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Original Characters,


Fern Queen
About Me
23 | PST | RPing Since the Mid-Late 2000s

How I RP
Likely to post daily [will alert you if something comes up] | Mediocre Grammar [I try] | Usually post 2-3 paragraphs [quality over quantity, if I have nothing of worth to write then why try to force it?] | Will play any gender | Will not RP canon characters [but I do like fandom universes] | I will write in any POV | I prefer to play more than one /main/ character [you can just play one if you prefer] | I enjoy darker themes and am not afraid to kill off /main/ characters [I'll do fluffy stuff too, we just have to agree beforehand how things will go] | I will occasionally post up RP ideas I have here, but I prefer coming up with ideas while brainstorming with my partner so for the time being I'm not going to post any ideas.

Regular RPN Rules | No forced romance | No offing characters without discussion | Keep an equal partnership of ideas [unless stated before RP begins e.g. it's a universe you created so you have majority control over world building] | We both have to be writing in the same POV for consistency

RP Ideas
In the midst of civil unrest, Muse A and their younger sibling Muse B are forced to travel across the ocean in order to make money and keep their family alive. Muse C is a powerful and feared pirate captain, most notably known for never taking a prisoner. C takes out the ship A and B boarded, while to the surprise of many takes A as their very first prisoner. B manages to escape on their own in a lifeboat. Now B must find a way to rescue their sibling, while A slowly but surely starts to uncover C's noble, yet twisted motives.
Muse A is a bright up and coming hero, ready to make their mark on the world. All while still attending college and attempting to keep up a good civilian image. Muse B is a rising villain ready to take what's theirs and won't let anyone stand in their way, but the best way to escape is to keep their image. Right? A and B both met on campus and thought it would be good to board together to save money. They seem to make perfectly good friends! At least, for now.
Muse A is a princess displaced from her kingdom[1] after a coup. After nearly two decades of living in kingdom[2] she had given up hope of returning home. During this time she's trained hard, both physically and magically. Eventually being offered to work as a royal guard to Muse B, the prince of kingdom[2]. As the forces that took down kingdom[1] start to grow and have the potential to infiltrate kingdom[2] as well, Muse A is forced to confess her past to help Muse B and his kingdom.

Action | Adventure | Anime | Dystopian | Fantasy [Modern/Medieval] | Horror | Supernatural | Zombies
BNHA | Demon Cycle | Harry Potter | Deadman Wonderland | Fullmetal Alchemist | DND[lore not mechanics] | List is incomplete feel free to ask about other IPs​
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