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Fandom Fields of Runeys - CS/Application Thread



local tired fool
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Lumina Rayos - SEED Field Captain + Acting Mayor - Human - AnemoVictorious AnemoVictorious
Nero Aeros - SEED Ranger - Werebeast - AnemoVictorious AnemoVictorious
Lucoco Chocoberry - SEED Ranger - Elf - Spoiled Bread Spoiled Bread

Facility Owners


Name Surname - Blacksmith - Species - @/USERNAME
Name Surname - Carpenter - TBD - AnemoVictorious AnemoVictorious
Name Surname - General Store Owner - Species - @/USERNAME
Name Surname - Doctor - Species - @/USERNAME
Name Surname - Innkeeper - Species - @/USERNAME
Name Surname - Bathhouse Keeper- Species - @/USERNAME
Name Surname - Priest - Species - @/USERNAME
Name Surname - Librarian - Species - @/USERNAME
Name Surname - Restaurant Owner/Tavern Owner - Species - @/USERNAME
Name Surname - Baker - Species - @/USERNAME
Name Surname - Tailor - Species - @/USERNAME
Rosaria Fortknight - Crystal Shop Owner - Witch - thorspuddingcup thorspuddingcup


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Lucan Acrea - Civilian, Apprentice? - Earthmate - AnemoVictorious AnemoVictorious

extra information.

You're free to use whatever CS or coding you want as long as you include the required information in it!

FULL NAME: Self explanatory
GENDER + PRONOUNS: Self explanatory
BIRTHDAY: This can be in Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter for the month, and the 1st through 30th for days.
AGE: Self explanatory.
SEXUALITY: Self explanatory.
FACE CLAIM: Face Claim is a term for the person who a fan chooses to be the visual representation of a fictional characters. For this roleplay, we're doing anime-style face claims, so choose a faceclaim who you think fits what you're going for with your character! A resource I use is AnimeCharacterDatabase, which can help you filter what you want for your appearance. If you need help, shoot me a DM!
SPECIES: The species can be found on the interest check thread, as well as limitations on how many of a certain species one can have.
HISTORY: This can be as brief or detailed as you want.
PERSONALITY: This can be as brief or detailed as you want.
ELEMENT: There are 6 elements, and each form an opposing pair. A character will resist their element but take increased damage from the opposing element. Their rune abilities and magic with certain abilities will be increased as well. The pairs are fire and water, earth and wind, and light and darkness.
WEAPON CLASS: There are different weapon classes, each with their own techniques and abilities. Short swords, longswords, spears, axes, hammers, dual blades, gloves, and staffs are allowed, but I will allow for some other weapon types potentially!
RESIDENCE + OCCUPATION: Where does you character live? Do they have their own house, do they live at their business? The inn? Rangers live in the SEED dormitory.

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local tired fool
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lumina rayos

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local tired fool
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nero aeros

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Rand AlThor

New Member
GENDER + PRONOUNS: Female, she/her
BIRTHDAY: January fifth
AGE: 21

APPEARANCE: Blue and yellow eyes, short hair, and quite a bubbly personality.
SPECIES: Earthmate
HISTORY: A normal inhabitant of the city of Marthal, aims to be a SEED Ranger one day
PERSONALITY: Bubbly and naive
RESIDENCE: A normal house

Spoiled Bread

The Lord of the Uneaten
FULL NAME: Lucoco Chocoberry
GENDER + PRONOUNS: female, she/her
BIRTHDAY: winter 30th
AGE: 50
SEXUALITY: bisexual

HISTORY: a young elf who got bored by her stagnant life in the elven kingdom and decided to move to Marthal and join SEED, for funsies.
PERSONALITY: Curious and mischievous. Likes to laugh at situations even when others think it's not the time to. Very happy go lucky yet there's occasional moment when she just think too deeply about something.
ELEMENT: light
WEAPON CLASS: dual blades
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Fantasy Romance Archivist
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Name: Rosaria Fortknight

Gender & Pronouns: Female, She/Her

Birthday: Fall 22

Age: 23

Sexuality: Bisexual

Face Claim:
1656345887091.png (source: Just a moment...)
Species: Witch

History: Rosaria was born to a family with a powerful magic bloodline. She was raised in the capital city of Palermo by her loving parents alongside her younger brother. Despite the magic blood that ran in her veins, Rosaria always had some...issues. Spells always went wrong, and whenever there was an explosion in Palermo, you can bet Rosaria's failed spell was the cause. Her younger brother excelled at magic, without issues. Being surpassed by her little sibling always irked Rosaria, and despite her repeat failures, she worked hard to prove herself to her family and the rest of the world.

When she reached maturity, Rosaria enrolled in the most esteemed magic university in Palermo. She studied hard, and enjoyed making new friends with students who had traveled from abroad. School was wonderful! That is...until she was kicked out. While trying to cast a spell to divine the love life of her roommate, Rosaria completely blew the side of their dorm building off. The cost to repair the facility was enormous, and the school saw Rosaria as a waste of resources if she was just going to keep destroying school property.

To pay off her debt to the school for all the items she annihilated, the university sent her to a town called Marthal, far, FAR, away from them to run a crystal shop. Half of her earning's each month go towards paying her debt...which is rather large.

Personality: Rosaria is determined and loyal. She loves fiercely, and is entirely devoted to her goal of controlling her magic. She enjoys meeting new people and doesn't have a hard time making friends.

Element: Light

Weapon Class: Staves

Residence and Occupation: Rosaria lives in a small loft above the crystal shop she runs. It's a bit cramped, but it works.


Fantasy Romance Archivist
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Name: Caspian Allred

Gender & Pronouns: Male, He/Him

Birthday: Spring 5

Age: 24

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Face Claim:

Laslow from Fire Emblem: Fates. Art by gnsn_tori

Species: Human

History: Caspian grew up in a coastal town a ways away from his current home of Marthal. His parent's owned a small tavern where he spent his childhood years around the company of traveling merchants and foul mouthed sailors. Upon becoming a teenager, Caspian became quite the heart-throb in his hometown, and was no stranger to engaging in a bit of romantic mischief with ladies passing through and residents alike. He never stayed with one girl long enough, and left a trail of broken hearts in his wake.

When Caspian was 18, he met a young elven woman who ended up being the one to play with his emotions. The girl was in town for a short amount of time to perform a job, and Caspian was enraptured by her. Her beauty was unlike any he had seen before, and he believed himself to be in love with her. Sadly, the elf didn't feel the same way. She saw Caspian as someone to have a bit of frisky fun with, and when her job was done, she left town without saying goodbye.

Heart broken, Caspian thought he would never love again. That was, until nine months later a small bundle showed up on the tavern's doorstep with a note claiming the babe was the product of a long night spent between Caspian and his lost love. The girl didn't want to raise the child, unready for motherhood. So, she left her with Caspian and went on her way. Wherever that was.

Caspian named his daughter Poppy, and she is the center of his world. He loves her fiercely, and would do absolutely anything for her. Upon the death of his last surviving parent, Caspian sold the tavern and moved to an upcoming town named Marthal where he and Poppy could build a new life together.

Personality: Caspian is a charmer. He has since stopped wooing every woman he comes across since becoming a father, but that doesn't make him any less likeable. A fact that surprises most is Caspian's hobby for crafting accessories at the crafting bench. If he didn't have to worry about ensuring Poppy had food in her belly and a roof over her head, he believes he would have liked to become an artisan one day.

Element: Wind

Weapon Class: Sword

Residence and Occupation: Caspian works as a SEED ranger although he doesn't enjoy it. He lives in a one bedroom cottage with his daughter Poppy. Poppy gets the one bedroom to herself, while Caspian has chosen to sleep on a cot in the living room.


Fantasy Romance Archivist
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Name: Poppy Allred

Gender & Pronouns: Female, She/Her

Birthday: Summer 19

Age: 6

Sexuality: Doesn't know yet

Face Claim:

Klee from Genshin Impact

Species: Half-Elf

History: To Poppy, the best person in the whole wide world is her Daddy. When she was too little to remember, Daddy moved the two of them from a town far away to their current home of Marthal. She doesn't know who, or where, her Mommy is but she doesn't really care. After all, how can you miss someone who was never there?

When Daddy is away at work, Poppy likes to explore the town and area's surrounding Marthal. She climbs tree's, dig's through peoples trash for buried treasures, and make's castles out of mud when it rains. But her most favorite activity is chasing after the cute monster's and trying to get them to let her pet them. If given the chance, Poppy would spent all day with the cute animals and monsters.

Personality: Poppy considers everyone she meets to be her new best friend. If there is a person she doesn't like, she just hasn't met them yet. Like most children, her imagination is wild and her spirit is carefree.

Element: Water

Weapon Class: None

Residence and Occupation: Poppy lives with Daddy in a cute little house! Daddy lets her have the big girl room all to herself!

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