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Anime & Manga Favorite 90's anime?

Yu-yu hakusho, Mobile fighter G gundam, Blue gender, Neon genesis Evangelion, and inuyasha are the top of my list. Anyone else have the same favs? Maybe you have others that you'd like to bring to light?let the nostalgia train roll!


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Yuyu hakusho and mobile fighter g gundam are on top of my list as well but i liked gundam wing more to the point it is one of my all time favorites along with ruroni kenshin and magic knight rayearth.
Sailor Moon (Classic, as they call it now...) & Cowboy Bebop, are my top two; for sure... And of course, Gundam Wing & Gundam Wing Zero. Those are great anime shows as well! So my top three 90's anime series would be: 1. Sailor Moon 2. Cowboy Bebop and 3. Gundam Wing!
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Slayers. I prefer the 90s series to the recent ones.

Sailor Moon. Yes I agree on that one xD classic SM still has some charm that Crystal lacks.

Rurouni Kenshin. Mostly because it's my favourite manga so I kinda naturally liked the series as well.


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Not only is this my favorite 90s anime it's also my favorite anime of all time. Fans of G Gundam should check it out as they share directors.

Other favorites from the decade include Escaflowne, Utena, Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Lain, the first season of Big O (since the second was made in the 2000s). I know as soon as I watch Yu Yu Hakusho and G Gundam they will also enter the list, though. I really love 90s anime.
I think Tenchi Universe. I just have this pleasant memory as a young kid, we moved to Colorado and were living in a hotel, mom and dad were out, it was night time, my granny was asleep and I was sitting on the couch watching Toonami, I think it was on, and thinking how pretty the lady space cops were lol.

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an album by Mom Jeans.
wow I didn't even realize Evangelion was a 90's, for some reason I thought it might have been early 2000???
It makes me so happy to see other Kenshin fans, I don't know why more of my friends didn't watch it because it was a good time.
*EDIT because Escaflowne is also a good time but I always forget about it!


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Fist of the North Star, the 90s Jojo anime, YuYu Hakasho, Cowboy Bebop. Those are probably my favorites. You can see a theme here with my favorites, lol.

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