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Story [File Found] Jamie Reed


“Love is Love, cannot be killed or swept aside.”
“...I’m King of the clouds, of the clouds. I get lifted, I get lifted...”

“...You should see me in a crown, I’m gonna run this nothing town..”

“Yeah I’m insane, what’s your point?”

ᖴᎥᖇᔕ丅 ᑎᗩᗰᗴ:

ᗰᎥᗪᗪᒪᗴ ᑎᗩᗰᗴ:

ᒪᗩᔕ丅 ᑎᗩᗰᗴ:

>Blue Jay


//But he can be older or younger, depending on the RP and timeline

ᗪᗩ丅ᗴ ᗝᖴ ᗷᎥᖇ丅ᕼ:
December 25, 2000

ᗩᔕ丅ᖇᗝᒪᗝǤᎥᑕᗩᒪ ᔕᎥǤᑎ:



Originally Germany, but now lives in America



ᖇᗝᗰᗩᑎ丅Ꭵᑕ ᗝᖇᎥᗴᑎ丅ᗩ丅Ꭵᗝᑎ:

ᔕᗴ᙭ᑌᗩᒪ ᗝᖇᎥᗴᑎ丅ᗩ丅Ꭵᗝᑎ:


Benjamin James Reed [Fifty-One]

Madeleine Lynn Reed [Forty-Nine]

Madeleine Anna Reed [Twenty-Six]




ᕼᗩᎥᖇ ᑕᗝᒪᗝᖇ:
Dark Chocolate Brown

ᗴƳᗴ ᑕᗝᒪᗝᖇ:
Sage Green

Unusually pale for his age, but this is due to the fact that he burns very easily and normally refuses to go out and about on a hot summer’s day, or any day for that matter.

ᔕᛕᎥᑎ ᗪᗴ丅ᗩᎥᒪᔕ:
He has scars on his chest and back from a previous relationship. Ranging from deep cuts to small scratches and he has a tattoo of a dragon curled around a simplistic heart on the left side of his chest.

Jay has a almost lanky appearance, but that is mostly due to his lack of weight. The young man actually has a slightly toned body with just the right amount of muscle to defend himself, but has an almost feminine appearance with his more narrow shoulders and slightly wider hips.

Five Foot and Seven Inches

One hundred and Twenty-Five Pounds


ᗰᗴᗪᎥᑕᗩᒪ/ᗰᗴᑎ丅ᗩᒪ ᗪᎥᔕᗝᖇᗪᗴᖇᔕ:
▪Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
▪Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
▪Chronic Insomnia
▪Body Dysmorphia

Jay is normally the jokester of the group with his lovely teases, but has been known to get serious whenever the situation calls for it and yet is still known to argue over the smallest of things from how hot-headed and stubborn he can be. Making him arrogant and easy to piss off, but he is known to be quite adventurous and daring. Doing whatever he pleases without too much of care, even if what he’s doing can be seen as impulsive.

▪Seeing his ex-boyfriend again
▪Auto-phobia: fear of being alone

✔Being with other people
✔Writing/composing music

✖strong cologne/perfume
✖ Bright colors
✖Quiet places/Being told to stay quiet

▪His singing ((depending on who he’s singing to or for))
Being in public without a shirt on. Worst feeling imaginable
▪His body shape/type, height, and his scars

▪Cooking/experimenting with food
▪Writing/composing his own music

▪ Rubbing or scratching at his throat until it’s raw and/or bleeding
▪Rambling, ranting, or venting in any way possible and while he does it, he normally uses a lot of hand gestures
▪Chewing/biting on his lips or the inside of his cheeks
▪Swearing/Using inappropriate language

ᖴᗩᐯᗝᖇᎥ丅ᗴ ᔕᗝᑎǤᔕ:
♬ Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off by Panic! At The Disco
♬ I Write Sins Not Tragedies by Panic! At The Disco
♬ The Ballad Of Mona Lisa by Panic! At The Disco
♬ Let's Kill Tonight by Panic! At The Disco
♬ Hurricane by Panic! At The Disco
♬ Ready To Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind) by Panic! At The Disco
♬ This Is Gospel by Panic! At The Disco
♬ Miss Jackson by Panic! At The Disco
♬ Nicotine by Panic! At The Disco
♬ Victorious by Panic! At The Disco
♬ Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time by Panic! At The Disco
♬ Death Of A Bachelor by Panic! At The Disco
♬ The Good, The Bad, And The Dirty by Panic! At The Disco
♬ Golden Days by Panic! At The Disco
♬ House Of Memories by Panic! At The Disco
♬ Roaring 20’s by Panic! At The Disco
♬ High Hopes by Panic! At The Disco
♬ (Fuck A) Silver Lining by Panic! At The Disco
♬ (Say Amen) Saturday Night by Panic! At The Disco
♬ This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arm Race by Fall Out Boy
♬ Thnks fr th Memories by Fall Out Boy
♬ My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark by Fall Out Boy
♬ American Beauty/American Psycho by Fall Out Boy
♬ Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy
♬ Irresistible by Fall Out Boy
♬ Teenagers by My Chemical Romance
♬ I Can’t Decide by Scissor Sisters
♬ Hamilton: An American Musical (Original Cast Soundtrack)
♬ Be More Chill (2015 Cast Soundtrack)
♬ Dear Evan Hansen (Original Cast Soundtrack)
♬ Falsettos (2016 Cast Soundtrack)

~Tape Recording~

Choose Yes Or No?


Tape Playing, Thank You For Listening


Jamie Reed had a pretty normal childhood, living a few hours away from one of the cities in Germany, leaving the young boy and his family of three to rely on each other and life went on like this for many years, the mother and father stressing to their children that being gay was unacceptable, due to the fact that the adults were both highly homophobic but didn’t know that their own daughter was bisexual, but that had unfortunately changed one night when their mother had walked in on her daughter video chatting with Catherine Collins, Madeleine’s girlfriend and wife to be. First was the verbal abuse thrown at the girl and then it became physical, Jay being forced to watch as his older sister was being beaten and bruised right before his very own eyes for years until one night the two had managed to escape with just barely enough money to leave Germany and start anew in America.

Years had passed and now Jamie was in eighth grade when he had met Connor Reynolds, a young man that had charmed Jay before they had gotten together, but their relationship had turned sour. Abuse was something Jay had gotten used to experiencing, making him more prone to believing that he deserved each and every hit that Connor gave him, well except the few times that Jay had attempted to leave the other, but was drawn back with promises that Connor was going to change, but he never did. So, one night Jay finally decided to do something. He took the gun that Connor was using to threaten him with and shot Connor twice before the police were notified and both were put under arrest for questioning. Giving Jay the perfect opportunity to turn Connor in for the three years of endless abuse before the sick son of a bitch was put behind bars for everything he did to Jay.

Highschool didn't get any better after that. No, why? Because Jay was bullied. Pretty harshly as well for the things he was doing. Sex, drugs, and even alcohol to help cope with the trauma that came from his experience with Connor, but luckily. He did end up getting the help that he deserved, so don't think that his story ended there because it didn't. But it looks like my time is up, so. This is or was Jamie Reed and I'm going to sign off now. Goodbye..
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Drake Derringer

Happily Insane
When I saw "ŤĤẸ ĴỖЌẸŘ" I damn near lost it. Now I'm curious about why the hell that title is there.


“Love is Love, cannot be killed or swept aside.”
When I saw "ŤĤẸ ĴỖЌẸŘ" I damn near lost it. Now I'm curious about why the hell that title is there.
Well, it’s simply what he does. Jay enjoys making people laugh by telling jokes. It’s to keep them at an arms length so they won’t ask any personal questions
So, his jokes are kinda like a defense mechanism in a way and his smile is like his mask as well


Hey since somebody else has expressed interested in him I'm not sure if you would want to, but I would also love to roleplay with him.


“Love is Love, cannot be killed or swept aside.”
I’m very open to take on multiple Roleplay partners in all honesty
/I’m also surprised so many people find him intriguing/

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