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    Russia, July 1918

    Russia has left the Great War, declaring themselves separate from it's conflict in the Brest-Litovsk treaty - the age of the Romanovs, three centuries of autocratic rule, and the unsteady reign of the provisional government under Alexander Kerensky has ended; now the Bolsheviks have taken power in Petrograd, lead by Vladimir Lenin the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR) consolidates it's power after the revolution in November last year, now seen as an infamous event internationally the Soviet must stand firmly together lest it collapse; factions rise from the remains of the old order all over the vast subcontinent, the Russians abandon the Great War and stumble into another.

    In the Far East and the Northern Russian territories the Entente send divisions of hardened soldiers, backed by rising powers such as China and the United States (who had joined the primary conflict against Germany only recently) to assist the anti-Bolshevik White movement, a second power rising in the nation with figures such as Ungern Von Sternberg, Kolchak, Kornilov, and Makhno leading united or separate offensives against the Red Guard - now renamed the Red Army. In the south a 'Green Army' rises in the Ukraine, promising independence for the vast plains of it's territory, the fires of liberty burning in Kiev.

    The unhampered flames may shatter Russia, or forge one of the greatest powers the modern world has ever seen.

    Major Powers

    [​IMG]Russian Republic - Taken [ Norzium ]

    [​IMG]Eastern Russian Republic -

    [​IMG]White Army of Arckhangelsk -

    [​IMG]P.A.R.G of Vladivostok - Taken [ Anhalt ]

    [​IMG]AFSR - Taken [ Hans ]

    Minor Powers

    [​IMG] Latvian Provisional Government - Taken [ Guts ]
    [​IMG] Polish Republic (National League) - Taken [ Raitisian ]
    • Minor may also be applicable to certain nations that existed or manifested throughout the conflict, i.e the Alash Orda, Finland, Estonia and Ukraine.
    • Revolutionary movements (Ukrainian SR, Mongolian SR, Makhno's Black Army) are also playable, but do not function how nations will, essentially more having a loose set of villages and hamlets or just a dedicated army group.
    • Expeditionary forces may not occupy territory on behalf of their nations but can occupy them with a temporary administration for their respective movement.
    • Certain factions may change, appear or develop over the duration depending on any alterations done to history as the conflict begins.
    Turns & Alliances

    There'll be no numbers aside from years, which will be determined depending on the nature of the action, with the addition of your own content it'd be recommended that you write at least two actions;

    LONG-TERM (1-3 months)

    SHORT-TERM (1-3 weeks)

    These numbers will be determined by the nature of the action, military actions may apply to short-term, while long-range or political changes may require a long-term action.

    You aren't required to keep to the alliances history has written out, but there are consequences to your actions.

    Discord link will open once interest is present;

    Do note, map isn't 100% historically accurate yet, I'm going to update it once the documents with all the good information arrive.
    CS thread
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    Dropping this here as I've got players not registered on the forums yet; will add the appropriate threads to the other sections of the forum once the transition is decided
    [ Treat this as an OOC chat ]
  3. Would ahistorical groups be allowed to form yet?
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    Define 'ahistorical', I'm not sure what you mean.

    edit: I know what ahistorical means, but what is it that you wish to take on as your role?
  5. Expeditionary forces from the Vatican. If not that, then expeditionary forces from the German Empire.
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  6. Not to interrupt, but could I be the Empire of Japan? I mean, they almost expanded into Siberia if not for a pesky riot by idiot peasants, so they're kind of important.

    Also, the list for taken factions was different on the cs thread than here last time I checked.
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    I'm not quite sure how you'd pull that off - the Vatican wasn't recognized as it's own independent state until 1929; prior to that you'd most likely be tied to Italy, which didn't send expeditionary troops to Russia; not historically anyway, but if you'd like to test your luck as the Italians and try make landfall in the Crimea especially with the Ottomans still a legitimate threat, I can add you to the roster.
    EDIT: Again, I'm an idiot, you can also play as Germany's various outcrops in the East, i.e the Baltic-German territorial army, and later the Freikorps.

    @Master Hand
    I'd highly recommend you take the part of the expeditionary troops and not get killed by a bunch of rowdy peasants, but yes, every expeditionary unit that was present historically is available which was pretty much every Entente power and Germany, although an Austro-Hungarian influence would be most amusing. I can add you to the roster as Yui Mistue's expedition and then expand it to more of the IJA should Japan's interests in Russia not get wrecked by peasantry turmoil.
    And yeah, one of my players (Anhalt) switched from Sternberg to Kolchak, fixed it tho

    Thats what I could find on Italy while I was looking things up.

    Also I'd be willing to control the Japanese expedition, but can I influence Japan to lessen/stop the riots? I'd also be the exception to the no-occupy rule, since I'm officially separate from the other expeditions.
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  9. @Master Hand
    You can attempt to convince Kolchak (or go against him) to make territorial grabs in Russia. The Whites aren't too keen on handing over any land. I mean, you could possibly survive off what material looted or gathered in Siberia without the rice riots influencing you (which'll certainly be a demonstration of the Japanse army's ferocity, a potential chance for the land of the Rising Sun to sit at the conference table when the White Army wins the war, if it does.)
    And the Legione were volunteers sent to China - not really a Vatican-built expedition, at least, not in our world's history, there could be a change.
  10. Good thing Russo-Japanese relations weren't torn to shreds just over a decade ago. Its okay, the Siberian buffer state will be definitely solely for anti-communist reasons. Also I didn't know about the riots until I looked up stuff for the rp so I actually learned something.
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