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Fandom FFXV Craving (LGBTQ+ Friendly)


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Heyo, I'm Darcy. 27 and looking for some good FFXV roleplay!

Before I get into what I'm looking for, we must have the obligatory Rules and About section;

1. Please only interact if you're 20+. I am firm about this and I will check this. I prefer to roleplay with people closer to my own age. No slight to any younger roleplayers! I know there are plenty of talented younger folk out there, but this is a matter of preference for me.
2. Understand I work full time and have a life outside of roleplay. I often can reply multiple times a week when I'm focused in on a particular thread, but that's not always a guarantee. My work schedule is hectic and I have quite a few hobbies outside of roleplay. I will definitely let you know if I'll be away for an extended period, though. If you're looking for someone to reply multiple times a day all the time, though, I'm probably not the partner for you.
3. I prefer offsite for roleplaying. I'm just not really huge on the formatting and enjoy discord or even e-mail for my roleplay. This isn't a hardline rule, so if you really do prefer onsite roleplay we can compromise!
4. Respect any triggers I might bring up and I'll do the same. I don't have many, but I do have some limits that we can discuss while hashing out the details for our threads!
5. For any roleplay I won't play an underage character in a romantic setting. I also am not big on aging characters up.
6. This isn't a hard rule, but I adore when I can make friends with my partners. Get excited with me! Spout ideas! Let's make memes, storyboards, playlists--I want to be able to vibe with you and make a friend out of this!

Now onto the fun stuff;

I'm definitely a big fan of doubling, even tripling. I love polyships and love triangles and all sorts of things like that. So, for what I'm looking for I would appreciate a partner who is willing to double at the very least. I'm also currently looking for Canon/OC on my side of things, though if you would prefer a Canon/Canon pairing on your end we can definitely work that out. I'm also big on being indulgent, so if you have that plot you've been craving like candy throw it at me. Get wild, have fun, make your OC completely unhinged. I adore getting to write with people who are just having a blast, so let's make something we both have a great time with.
Now, for this particular roleplay I'm looking for someone who isn't just wanting to be indulgent (though that's definitely encouraged!) but also wants to do some fun world building. I have plenty of ideas and I want to flesh out the world a little more. Let's really just get in there and craft something fun! As far as who I want, I'm actually looking for someone to potentially do a polyship for me of Ardyn and Gladio. I know, I know--this is very much one of those trust the process type situations. I'm usually not big on love triangles but I do have a lot of ideas here that will make much more sense once ideas are discussed. That being said, I'm open to whatever sorta ship you would want in return! Polyship? Multiship? I got you. I've played pretty much every character at least once and I would love to sink my teeth back into writing any of them!

I'm not particularly worried about length, just please try and put in the same amount of effort! You certainly don't have to match whatever length I go for, but definitely don't hit me with one liners. Otherwise, I'm pretty open! My typical wordcount is around 250-300 per character, but it can definitely go up depending on the scene/muse.

If you've read this far and are interested, feel free to shoot me a message! I'd love to hear from you!

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