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One x One Final Fantasy: Age of Ophiuchus Lore



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Lore and Information

The People of Ivocia
The Zodiac of Ivocia
The Bestiary​
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The World of Ivocia

The planet is known as Ivocia, and it has one massive continent which the Arkidian Empire has nearly taken complete control over. There are lands beyond this continent.

The Continent of Hyune

The origin of the Arkidian Empire, beginning when King Leander Arkidos opted to start his takeover of the world. Positioned along the southwestern coast, the Arkidian empire spread out first to the east, and then northwards, reaching Ucantis most recently in their pursuit of conquest. The Arkidian Empire is currently headed by Zariel Arkidos. Their colors are Red, Black, and Gold, and their iconology is the Phoenix.
The Arkidian Empire is at least equal where genders are concerned. However, many families attempt to groom just one heir rather than two, and this has caused many sibling rivalries to boil over into murder. Zariel and Oleander are among the exceptions and seem to want to make that a permanent change, although overcoming the notion of "one inherits all" is difficult.

The home of the Bandoethel royal family, and the most recent kingdom to fall to the Arkidian Empire. It has a notable lalafell population, although racism still remains within Ucantis. Ucantis prefers physical strength in its fighters over magic. Long hair is also something they hold dear, in both men and women.
Their colors are blue and silver, and they have a wolf as their sigil.
There is a "Lalafell Town" within the capital.

The last human kingdom that remains unconquered by the Arkidian Empire on Hyune. Home of Sesario Brynjar Kavalieris. Ruled by House Kavalieris, the kingdom is abundant with mages from all walks of life. 500 years prior, Rozari suffered tremendous loss in the war with Ucantis, of which they surrendered. Peace has since been negotiated among the countries, but the event has since been a large part of the kingdom's history. Rozari is most commonly known for its abundance of breathtaking flora, of which House Kavalieris' crest is loosely based upon.

Faded Timberlands
A home to the Viera, a snowy region further north than Ucantis, it is not yet under the control of the Arkidian Empire -- although many other Viera forests are, they tend to elude being found by Arkidian. The Abysh Village is home to the Viera in the Faded Timberlands.

Conquered by Empress Zariel before Ucantis. Home of Didymus McCallen. Unlovingly described as a 'capitalist hellhole' by Didymus, it is a pit of gambling, greed, and depravity. People go to extreme lengths for some coin, for the rich flourish, while the poor are left in squander, oftentimes by their own blind desires. Myth claims that Alexander once defended the city.

Conquered by Leander first.

Conquered by Leander second. A religious democracy, Ibec is primarily a holy city, where several pilgrims and other travellers often flock to for religious journeys. Its architecture is grand, blindingly white, and innately decorated. They have temples dedicated to the Twelve, of which several priests, priestesses, monks, and those of other religious occupations care for them. Religion is deeply embedded in the culture - there are select times where civilians pray, several services, events in the Ibec calendar that they celebrate and attend, and more.

Conquered by Lavi, the only kingdom he managed in his lifetime. Even at that, he gained minimal sway over it. Prumoor has had a history of two political parties and families fighting over the rightful rule of the nation. The Cubhir had held the most prominent position, until the Rastogi had cut a deal with the Emperor for extra manpower, and overthrew the Cubhir in a bloody and vicious coup. Subsequently, Lavi failed to exert his control over Prumoor after the Rastogi ruled. Cleon Bandoethel Sr., husband to Inara Bandoethel of Ucantis, died during the coup while on a political trip in his wife's stead.​
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People of Ivocia

Humans are the most populous race, and they tend to group together to create kingdoms and and large cities. An innovative civilization.

The shortest race of Ivocia, and unfortunately prone to racism. Many live within human kingdoms, though some prefer to live more within country and urban regions, or just outside of the kingdoms.

Viera tend to stay to their forest, with most having rules against leaving. They are thus rarely seen, though a few do end up leaving behind their forested homes.​


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The Zodiac of Ivocia

There were Twelve Guardians of Ivocia, known as the Zodiacs. They were quite visible in the sky, though Ophiuchus seems to have caused a conflict with that, nearly a century ago. Despite their stars dimming, this has, for the most part, gone unremarked on in normal society, and many are forgetting.

Leo: Phoenix
Phoenix has only been seen within the Arkidos bloodline, manifesting first in Leander Arkidos, and then again in Zariel Arkidos, although the bird itself has not appeared before her. She has the same markings as her grandfather on her cheek, and many within the Empire see that as a potent sign that the end is near and Zariel will be the herald of a new, better age.
Phoenix manifests itself when its chosen one dies. It brings them back to life -- just once -- allowing them another chance to finish what was started.
Both Leander and Zariel consider themselves the "leader" of the Zodiac.

Aquarius: Shiva
It is unknown if Shiva had been connected to anyone prior to Lixue Virys. His attempts at gaining more information from the ice queen only leaves him with more questions than answers. Shiva manifested itself to Lixue Virys as he suffered a near-death experience regarding his magical enhancement experimentation on himself -- or so it is assumed. Lixue is not convinced it is the whole reason. He speculates - privately - that it was the unbottling of emotions that he usually keeps in check that met the conditions that Shiva would manifest.

Pisces: Leviathan
Leviathan has been seen infrequently, and has only been held by the viera, Reva. When the stars fell, as Leander was blessed, so, too, was Reva, although she knew not what it meant, nor is she sure even now of what it means.
Leviathan manifested itself to Reva when she lost her mind entirely to the Mist Frenzy; it is assumed, given the dreamy nature of Pisces, that Leviathan would always appear when their Chosen One was out of sorts, mentally unavailable.​
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The Bestiary

Dire Rats: Typically found in sewers and other dark, damp locations. Larger than normal rats, and more prone to fighting others that step into their territory.

Crokadyre: Enlarged crocodile found in the sewers of Ucantis, an unusual specimen that would usually be found closer to swamps rather than sewers. Made a diet of the rats.

Quatrice: Small birds, usually not vicious by nature, akin to qual or pheasant.

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