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Fandom Fields of Runeys - Rune Factory OC RP Interest Check

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fields of runeys

fields of runeys

  • Welcome to Marthal, a budding city in the Kingdom of Norad. My name is Lumina, acting mayor of the town as well as the captain of the SEED Outpost here. There's a lot to do, homes and businesses to build, skills to be learned, and pieces to pick up, but believe me when I say that the product will be worth it. Together, we can make a great city and create a safe haven for all!

    a rune factory inspired oc roleplay

    this is not spoiler free for rune factory 5!


♡design by low fidelity, coded by uxie♡



Welcome to Marthal, a budding city in the Kingdom of Norad. My name is Lumina, acting mayor of the town as well as the captain of the SEED Outpost here. There's a lot to do, homes and businesses to build, skills to be learned, and pieces to pick up, but believe me when I say that the product will be worth it. Together, we can make a great city and create a safe haven for all!

With SEED in chaos after the reveal of their warden's betrayal and subsequent death, those left behind must pick up the pieces and forge a better tomorrow for the citizens of Norad. After struggling to regroup, the higher ups decide to start by forming a new city to be a safe haven. Tasked with being the captain of the SEED Outpost, as well as acting mayor, Lumina, a highly respected ranger from headquarters, must work with her fellow SEED members and new citizens to make the budding city of Marthal a beacon of hope and restore SEED's honor.

"The Kingdom of Norad is one of the two largest nations located on the continent of Adonea; the other largest nation is the Sechs Republic, formerly the Sechs Empire. Norad is the birthplace of humanity, but also has a sizable population of Elves, Dwarves, Half-Monsters, and various other folk. Since the collapse of the Old Empire, many former Imperial citizens have moved to Norad, making the population even more diverse.

While its neighbor thrived on industrialization, the Kingdom of Norad greatly values natural life. The realm is guarded by the Elder Dragons, which each represent an element of the natural world. The harmony of nature allows the people of Norad to use magical Rune Abilities. A few, called Earthmates, are especially proficient with this natural magic.

Some Norad Citizens even live in harmony with their monstrous neighbors. Capturing and taming monsters to help with farm work is a common practice, though monsters are not generally allowed indoors.

Norad is an old country, with many ancient ruins in its countryside. However, unlike its industrial neighbor, Norad values its natural environment, and is a mostly-rural nation.

Alvarna - a maritime city far from the Sechs-Norad border.
Fenith Island - an island territory.
Kardia - a border town.
Palermo - the capital city.
Selphia - a small city near the Sechs-Norad border.
Sharance - a rural village in the mountains.
Trampoli - a small hamlet near Kardia.
Rigbarth - a small town built on the border between Norad and the Sechs Republic.
Marthal - a developing city that needs a lot of work put into it to grow."
(Information taken from the Rune Factory Wiki with information about Marthal added by me.)

Marthal started as a small camp settlement near the Sechs-Norad border, created by SEED members to keep watch. However, after Warden Gideon's death, it was decided that SEED would use the camp to build a city that could become a safe haven. With permission from the monarchy, Lumina was elected the acting mayor and captain of the outpost and rangers were encouraged to help what was once a simple encampment to grow into a place of refuge for anyone who may need it.

This section will contain information on species in the world of Rune Factory! Information in quotes is from the Rune Factory Wiki.

"Earthmates are people with a special connection to the earth. Most, if not all, of the Rune Factory protagonists are Earthmates. Micah (the protagonist from RF3) is the only protagonist to date who hasn't been confirmed to be an Earthmate.
The Rune Factory Official Memoirs (published in 2010) offers some bits of information about Earthmates as a whole and some specific cases:
In ancient times the term "Earthmate" used to refer to people with a wide range of abilities that allowed them, to some extent, to control the powers of runes, the earth and spirits at will. In modern times the powers of Earthmates have greatly diminished, and since then the term acquired a broader use to refer to people who inherited some Earthmate abilities.
Kyle's Earthmate powers are confirmed to be weak, possibly the weakest of all protagonists. In contrast, his children's powers are confirmed to be very strong.
Earth Script is the language ancient Earthmates wrote in. It's said you can summon powerful magic if you use the script right. In RF2, the earth script in the ancient tablets is written in the writing system used by ancient Earthmates. Since the end of the game, with the help of Barrett, Kyle and his children are working on deciphering this writing system.
Ancient magic is stronger than modern magic and the product of Earthmate power, but has mostly disappeared along with them. It is not explained if it's due to the gradual disappearance of rune spheres.
In RF4 it's also said that, as revenge for his defeat by Raguna, Emperor Ethelberd began an annihilation campaign against Earthmates, killing any he came across. He is finally stopped by the protagonist at the end of the game."

"Elves are included in every Rune Factory game to date. They also have a Dark Elf race. Most live in the Elven Kingdom and have a special connection with monsters and a respect for nature. Egan, when first meeting Kyle, tells him that he can smell the wind of a different land on him, as Sylphs, the spirits of the wind, whisper it to him. He also explains that they cannot be seen by humans.
Elves and Dark Elves get along well with monsters, as they're a part of their society.
The Rune Factory Official Memoirs (published in 2010) has a bit more information about Elves:
The Elven Kingdom is located in an island covered entirely by forest. The island is said to be larger than the eastern nation.
The Elves' kingdom is ruled by a queen and a council of elders. Apparently Tabatha was meant to be the next queen until she gave her position to her sister Minerva.
In recent times many Elves have been leaving their home island to live in human nations. However, most Elves stay on the forest island.
In RF4 Margaret mentions that the De Sainte-Coquille family has been friends to the Elven people for a long time (Perhaps due to Porcoline's deceased wife having been a Elf). This may explain why some Elves in the series are found in the service of the De Sainte-Coquille even if they gain nothing out of it (like Maerwen's case).
To dark elves, the Water's Edge is considered a sacred place, and white represents purity.
Maerwen claims all Dark Elves love the sun, herself included.
Dark elves can apparently see well in the dark."

"Doug explains his race as "crotchety people who are supposed to be good at forging" as well as deft. Dwarves are known to have a natural talent for forging but it may be more likely that they pass this skill to their children. Dwarves often live in clans and sometimes their clans have specific traits such as Zaid 's silver eyes. Zaid also explains that Dwarves are human-sized. Some traits Dwarves all have in common are: their ears are pointed (though smaller than elves' ears) and they have a special intonation in their speech. "

"Introduced in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, those who are Half-Monster are able to change into that monster at will. However, they will also change when under a great deal of stress, or if the runes inside their bodies are somehow imbalanced. It is unknown if it is possible to change into any type of monster, as the only types shown are Woolies and a Phoenix-like bird."

"Wereanimals are a species introduced in Rune Factory 5.
Were-Animal's seem to have some sort of supernatural abilities, (Fuuka's teeth will fall out but quickly regrow, Misa is a two-tailed Kitsune.)
Like most Therianthrope tropes, they appear to share the abilities of super-human strength (3 of the 4 introduced) and acute senses relating to the type of animal they are, as well as their quirks. (Murakumo almost falling into hibernation in the winter despite being a Wolf, Hina purrs.)
Misasagi is so far the only one to have actually transformed into a second, animal-like form, but it is unknown if this is due to the story, or an innate abilities of hers.
The amount of fur that covers their bodies seems to very from individual to individual, it is however unknown if this a form of sexual dimorphism, or just stylistic choice, as Fuuka is the female with the most fur on her body outside of her ears and tail, while Murakumo is the only male example of, and his body is mostly covered.
Its possible WereAnimals are not based on Therianthrope's at all and are actually based on Kemonomimi."

Univir: "Univir are a race first introduced in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. Their source of magical abilities comes from the horn on their head, though it is unknown how the two are connected. Capes are the formal attire of Univir and they have ears similar to Elves, though it is unknown if the two species are related. It is mentioned that the Univir elder is traditionally taught in the healing arts."

Mermaids: "Mermaids transform into their more fishy form when they touch water, including when it is raining or snowing. Even when in Mermaid-form due to rain, they are still able to move around the land as if they were normally walking, except that their feet change into a tail. However, in their human forms, they can be identified by the fins on their wrists and the sides of their heads."

Witches: "While being strikingly similar to humans, Witches are those who practice and are versed in the ways of magic. Of the three Witches that are shown to date, only one is stated to know destructive magic, while the other two are shown to practice healing and medicinal magic, respectively. It is unknown if they are actually a separate race, or if they are simply humans that have a high capacity for magic. Since Melody wants to learn the practice, it may just be an acquired skill."

Ghosts: "In Rune Factory 4, ghosts are stated to be a soul that is so close to a person that they haunt them out of choice, not need. However, if they drift too far from the one they are haunting, their soul will pass on. They are able to appear and disappear at will, including to those they aren't haunting. Pico is stated to have to scan any clothes Dolce makes for her, as it is much easier to scan a physical object. It is unknown if this is possible for all ghosts, or if Pico is just an exception.
The mysterious woman from Rune Factory: Frontier and the Masked Man from Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny could be considered ghosts."

Vampires "Iris is the last of the vampire tribe. Vampires can enter the minds of people whose blood they've tasted. If Iris Blanche tastes Raguna's blood, she later stops Iris Noire from attacking him by speaking through his mouth."

Succubi: "Ludmilla explains to the player that succubi like her feed off of people's emotions. While traditionally, they'd eat the dreams of others, she was different and was content in feeding off of positive emotions."

[*]Please note that this is my first time doing something like this, so please bear with me!
[*]Use anime styled faceclaims only, please!
[*]I'm allowing one Earthmate per person, as well as trying to keep the amount of univir, half-monsters, ghosts, and vampires limited since univir and vampires had very few remaining members - though, due to context clues in Rune Factory 5, this was decades ago.
[*]Currently, I am also limiting SEED Rangers to one per person, but depending on how many people express interest, I may allow more.
[*]Facilities that have been in the series include blacksmiths, carpenters, general stores, clinics, inns, bath-houses (though usually they are in the inns), churches, libraries, restaurants/taverns, bakeries, tailors, and crystal shops. There can also be new types of facilities designed by us, the RPers. One business per person, depending on the amount of people we get, this limit will either be lifted or multiple of each facility will be allowed.
[*]I will allow people to make members of the De Sainte-Coquille family.
[*]Characters must be at least 18 years old to get married and have children. Same sex couples can have children by making a wish at the church.
[*]Information for making a character sheet will be provided in the CS thread. You're free to DM me any questions you might have especially if you need help finding a faceclaim!
[*]There's no total limit of characters one person can have, just know your own limits and don't go overboard! [/s](I'm looking at you, myself. *Points at a mirror)[/s]
[*]The calendar will consist of 4 months, or seasons, with 30 days each. Each week will be six days long and consist of Holiday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Festivals and celebrations will be decided on a group, save for series staples like white day, beach day, and the harvest festivals.
[*]As for a discord server, please shoot me a friend request on discord AFTER posting here and/or sending me a DM onsite!
[*]Rules may altered and additional rules may be added during the discussion.


Feel free to ask me if you have any questions or check out the Rune Factory Wiki!
All images are from the Rune Factory Wiki, with the exception of one artbreeder landscape on the setting page.

CS THREAD: Fandom - Fields of Runeys - CS/Application Thread

Thank you for bearing with me as iron out all the kinks in this!
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I never got around to playing Rune Factory 5, but I'm still interested.


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cool! you're free to check out the cs thread and shoot me a dm for a discord server link ^o^
let me know if you need any help!

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