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Fandom Feel Good Fandoms! Looking for a total comfort role play


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Heyo! 24 year old female writer here. I’m eighteen plus so please please please ensure you are before writing to me! Now a little about me, I do work but on a part time basis, quick fire would be nice but I can’t always be here. So you may see me post more depending on what ideas I’ve got and what cravings I have. But with my time off you can guarantee I’ll be posting more! Just a heads up I’m looking for clean roleplays! I do prefer discord to conduct roleplays purely for the purpose of being able to keep things more organised!

So I’m looking for those of you who can use third person, past tense and lots of detail. I say this not to be mean but because I do consider myself to be advanced literate, I expect potential partners to be the same! I’m looking for oc (me) x male canon characters from the above movies but I will enclose further fandoms and movies with in the post! I use third and past tense and would be grateful if you do too! Please note I do have dyslexia. I’d love to get some aus going as well as some love triangles. Doubles are welcome! But please note ALL my roleplays are doubles. I will be prioritising those of you who don’t want to double and are happy to play canons.

I have also just started reading the Bridgerton books and I’d LOVE to do either some book based or show based roleplays in the Bridgerton verse. Either Queen Charlotte or Bridgerton would be amazing. I just want romance and drama! I’m also craving Supernatural, Divergent and GG at the moment as well! But at the moment I would kill for a Dean Winchester.

I’d love our roleplay to be something of comfort to us both. Something to cheer us up and keep us engaged in the story! If you’ve got any wild ideas you’ve been dying to do for the below fandoms send them my way if it’s doubles I’ll do my best to accommodate them!

Fandoms I seek include: Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte, Merlin (bbc show), GG, Skins, Pitch Perfect, Supernatural 😍, The Office (us), Game of thrones (tv verse), House of the Dragon (Daemon), YOU, Death in paradise, Top Gun, Riverdale, MCU, Wuthering Heights, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Pirates of The Caribbean, Narnia, Buffy, Hunger Games, Divergent 😍, Riverdale (early seasons), The Outsiders, Pretty in pink, Heathers and Grease. If you enjoy musicals or eighties films and are able to write as the canons from the movies please do dm me! I’d love to hear from you.

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