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One x One Final Fantasy: Age of Ophiuchus Characters



I Could Tip You Like A Vintage Wine
The Main Cast

Cleon Bandoethel, Cancer
Kikiti Tochu, Libra
Didymus McCallen, Gemini
Reva, Pisces
Zariel Arkidos, Leo
Oleander Arkidos, Scorpio
Lixue Virys, Aquarius
Jagger Petrea, Aries
Hector Ilium, Virgo
Oma, Taurus
Sesario Kavalieris, Sagittarius
Anissa Cherith, Capricorn


Supporting Cast: Arkidian Empire

Yenay Virys, sister to Lixue
Sying Virys, sister to Lixue
Chyou Virys, mother to Lixue
Laquan Virys, father to Lixue

Lilia Vespers, daughter to Oleander
Trisha Vespers, mother of Lilia, deceased
Lavi Arkidos, father to Oleander and Zariel, deceased
Bellona Arkidos, mother to Oleander and Zariel, deceased
Leander Arkidos, grandfather to Oleander and Zariel, deceased (the start of the Empire)

Didymus McCallen's Twin Sister, Deceased

Supporting Cast: Ucantis Kingdom

Inara Bandoethel, Queen of Ucantis, mother to Cleon
Cleon Bandoethel sr, father to Cleon, deceased
Sosola Tochu, mother to Kikiti Tochu
Marden Tochu, father to Kikiti Tochu

Zodiac Guardians

Ifrit of Aries
Fenrir of Taurus
Garuda of Gemini
Asura of Cancer
Phoenix of Leo
Alexander of Virgo
Kirin of Libra
Ixion of Scorpio
Bahamut of Sagittarius
Diablos of Capricorn
Shiva of Aquarius
Leviathan of Pisces

Ophiuchus's Emissaries
Magus Sisters
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I Could Tip You Like A Vintage Wine

Name: Zariel Arkidos
Age: 32
Race: Human
Occupation: Empress

Leo; Phoenix; the constellation of Leo appears on her left cheek like a smattering of golden freckles. She doesn’t usually cover it, and has been known to make it stand out further with sparkling gold make-up.

Appearance: Zariel Arkidos stands at 5’5”, with black hair that falls in slight waves to the middle of her back. She has amber eyes and fair skin, with a lithe, athletic build. Although she lacks freckles, her skin is marred by a few scars, most as small white lines, but there is one that starts at her collarbone and goes on down to the midway point on her chest in a single, diagonal line. A matching scar, albeit smaller, appears on her back.

For attire, she is either in her armor, or in formal garb. Occasionally, she can be found in ‘military formal’, although she tends to leave that to her brother. Much of the colors she bears are the hues of the Arkidion Empire, Red, Black, and Gold dominating it.

Weapon(s): Scorpion’s Tail (poisoned whip), Sun Blade (slender sword with a gold line down the center of either side; highly ceremonial in appearance, and seems to cauterize wounds it makes)

Notable Talents (combat/non-combat):

  • Swordplay: Trained in combat with the sword, though her style is more dexterous than Oleander’s.
  • Whip-Play: Though it is usually just for show, Zariel can, and does, use a whip to great effect in causing harm and disarming foes.
  • Fire and Holy Magic – although she does not quite know how it came about, when she awoke from her near-death experience, she had it at her fingertips.
  • Poison Immunity: Unknown to most, but she’s sipped on poison and built tolerance to the vast majority out there.
  • Noble Courtesies: Has been highly educated and had private tutors, knows the workings of the high courts and politicians, skilled in dancing and mingling.
  • Military Leadership: although a skilled individual fighter, Zariel also excels in crafting strategy for large scale battles and managing command of it, particularly in the air.
  • Songbird: Zariel took to musical lessons like a fish takes to water, and has trained her singing voice most of all – which also translates well into public speaking and issuing military commands.

Brief History:

Zariel Arkidos was the first child of the unhappy marriage between Lavi and Bellona. She was despised by her mother, a product of marital rape, but beloved by her father for being his first child, and having a mark, not seen in the family since her grandfather – and the very same mark as her grandfather, Leo, who had passed a year to the day of her birth.

Lavi took her under his wing immediately, and she was given little attention or care by Bellona. She grew to understand why, and though it did not soften her any towards her mother, she bore her no resentment as she grew up, and was taught to be the heir of the family, expected to achieve great things.

Even when her brother was also born, with a mark.

His was considered ‘lesser’, given her father believed the Leo mark to be the true mark of leadership. Why else did they consider Lions to be the King of Animals?

Lavi never noticed, of course, that it was her brother who was actually ‘ruling’ over animals, but Zariel did. She was good at seeing what others excelled at, and figuring out how it could be useful to her, because she knew that she would need significant support if she was going to kill Ophiuchus.

Ophiuchus may as well have been her first word (it wasn’t: all reports indicate her first word was ‘birdie’). Her grandfather, Emperor Leander, had noticed a change to the skies, new stars appearing, adding a seemingly new and confusing constellation. He was among twelve to take note of it, and of those twelve, he was ‘chosen’ by Leo to put a stop to this encroachment of a being known as Ophiuchus. They lent their power, and her grandfather began to work on a path towards this goal – but others ignored it.

In his frustration, and need for resources, research, magic, and power – her grandfather began the war that has permeated her life. His goal has been to unite the chosen ones to fight against Ophiuchus, but considering their refusal, research has gone into magic to find ways to separate the Zodiacs from their unwilling hosts, if necessary, into crystals.

This seemed more important to hasten research on, given Oleander, but Zariel never saw it that way, and when Oleander came to her to learn, she taught him what she could, and showed him where he excelled. They formed a hesitant friendship, more hesitant on his side than hers. He was filled with suspicion from the poison his mother spoke, whereas Zariel just let it wash over her.

While much of her time was spent learning the standard things she needed, and checking in on progress with the Tower to Ophiuchus, she was also trying to find a way to bring about her own Zodiac, which her father knew ought to manifest as a brilliant red-and-gold bird that was now on the crests of the Arkidian kingdom (so named when her grandfather began his conquests). Yet, it seemed no amount of stress could bring it about, nor any amount of damage. Her father, in a fit of frustration, ran her through with his greatsword in the midst of an argument over it.

He was on the right track: death is what would bring about Phoenix.

Unfortunately for him, Oleander stepped in before it could proceed to that, and he tore Lavi apart like an animal, before getting his sister help. He was imprisoned for killing Emperor Lavi, and for a week, Zariel’s fate was uncertain as she moved between consciousness. When she came to, she burned everyone in a radius of 10-feet of her, and was terribly surprised to find the power that had come into her hands.

She’s honed it and has it much better under control now, though she still doesn’t understand its appearance. Nonetheless, she hasn’t spent much time dwelling on it, except when considering options for enhancements, or seeing how enhancements work on her brother. She had a kingdom to rule, and lies to spread to keep her brother out of his cell. She had to continue forward – the fate of their world was still on her shoulders, with or without her Zodiac appearing (although it has caused her immense doubt as to whether the markings are genuine).

So far, she’s not opted to manipulate herself any, though Oleander has jumped at the opportunities, unafraid of things not fully tested or understood.

She’s continued forward, crushing kingdoms underfoot -- and people, such as Trisha Vespers, who thought to blackmail her brother. She didn't allow that to happen and had Trisha assassinated. Lilia has fallen under her brother's full care now, and he knows naught of what Trisha tried to do. All for the best...he should retain his fond memories. He's suffered enough.

Now only one stands in her way, with the recent conquest – and the hope that the heir doesn’t slip away underfoot. She’s sent her brother to the castle to apprehend him, though she knows plenty of other forces in her employ are seeking the heir out, as well.

She’s given over a Mist Bomb to a thief to help out with the notorious bodyguard of the Heir, though Mist is another of those things that seem unreliable and questionably powerful; many of her ships use Mist, but her own flagship, Leander, uses steam instead. Far more predictable.


I Could Tip You Like A Vintage Wine

Name: Oleander Arkidos
Age: 29
Race: Human
Occupation: Imperator

Zodiac: Scorpio; Ixion; the constellation of Scorpio runs up his left leg as golden freckles.

Appearance: Oleander Arkidos stands at an impressively intimidating 6’5”, with black hair that he keeps cut short around his ears. His eyes are similarly amber, although his skin is usually a bit more tan than Zariel’s (no doubt due to more sun exposure). While he retains the lithe and athletic build of his family, he seems to have more strength than his appearance suggests, the power hinted at in black lines that cross his arms and legs and on occasion, glow amber.

Weapon: Save The Queen Greatsword (similar black line to his tattoos through the center of it; seems nigh-unbreakable)

Notable Talents (combat/non-combat):

  • Enhanced: Through magical manipulation in his veins, Oleander is notably faster and stronger than he should be.
  • Swordplay: Skilled with the sword, notably greatswords, claymores, and things that require two-hands.
  • Noble Courtesies: Has been highly educated and had private tutors, knows the workings of the high courts and politicians, skilled in dancing and mingling.
  • Military Leadership: although a skilled individual fighter, Oleander also excels in crafting strategy for large scale battles and managing command of it, particularly on the ground.
  • Animal Taming: Seems to be able to work with most animals and is rarely attacked when wandering the ground. Notably a great chocobo tamer, and has been known to enter in chocobo races in disguise.
  • Magical Backfire: At times, the tattoos seem to have a negative impact on Oleander, though it’s unclear why. It seems to happen when he’s under immense stress or damage, he starts spurting electricity which will hurt anyone near him.

Brief History:

Oleander Arkidos was the second child of Lavi and Bellona, and favored by Bellona and many of her relatives to ascend, whereas Zariel was favored by Lavi and much of his family. Competition was a part of the childhood of nobility in general; it was rare for families to have more than one child reach adulthood. The fact that both were recognized as marked did not make much of a difference, except that it was suggested to find a way to imprison their other sibling, or otherwise, make sure of their subjugation, rather than kill.

It was just so tedious to find marked people, after all, and it was necessary to put an end to Ophiuchus.

As was their wars with their neighboring countries, nevermind the inherent hypocrisy of trying to prevent Ophiuchus from taking away their free will, by subduing other nations and taking away their way of life. There were more important things.

Oleander was a difficult child, though. Bellona was one of the few who could keep him on task, and get into his head – he was certainly a “Mama’s Boy” – but he was still finding ways to sneak around, and he was terribly curious about his sister, his rival, Zariel. They were frequently pitted against each other, but also told to work together, which was frustratingly confusing for Oleander. He wasn’t quite as good at masking his emotions as Zariel seemed to be.

And he watched as she won over rooms with her smile and her words, he watched how she was coached differently from he was, how she fought differently, and did everything differently. He was jealous, and he started sneaking around at night to find her and demand she start teaching him some of these things.

To his surprise, she did.

She explained, as well, why she was taught a certain way, what her strengths were, and she lauded him for his strengths, as well. Though he was initially suspicious of this, particularly into their teenage years, she never seemed willing to fight him on credit. She gave him his due.

She remained an enigma to him for years, and he still considers her that way.

The moment their relationship truly changed from rivals to allies is the moment he knows Zariel would most like to forget: Lavi’s betrayal. Lavi had grown increasingly frustrated with Zariel not showing her true potential as Leo, and Oleander walked in on his attempt to force it from Zariel: he found her pierced through with a greatsword.

To this day, Oleander does not know how she survived, but he knows that he killed his father, Lavi, and later, Bellona. He carried Zariel’s body to get medical attention, and confessed his sins. He was put into a cell, but Bellona went to see him, and gave him a vial of poison, insisting he poison Zariel and take the crown, now that they had a chance.

He shoved the poison down Bellona’s throat and she died in his cell.

She was found the next day.

Oleander stayed in there for a week until Zariel was able to come down and free him herself, lying to the world about what had actually happened. Though Oleander knows what happened, occasionally, he questions it – perhaps it is as Zariel said, and an assassin had come into the castle. He saved her from an assassin, not Lavi – and Bellona committed suicide in her grief.

Zariel pressed on.

They continued in their ways of conquering kingdoms, seeking those with marks, all for the greater mission of putting an end to the machinations of Ophiuchus.

Oleander has gotten distracted a time or two, and still frequently ducks out of the castle to pursue other activities. It’s an ill-kept secret that he likes to race chocobos, legally or illegally. It’s a better-kept secret that he has a daughter, Lilia Vespers. He had to take her in to his life after her mother was killed; he doesn’t know how or why, but he suspects it’s because of her connections to him. While he wouldn’t say he loved the mother, Trisha Vespers, he wasn’t going to leave his daughter or her out in the cold, either. So, Lilia is kept near, or in a safe place, now 4-years old, and starting to ask too many questions…like why they don’t share a last name.

He tries to distract her with trips, toys, and tutors. Anything, really.

With the most recent conquest of a kingdom known to house a marked, they are one kingdom away from ruling the continent – and a few outlier nations, like the viera that are just so difficult to find, but that’s a problem for later.


I Could Tip You Like A Vintage Wine

Name: Reva
Age: 122
Race: Viera
Occupation: Royal Bodyguard

Zodiac: Pisces; Leviathan Guardian; the symbol stands out as the constellation marking on the back of her right shoulder, the freckling marks not white like the others but golden.

Appearance: Reva has nearly black skin, and white hair, with white ears that have a few black spots on them. Her hair is long, falling nearly to her knees, and a bit of a mess to deal with. It’s often in a messy French braid of some sort. She has red eyes, and light freckles dot her skin. She stands at an imposing 5’11” (not including ears), and with heels, that is often bumped up to 6’2”. She is obviously well-toned, with notable muscle definition.

She wears heels as a necessity for how her feet are shaped, that add at least 3” to her height. Her armor protects joints more than anything as pieces of plate, and she wears something of a dress-tabard in the colors of the kingdom, though the slits are all the way up to her hips for range of movement, and it doesn’t cover her arms at all.

Weapon(s): Steel Word (a naginata that looks pretty enough to be ceremonial, but it is decidedly not)

Notable Talents (combat/non-combat):

  • Summoning: Leviathan
  • Martial Arts fighting
  • Enhanced Hearing
  • The Green Word (although it is hard to hear it, Reva knows how to speak it, and how to move through most any forest environment where Viera live)
  • Water, Ice, and Lightning magic (learned through partnership with Leviathan)
  • Naginata-Wielding/Polearm Wielding
  • Academic Education (specialized in botany, but it gave her a well-rounded education and understanding of human culture/importances)
  • Salve-making and Alchemy, to some degree – good at using animal parts and plants to create useful things.
  • Bilingual (Viis – Viera language, and Common Tongue of humans)
  • Mist Frenzy – not exactly a talent, and can be detrimental, but under the influence of Aether Mist she enters something of a berserk frenzy where her strength and physical abilities heighten, but her magic goes to almost nothing and she can find it hard to differentiate between Friend and Foe. Tends to force Leviathan to be summoned.
Brief History:

Reva comes from a forest of evergreens, far in the north, known to the Viera as the Faded Timberlands, although humes seem to be content with just calling it the ‘White Forest’. Reva was a rarity among her own kind, as most in the Timberlands were white of skin and white of hair, while she was born black. She wasn’t the only one, and many of her siblings have been this way, but amongst those who rely on blending in, she stood out.

There were plenty of paths before her: to be a hunter, to be a healer, to being a caretaker, and other options – but none of them included venturing out from the Faded Timberlands. Reva began down the path of caretaker, learning the animals in the forest, and learning how to listen to the Timberlands so she knew what it needed, and where trouble was. She picked up martial skills on this job, even though she was not a huntress. For many years, she was content with this life.

Then, things changed, and she began to hear a call from further than the Timberlands, in a voice so like the Timberlands but not quite. She was the only viera to hear it, as she tried to speak to others within her clan about it – but none heard it, and they suggested she put it out of mind. It was nearly impossible to do so, and she ended up following it one day.

Two of her sisters followed a while, trying to call her back as she continued, entering an area of the timberlands where a mist flowed between the trees. It was then the three realized that the mist had taken over land they should have been treating, trying to cut off the voice of the Timberlands to them, and it was also poisoning their minds, as it had done to other viera who came this way, so they could not report on it.

They all entered into a frenzy, and may have killed each other, were it not for something snapping in Reva.

Out of the mist – pulling that mist, and the snow, together into form, came Leviathan. Although his summoner could not speak, command, or otherwise control him, Leviathan acted to help the summoner and dispersed the mist, turning it into a rain and an unnatural storm, and easing the minds of the three viera who had ventured that way.

Reva returned to her senses, and Leviathan came down to her, allowing her to get used to his presence as she stroked his head, and tried to speak with him. She heard a voice, but it was unclear, muffled. She knew it for his, and knew she would attune herself to him. She did not send him away – she knew not how, but he left on his own accord, and the three went back to the village to tell them the situation, which began a process of re-mapping that Reva was involved in.

Reva tended the injured woods, but realized that there was so much more out there – and that by not knowing it, the viera were putting themselves at risk. Reva argued with the elders of her village, but they refused to grant any pardon, or permission, to leave.

Reva left anyways, on her own, and has not looked back.

The sounds of woods and nature have been muffled over the years, but not so her hearing of Leviathan, and something other, what she thinks may be the sound of the Entirety, but it’s hard to pick out individual voices in the stream. For the most part, she does not focus on the constant stream of sounds, but on what is immediately present.

She wandered the world, meeting others, and learning of the vast world around her. She went to study in some of the hume academies, and taught them a bit of what she could about forest life in exchange, given that gil was something of a foreign concept for her, for a while.

She ended up befriending a princess, unbeknownst to her, and she would later reach out to Reva and offer her a position in her court.

From that, Reva has become a bodyguard for the royal family, with access to much, although her desire to wander has returned frequently. She’s agreed to stay on at least until her friend passes on.

Reva never thought it would happen in war with the Arkidian Empire, or that she’d find herself staying to protect her friend’s son and see him back to his throne.


I Could Tip You Like A Vintage Wine

Name: Didymus “Diddy” McCallen
Age: 24
Race: Human
Occupation: “Kidnapper”/Mercenary

Zodiac: Gemini; Garuda; golden constellation appears on his left arm near his wrist.

Appearance: Didymus stands at 5’8”, with messy dark auburn hair, and tanned skin. He has some freckles, and dark green eyes. He is lean, but not terribly muscular; has some tone but not much definition, much more on the soft-lean side.

Tends to dress in a manner that would blend in wherever he is, usually in beiges, browns, blacks, or greens. Usually dressed ‘poorly’, simple tunics and slacks, with boots.

Weapon(s): Usually three of each “bomb” (Poison Mist, Sleeping Mist, Confusion Mist, Smoke Bomb), a set of poisoned twin daggers.
--1 Smoke Bomb.
--2 Poison Bomb.
--1 Sleeping Bomb
--2 Confusion Bomb
--1 Mist Bomb

Notable Talents (combat/non-combat):

  • Lockpicking
  • Pickpocket
  • Poison-Crafting and Antidote-Crafting (capable of making poison and antidotes, and using them effectively)
  • “Bomb” making (more like poison mists that he can use – also smokescreens. Not actual explosives).
  • Nearly quiet walking – very light on his feet and very agile.
  • Actually a damn good dancer
  • Also a damn good chef
  • Usually something of an escape artist – it’s hard to keep him locked up.
  • Charming, when he needs to be.

Brief History:

Didymus McCallen was born a twin, but his sister died just hours after she was born. Didymus was still told about her, and he knows that she passed on early, and was expected, and loved. She had a pink baby blanket made for her, but Didymus used it in his infancy. As he grew up, he ended up having her baby blanket turned into a pillow, as well as the extra strips taken and turned into a bracelet he wears.

He likes to think she’s still there, looking after him, especially given he’s recognized his odd birthmark to be the symbol of the twins in the sky. He has no other idea what it means, but he keeps the bracelet on that arm, and touches it for luck.

His parents loved him, but they were poor. He saw them frequently go without so he would eat, so he learned how to get more, whether that meant talking people into giving him more, or stealing it. Of course, his parents figured this out, and told him to stop it – but he didn’t. He just found a way to sneak a few extra coins into their purses, so they didn’t notice it. Or take items they already had, like if they had a half loaf of bread, he’d steal another half-loaf.

Then it seems like the bread was just cut in half, and not used.

As he got older, however, he became more embittered by what he didn’t have, and what others did have. He fell in with a few groups who wanted to spread the wealth a bit more, and they pilfered and pillaged noble homes.

While his so-called friends tended to keep and hoard the wealth for themselves, he took his share and spread it out in his community so it couldn’t be traced easily to him. His “friends” weren’t so lucky, getting caught by their trail of wealth, and eventually, one of them outed him as the mastermind.

He had to run far from home, though he told his parents he was in college – he’d found a patron! Of course!

That was far from the truth, but it kept them ignorant of what was really going on for quite a while. He escaped prisons frequently, until one day, he messed with the VERY wrong person in the Arkidian Empire, and found himself unable to get out of his cell this time, and on the hook for attempting to steal something that belonged to the Imperial Family.

He was offered relief from someone he’d run with in the past, who was now working with the Arkidian Imperial Family directly – but it came with a condition. He had to “steal” someone.

Well, he wasn’t really going to say no, given this someone also knew his parents and his community, and had made it clear they would suffer more than they already were without his support. So, he agreed to go kidnap the heir, figuring it wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t like he cared what happened to these rich people, anyways.
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Name: Cleon Bandoethel
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Occupation: Heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Ucantis

Zodiac: Cancer; Asura; constellation found atop of his right hand, one end extending from the base of his thumb up his middle finger, with the other end extending down towards his wrist.

Appearance: Cleon stands at a respective 5'8, shorter perhaps for most men, but taller than most Bandoethel men. He has an athletic and strong build, though, his soft features in his face almost seems odd. His brown and curly hair reaches the bottom of his back, and he shows little intent to cut it any time soon. Long hair is a symbol of great pride both for both men and women. He has dark brown eyes, and very few scars or blemishes to speak of.

Clothing wise, Cleon rotates between his current style, and sometimes forgoes the cape, jacket, and ornamental dressings on a casual basis.

Weapon(s): Severance (similar to the sword above, only with a darker hue; a falchion. Rumoured to be a blade that harnesses darkness to be used against enemies, at the cost of the user's strength.)

Notable Talents (combat/non-combat):
  • Swordplay (in the use of single-handed swords, with firm favourites falchion, rapier, and longsword.)
  • Hand-to-hand combat.
  • Quick on his feet - strikes with speed and most of the time can parry with great skill.
  • Noble Etiquette; like any noble, he was given nothing but the best education, expansive knowledge and experience of politics and high court, and a secure set of manners and social skills.
  • Oration, for apparently given the chance, he can be surprisingly persuasive and inspiring.
  • Haggler; apparently compliments work a charm.
  • Fast reader; perhaps an odd or not-so-useful skill to some, but you never know when it comes in handy.

Brief History: A Bandoethel's birth had always been marred by the arrival of a dying child. The Bandoethel's had an unfortunate history of sick children, who lay, having barely tasted life, in the castle's crypt. This child was no different. His mother, Inara, had lost a brother and two sisters to sickness, all at varying ages, and the thought of losing her own was something she had to steel herself for.

After several days of the unknown, the boy cried. Crying was a good sign for the babies, a sign of resilience and strength to fight on. And especially so, the strange symbol on his hand, one similar to Reva's, only further solidified that fight and possible hidden power within him. The first time Inara held that boy was the first time she let herself be vulnerable to the love she had for him, to be hopeful.

Though, with one joy, only came another tragedy. A few months after the birth, the child's father, Inara's husband, had been slaughtered, after being caught up in an attack whilst away on negotiations in another kingdom. The news left Inara devastated, heartbroken, and the only thing keeping her from being torn asunder was the son that had been left behind with her. Bearing no name at the time, due to how often children seemed to die in their family, he was named Cleon, after the father he would never come to know, and as such, was the Second of his name.

Cleon had lived a life smothered by only the best protection and care for him. With a war going on, and Cleon not exactly being the epitome of health himself, Reva, an old friend of Inara, was placed as his Bodyguard. Though she had been placed to protect him from harm, Cleon had come to see her as family, as close to him as he was to his mother. Most of the time he had bothered her to play with him, or insisted she carry him on her back, or pulled and stroked at her ears despite constant insistence that he cease such behaviour.

As a child, though he was disgruntled to be kept inside the castle grounds or in his room so much, he blindly obeyed his mother's rules. Though, as he grew older, his tolerance for being caged wore out. On one particular day, around 13, he snuck out, managing to get to a nearby forest, wishing to explore it on his own. Though, he terribly misjudged where he was meant to go, and found himself lost in its depths. Three days had passed before he had been found by Reva, cold, starving, and succumbing to a wicked fever. It was enough to take the energy out of him, even worse, to send him teetering near the edge of death once again, but only under Inara, Reva, and other staff's care was he able to escape the fever's tight grip and survived.

You would think such an event would be a lesson to Cleon, to make him see that perhaps staying inside was for his own good after all. Instead, the boy insisted on being taught how to survive, how to fight, and no less, had practically demanded Reva be the one to teach him. Inara, at first, wouldn't permit it, for his son could fall just as ill again, and lesser known to Cleon, she was afraid of what danger his mark would get him in. It caused such an outburst of emotion from Cleon, or at least, as much as his currently regaining strength would allow him. If he bore a mark similar to Reva's, and she was able to manifest great power, how was he meant to handle such a power should he ever show it? Sure, he needed his wits and common sense to survive, but he had to have a degree of strength also.

Inara, after much deliberation, and perhaps some pushing from Reva on her part, decided to allow the arrangement. But, she only asked that Cleon never partakes in the physical fighting of war. If she were to die, Cleon would have to shoulder the kingdom. To lose him like she lost her father to war would be a terrible omen, spell so much as the end of Ucantis.

From then, Cleon went on to harness his skills in combat, particularly gaining proficiency with hand-to-hand and single-handed sword techniques. Healing magic, which he still seeks to try and control at 23, is paltry and weak, ironically, like him before he grew stronger, he often jokes. A much stronger and fine young man, even though he lets his emotions boil over, he no doubt will grow further to be a suitable heir to take his mother's place, in time.

Time, however, is something no one can hold onto.


One Espresso Depresso

Name: Kikiti Tochu
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Race: Lalafell/Human mix
Occupation: Apprentice

Zodiac: Libra; Kirin; constellation appears on the base of her left foot.

Appearance: Standing taller than most Lalafell, but significantly shorter than humans, at 3'3, and with a less stockier build and thinner build. Due to her height and soft features, and her higher-pitched voice, she's often regarded as a human child, rather than an older Lalafell/Human mix. From her hands, to her feet, everything about her seems...small and cutesy really! She's got those big brown eyes, the nose that makes her face look all scrunched up and like a mouse, that brown, hay-like hair all tied back...what an adorable munchkin.

Her clothing seems to be a mis-match of materials she's acquired over the years - the cloth she uses to tie up her hair from an old skirt, the yellow, black, and turquoise patterned triangles over her head and pointed ears, from some old trousers. The leather shoulder piece, and the other leather pieces on her left arm from old jackets that she cleaned and pretty-fied with ribbons. The dress was a pair of curtains Kikiti fashioned for herself. The scarf, well, that was a gift from her neighbour. She didn't design the leggings she wears underneath or the boots. She's good, but she ain't that good.

Weapon(s): Gaia's Embrace - or Gaia's Hate if you make Kikiti angry enough. A long wooden staff, its head curved almost into like the head of a sickle.

Notable Talents (combat/non-combat):
  • Skilled in White Magic - spells include Cure, Libra, Poisona, Toad.
  • Can make some basic medicines and salves.
  • Is able to confidently treat others with or without magic, and has competent knowledge on anatomy.
  • A talented seamstress - a lot of her clothing she makes herself and has even provided clothing for human children her height.
  • Street Smart - she has a fair intuition of knowing if someone is a bad egg or not, when someone wants to take advantage of you, and generally, has a lot more common sense that nobles may not.
Brief History: Born to a human father, and a Lalafell mother, Kikiti's birth was almost...a spectacle. Interspecies relationships were rare, and interspecies breeding was even more of a rarity. Even more so, Kikiti was a quick one, who was born inside a tavern. By the time her mother had realised, there was no time to get to an infirmary or back home, and she popped out right there and then. The resulting birth was met with drunken cheers, and it seemed even the Chocobos celebrated outside. People had even remarked on hearing the distant sound of hooves stamping outside...also a strange birthmark on her foot, but the happy mother just assumed it was freckles and the wrinkly tiny feet!

Anyway, she was brought home, safe and sound, with two very happy parents. The three of them lived in above her father, Marden's, shop, which sold various strange trinkets that tourists were often enthusiastic to buy. Her mother, Sosola, was a seamstress and often took on enough jobs since the whole district came to her to sew things. The district they lived in was one of a tight-knit community, where everyone knew everyone and their business, but also was committed to helping anyone should they need it.

Though, the community was opening and friendly, Uncantis often had its fair few of racists and bullies. Sometimes children would poke at Kikiti's scrunched up face and laugh at her, or trip her up, or say such terrible things like neither Humans nor Lalafell would accept a freak of nature like her. Adults could sneer at her, stare, even make insulting comments on her height. Of course, she had relayed what these horrible people said about her to her parents, and of course, they had given her the sage old advice of...

Take no shit.

Kids bullying you for your ugly nose? Give them an uglier nose. Adults whispering behind your back? Whisper behind their backs. Surprisingly, such methods seemed to work. Kikiti broke another kid's nose by whacking him too hard, though, immediately regretted it, and had apologised and tried her best to fix it up. One merchant on the other side of the city was caught in a rumour about how he ripped birds heads off and ate them, and a surprising number of feathers scattered in his shop seemed to give weight to such rumours. Of course, racism and bullying hadn't been eradicated forever, but the comments and sneers certainly stopped after that.

Despite the attitude change when it came to Kikiti, a part of her still wanted to help people. She often became conflicted in situations whether to be hostile or not. Thankfully, one day, where she was 13 she decided not to be with an older woman who had been staring at her for some time, before approaching and speaking with her. She started spouting something about her having 'healing hands', when really, they were small and rough with her roundhousing and her hobbies of sewing and the like. The woman struggled to find anyone who would learn the ways of a healing mage; every snotty-nosed brat wanted to be a Paladin, or a Dark Knight, or an Archer, or...a Beserker of all things. Mages were hard to come by in Ucantis.

Kikiti eventually took the woman up on her offer to help with her small infirmary for some extra gil (her dad wouldn't even pay her to help out in the shop. Apparently having a roof over your head and food in your belly counted as a wage nowadays). From then, you could say Kikiti was an apprentice. She helped with creating and stocking medicines, diagnosing patients, often telling patients how stupid they were for not making sure someone was holding a ladder, and henceforth, their arm being broken in three different places. She was a good healer, but her tongue wasn't soothing or comforting. She expected just to live the rest of her life as a mundane healer in a mundane place. She supposed she didn't have to make any major decisions then.

Until the start of a bad joke, a Viera, a Prince, and a Ruffian barge into the infirmary that she's been tasked to oversee while her employer is out. It's there that the major decision making only begins...
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Name: Lixue Virys
Age: 34
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Occupation: Advisor to the Empress, Specialist Scientist in Magical Enhancements

Zodiac: Aquarius; Shiva; constellation is found in the centre of his lower back.

Appearance: Standing at 6'0, Lixue possesses a lithe figure, with sharp facial features, and cool, watchful blue eyes. With light blond hair, he keeps it cut in and short at his neck, the ends equally as his sharp as his face, it seems. He always dresses smartly - always a waistcoat and tie, and always in the colours of his beloved Empire that his family have loyally served for nearly 80 years. Both his ears are pierced and filled with white studs.

Weapon(s): A short sword and dagger - neither he has bothered to name, for he believes weapon names are rather silly.

Notable Talents (combat/non-combat):
  • Summoning: Shiva
  • Skilled in the use of daggers.
  • Noble Education: because of his esteemed education in one of the Empire's private schools and his own research, he is incredibly knowledgable on other nations, their traditions and cultures, main source of revenue, geography, and the list goes on.
  • Magical Defense - due to his tampering with nature by testing enhancements on himself, he gained the ability to negate the majority of magic attacks. The downside is, physical damage is more detrimental to him.
  • Highly skilled in the arts of offensive magic, also a result of his enhancements (spells include Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, Sleep, and Poison).
  • A negotiator.
  • An avid gambler and blackjack player. Apparently his odds of winning are incredibly successful.
Brief History: Born into the middle of two sisters, Yenay and Sying, of the noble House Virys, it had always strong ties to Royal Family of Arkidos, acting as their researchers, advisors, scientists. Big heads to house big minds, as many often crudely put regarding the family.

Like any other prominent noble family, Lixue was well-educated and well-informed of what his career pathway would be in life. To carry the traditions of House Virys was of immense importance. Thankfully, Lixue took to that well, having excelled in his studies and showing great awareness of his role to come in life. He had little choice other than to do so; his mother, Chyou, was a hard woman. Her son, despite having the mark of Aquarius, didn't get away from her stern insistence that he study hard. He would need it if the Zodiacs were to face against Ophiuchus in the future.

It came to pass that 'all work' wasn't quite for Lixue. As a teenager, the family came into dire financial problems. Their father, Laquan, in a moment of drunken idiocy, had a substantial amount of the family's money in one unlucky game of blackjack. It was an embarrassing scandal that spread throughout the Arkidian Empire. Rather than take a simpler option, like find a part-time job, or beg, or busk, or practically anything else, Lixue tried his hand at gambling. He was terrible, at first. He couldn't predict the odds from his evens, didn't know when to quit while he was ahead. It was only by the aid of a regular gambler, a man whom he never grabbed the name of, nor saw again, who taught him the tricks of the trade. It took some time, but with practice, and patience, Lixue managed to regain the substantial amount of money his idiot father had lost.

Gambling would only become a larger part of his work in the future. Even when he found himself as a scientist under the employment of the Arkidian Empire, he took constant risks with research, with testing, but they were risks with tangible results. His work meant he had discovered the benefits of magical enhancement; first, drained from monsters, but found it could be taken from sources which had a high or dormant pool of magic. It was applied to technology, to creatures such as Chocobos, and eventually Lixue asked for human subjects to test them on. His requests were denied several times, the fear that if it had almost killed creatures or caused technology upon initial testing to go haywire, then it could most certainly kill a human.

Lixue, determined to advance his research further, decided he would test it on himself. It was a deadly process. His body, seeing the magic enhancements in his system as an obviously foreign body, fought against it. He experienced several side effects; increased heart rate and palpitations, fever, fatigue, vomiting, a recipe for disaster and death.

For once in his life, Lixue feared the consequences. He hated the odds. Luck was on anyone's side but his. He begged for death, for relief, an end to his suffering. For once, he let his emotions which he kept so well in check, the poker face he held everywhere, run rampant with despair and misery. He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know what he could do.

That was when it happened. The room was cast in an ethereal blue glow, an icy chill prickling at his skin. And walking towards him, with the floor freezing at every step -- his mother? One One of his sisters? No, a woman, with pale blue skin, coated in...very few means of blue and purple attire, stopping to stand over a squirming Lixue on the ground.

He wasn’t in his right mind when he asked her, Shiva, to put him out of his misery, that he could take no more. He despised not being in control, especially of his own emotions. Her voice, like a set of chimes ringing in his mind, cryptically told him he no longer needed to be fearful, that he would ease his pain. And with a cold kiss upon his lips, ones that felt oddly warm for being so cold, Lixue felt his body stiffen, his blood freeze, and he blacked out before he could realise his fate.

Lixue’s part of the lab had frozen, a mirror of the interior of an ice cave. At the centre of it all was a cocoon of ice, a myriad of icy spikes protecting it. The scientists who found it could barely make out a person inside of it, and since Lixue hadn’t been seen since the day before, their only theory was that he was inside of it. Despite multiple attempts to break it or melt it itself, the ice put up a sturdy defence, even breaking the sturdiest of tools. Eventually, the ice cracked itself, and out came the hatchling Lixue, unharmed, and his only change being his hair, turning a pale blonde from his original soot-black hair. This, however, had been a result of his experimentation on himself, rather than Shiva’s doing. His mother grilled him that same afternoon on what brought about the situation, and Lixue, back to his controlled, poker-faced self, explained with clear detail what had happened. Death brought about Zodiacs, was his conclusion, yet, part of him knew there had to be much more to the idea...

Lixue would eventually learn he developed a resistance to magical attacks after a Thunder spell from a Mage went askew and hit him. He, himself, produced a much larger flame than he was used to when lighting a fire during his late-night research bouts. When he sliced his palm on a knife, he found the wound would take rather long to stop bleeding. Further research of his concluded he would bruise easily, and he hated to think how easily his bones could snap if someone was given the chance to break them. With the pros came the cons, but it seemed to Lixue, it was a gamble worth taking.

Needless to say, his endeavour was noticed. More funding was gifted to the project of magical enhancements, and it was something that Lixue came to specialise in. Though, this time around, he made sure to enhance in small doses, and was much more cautious. The first successful enhancement was found in a soldier, Bukari Lyons, who displayed immense strength, to the point the very ground shook when he struck it. Oleander Arkidos would later be among a string of successful participants, also displaying incredible strength and speed to boot. Lixue keeps constant tabs on past participants, and it's no different with Oleander, with constant probing over any ill-signs, another dose of enhancement to test the laws of nature further, and so forth.

How he came to be closer to Zariel was after the 10ft fire incident. Chyou, as forward and blunt as most Virys family members were, was determined to discover more through her research with Zariel and her Zodiac, particularly in her difficulty to resummon it. Lixue himself had suggested further strengthening her magic in a theory that might help to resummon her Zodiac, though, the Empress had eventually decided against bodily manipulation. Probably wise, Lixue had told her in a cryptic manner.

It hadn't been the last the two would see nor interact with each other. Often invited to meetings, he would to report findings or make suggestions, he would often be one of the rare few to actively disagree with Zariel on motions or matters of state. His excuses for such cutting criticisms was that a Lixue could not change its spots, and she had asked for his opinion, and he would give it, uncut, and not wrapped up in the ribbons of pretty words. It seemed to be appreciated, for his opinion was sought after, and he eventually began spending less time in his precious labs, and instead with Zariel as an Advisor.

Now, with Ucantis as their next major conquest, Lixue stands firmly at Zariel's side, ready to advise, but ready to fight, should he need to. Most importantly, he wants to solve the mysteries of the Zodiac, and most importantly, the mystery of Zariel's Zodiac...
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Name: Jagger Petrea
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Occupation: Mercenary for Hire

Zodiac: Aries; Ifrit; constellation found on her upper outside left thigh.

Appearance: Jagger stands at 5'4 with an athletic figure and some strong muscles to boot. Her skin tanner and darker than most, due to her originally living in Prumoor. She has green eyes and blonde hair that reaches the middle of her back, but often ties up and braids to keep out of the way. Her job as a merc has seen her earn several scars over the years; one on her right cheek, two on her abdomen, and some scattered on her left arm. She also has some burn scars on her hands and upper back, but tends to keep them well hidden by gloves or her shirt.

As for her attire, she normally wears a shirt that is fastened below her breasts, with rolled up sleeves, and some blue leather fastenings over her chest, and around her head. She also wears blue leather pants, and some thick brown leather boots. In battle, she has the sense to wear thicker steel armour, and though it limits her movement, means she can take much more damage to it.

Weapon(s): Last Rites (a double-headed great axe - its handle is coated in blue, with a green ribbon attached to it. The two heads themselves are oddly shaped, as if a pair of daggers, though much thicker, and a hell of a lot sharper. Its edges are white, whilst the inside is black. The weapon has seen a lot of wear it seems, but its blade hasn't been dulled.)

Spike (aptly named, for the spiked steel ball and flail. The ball can be cast out, and retracted back, reaching up to 6m in front of her, acting as a ball and chain and a flail.)

Notable Talents (combat/non-combat):
  • Specialises in heavy weaponry (favourites being axes, maces, hammers).
  • Also a badass with flails.
  • An expert in setting up traps (for animals and humans).
  • Can drink just about anyone under the table. Her tolerance of alcohol is...rather high.
  • A successful blackmailer (and to a lesser extent, getting what she wants by way of past favours).
  • Remarkable strength and defence, of her own merit in training.
  • A surprisingly good navigator - she's been known not to use maps before, and use only the stars and other means to travel, or when she's gotten lost before.
Brief History: Jagger didn't really know what happened to her parents before she was placed in an orphanage when she was barely old enough to toddle and still shitting herself. She had heard they had died of disease, were running from the law, or that they just placed in here and were probably gallivanting in some other city. Fine by her. She never knew them, so she didn't see the need to get so upset about people she didn't know. And anyway, she had the orphanage. It wasn't the best-kept place, what with funding falling through and instead, going towards their caretaker's drinking habits, but she let them do whatever the hell they wanted. It was pretty great, and hell, she ran the show.

Until Jagger was adopted by some well-to-do family in Prumoor. They had a record of adopting poor and disadvantaged children, and to give them a life they would never even think of being able to achieve by themselves. Ugh. It sounded wonderful, for anyone who wasn't her. At this big fancy house or prison as she likened it to, she was forced to follow a strict set of rules, to dress a certain way, even behave a certain way! She couldn't even play in the muck or go running out into the street! Worst of all, they renamed her Jesabelle of all things. What a stupid name.

'Jesabelle' was gonna suck it up and just fake smile her way through it, but that was until a group of people decided to kidnap her of all the kids in the house, at 15. The kidnapping wasn't all bad, it meant days away from that pretty house, and not having to act so prissy for a bit. Unfortunately, that dream ended after about a week, when a band of mercenaries came rolling in to save her. She was returned safely to Prumoor, money was passed from the clients, and 'Jesabelle' was tucked away in that pretty little house once again. Only, once everyone went to bed that night, she grabbed what she could carry and what would be useful, and ran after the mercenaries who were leaving that night again. How she managed to weasel her way into their troupe was a mystery to some, though, she did have some support from the leader's daughter, Juno, who was only a year older than her.

Time passed, and Jagger showed her worth. She trained with weapons, learned tricks of the trade, and never backed down from a challenge. Whether she was fighting monsters, beating up some rival family's snotty little kid for trying to sabotage another family, she took everything in her stride. Often, she stuck her nose in places where perhaps she shouldn't have, but she kept her nose clean, for the most part. Her and Juno were like two peas in a pod, practically inseparable, the bestest of pals, until they weren't. Lovebirds became a more apt term for them. They made plans to make enough money and fuck off somewhere on their own. Travel further beyond Hyune even! They had such big plans.

Until a contract went horribly wrong. Sent to a warehouse to take of some criminals and their illegal smuggling business, Jagger charged on in, only, to find the place completely empty, completely dark.

Until a contract went horribly wrong. Sent to a warehouse to take of some criminals and their illegal smuggling business, Jagger charged on in, only to find the place completely empty, completely dark. She took steps further in, and her foot tripped a wire. Next thing she knew, there were explosions, the warehouse went up in flames. The building was practically falling apart around them. There were other mercs in with her, Juno too. Jagger couldn't save them all, Juno had been first priority, and she could only go in for so many more before it wasn't possible anymore.

In the end, it hadn't mattered. Juno died as a result of her injuries. It hurt Jagger more, much more than her own burns and injuries, than the scarring on her hands. Her father told her it wasn't her fault, that none of them couldn't have known. But she knew that was something she would carry for the rest of her life. Her actions cost countless lives.

That was three years ago. Since then, she left her old Merc group. It wasn't fair to them, to Juno, to her dad. Perhaps she was a coward, but how could she stay after what had happened? From then, she started travelling between nations, taking on odd jobs when she could, until she fell in with another merc group. It wasn't the same, but it was still work. She became a trusted and valued member. Hell, after being with them for over two years, she was the one leading them. Life got somewhat better, less of a pain.

Eventually, her group signed on with the Adrestian Empire. They needed every person they could for their little conquest across the continent. She wasn't sure what it was really for, but again, that hadn't mattered to her. There was money involved, and perhaps some fame, so she took it on. Further down the line, she'd hear of the imprisonment of one Didymus, a name she recognised and remembered very well. She had done him a good turn once, got caught thieving and found his ass in a jail cell. She watched it happen, knew he did it, but she still went and paid off the local law enforcement for them to turn a blind eye. A good sum of money that was going to her future travelling fund. He owed her, big time.

Jagger went to him, a rather odd happy reunion on both sides of the bar, and said she found a way to get his ass out of jail...but she wouldn't be paying his way out. He would, with one of the most valuable things he could hope to steal.

The Prince of Ucantis.


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Name: Hector Ilium
Age: 17
Race: Human
Occupation: Pirate?

Zodiac: Virgo; Alexander; golden constellation appears on his chest, over his heart.

Appearance: Hector Ilium stands at 5’7”, with golden-tanned skin, and hair he dyes blue-black (it’s naturally brown). His eyes are a hazel-brown, though some would call them green, they’re just not looking closely enough. He has a toned, sculpted build that he’s meticulous about, almost as obsessive about his hair and his attire. He tends towards Rozari flavors in clothing – loose and open, the hint of exceptional luxury written into all of it, since it’s clearly attire no sane person would wear for labor or anything else.

Weapon(s): He keeps one blunderbuss-style gun on his person (which no one seems to understand what it is), as well as a cutlass. He does have ammunition for the blunderbuss that he makes specially himself.

Notable Talents (combat/non-combat):

  • Innovative genius – if it has mechanics, he can usually figure out how it works, and how to take it apart. He has also created a few things, for himself, the ship he travels on, and his companion.
  • Multi-lingual – has traveled beyond Hyune and learned a few additional languages. Not fluent in all, but can get around.
  • Moogle Network. The less one understands, the better, honestly. He has lots of moogle friends.
  • Sharpshooter – with his blunderbuss
  • Some swordplay skill but he really doesn’t prefer it.
  • Disciplined – or perfectionist; he keeps everything tidy, he has high standards for himself, and for all of his work, and gets immensely frustrated when things fall short.

Brief History:

Hector Ilium was not born under that name, but he doesn’t give a rat’s ass what his parents called him. He has made a point to do his best to forget them. They lost him in a bet when he was five years old, and he was more or less a slave from that point until his liberation by a pirate. He was used to get into tiny places other people couldn’t get to, and forced to do everything perfectly. Most of the others in the same situation were kids, or moogles -- which has led to him being rather sympathetic towards moogles.

He had to look a certain way at all times, act a certain way, or else he risked going without food, being beaten, or otherwise abused. He loathed it, and hoped to one day win his freedom back – but for a while, he took what skills he could and plotted the demise of his owner, who one day fell upon bad luck of their own.

They lost Hector to a pirate.

Hector thought this would end up being more of the same, but to his surprise, and delight, the pirate gave him a bag of gil, and set him on his way. Only…he had nowhere to go. And was likely to just get picked up off the street and turned into a slave again, or a cheap laborer, so long as he stayed in Escander. So, given his choice to “go his own way”…he followed the pirate, and stowed away in his ship, only revealing himself once they were in the air.

He did his best to explain, and offered the gil back, promising to help out as he could if he could just get away from Escander.

The pirate didn’t have much of a choice unless he wanted to turn back, so, Hector was given a trial run – and quickly learned how to fix up the pirate ship. Better, he began to learn how to improve it! He adapted rapidly not only to the lifestyle, but to Rozari’s ways whenever the pirate dropped in for a visit. They've traveled far and wide, and made plenty of contacts, though almost everywhere they go, Hector seems to know a moogle, or make new friends, until it seemed like he could get almost any favor from them -- their messages are always free when they send out letters. Finding things, or ordering things, also isn't difficult.

Although he won’t say it, he kind of views the pirate as the father, or older brother, he never had, but always wanted. They’re just so cool, and always willing to let him run off whenever. Only, of course, he doesn’t want to.

He’s started to dream in the air, of going back to Escander one day – only to take it over and fix things. There’s others out there, like him, kids in slavery. He doesn’t like that.

But, for now, he has to live this life and build up his funds and abilities. That’s also meant learning to fight. He’s okay with a sword, but he’s better with a ‘gun’, as he calls it, and a ‘blunderbuss’ style. It confuses people. He makes the ammo and weapons all on his own since he doesn’t like the bow, and thinks crossbows are too slow given their straight aim. Not to mention, his failure with all things magic made him decide there had to be better ways for those who don’t want to just “brute force” everything.

A gun is a far better solution. It puts all the force he needs into it.


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Name: Oma
Age: 19
Race: Human
Occupation: Feral Woman

Zodiac: Taurus; Fenrir. Constellation is found behind her left ear.

Appearance: Oma stands at 5’6 with a strong figure. Her hair is matted, tangled, reaching all the way to the bottom of her back after years of growth and little maintenance. She has big amber eyes, and would look almost innocent, if she wasn’t snarling or growling or making other such predatorial expressions.

Oma appears to have no shame or awareness of what people would refer to as ‘decency’. She only has a few animal pelts as ‘clothing’ around her waist and torso, and some acting like cuffs on her arms, but otherwise has very little means of clothing. She runs barefoot, and with her time in the wild, has been known to cover herself in dirt and moss. She does have a myriad of bite and scratch marks that have scarred. Most prominently, she has a gash under her ribs, no doubt from an encounter from some sort of horned beast.

Weapon(s): Her hands, her legs, her teeth...she has a very physical way of fighting.

Notable Talents (combat/non-combat):
  • Great sense of smell: Need any more be said?
  • Excellent tracking skills: whether that be human or animal.
  • Beast Tamer: mimicking beast cries and sounds, adopting stances like beasts, and amongst other methods, Oma is able to tame and make beasts fight alongside her.
  • Agile: Oma is quick on her feet and is a great climber to boot.
  • Wrestling: having no doubt fought with animals and even humans at the best of times, she has remarkable strength despite her initial appearance.
  • Forager: Oma, having lived in the wilds for some time, knows how and where to find some good grub (by her standards at least).
  • A Bridge to Faeries: Oma, having lived among faeries her whole life, can communicate with them rather well, despite only being able to speak the broken language of her own species.

Brief History: If Oma could explain to anyone, she would likely say she was born here in the Nectar Swamps, an area known for its bright lit plants, its abundance of nature, and well, the swampy marshes and trees around it. Of course, that couldn’t have been the case, as they were deemed uninhabitable and dangerous for humans who passed through it. It couldn’t have been true, since the swamps were dangerous, uninhabitable. Yet, she had managed to live there for most of her life.

When she was just a small child, her mother, along with some escorts, were travelling through this swamp. Oma's mother, Malia, who had been sent for by an Arkidian soldier who had been posted at her town. She had previously had a relationship during his time there, and after he was sent to another outpost, found herself pregnant. They had kept in regular contact, and with him eventually making his way back to Amarum, he intended to make a home for her and their daughter in the Empire.

Most of the Nectar Swamp had to be traversed by boat, and so the travellers spent most of their time boating. Though, at some point, a mysterious fatigue came over all of them, and they fell asleep in said boat. When they awoke, Malia’s daughter had disappeared. Malia demanded they look for her daughter, and despite going through most of the swamp, it had just been assumed she rolled off the boat and had drowned. Malia left with a heavy heart.

Oma, however, was still very much alive. She had awakened in a faerie abode, safe and sound. They had opted to care for and watch over her, and raised her themselves. They named her ‘Oma’, after the word she had been repeating over and over. As the years passed, she had always wondered about the woman she saw in her dreams, but couldn’t be sure who she was.

The faeries, for once, seemingly true to their word, did watch over Oma and care for her as best they could. She learned the secrets and knowledge only the faeries knew. They taught her how to befriend animals and beasts, how to placate them. She eventually learned how to fend for herself too. She learned to hunt, to forage, how to run and climb trees in the most effective way. She learned from watching other animals and beasts of the Nectar Swamp, and eventually, learned how to fight. She’s had a few rough patches, but nothing that her faerie friends couldn’t seem to fix.

Humans had often passed through the Nectar Swamps, the quickest, yet most dangerous way to get through anywhere on their travels. Several had tried to get Oma out of the swamp, for she was clearly a lost and confused human who had somehow been living here for years. Oma had never been tempted to leave, always opted to stay, and the Twelve help if anyone tried to force her to.

Now though, with the increase of Mist in the land, some of it has reached the Nectar Swamps, and with it, brought dangerous beasts. Oma could handle most of them, but the newest, and largest one to arrive, has been more than a hassle to her. It only makes her home more dangerous, especially for any humans who decide they want to travel through it themselves...


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Name: Sesario Brynjar Kavalieris
Age: 37
Race: Human
Occupation: Sky Pirate

Zodiac: Saggitarius; Bahamut. Constellation is found on his right shoulder.

Appearance: Sesario stands at 5’10 with a stocky, muscular build, and has a beige skin tone. His personality shines through his eyes as a ‘blue-eyed boy’. He sports neck-length blond hair, of which he styles with a side fringe almost falling over his left eye and keeps ruffled otherwise. There’s no denying his good looks - his heavy jaw and features help accentuate them. His ears are both pierced, with what seemed to be a small tusk-like earrings. His body sports tattoos - a snake coiled around his wrist and its head on his hand, a set of wings on his back, a set of twisting vines with accompanying Mandevilla flowers growing from his left ankle to his midcalf, and his family sigil on his stomach around his belly button, often drawn on a Rozari citizen when they come of age.

With his attire, he makes a statement with various colours and materials. He wears a dark navy shirt, opened and revealing some of his chest, collar upturned, with wide sleeves with the cuffs also upturned. He has all manners of extra attire on him - from a dark blue scarf-like cape, a black-and-white striped animal pelt over his shoulders, more exotic animal print wrapped around his torso and waist, silks and beads of pink and green and yellow and any colour you can think of wrapped around a belt on his waist, and another patterned wrap reaching down pas his legs. He sports the same coloured pants as his shirt, and a pair of boots. Also found on him are a serious of belts, which extend from his waist, over his torso, and behind his back, mainly used to help carry his weaponry.

Weapon(s): Stryker, a crossbow he stole from a cheating travelling Ibec merchant.
The Highwind - a lance, gifted to him by his grandfather.

Notable Talents (combat/non-combat):

  • Great Networker: Saverio is great at making connections, and no matter if it’s been two weeks or two years, he never forgets his contacts and keeps them in good stead.
  • Charismatic: as if networking hadn’t confirmed this, Saverio has a way of picking up the atmosphere in a room. Whether it’s complimenting someone or flirting with a woman, it’s clear he has a way with words and people (and normally uses it to get what he wants).
  • King of the Skies, or so he likes to fashion himself as. He has a knack for piloting and navigating the vastest of skies.
  • Proficiency with crossbows.
  • Proficiency with lances and spears, his preferred way of fighting.
  • Hymur’s Picasso; surprisingly, he makes for a good painter.

Brief History: Sesario claims that his childhood past by in a blur, but he does remember that it was pleasant enough. He and his siblings wanted for nothing, and though he didn’t show a flair for magic, his grandfather - the then King Ignacio - opted to have him taught to fight physically, and still showed potential as an heir.

He knew he was son of the then Prince Mauricio and his wife Aitana, but he also knew that three of his siblings were not her sons or daughters. His father was less than faithful and there was clear evidence of that. His scandals were easily displayed as he had decided to raise each of his children in the palace. He loved his siblings no less for it, but he knew how much hurt it had caused his mother.

Sesario hadn’t always wanted a life on the high skies. He remembered often being irritated by how he couldn’t go many places, what with the Empire’s relentless pursuit of conquest, but it had never occurred to him to run off on a whim. That was, until he was 14, and he started to hear this voice speak to him, as if something from far away was calling him, telling him that his place wasn’t in Rozari. It was at this time a strange marking had appeared on his shoulder, one that many assumed was just a tattoo, rather than a birthmark. He had no recollection of when it appeared, only that it had been with him since he heard that voice speak to him.

Sesario did opt to ignore it at first. He stayed put in Rozari for another five years, as irritating as it was to be stuck in place. But he had responsibilities there, hell, his parents - by then, rulers of Rozari - had even acquired some potential suitors for him. Still, that voice urged him to go and take to the skies and his freedom. Eventually, he had had enough of Rozari and this voice, and decided to take the plunge and leave. Several times, his parents panicked, and managed to bring him back...only for him to leave once again. They had little choice but to let him go, figuring it was just a phase.

It was not just a phase.

It would eventually be noted that he had found himself on an airship with a crew of sky pirates, starting from the bottom of the hierarchy by scrubbing, running and grabbing supplies, doing all the work that no one else wanted to do. Though it was pretty shitty - at times literally - it meant he had placated the voice for a little while longer, and could explore to his heart’s desire. A few years down the line, he managed to acquire his own ship, a rundown thing that he lovingly named The Valkyrie. She was temperamental, but she flew well. The only thing that was really missing from it was, well, a crew, or at the very least, a partner. He spent a couple of more years travelling, his journey eventually taking him to Escander (which the voice, who occasionally popped up, had mentioned in some roundabout way).

It was a shithole. Great for criminals and pirates of all sorts to get up to nefarious business. It was on this fateful visit that he would come across his future partner, who he would later call Hector, then, a scrappy kid, horribly abused and mistreated by his owner. Feeling sorry for the runt, Sesario challenged the owner to a game of cards. If Sesario won, he got the kid. If the owner won...he got The Valkyrie.

Thankfully, that never happened, and Sesario won himself a free kid! Though, he opted not to keep it, throwing him a bag of gil, and telling him to “git”, live his life, be a doctor or something. He figured that was that, until he left Escander, and found the kid had stowed aboard. At first, he was furious. This life wasn’t meant for anyone, never mind a kid like him. Though, when he listened to him, and figured that going back to Escander simply would have him end up in the same position, he relented. Though, he warned him it would be difficult, even if he was getting paid for it, and set some ground rules.

The kid was a natural partner. He fixed up the ship - hell, overhauled her so much, she wasn’t recognisable - and made for great company to boot. He didn’t ask questions, which was great for Sesario when he had to return to Rozari on some occasion to ‘conduct business’, and otherwise let him do as he pleased. He wasn’t surprised when he started taking on Rozari customs, and in fact, jokingly referred to it as ‘a phase’ as his parents had once thought. The two have many stories, have travelled as far as the eye can see, and show no signs of stopping.

Well, another pitstop in Rozari, at least. He figured again, it was just business, general meet and greets, and back on the road again.

Oh, how wrong he would be when he saw what - or rather who - was waiting for him in Rozari.


I Could Tip You Like A Vintage Wine

Name: Anissa “Nissa” Cherith
Age: 24
Race: Human
Occupation: Technically a Priestess of Capricorn, more realistically an archivist and archeologist.

Zodiac: Capricorn; Diablos (dark); marking is found on the right side of her neck, usually covered with make-up, a choker, or hair.

Appearance: Anissa Cherith stands at 5’9”, with dark brown skin that have no freckles beyond the golden ones at her neck. She has a surprisingly toned build for someone who appears to live in a library, and is quite quick on her feet. Her eyes are a dark brown, as is her hair, which falls in dense waves a bit past her shoulders.

Weapon(s): White Ash Chimes (A white tree sacred in Ibec, that grows golden blossoms in the shape of bells; she took a cutting of one, and the strange music it makes helps her to channel magic and beseech the Twelve for favor. It’s also rather hardy, and useful to just bonk someone over the head with)

(Inspo: Saint-tree Bellvine - Dark Souls 3)

Notable Talents (combat/non-combat):

  • Well-Studied: Knowledgeable in History of Hyune in particular, but also in star maps, a few ancient languages (reading only), and the Twelve – lots of stories and mythologies on the Twelve and their associations.
  • Disciplined: Has a holistic approach to things, and has always been a strong proponent of keeping her body as sharp as her mind. Regularly exercises, as often as she reads.
  • Patterns: Able to draw connections between things others may not be able to see – or are unwilling to see. Very intelligent.
  • Black Magic: Traveling requires some form of defense, and she picked up magic with the Twelve, learning the four basic elements: Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire.
  • Dance: Learned while serving as a priestess, dance was a part of some ritual celebrations and she enjoyed it too much. Continued this by going to less formal dances at the Academy, realizing Amarum had quite the night life – a well-kept secret compared to Escander.
  • Empire Knowledge: As a supporter, in general, of the Empire, and a scholar of Amarum, she’s able to navigate most Imperial cities, and Imperial people.
  • Prayer: AKA “make a wish”, sometimes the Twelve favor with miracles. It’s not always the miracle she was looking for.

Brief History: Anissa Cherith was born in Ibec, and her parents recognized the mark on her and knew what it could mean. Uncertain under the rule of Lavi about what it meant for those with marks, they were quick to quietly sign their daughter up to be a priestess of the Twelve, for Capricorn, as she was born during that period. It would be a way to protect her, as thanks to Leander, the faithful were not interrupted.

It did mean they did not get to raise their daughter as much as they’d like, and sometimes had to sneak around to even see her, but they did their best to be a part of her life as she grew up under the strict eyes of the clergy.

When Anissa was seven, she did ask her parents about their choice to dedicate her to the temples, and they explained it to her, telling her about her mark, and history with the Empire. Her parents were in support of the Empire, but they didn’t understand this – and they could get any information about it, either.

Despite their advice, Anissa would later approach the head priestess of Capricorn to ask about her mark, and why the Empire sought those with it.

To her surprise, she was actually given an answer, albeit it did not have as much information to it as she would have preferred: “We only know it has everything to do with Amarum’s conquest. Leander had the marks of Leo, and Zariel bears them now. We know not why, and they did not tell us.”

She was also informed it was Anissa’s secret to keep. They would not be telling the Empire about her; they believed the marked were blessed, but it was still their choice how they used that blessing. Anissa felt some strange relief at that, and became a more devoted student, growing in her studies when it came to history and faith, and trying to learn more and more about the Twelve, and particularly, recent history.

As she’s grown, she’s learned more about the wars, and Leander himself, stumbling upon stories of Phoenix, and notably that Phoenix showed up after rumors of Leander being assassinated, and that was when the conquest began. It’s never stated who assassinated Leander, or why, as most consider this story to be largely falsified, but Anissa has wondered – Leo is known as the Sleeping Lion, and sleep is deeply tied to death. It is said that Leo would be the first to roar if ever there was danger, the first to step out of their cave and warn the others – and woe to any who would disrupt that. Phoenix, as the manifesting of Leo, is thus that holy flame taken form, known for rebirth – awakenings.

She’s opted not to take Leander’s assassination as mere fantasy.

She’s also looked into the others, and thinks she has found some patterns, with Alexander and Escander, most of all. The one she has the least information on is Leviathan, though as the last of the Zodiac, that is not as surprising to her, although the fact there were no spottings f Leviathan at all is strange.

Particularly given the Fall of the Stars, which wasn’t actually a fall – just the stars of those zodiacs becoming extremely bright. She’s done comparative studies of the stars thousands of years ago, even a hundred years ago, and noticed that the stars are falling…in slow motion, seeming to move closer, but getting dimmer, rather than brighter, for that closeness.

None as rapidly as Leo – those stars seem to be barely there.

Their positions have thus changed drastically due to the fall, and not in any way that could be explained by movement over years. The stars a thousand years ago, compared to a hundred years ago, were practically in the same exact places per the star charts they have.

Increasingly curious, and increasingly worried, Anissa went to Amarum to get an education there, always hiding her mark. She studied history, preserving what she could, and learned about the archeological ventures of the Empire. She wanted to join them, and still has plans to, but since finishing her studies she’s gone back to Ibec, and has tried to apply again and again to get onto an archeological dig.

With things not working out, she’s about to just go to one on her own and try to figure things out! She does have a few maps, thanks to the clergy of the Twelve’s preservation of information on holy sites…even those no longer in use. Most make pilgrimages to Ibec, but there are other places to be seen, and Anissa is sure that these are the places the Empire is looking for.

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