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Fandom FFX: Sin Reborn, recruiting players

Hey peeps! I recently started an FFX RP and had about 6 players participating. We got relatively far into the RP but the past few weeks several players have dropped out and quit posting, and I'd like to re-open the RP to allow new players to join and refill those spots. Here's a quick timeline of events so far.

Overview: Due to an event known as 'The Beckoning' the dead have been returning from the farplane and after a short period turning into fiends. Sin has also returned and Yuna has promised to pursue and defeat sin once more. She's recruited warriors from across Spira (the party) to aid her in her pursuit.

1.) The party meets Yuna in Bevelle to board and airship headed for Djose temple. The temple has been overrun by a group of renegade guado cultists and the highpriest has requested Yuna's help.

2.) The airship is intercepted by an enemy airship led by a powerful gang known as the Shizuka. The airship crash lands into the moonflow.

3.) Yuna heals the crew somewhat and the party recovers from the crash. They soon discover bizarre crystalline constructs in the moonflow that seem to be collecting energy.

4.) The crew makes their way to the Djose encampment where they talk to the highpriest, rest, and prepare to set out for the temple. They also learn that the Highpriest's daughter and Djose's guardian Suyasa has gone missing since they fled the temple.

5.) The crew journeys toward the temple where they encounter a bizarre illusion hex that prevents the crew from approaching the temple. The black mage Rauthius (my character) dispels the illusion while the crew fights a massive fiend attracted to the illusion hex.

6.) The crew finally reaches the temple and discovers that the guado have been collecting energy from the moonflow to power a mechanism which has allowed Seymour to return to the world, possessing the body of Suyasa. The crew learns that this process is responsible for the beckoning and the return of Sin. Seymour flees on the Shizuka airship and the party is forced to fight the renegade Guado in the temple.

And that brings us up to current events. It's been a fun RP and I'd really like to continue it if I can get some players to commit.

Here's the link, go ahead an post an application. Hope to hear back from you guys! :)


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