wing Cannon. This man is unstoppable, and is now aimed at the shocked and still recovering Konig Wolf. Hes fired the Wing Cannon at Alexis, who was waiting to combine with Eagle. What a dodge by the Wolf Queen. Alexis barely manages to dodge but the side of her mech was caught, her back leg has been blown off." Konig then immediately dropped down to all fours and took a shot at Juggernaut. Her shot did not hit the mech which would do little to no damage it instead hit the buster rifle causing it to explode. "What a shot, in that situation she was calm and took away the main advantage Exodus gained, but with one leg gone it has become a 2v1." While Gaia distracted and singled out Strike with smoke screens and jammers, Juggernaut walked through Konig's shots crushed the mech's center forcing Alexis' ejection. " He just crushed that mech like it was a toy, Sharp has really shone himself when his team needed him most." A light then came from within the smoke screen and vanished soon after replaced by the sound of an ejection pod. Out of the smoke a different mech appeared.

"That's........that's not real........it's just a story........it..."" Sorry folks Jack seems to have fainted I am Sam Max, and I will pick up where he left off. It seems that Strike has managed to get something that looks like the Legacy mech, or he has really gotten the real mech described in the histories of Multum. Either way we are in for a real sight today" The mech shot off towards Juggernaut it's wings extending like blades. As he go close Juggernaut delivered a strong punch towards Strike's mech. The mech just jumped on Juggernauts arm and then jumped and spun cutting the mech and all of its layers and layers of armor in half. "......................Wherever this man goes legend will always follow. There are not enough words to describe what happened here today. Here are the only words I have left, Asylum wins."

Maxwell let out a laugh before chiming in. "I am so glad you left the commentary in. I never knew that old man Daniels fainted, that's awesome. That fight was actually way better than I thought it was. Those smokescreens were bullshit." Martial then threw some popcorn into his mouth before talking again. "So yea, now we go the the boring stuff. Welcome to Asylum kid. We expect big things from you."

Sample Character Sheet
Basic layout so you have something to go off of when coming up with characters.

Avatar Name: Martial Strike

Gender: Male
Standin for Genesis
Avatar Inventory: Special Dual long swords, that act as thrusters as long as they are sheathed. Special outfit (As seen above), that functions as a pilot suit and a replacement for the standard issue suit. A small dagger, that acts as his mech key and an unmanned drone.

Main Mecha: NXT-M004 Musashi

The Musashi is a medium frame designed for close combat. It was created as a reward for a PvP tournament that a well know builder, Slater, hosted. Designed with the winners play style in mind, the Musashi boast a array of boosters, and other tools for closing the gaps between enemies. It also houses a special energy system that can be activated in areas where a moon is present and unobscured. This system, when active, allows the unit to fully use its special sword, and access hidden abilities of the unit.

Systems and Armaments:
Caladbolg, The Anti Ship Blade- The sword is the same size as Musashi, and sports not only a long blade, but also a small attached knife, and a barrel at the back. The sword only reveals it's true abilities when the Lunar System is active. While the Lunar System is active Caladbolg becomes a channel and storage device for the newly received energy. That energy can be channeled into blade to create a devastatingly large energy slash, or shot out of the barrel to create a more focused devastation.

Lunar System- The system was introduced to give the Musashi a finisher against larger enemies that the Caladbolg could not finish with its blade alone. The Lunar System absorbs energy sent to it from the moon and thus can only be activated when a direct line of sight can be maintained between the unit and the moon. The transfer can only be done while the unit is stationary, but energy will be retained if the link is broken. The lunar energy functions as an alternate energy source for the unit and is the only source that can power the Caladbolg. The energy is typically stored in Caladbolg or Svalinn, but it can be shortly stored in the armor plating if neither are unavailable for transfer. Energy stored in the unit must be expelled, or the units armor will explode and the frame will structurally collapse. To this end the hands and wings of the unit can be used to expel stored energy.

Svalinn- Svalinn is a shield that also functions as a grappling hook. It can be shot out and clasped on to enemies or fixtures to limit or control movements. It functions as a storage device for lunar energy, and can be used to transfer the energy to a connected target. This energy transfer can either restore lost energy or violently over charge an enemies system based on the amount transferred. In case of emergency, lunar energy can also be expelled to produce a grand scaled energy shield.


Name: Jermaine Ali
Age: 26
Gender: Male

Jermaine is a cool down to earth guy, who is always looking for the next thing to excite him. He is a competitor at heart, and is happy to take a challenge. Strong in the face of adversity and humble in defeat. He takes everything he does to the highest level that he can, and is always happy to help those less capable than himself. Morally strong, he likes to let his actions and his words show what he is about.

Background: He is the child of a martial artist, and is a professional boxer. He has been fighting since he could remember and he likes to use games as a fun break from life. He has been playing Armored for as long as it has been around, but had only done PvP. After working his way through the rankings, he was invited to join the team Genesis. After a time with them, he decided to leave the team so that he could face them as competition. He now spends his time honing his sword skills and seeing was other opponents the world of Armored has for him.

Other: He has received various cosmetics and in game armaments from his winnings during PvP's and his time at Genesis. He wears them proudly even though it makes him stand out amongst other players. Due to his time playing high tier ranked PvP, he was gained many in game and out of game connections.

Closing Remarks
Thanks for making it this far, it means a lot. If this story isn't your jazz let me know what you liked and didn't like below. I want to make a cool story where people who like mechs as much as me can have a good time and kick ass. If there is some way I can make it better, I want to know. There doesn't seem to be that many Mech fans so every little bit helps. Thanks a lot guys, enjoy the rest of your day.

Link to Character page
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A rock?
Just noticed this. Posted on thursday, and nobody's noticed. Hm.

Well, I'm kinda interested. I've been mulling over a character for a Mech RP I never really got to play, and their whole thing is 1: Not letting go of the gold medalist team their older sibling built and disbanded. 2: Using that team's tactics and playing the worst kind of defense: Mines, smokescreens, automated defenses... Basically the sort of thing that's hell to fight, and the audience probably sees as cheap and cowardly.


Time to murder the English language.
@Graystone713 that actually sounds pretty dope ,and like a perfect match for this story. I’ll throw up a sample character sheet in a bit, but feel free to tell me more if have it figured out.

@Psychonaut what is keeping you on the fence? I can’t persuade you if I don’t know what is holding you back.


Eliminating the Heart
It's a good idea. But...
1. How is the ranking system going to work?
2. How do you plan on managing PvP?
3. What are the limits on mechs and how do you plan on balancing them?


Time to murder the English language.
@LiviathRose good questions, here are your answers.

1. Lowest to highest.
Bronze 1-5, Silver 1-5, Gold 1-5, Platinum 1-5, Diamond 1-5, Master 1-5- Grand Master 100-1 (only the top 100 players can be in the grandmaster rank)

These ranks are based on solo PvP play. Team ranks are the same but the Grand master rank is just the top 100.

Chose whatever rank you would like to fit your character. They honestly aren’t that big of a deal. Most sponsored pro teams are made of master and high diamond rank. Low tier pro teams may go as low as diamond 4.

2. I plan for us to talk it out and decide who would win based on the given situation. I’m going into this assuming that we all will control ourselves and try to make the best story we can. If it is a hard call, I will flip a coin for the winner and we will write from there.

3. The limit is don’t be invincible and give yourself some space to grow. Like I said, I expect that all of us care about making the story the best we can. No one likes an invincible character so I’m sure you will balance and control yourself.

If there is a problem, any member of the group can put forward a complaint we will talk it out to see how it can be fixed or if it needs to be. Think of it like court with me being the final judge of there is a tie.
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Time to murder the English language.
sure have at it. links are already there. You can al use that link to find the lore and ooc page.

D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball
I'm fairly interested. And I like the idea of the fights being more for spectacle. Which can be made all the more spectacular through a bit of meta give and take, (a la I'll let you win but you gotta give me a really cool moment. Or I let you win now, but you assure me i get a major comeback)

While I can't promise my involvement yet, I do have a few minor questions.

1.What are you expecting of post frequency?

2. Does a players avatar have to be human, or is like the that one vr game were you basically be whatever. However ridiculous.

3. Where about will the rank of our players be in terms of range?


Time to murder the English language.
@D. Rex
1. Like 1-2 days when it’s your turn. If not tell us you need some more time. Life happens, I can work with you if you let me know.

2. I will saw yes, I’m in a human mood.

3. I might need you to word that a little better. Here is my answer if I think I understood you. You can honestly be whatever rank you want other than 1. So far one person is silver, the other one I guess is diamond maybe master, and the last is grand master rank 8. So fairly good spread of that is what you were asking.

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