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Find Me

Find Me

Hello [insert name],

My name is AI605 and I’m a computer programme ordered to send you this mail by my master. You have been chosen to join our alliance called Zero. We stand for freedom in this world ruled by power hungry men who would do anything in order to retain their position. Therefore Zero is looking for people like you who have the capabilities to turn the tides and make this place a better planet.

You might be wondering what this means now. To put it simply: we ask you to join us for civilians’ sake. This also involves putting your life on the line in order to achieve our goal. You will be rewarded with every mission that you have done: weapons, money or vehicles. As long as it is within our reach, we can give you what you want but the reward will depend on how dangerous the mission was. Please keep that in mind.

If you decide to join us, come to this location:
Karrshak III, Zuggid.

The meeting will take place at 22pm.



We’ve been researching suspicions actions by civilians recently and have come to a conclusion that they are planning to infiltrate the headquarters and take control of our planet. By the recent reports of your missions, we’ve decided that you would be the best choice to take part of our newly established group called Ghost.

Ghost will take action in the shadows and arrest or eliminate threats that stand in our way. Gather information on the rebellious group and report as soon as possible to the supervisor of your squad. If you did well, you will be rewarded depending on how good and difficult the mission was.

Come to the assembly hall within headquarters at 22pm.

The Commander


We from the mission base are warning you for movements from both the rebellion side as well as the empire. Seeing as they no longer sit still, they might want to use you for information. We do not however tell you to no longer take on missions of your own but to be careful about your surroundings since nobody know what will happen now.

We ask for cautiousness when taking on the black card missions as they involve a human target, try to clean up the scene as neatly as possible so you won’t get caught by the empire or the rebellion especially when they’re in this state.


The Boss


Karrshak III = Headquarters [East]

Ejiln Garden

Whatuk = Trading/Black Market [West]

Headquarters [East]

Stifaft = Shopping District [South]

Headquarters = Situated in the top floor of Metropol Station [South]

Blatteeb = Red Light District [East]

Which side will you choose? The Empire? The Rebellion? The Bounty Hunters? Each profession has its own dangers and advantages. Please choose wisely. [Comment below or like the post if you want to join.]
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Words on a Page become the Heart
Getting Nier: Automata vibes from this~

I'm also interested but stuck on a faction as well. Although at the moment Hunter is at the lead.

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