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Fandom Final Fantasy VII/CC/AC [ocxcanon, doubling, chill]

Chocobos or Moogles?

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Wishing to devour an entire KBBQ restaurant
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
Shooting my shot, because I have c r a v i n g s.


Are you looking for a chill rp where post lengths don't actually matter too much?
Are you looking for a partner who is a very patient college student?
Are you craving anything related to the Final Fantasy VII series?

Do you have OCs that are collecting dust?
Well I might be the rp partner for you!

Listen, I have been craving FFVII rps since my teenage years and I'm dying over here. I just want something
where I can use my OCs and romance my favourite characters to get a little more serotonin in my life. Is
that too much to ask for? I damn well hope not.

1. Cooperate with me! I'm not gonna carry the entire rp for us both.
2. OCs required! But I don't do OCxOC.
3. Quality over quantity. I don't care whether you post a single paragraph, or several, as long as I can work with it.
4. Be patient! I'm a full-time college student with too many hobbies. Sometimes I'm just too tired, but I will be sure to inform you.
5. OOC chat is welcome! I love to gush about our characters, or just have friendly conversation~
6. LGBTQIA+ friendly! I'm an Asexual Panromantic woman myself.
7. PM or Discord only!
8. 18+ only! I don't feel comfortable writing with minors, sorry!

About the RP:

We can discuss an AU that doesn't stray too far from the original FFVII lore, keep certain characters alive or even bring them back from the dead with ✨magic✨. We can stay close to the game's plot, or write something entirely new.
Please properly inform me about which canon character(s) you'd like me to write as, and introduce your OC to me! I've got some experience, but I am rusty.
Got any experience writing as Reno, Genesis, or Cloud? Because I'd love if you'd be able to write as any of those guys for me.

About me:
1. Time zone: CEST
2. Asexual, Panromantic, She/Her
3. 25 years old
4. Full time college student
5. Love gaming
6. I have 2 orange tabby cats (and they're fat)

Feel free to DM me whenever you see fit~
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