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Fandom Fate/King Undisputed


The God-Emperor of Mankind
HTCOR HTCOR Dalamus Ulom Dalamus Ulom Gabriele Solinas Gabriele Solinas Kalin Scarlet Kalin Scarlet @Lancelot

Like yesterday morning, you decide to engage in some Summer cleaning. Or rather, you'll just look around for worthy treasures within the Gate of Babylon.

Like yesterday, you mount the gate and enter through into your treasury. Vast mountains of gold, and precious gems reveal themselves to you. Close by, you see several neatly-stacked triangles of golden ingots and elegantly stored coins. The golem of Nimrod has been doing work in your absence after all.

How long do you intend to pursue the search for treasures?
  1. 10 minutes. (1 treasure.)
  2. 30 minutes.
  3. 1 hour.
  4. 4 hours.
  5. 6 hours.
  6. 12 hours.
  7. Until nightfall.
Mana: 100%


The God-Emperor of Mankind
HTCOR HTCOR Dalamus Ulom Dalamus Ulom Gabriele Solinas Gabriele Solinas Kalin Scarlet Kalin Scarlet @Lancelot
(welp, time for 36 rolls. This time, I'll be very concise and to the point.)

You begin exploring your vast treasury.

Roll: 56 - 5
You find a bag of water that can heal all wounds it is poured on.

Roll: 35 - 2
You find some old robes you wore as a child. They are white, stainless, and have a very fresh smell.

Roll: 77 - 3
You find a sword the blade of which sets aflame as soon as it is pulled out of its scabbard. You toss it aside.

Roll: 98 - 5
You find an ancient amulet possessed by a malevolent demon. As soon as you look at it, you feel intense hatred toward the object. Wearing it will grant the wearer the equivalent of B-rank Mad Enhancement. Regardless, you toss it aside as it is completely useless.

Roll: 115 - 3
You find the prototype for Gae Bolg. Completely useless. You toss it to the side.

Roll: 39 - 2
You find some robes that you wore back in your life. You put them on to see if they still fit you. Like a glove. Then you take them off.

Roll: 130 - 1
You find an A++ rank Anti-Army Noble Phantasm in the form of a war-axe. When thrown, it causes a small volcano to suddenly grow and erupt in the place it hit. The volcano's explosion is more than enough to cover a city block.

Roll: 94 - 2
You find a ring with a small button in the form of a diamond. When pushed, the ring grows to cover your whole left forearm, arm, and shoulder in the form of a neat, golden armor. You have no idea where the other half is, so you discard the ring.

Roll: 97 - 4
You find an elaborate necklace that glows when you get closer to anything expensive. Since you're in the Gate of Babylon it glows so brightly that it almost blinds you. You quickly take it off and toss it away.

Roll: 117 - 5
Oh, what's this? You find something interesting. More precisely, you find the Tower of Babel. Nimrod's ultimate golem.

It is huge and splendorous. The golem stands at roughly fifty meters tall and has a cockpit in its head.
  1. Prepare it for deployment.
  2. Save it for later, but move it close to the entrance so you can keep track of it.
  3. Leave it where it is.
Roll: 109 - 5Roll: 35 - 3Roll: 67 - 2Roll: 95 - 3Roll: 86 - 2Roll: 81 - 5Roll: 90 - 2Roll: 117 - 4 Roll: 35 - 4 Roll: 89 - 2 Roll: 39 - 4 Roll: 112 - 3 Roll: 117 - 1 Roll: 107 - 4 Roll: 96 - 4 Roll: 118 - 1 Roll: 129 - 1 Roll: 72 - 2 Roll: 102 - 5 Roll: 92 - 2 Roll: 112 - 3 Roll: 65 - 2 Roll: 119 - 2 Roll: 77 5 Roll: 120 - 4

You search for a few more hours, but honestly, all you find is a bunch of powerful Noble Phantasms, golden kitchen aprons, coins, emeralds, jewels, and other trivialities unworthy of your time. As such, you leave two hours earlier.

It is now 9AM. You're in the Tohsaka garden and you have NO fucking INTENTION OF RETURNING TO YOUR TREASURES FOR ANY LONGER THAN 2 HOURS AT A TIME. You scrape the sweat off of your forehead after a morning full of work. Where do you go next?
  1. To the kitchen. Let's surprise Tohsaka by showing off thine cooking skills.
  2. Go for a nice walk outside.
  3. Go to a specific place. If so, where?
    1. Write-in.
  4. Write-in.
Mana: 99.8%

Kalin Scarlet

RPNation's OP Heroic Sword Saint
4.Lets make sure our grand golem is prepared for use at a moment's notice, then go downstairs to cook. Either naked, or with that wonderful apron we came across earlier. any ideas on what to make?


The God-Emperor of Mankind
HTCOR HTCOR Dalamus Ulom Dalamus Ulom Gabriele Solinas Gabriele Solinas Kalin Scarlet Kalin Scarlet @Lancelot

You prepare the large construct for deployment by activating it and seeing how it works before you return. The deed took you a meager five minutes.

Afterward, there is nothing for you to do but experiment. What else would Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes do, then surprise his harem's future member with your amazing culinary abilities? Although the choice of ingredients in the Tohsaka manor is shallow, you can spice it up a bit with your own selection of fine meat and vegetables worthy only of a member of royalty.

You proceed to the kitchen, where you see a cooking apparatus called a microwave. Today, however, you will not be using it, and will settle for the more old-fashioned stove which is assured to produce an item of finer quality. What ingredients will you use for your meal, and what will you cook?

Cook a...
  1. Write-in.
And the ingredients?
  1. Use only those that Tohsaka has in her house.
  2. Use a bit of hers, and a bit of yours to supplement the dish with better taste and in case she lacks any required resources. Plus, it sounds a bit romantic and shows just how much better than her you are.
  3. Use only yours. As pretty as her face and thighs are, you doubt she has access to the most kingly of meal components.

Kalin Scarlet

RPNation's OP Heroic Sword Saint
1. Cook
  • Fattoush, a salad made from several garden vegetables and toasted or fried pieces of pita bread.
  • Hummus, and more Pita
  • Dried Dates, Apricots, Prunes, and Figs

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