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White Masquerade's Blue Oni

Atop the Eiffel Tower, two figures watched over the city of Paris, unbeknownst to the people below. One sat, legs dangling off the edge, while the other stood beside her, face etched in contemplation. Despite the hour of darkness, the city was awash with lights—bright, dotted lights that littered the streets and drove away the shadows. Beacons that shone like stars on the ground. Such was the work of human hands. Humans no longer feared the darkness as they once did.

“They’ve come so far…” Tucking a lock of pink hair behind her ear as a gust of night wind blew by, the female turned to her companion. “Resetting it all would be such a waste, don’t you think?”

Her companion harrumphed, pushing up his glasses. “That’s your opinion. A complete restart is the easiest and most efficient way to correct any errors. It’s better for Gaia as a whole.”

The girl shook her head. "We can’t agree on this, can we?”

How long had they been arguing? Months? Centuries?

“No we can’t.”

“ Then…let the games begin.”

The male smirked, his lanky frame fading into the night. “It already has.”

“Hey! That’s CHEATING!” However, she may as well have been talking to herself for her companion was already long gone. The girl huffed. Pushing herself to her feet, the girl stretched. Human bodies sure got stiff easily. However, it was humans that she would be looking for so she took on a form more fitting for the task. Seven mages to be exact. She would need find some serious contenders if she hoped to beat her companion at the game—what was it called again?

The Holy Grail War.

Gaia’s records indicated that such battles were often the turning points of human history. A fitting way to solve their dilemma. Make a Holy Grail, spread around some command seals, then just watch the war unfold. The winner was the one who picked the winning side. Easy peasy.

Except, she had no intention of losing either.

“Things won’t go the way you want, my dark friend. I’ll make sure of it.”

She offered one last glance at the human city before she too disappeared.


Thus, as time passed, command seals began appearing on the bodies of certain mages from all over the world. Some black. Some white. They were all indications that another Grail War had begun…though far sooner than many Grail War scholars would’ve predicted. Nor were there any clear rules for this particular war. How many masters had been chosen? Where was the battle to take place? What did this mean for the world?

Only time would tell as a new day dawned.

GM Reminders: Masters cannot post until their factions have been decided. Servants cannot post until they have a Master (either player or npc). Posts must be a minimum of 1 paragraph (5 sentences). No godmodding.

Dante Verren

Back from the Abyss
Name: Charles Driscoll
Role: Master of Lancer of Light
Location: Driscoll Estate a few miles outside of Cardiff Wales

The Morning After Summoning

7:30 am, that blissful time in the morning where the singing of birds was coming to an end leaving a peaceful quiet to slowly take its place. There were no nearby neighbors to fill the silence but once the caretakers and tourist started the day the peaceful quiet would disappear. The Driscoll family was an old one dating back to the late resonance period where his ancestor secured a plot of land and worked his way into lower nobility. When nobility ceased to matter in the modern world the Driscolls converted part of their estate located a few miles outside of Cardiff into a tourist attraction to show off what resonance nobility lived like. Half the estate was used for this purpose and the other half was used as a living residence for the Driscolls, though at the moment the only ones who lived there was Charles (The only Driscoll in the house) and his employees William. Marissa, and Jon. The money from the attraction as well as his fathers’ old company that was now being run by separate people who paid Charles the profits which was serving as the income that kept Charles in the lower ends of high society barely above upper middle class, though the line was grey at best.

Rays of light poured in through the large glass window and shined down onto the old oak table where Charles sat at. Like always he was dressed his best wearing a custom-tailored suit that his butler had helped him with. Currently he was holding a newspaper in his right hand and looking through it to see if anything interesting would catch his attention. With his normal smile on his face he raised the glass of tea up to his lips and took a small sip of it before setting it back down. Folding up the news paper he set it aside, taking the knife in his right hand and fork in left he began to cut small pieces off of his meal and eat them. The meal he was eating was his favorite from when he was in high school. Bacon, eggs, and laverbread were the best way to start the day, especially after the events of the previous night. The chanting of the summon spell, the flash of near blinding light, and then the servant who he was personally convinced was a blessing from god who appeared before him. What a story it would make if anyone would believe him.

Taking another bite of food Charles looked around to see if he could spot his partner. Sending a message to her via the telepathic link they shared he would inquire if she wanted anything to eat, “Want something to eat? Marissa is quite the cook and it is the most important meal of the day.” After taking another bite of his meal he turned his attention to the three white symbols that marked him as a competitor, he wasn’t sure why they were white, all the books he found dealing with a so-called holy grail war detailed the colors of the marks as being red. Maybe there was some kind of mistake…or was this also a sign. Whatever it meant he and his partner would need to start there planning today.

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The Paladin
Vita RichterSeptember 15th - 7pm

"Seeya later!" The redheaded teen called out, giving a wave to a pair of similarly aged girls as they parted ways at an intersection. The sun had long since dipped below the horizon and as much as she enjoyed hanging out with her friends it was time to get home. Turning on her heel she deftly whipped out her cellphone and thumbed in the password as she began her solo trek back home. With her eyes more glued to the screen than the path in front of her she couldn't help but notice the white symbols on her hand. They'd been there for a couple weeks now and thus far she had managed to hide them, but no matter what she did she couldn't get them off. While she wasn't outright against the idea of tattoos she sure as hell didn't want one so tacky, and in such an awful spot. Seeing those markings just made her agitated and that agitation culminated in a deep sigh along with a shake of her head.

With renewed focus she scrolled through the usual inanity of social media, keeping current on the happenings of celebrities and those she followed. She was in the midst of typing up a post when she suddenly pumped into something causing her to bounce back and nearly drop her phone. Her eyes shot up to see that it was a man she had ran into and quickly spat out an "I'm sorry!" While backing up to put a few feet between them. The man, for his part, didn't seem that upset. Rather, his gaze was locked firmly on her hand, a fact that she quickly took notice of and pulled her sleeve down to cover it. Clutching her phone she gave the man a quick nod and strode passed him, only offering him a quick glance once she had passed before continuing on. Vita hadn't gotten more than ten feet before the man did a half-turn, speaking for the first time. "Quite an interesting mark, isn't it, Miss?" The remark caused her to stop in her tracks and look back at him, her eyes narrowing. He clearly knew something she didn't, not that she'd let that on that easily. So with a small laugh she looked down at her hand and nodded. "It's all the rage now days, every girl's getting one."

The man simply shook his head, turning to face the girl fully. "Come now, Miss, we both know such a mark is hardly something as benign as that. Allow me to be frank, that power does not belong in the hands of some no-name child." The man extended a hand out to her, almost invitingly if not for his words. "Allow me to take it off your hands. Believe me you do not wish to keep them." She glanced down at the white markings again at his words. If he could get the stupid thing off that'd be a huge help for her. But then she didn't like how he went on about power and the like. After a few seconds of staring at her hand she lowered it, cupping it in her other hand to hide the mark as she looked back at the man. "You can take it off?" A smile crept along the man's lips as he took a step forward. "Well of course I can! Any self-respecting magi could." Yeah, that didn't sound fishy at all. All on the up and up here. And while she might have been curious and cautious about the weird things he was saying, the promise of getting that stupid tattoo off was a bit too tempting.

"Alright, fine. I don't want the thing anyways, so if you can take it off you can have it. But how do you plan on doing that? I've tried everything already." The man took another step forward, extending his hands outward. "Everything? I highly doubt that, Miss. As talented as one your age might be there is still a world of difference between you and I. But such a task is not one to be performed on the open streets." As if to make his point a car drove past the two, lightning them up briefly before continuing on to it's destination. "Don't tell me you expect me to go with you to some secluded spot or something." She couldn't help but scoff at the idea, she wasn't some dumb little kid who'd follow a stranger for the promise of candy. Especially not someone as sketchy as this guy. "Of course not. At least, not willingly." And in that moment his smile grew wider and he snapped his fingers. The only thing that could go through her mind was a simple "I knew it!", but before she could even react she felt her body growing heavy. Her eyelids fluttered and she struggled to maintain consciousness. Within mere seconds she was already collapsed on the sidewalk.

With a groan her eyes slowly opened, she felt groggy, tired. It took her several long seconds to get her bearings, soon realizing that she wasn't at home, or the school, or her friends house. She was in some cold cement room. The only furnishings being the chair she was strapped to and a table full of books, papers, and tools off to the side. Upon realizing this her eyes shot open, her body snapping to full alert. Just as quickly she realized she couldn't move, her arms and legs were held tightly to the chair by some kind of glowing rope and her mouth was held open and relatively silent by a similarly glowing gag. The noise of her awakening must have garnered her captor's attention as he soon made his way over to her. "Ah, the young Magus rejoins us! You have impeccable timing, Miss. I just finished preparations to transfer your Command Seals." He looked down at the rather ornately drawn magic circle beneath them. Candles were strategically placed along the rim with Vita directly at it's center. She tried to speak, to shout, but all that came out were quiet muffled sounds that wouldn't wake a sleeping dog in the corner. "Now now, my Dear. I am doing precisely what you wanted. You said yourself that you did not want them. However, I must confess. While I do indeed have a means of removing your Command Seals, the method leaves much to be desired. You see, it's excruciatingly painful. I've heard that one would rather be killed outright than endure it. But they were surely embellishing. Even so, it will be quite unpleasant and will likely result in rendering you scarred for the remainder of your life. But that is a small price to pay for ensuring my place in a Grail War, don't you agree?"

Vita simply sat there, her eyes wide as the man regaled her with the horrid situation she was in. As soon as it sunk in she began her thrashing and screaming with renewed vigor. Even with the gag her muffled screams echoed throughout the cellar. The man let out a sigh and rubbed the bridge of his nose at the display. "Calm down, Miss. There is not a single soul around to hear you." His words, accompanied with the lack of someone coming to check on the noise, caused her to quiet down and refocus on the man. With the gag in her mouth she could only breathe through her nose and in her current state that was quickly leading to hyperventilation. Still, she had to calm herself down. She had more than your average girl after all, and her panicked gaze quickly shifted to a defiant, angered glare at the man. "Is this the stages of grief, perhaps? No matter. You may hate me all you wish, but it was not I who placed those marks on you." The man turned to the table, fetching a book and scrolling to a page towards it's middle. All the while Vita held her glare, her entire form seemingly radiating heat as the fluttering fire from the candles began to whip into a frenzy.

Within moments the fire was pulled from the candles, snaking it's way into long trails as it flowed towards Vita before lancing out at the man. He let out his own surprised cry as he quickly summoned forth a defensive barrier to block the attack. If he had been just a second slower he would be nothing more than a charred corpse but instead he managed with only minor burns and an angered scowl on his face. "I have a multitude of barriers and seals in place to ensure you can not cast any spells! And that gag isn't there because it's my fetish! How the hell did you manage to conjure up those flames!?" He screamed as he stormed towards her, grabbing a handful of her hair to raise her head to look her in the eye. She held her defiant glare all the while. The two held their little staring contest for a few seconds before he roughly let go and adjusted his top. "No matter, once I'm finished your circuits wont be able to handle magic of any kind."

The man snatched the book up from the table and made his way to stand in front of Vita, keeping an eye on her at all times. He held his free hand out over the girl and began reciting some incantation from the book. The moment he started speaking Vita's eyes shot wide and even through the gag a blood-curdling scream could be heard. Her entire body pulled and strained against the bindings holding her down. It felt as if every nerve in her body was being simultaneously boiled and frozen. The cellar became awash with swirling winds, the flames of the candles being snuffed out as loose papers soared in the torrent. As the agony wracking her body crested ever higher a blinding light bathed the entire room and as quickly as the whirlwind started it was cast aside.

Mysterious Cellar
Interactions: @Misuteeku (Rider)​
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Clux Ludenberg

In England there stands a large castle-like mansion inside the maze-like structure of the mansion was a young woman sitting elegantly with her legs crossed. The young woman sat in a large chair that looked as if it was worth more than most people's lives were worth. In front of the woman was a small circular table which held a tea set for her. The woman picked up a cup from the table and sipped the still steaming tea, suddenly the woman brought a hand up to her mouth, forcing herself not to spit the still hot tea out. Forcing herself to swallow the tea the woman stuck her burnt tongue out as tears welled up in her eyes. "Hold it in. Hold it in." She chanted to herself trying to fight back the tears that stung her eyes as they tried to form. The young woman gave in and let the tears roll down her face as she cried over what in reality wasn't even that bad of a burn. A maid rushed into hearing the young woman cry though when she spotted the woman she quickly understood the situation. All the help in the mansion were used to their master Clux Ludenberg being what can only be described as a crybaby. Did the weather say it'd be sunny but it rains? She cries. Did a squirrel run away from her? She cries. Did a baby cry while she was nearby? She cries. The maid walked to her side just to make sure she was right she looked at Clux who was still sticking her tongue out trying to get the air to cool it. "Mistress is everything alright?" Clux looked up at the maid putting her tongue but in her mouth looking away her cheeks slightly red. She hated letting the help see her cry it always made her cry even more, and just when she thought that she felt even more tears fall from her eyes.

Clux's hands went up to her eyes rubbing them to wipe away the tears that didn't seem to stop. The maid had to wonder if the amount of tears her master cried had something to do with having an affinity for water. Taking a handkerchief from her pocket the maid began to wipe Clux's face for her. Clux shook her head like a child who didn't want the dirt wiped form their face, but the maid did her job none the less and wiped away Clux's tears. As the maid pulled away she then put the handkerchief back in her pocket. "I'll be taking my leave now Mistress." Clux didn't say anything as the maid turned and left the room she just sat in her chair upset with herself. "How pathetic I truly am worse than trash. To cry like that in front of the help. If only I was as strong as....brother." Clux's memories drifted off to a earlier time a time when her crying would be met with a gentle touch that always seemed to calm her. Her brother who had been ripped away from her was a light Clux often found herself missing, as if the very world itself had dimmed without him. Clux often thought of how she would be willing to do anything in order to have her brother back with her. She looked back to the table that held the tea she had previously brunt her tongue with the table also held a book. The book was about the Holy Grail War, in it the book spoke of how the winner of the war would have a wish granted. Clux already knew exactly what she would wish for should she ever get the chance to participate, she'd wish her brother back even if it meant slaughtering hundreds to become the winner. She reached out for the book as suddenly a darkness filled her sight devouring all light that was in the room. The darkness then seemed to join in the center of the room right in front of Clux, at the same time black symbols appeared on the back of Clux's hand. She felt a smile begin to spread across her face as she knew exactly what this meant.


Queen of the Pirates!
Lancer of Light
: Driscoll Estate
Mentioned: @Dante Verren

The seemingly young woman glanced upon herself in the mirror giving a quick glance over at her outfit. The shirt was a very mild peach color with some other colors stitched in along with a black almost velvet in texture looking almost as if it was a neck ornament though contained upon the shirt itself the trim stopping at the collar. A fine light blue skirt flowed down her legs extending down best her knees before finally tapering off. Her hand lifted up, touching upon the hairband making sure it sat straight in her hair. It sometimes made her miss back in her younger days when she had shorter hair the extra work she had to put dealing with it, though given the circumstances it was a small hassle that she could deal with for the sake of appearances. Her blue eyes shifted down staring briefly into her own eyes as if they seemed to glisten seeming almost hypnotizing to stare upon before she finally blinked her eyes taking a step away to open the door and wander out from the room.

Lancer's head picked up as the voice reached her. It was that of her Master, the man whom she had met the prior night. She had to admit she had a sense of uncertainty about him. She wasn't quite sure what it was but it felt like something was a little off. It made some sense given the whole situation as a whole. The idea of summoning someone who long since passed was a strange concept even if she thought of it herself. Even if he truly believed such a thing existed there was a large difference between knowing something and seeing it for yourself. She could attest to that herself.

It is alright, it would be wrong for me to indulge in something I don't require, although I suppose in my current condition it's not something I really have to worry about. None the less, I'll pass.

A few seconds passed before Lancer walked in through the doorway. She could see as the table itself seemed to bask in the sunlight as her Master sat just outside upon it, in some part shrouded from the light. She approached slowly stopping just to the side of the table stepping within the light itself looking towards the man who was her Master, Charles Driscoll. Her blue eyes fixated upon him briefly onto to drop away quickly realizing the fact she had been attempting to stare at him directly. It was a rather bad habit in her part given how uncontrollable it could be. She didn't want to unintentionally affect him and cause some of alteration to his behavior due to it. She reached forward grabbing lightly at her wrist standing at attention before him taking up a more formal posture.It was hard wired into her to show proper descipline in front of others. She wasn't familiar enough with him to be a bit more relaxed in composure.

"What are the plans moving forward, Master?" She inquired bowing her head down slightly in respect towards him. While her summoning gave her a general understanding of the world she was summoned into she didn't know all that much herself about the situation at hand.


Enjoyer of fandom and King of Heroes
Berserker of Dark with Clux
Hours later, in a dark cellar of the Ludenburg castle Clux was reciting a chant. It was a dark chant, fitting for the one summoned. For none have suffered like they have.
"Yet, thou serves with thine eyes clouded in chaos.

Thou, bound in the cage of madness. I am she who command those chains.
Come forth, Berserker!"

Clap clap. "And there we have it. So, even though it's blatantly obvious, I have to ask, are you my Master?" This is certainly odd. What kind of Berserker can talk so freely? Is this guy in a soldier's uniform really a Berserker? "Wait," Asked Clux as tears started to well in her eyes. "What class are you, Archer?" He certainly had a gun strapped to his back. A rifle if your curious. "A swing and a miss probable Master." Then something crazy happened, he transformed into a man in full plate and a sheathed longsword. "We, are Berserker."
Three months. It'd been three months since these tattoos that the boss called 'Command Seals' had manifested upon her, and likewise, it'd been three months since that devil of a woman had holed her up here. Magecraft this and Servants that, she couldn't close her eyes without seeing remembering one of the thousands of lectures she'd had thrown at her.

And she still didn't really get it.

If nothing else, the past few months had certainly instilled a newfound sense of respect for the Magi who could actually remember all this nonsense; But Ava herself could hardly care about anything beyond the basics. Even without being able to shoot sparks from her fingertips, she was pretty confident that the hardness of her fist would be enough to get her through this 'Grail War' thing that the boss wouldn't shut up about. Something something, a massive opportunity, something something, duty to the Church, something something. If she didn't know the consequences, the woman's constant nagging would have been enough to push her over the edge.

Casting her eyes over her Command Seals, Ava let out a resigned sigh. Really, this whole mess didn't seem very interesting at all. Summoning some geezer of a knight from a fairy tale she'd never even heard of, having them fight all her battles for her, then using some old cup to get a wish? She'd much rather spend her time doing work for the Agency.

But, man, the boss had gotten scary when she'd tried to drop out. She could swear that her ears still hurt from the growling the she'd given her.

So here she was, rummaging around her bomb-site of a room for anything useful. A 'catalyst', she thought the name was, had to be in here somewhere, right? She'd been told how important they were, as well as being told to "Just sit still and wait until I can find a good one", but that really wasn't her style. If she was going to forced into this rigamarole, then she was going to get it out of the way as soon as she could. If the boss complained about it, well, then she shouldn't have done all the setup before she was actually ready to get started.

Besides, having some dusty old relic probably wouldn't help all that much anyway. She'd put money on it just being more of that superstitious mumbo-jumbo that the Church was so fond of. But, still, it probably wouldn't hurt if she used some old knick-knack or another, so... The sound of rummaging begun to rise in Ava's room. There was plenty of things in her that could be of use, she figured. Loot from centuries-old vampires, treasure from grouchy Phantasmal Beasts, anything else she'd managed to pocket from work, and there was even a chance there'd be something of use from one of her shopping trips. She didn't really understand what the parameters for a good catalyst were, but so long as it was expensive it's probably work just fine.

Digging through piles of unwashed clothes, and the depths of unorganized boxes, Ava hardly noticed as the day slowly ticked away. There was all sorts of good stuff that she'd left strewn about, but hardly any of it was... Nice enough? For a catalyst, or at least she thought so. Half of it was covered in rust, probably thanks to the age of half of the things the Agency got sent out to kill, and the rest of it was damaged beyond repair. They definitely still had their charm... She wouldn't have stolen them otherwise, but they hardly seemed, uh, appropriate for this magical nonsense. She'd probably need the highest grade of material she could for a proper ritual, not some busted up old junk.

Aaah, maybe...

Struck by a flash of inspiration Ava hopped to her feet, and hurried over to her bed. If she remembered correctly, she'd left the souvenir she'd picked up from that famous movie studio under here somewhere, and...

"Aha!" After a few more minutes of searching, Ava let out a cry of victory and lofted a small, engraved ring above her head. Even though it was coated in a year's worth of dust, it gleamed in the early-evening light of her room. Perfect. A grin took over Ava's features, and she slipped it over her finger. This thing was definitely of the highest quality, top of the line, straight from the team that'd done the props for the film itself, and had set her back the price of a car, so there was no way it wouldn't do the job.

Not sparing a moment to tidy up the mess she'd made, Ava hopped from her room, and nearly jogged her way down to the ritual site. It'd all been set up well in advance, to the point where dust had already begun to fall into the engravings of the summoning circle. Treading heavily across the room, Ava made a beeline for the stack of notes that the boss had left behind. It was mostly just a bunch of crap about 'potential candidates', or whatever else that woman was trying to scheme on her behalf, but that wasn't what she was looking for. If she remembered correctly, there also should've been a copy of the chant she needed in here.

And there it was, written in that painfully familiar, overly cursive handwriting. Ava cleared her throat, and took a deep breath. It seemed simple enough. There were no weird, made-up sounding words, and despite the handwriting, it at least wasn't written in some long-dead tongue. All she needed to do was remember the all the basic stuff the boss had taught her, and this'd be easy; And so she begun to speak, a symphony of light, dust and wind filling the room as her voice reverberated throughout its cobblestone walls.



The Weebtaku Edgelord
Caster of Light
Ava's Residence | @The One Eyed Bandit

As Ava began chanting words that carried a miraculous power, the circle engraved into the ground began to glow dark crimson, illuminating the room in its fierce glow. A gust of wind inexplicable blew from the center of the circle, growing into nothing short of a tempest in but moments. Then, a circling spire of flame burst forth from the circle, penetrating the ceiling and extending evermore into the sky, piercing the clouds above, which parted from the blazing storm.

The silhouette of a girl, no taller than 6 feet became known in the midst the flame, a faint outline, yet her presence was overwhelming, the pressure of an absolute predator, a monster that devoured beasts. The figure suddenly let out a laugh, haughty, conceited, and infuriatingly prideful, yet brimming with resolute confidence. "Ho~ Are you the magus who has called upon me?" The cocky voice boomed out, "very well! Tremble in awe before the Dragon Lord of Glimmering Gold, the patron of the House of Gold, that of the dread dragon Fafnir!" After Fafnir's introduction, she added: "I see tribute worthy of the greatest dragon, you have done well, human!" As she said this, the girl seemed to notice that whoever had summoned her, was in fact, not entirely human. "No, you are no weak human. I see. I expect no less from the master who would call upon my legendary strength, child of the..." Fafnir tried to correct her mistake, yet to no avail. She had no bloody idea what race Ava was.

"Ok! Whatever, that's not the point! Just be glad the strongest caster has come to your ai-" Caster suddenly blurted out while flailing her arms around in a panic, which came a little too close for comfort to the spire of flame (at which point, has gotten quite tiresome to look at), letting out a hissing noise as it burned her fingertips.


The fiery storm dissipated in an instant, and any sort of first impression Caster had worked so hard toward evaporated in mere moments. In a panic, Caster somehow managed to step on the ring that was her catalyst, and by some miracle, tripped over it, falling flat on her face. Now, her features were clear- for some reason, the humanoid servant had draconic parts protruding from her body, the most notable being a pair of wings, a tail, and horns on her head. Her tail waved awkwardly in the air as she pulled her face off of the floor. Then, she looked up at Ava with teary, puppy eyes and immediately began to whine despite the whole clown fiesta she had put on earlier. "Waaaah, It hurts so much~" She began to complain tearily, the prospect of having the decency of apologizing for the absolute dump of a room, not even entering her head for even a second.

Dante Verren

Back from the Abyss
Name: Charles Driscoll
Role: Master of Lancer of Light
Location: Driscoll Estate a few miles outside of Cardiff Wales

A small shrug rolled off of Charles shoulders as Lancer’s response reached his mind. She may not need to eat but she might since she is able to. Oh well he had no plans to force her to do anything she didn’t want to unless something extreme came up that would require the use of a command seal. Hopefully nothing like that would happen but there is no way to tell, After all many would call the holy grail a suicidal grab for something that you are unlikely to even glimpse. Only fools would risk their life at a chance of getting there wish granted, well Charles was definitely one of these fools, and he had the proof to show for it as well.

Finishing the last of his Laver bread and eggs he heard footsteps approaching from behind him, he knew they were Lancer’s without even looking. When you live in a house with the same three you end up memorizing a lot about them including how they walk so any outliers could easily be detected by the ears. That meant it was either his newly summoned partner or an intruder and the last one was a lot less likely. The wonderfully sweet-sounding voice asking what was the plan from this point onwards acted as confirmation for his guess on who was approaching him.

Charles turned his head to look at Lancer who was standing to the side of him. One look at her and the eyes took effect. He felt a stab right to his heart as he saw the wonder that was Lancer in casual clothing. Within that split second, he saw of her before he shut his eyes his brain subconsciously did its best to burn that image into his mind so he wouldn’t forget for as long as he had left in this world, whether that be an eternity or a few days was going to be settled in this war. With a big smile on his face he waved at Lancer, “Good morning” he said in his usual chipper an energetic tone. ‘You don’t have to be so formal, please take a seat.”

Opening his eyes, he looked at her one more time before turning his gaze to his remaining two pieces of bacon. “My apologies for eating in front of you, but I’m not one who likes to waste food.” He told her. While this was happening, he had one single thought going through his head. Thank you god all mighty for letting me be alive! Boy did Charles hope that she could only hear the thoughts he sent her, if she could read all his thoughts that would be very embarrassing. Taking a bite out of one of the pieces of bacon he finished chewing before speaking again. “Before we discuss our plan of action I would like to talk about some other things. First up on the agenda, there will be no calling me master in public. Honestly, I would prefer you didn’t call me master at all but at the very least we can’t have that in public, something like boss, Mr. Driscoll, or even just Charles is fine. Next up on the agenda is I want you to have a name outside of Lancer. Calling you lancer out in about in public would put us at a disadvantage if an enemy is around and using your true name is out of the question for obvious reasons.” As he finished speaking Charles would finish off the last piece of bacon and look over at Lancer to see what her response would be.

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Twin Maids
Kozue Matou
Dark Master of Caster
0300 - Matou Manor

It had been a quiet night... but by no means a peaceful one. The head of the Matou family sat in her study with worn out eyes and a now empty glass in her hand. On her desk in front of her was various notes, pages and pages of scribbles that she had written down. It was information pertaining to the grail war, what her family had collected over the generations and what she had discovered on her own. This war was not normal. Something had changed. She merely had to catch a glimpse of the command seals that had appeared on the back of her hand to understand that. After all it was her family that had created these. If anyone were to understand that something had changed it would be her.

There had been a slight panic, she was caught completely off guard by it. It was not something that she could have predicted. But she had soon calmed herself. She had already sworn that no matter what she will partake in this upcoming grail war with absolute determination, she would dedicate everything she had. Failure to her meant death. And so... no matter what this war brings, she must overcome it. That was why she had spent her time in her study. Writing and writing. Preparing and testing. There was no time to be wasted, for the sake of the world she must rise to meet whatever fate had laid in her path. Behind her the large clock in the room chimed loudly, giving her the signal she had set herself, it was 10 minutes until 0300. Kozue stood up from her seat, picking up a second glass while doing so before walking over to a cabinet. Opening the cabinet she took put a bottle with which she filled the glass before returning it. This was a drink not for her but rather the gues that she would be welcoming into her home soon.

Leaving her study Kozue made sure to lock the door behind her, she had lived alone since her father had passed but she always made sure that the doors to each room were locked until she was using them. Well that was with the exception of the maids that she had hired to clean up the place on weekends. Nonetheless Kozue did not waste any time making her way down the hall and descending the staircase. She headed directly to a door that was emmiting an ominous aura. Well it could have been Kozue was projecting that aura onto the door but it did not change what was behind it. She carefully unlocked the door before opening it. Before her was absolute darkness, of course she knew that it was a second staircase that was before her. Kozue did not need light for this room, in fact she would prefer that this room would never see light again. However for the sake of her visitor she picked up a lit lamp she had set on a table nearby with her free hand before making her way into the room.

It was a dark room, not only in the literal sense. This room was where the Matou magi learned their craft, as well as where their familiars were created. The floor right now was empty, well it was empty with the exception of the large summoning circle. She made her way towards the circle and placed down the lantern. Standing before it she waited a few moments, completely still. Untill it was time.

Her voice was emotionless, however she carried out the summoning incantation to the best of her ability. And so once she was done she waited. With blank eyes staring into the darkness before her. What would it bring?

"AH!" As the light of the circle erupted into a pillar of heat and turmoil, Ava practically flew across the room in a panic. Oh no no no, why was there fire? The notes didn't mention anything about fire! Did she get the spell wrong? Was she just such a naturally powerful and talented mage that she'd overloaded it? Was that even possible?

She didn't know, why would she!? Why did the boss let her do this on her own!?

Rapt in her panic, Ava only half-processed the appearance of the girl within the circle. Her words reached her ears, but the raw, primal fear that was filling her heart drowned them all out. The house was going to burn down. She was in the house. She was going to burn down with it. Even if she somehow managed to escape, how was she going to explain this mess? She could, no, she already was imagining what sort of hell-punishment the boss would have dole out for a screw up of this magnitude, oh man, she'd probably bust out th-

In the middle of her blind panic, the source of her fear was snuffed out in an instant, and revealed a cute, crying young lady.


This day just kept getting weirder and weirder, but she could hardly complain about that disaster having been waylaid. Eyeing the girl- or woman, she wasn't quite sure which-, Ava took a few moments to let the emotions swirling about in her chest settle. It was always like this, whenever something like fire or silver got shoved in her face without warning, she almost felt like she was going to drop dead on the spot. One of her, uh, 'coworkers' had explained why to her in the past, but she didn't really get the details of it. At the very least, she was able to prepare herself for it when she knew it was coming, but when it was just out of the blue like that, she couldn't help but scatter like a frightened rabbit.

"Uh, you okay there, little girl?" As usual, Ava spoke without thought or reservation, slowly inching out from the corner he'd hidden in and towards the girl. "Are you the uh, the... Servant? I was supposed to summon? You aren't exactly what I was expecting..." The closer she got to the girl, the more and more apparent those words would become. Thick, black horns, bright red hair, a total lack of pants, she girl in front of her was hardly the stick-in-the-mud old knight that she'd been expecting the ritual to spit out.

"What are you, like, a demon? Because I'm supposed to kill those guys if I see them." And, more to the point, the boss's punishment for summoning a demon into Agency property would be even worse than the one for burning it down. "Though I guess a demon wouldn't be crying like a little kid right now... It'd be more like 'Wa! I'm here for your soul!', right?"



literally a child
Amelia sipped the tea as she read an ancient book which discussed the grail war. her black markings a symbol of her right to participate. she stared at them intrigued at their design. three symbols intertwined to make one larger symbol, her brain was running through everything from the math and geometrical meaning behind the symbols, the history and etymology of the symbols, all of it was documented in secret texts and yet it was all still a great mystery, and that excited her. she carried the book, which in her hands seemed quite large, to the center of the vary open room. a special room locked in the mages tower of her tutors home. she had long since surpassed his skill and so he left her to study on her own, not knowing what she was actually studying up there.

an hour had passed, the chalked circle was just being finished up, perfectly symmetrical, the runes etched to perfection. She stood to the side and began her chant. "Amelia Von Sutherland! That is the name of your master!, I am a tactician who can utilize your strengths for both our gain! A master orders, a servant obeys! I do not require a leader! I do not require someone who is wise! or bold! or brave! these are good qualities, but they are not necessary for victory. I need someone who can take my orders and follow through 100% a servant who can act on their own while following my exact orders. someone who can move in the shadows and who can benefit from my mind, while I benefit from their technique and battle knowledge! I NEED A SOLDIER! I SUMMON YOU! ASSASSIN!"

as she began her chant, the room began to rumble, books fell off the shelves, the wind began to rip and finally magic formed in the air like crackling lightning, flashing about her as she recited her chant, unwavering, looking more like a professional who had summoned many times over, and not a 12 year old girl who had just read how to preform this ritual mere hours ago.
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Caster of Light
Ava's Residence | @The One Eyed Bandit

Little girl? Little Girl? Caster didnt seem to like that nickname at all. As if that wasn't insulting enough, Ava proceeded to ramble on about how she didn't look like a servant at all. Now she was calling Caster a demon?! Did this... whatever she was, not have any manners at all?! Wiping her tears away, and puffing up her cheeks, Caster began to stare annoyingly at Ava.

''I'm not a little girl! Or a demon!'' She started throwing a little tantrum, throwing her hands around like a child. ''Did you not listen to me earlier? I said my name's Fafnir! F-A-F-N-I-R! I'm a dragon! Shouldn't you at least a little impressed?!'' She continued pouting amd throwing a tantrum for almost no reason whatsoever.

''Well excuse me that I'm not a knight in shining armour! What's so great about knights anyways?!'' With that, Caster crossed her arms and threw her gaze to the other direction grumpily, avoiding even the mere sight of Ava. ''You think all the other servant classes are better, don't you?! You do, don't you!? Hmph~!''

Caster, finally silenced, found a corner and sat facing the wall, hugging her legs and muttering words of comfort to herself, and something about the leylines that were under the ground they were standing, and setting her lair and just sleeping on it all day.
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It honestly felt a little odd. Was I alive? I sure didn't feel alive. Was I dead? I didn't feel dead either. Can one feel dead in the first place? I used to think we just went "poof" until we met the gods. Hmmm...maybe I had. Maybe that was where that voice was coming from?

"From the Seventh Heaven, attended to by three greet words of power,
Come forth from the ring of restraints,
Protector of the Holy Balance!"

No, that wasn't it. History? 21st century? Holy Grail? Holy Grail...war? Master? Servant? Me? I could tell now. This was not the sensation of death. In fact, sensations were only now starting to come back to me, as bit by bit my body was reconstructed, every little bit of magic a memory. So many old memories- and a few false ones in between. Thereupon as my eyes once again could capture light, and what faint light it was, I finally became an agent in the final step of my summoning. I needed a moment to process this environment I was in, so radically different from what I was used to. It reminded me of a prison cell: it was damp and inhospitable, the walls covered in a green visible only when the light of the summoning magic was yet to disperse, then both were blackened into oblivion. Now only a latern provided sight for me to look at the person standing before me, a young woman barely an adult in this day and age, with a boring, stoic blue gaze and short white hair. She also seemed to be a considerably tall woman, considering just how high I needed to look to see her face. I took my hand to my chin, but it grasped only air. Then a thought occurred to me, leading me to raise that hand to eye level, which immediately brought a glint to my eyes.

"Ooooh! What youth!" The other hand joined the first in turning around back and forth before me as I contemplated their tiny softness. I took my body for a literal spin within the confines of the summoning circle, laughing my lungs with glee, like a drunk at a banquet. "What a lively form! Though it saddens me that the marks of my efforts are vanished, I cannot help but be overjoyed. This body, like a golden apple, or ambrosia, so young in it's appearance and yet eternally mature; and who else do I have to thank for it if not you...master."

I finally stopped, facing the woman again directly. From the information the grail provided me with, the amount of mana I was receiving from her was rather... feeble; yet nonetheless the source was undeniable, as were the red marks on her hands. Just looking at them filled me with a certain dread, but at the same time some sweet expectation. This vessel was prepared to obey, even if my mind was a prisioner of the terror of the commands that might come. Well, this was, IF they had to come. For now, this woman had given me a second chance, a second chance to fulfil the mission for which I was chosen. Closing my eyes, I solemnly kneeled down in front of her, arm across my torso and head lowered before her (well, even more so now).

"I am Caster, o master who has summoned me. I shall, with your permission, lend you my services and what little power and wisdom I possess. May our victory forge a grand new world."

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Clux Ludenberg

Truthfully speaking Clux wasn't truly sure what to make of her servant her eyes attempted to take his whole form. At first Clux worried she might've screwed something up like usual and summoned the wrong type of servant, that's why she had asked what class he was. His weapon and aura suggested he might've been some kinda Archer class and yet her servant stated that was wrong to assume. Clux then watched her servant's form shift into a fully armored man she took a step closer to get a better look at his new form. "Wait you have multiple forms? Then again you said 'we' so does that mean you are a combination of beings?" The book on the holy grail war did in fact inform her servants came in various forms. Yet this wasn't what she had expected would she have to treat each form as it's own separate person? Would she have to address them in different ways? Depending on how many forms Berserker had Clux might have to technically introduce herself to multiple people. She began to feel as if she was trapped in a crowded room with multiple people, that thought of being in a crowed room caused Clux to start crying. She covered her eyes with one hand and turned waving her other hand at Berserker. "Don't look!" She ordered her servant to her him seeing her cry was the same as when the maids would see her cry. It made Clux feel so foolish for crying which in truth she was but still she'd rather not feel that way at all. Her thoughts cycled back to the holy grail war and then she turned to her servant showing him her command seals. "Why do my command seals appear different from the ones I've seen in my books on the grail war?" Clux worried that her command seals being a sepreate color from what she had read meant she somehow had screwed up the very basics of being a Master in the Grail War.


The One and Only

Somewhere in the City That Never Sleeps, there is a peculiar estate more befitting in an Eastern country than in a bustling metropolis. It was a strange estate to be sure, not only because it appears to be out of place, but also because, despite it’s fairly large size and numerous rooms, the only inhabitant of this place was one old woman. Other than her employees, numerous they may be, not a lot of people knew this old woman. Her employees would probably describe her a strict and harsh, but fair, though obviously not to her face. There were a lot of rumors about the estate and it’s sole inhabitant, but that was all they were, rumors.

One this particular night, the old woman stood alone in front of her meditation pool, but it was more apt to call it a meditation lake. She paced back and forth in front of her lake, dragging her walking staff as she walked on the ground. Khunbish were muttering words under her breath, words only she herself could hear and understand. To most people, Khunbish’s movements and mutterings were nothing more than an old lady most lightly going senile, but to those who knew what she knew, this right here is nothing ordinary. Patterns and sigils were being drawn into the ground, deliberately and catefully written down.

After a few more moments, Khunbish finally stopped walking, facing the patterns she drew into the ground and scrutinizing it, inspecting the entire thing thoroughly. Finally deeming it to be good enough, Khunbish walked towards the center, carefully not to step over any of the patterns she drew. As she knelt down, she placed on the center a single coat of arms. Satisfied with this, Khunbis stepped out of the circle and continued to chant, her voice starting to become louder and clearer.

Let silver and steel be the essence.
Let stone and the archduke of contracts be the foundation
Let Black the colour I pay tribute to
Let rise a wall against the wind that shall fall
Let the four cardinal gates close.
Let the three-forked road from the crown reaching unto the Kingdom rotate.

I hereby declare.
Your body shall serve under me.
My fate shall be your sword.
Submit to the beckoning of the Holy Grail
If you will submit to this will and this reason…Then answer!

An oath shall be sworn here!
I shall attain all virtues of all of Heaven.
I shall have dominion over all evils of all of Hell!

From the Seventh Heaven, attended to by three greet words of power,
Come forth from the ring of restraints,
Protector of the Holy Balance!

As the final words left her mouth, a blinding light burst forth from the summoning circle. For but a single fleeting moment, a wide grin spread across her face, her eyes gleaming with both pride and hunger. Finally, it was time. As the light died down, there stood a figure within the circle. A man, gold of hair, steel of eyes, and pale of skin. He wore a black army uniform, though not any modern uniform, but one that has not been seen for quite a long time.

“Rise, my Servant. There is a war to win.”

@Jean Otus
"Ooooh, a dragon? Sorry, sorry, just with the magic circle and the fire and the horns, well, what else was I supposed to think?" As she spoke, the wave of relief that washed over Ava could be both seen and heard. As it turned out, she hadn't botched the ritual nearly as bad as she thought she had. No demons, no explosions, nothing, just one noisy little girl.

"Fafnir, huh? Can't say I've heard of you, but if you're a dragon you've gotta be pretty scary, right? Can you breath fire? Can you fly? I feel like both of those would be pretty handy skills in a fight, yeah?" Returning to her usual composure, Ava's timid inching turned into a casual pace as she closed in on, and stood over this Fafnir girl. For a dragon, she was pretty cute, from head to toe looking more like a character from one of the children's books in the Agency library, than a vicious fire breathing lizard.

Well, save for the lack of a garment or two, at least.

"And hey hey, don't beat yourself up. What class are you anyway? Berserker? Is that why you're throwing all these tantrums? That's like, definitely in the top three. So long as you aren't an Assassin we'll get along just fine." Her words meant half on consolation, and half in curiosity, Ava treated the girl much the same as she would a child. Though, it wasn't like he had much experience with children. In fact, she got into a fight with the last grade schooler she'd met, but she was pretty the that someone like her didn't count as a normal kid, so she gave herself a pass.

"Anyway, when are you gonna fix the room? The fireworks was definitely, uh, impressive, but my boss is definitely going to beat me back up if she comes back and finds out that you installed a new skylight, you know? I really don't want another broken arm."



White Masquerade's Blue Oni
Saber of Light and Saber of Darkness
In the frigid landscape of the Himalayas, a battle waged, unknown to a majority of the world. The sound of clashing blades echoed amidst the howling wind as two figures came together, movements far too fast for the normal human eye to follow. Again and again these inhuman beings entangled themselves in a brawl of blades—a challenge of skill.

One was a female warrior adorned in feathers and bearing a shield.


The other a male with pointed ears, skin color of unnatural hue, and wearing two blades—one he currently wielded while the other remained strapped to his back and covered in bandages.


Neither seemed to be bothered by their cold surroundings as they engaged one another in unending combat. In fact, both seemed to be at home in their environment…granted the female more than the male.

“Why do you fight thus?” The redhead questioned as their swords once more met. “Have you not been informed of what will become of this world should your faction win?”

“I have,” the male smirked. “But why should the world of mere humans matter to one such as I?”

Clang! Clang! Clang!

He would be ashamed to hear you say that,”


“Perhaps if he were around to tell me that I’d reconsider my views. Alas, as it stands now, my only wish is to right the wrongs my mistake has wrought. It just so happens that the Caretaker’s desire aligns with my own.”

The female’s eyes widened. “You don’t mean to…”

A sudden, unexpected kick forced Saber of Light to back off as the two Sabers once more parted. Saber of Darkness raised his sword, leveling it at his opponent. “Regardless of what I mean to do, I’ve been summoned to this war by my current Master to do battle. Therefore battle I shall. For I am nothing if not a dutiful Servant.”

Balls of molten, hot flames shot forth from the tip of his blade, directed at Saber of Light who merely raised her shield and pushed forward. “Your magic cannot stop me!”

Words of a language long lost were muttered by Saber of Darkness, spoken in a silvery, melodic tongue.

Saber of Light heard the chant, but it was too late to stop her charge. Saber of Darkness vanished just as Light’s sword would’ve struck true. Instead, ice crawled up the female Saber’s legs, strengthened by their current environment . It bound her to the spot. Saber of Light cursed. “Cunning bastard.”

“He used to tell me that all the time.” Smirking from behind his Light counterpart, Saber of Darkness prepared to continue his assault. However the voice of his Master, spoken through his mind, stopped him in his tracks. “Unfortunately, our bout will have to end for today. My Master needs me.” He nodded at his opponent. “Until next time.”

Then he was gone.

Saber of Light sighed, shoulders sagging. “You can come out now, Master.”

“You two seem to know each other,” A woman, who seemed to be in her late twenties/early thirties, appeared from behind a tree where she’d been watching the battle—ready to interfere should the need arise. She didn’t know how much she could do to a Servant who seemed to wield magic beyond her own. However, she wasn’t the sort to stand back and let her Servant do all the fighting either.

“We’ve met once.” Two powerful smashes of her shield shattered the ice around Saber’s legs.

“You can tell me more about it when we return to the cabin.” The Master of Saber breathed into her hands, fog escaping as she did so. Though she was dressed for the mountainous, cold environment, she couldn’t say she liked it very much. “It’s starting to snow again.”

Nodding, Saber of Light vanished her weapons and followed her Master.

How long would this war would last?

When would more enemy Servants appear? Allies?

Saber of Light had no answers. However, it would only end once all members of the Dark Faction were eliminated. That was the only way to save the world from being "reset"--or so the child called the Caretaker of Light had told them.

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Berserker of Dark with Clux
Completely ignoring Clux's crying while not looking away, Berserker answered "Correct, though I refuse to tell you my identity beyond my class name. But if it's any consolation chances are you've never heard of me anyway." Then he heard her second question. Changing to a form that was wearing glasses but still armed 'She' spoke "But enough about me. As far as I'm aware this war is special, with two beings granting command spells to seven masters each. There were a lot more details to it but given my mental state I can only understand so much. Though it is likely because the guy who called himself 'Caretaker of Dark' that your command seals are that color." Then changing to the original form 'he' said this with an annoyed look "*Sigh* This is a pointless talk. We should instead get started with finding the other masters. Or are you going to sit here and expect me to be your butler or something??


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Caster of Light
Ava's Residence | @The One Eyed Bandit

Caster raised her head slowly at Ava, who was beginning to approach the dragon with a more confident step. She stared at Ava with kitten eyes, still sniffling as Ava questioned her class, and whether it was Berserker due to the sudden tantrum she threw for no apparent reason. "Caster! I'm a Caster!" Fafnir said as she rolled over on her belly and began hitting the floor, and continuing to make a scene. "How in the winds of Hel have you not heard of me?!" She whined, "That stupid dragon from that stupid book, how come everybody knows about him and not me?! He's literally based off of me!"

The list of complaints kept piling on top of one another until Caster finally shut up as she ran out of breath to continue whining. She loosened her neck, letting her face fall flat on the floor, and she stayed there, lying on the ground face-first, motionless. Ava eventually brought up the complete mess of a building Caster had made with her completely arbitrary and unnecessary introduction. She groaned loudly. After hearing about Ava's 'boss', Caster wondered which employer broke their employees' arms. Of course, that presented a new worry, whether the boss' influence rubbed off on her employees. Is Ava going to whip Caster if she was disobedient or something? The thought of that sent shivers down her tail.

"Alright... I'll fix ittt~" Caster moaned grumpily, as she habitually reached for her ring. It wasn't there. She suddenly hissed loudly, befitting of the venomous dragon she was meant to be, jolting up from the floor and looking around frantically. "Where is it?! My precious." It took Caster a while to realize that she couldn't retrieve items from her horde unless the physical stash was there, and as chance would have it, she had not created a lair yet.

"Nevermind, I'll do it later..." She sighed dejectedly, not thrilled by the horrible idea of having to perform physical labor. "I need to create a lair, leave me alone..." Caster muttered to Ava grouchily. "At least your boss had brains to have the property built over a ley line. Yes, that alone is worthy of praise..."

Unfortunately for Ava, despite finally beginning to do productive work, the dragon still had not gotten the hint that she should put on pants or something of the like.


Caster sat atop an absurdly large mountain of treasures, compiled of numerous jewelry and a sea of gold as far as the eye could see. Standing over a ley line made creating a lair much easier than what it originally would have been, and Caster seemed to enjoy that fact. Comfortably nestled on top of a massive stack of money, Caster appeared to be eating out of a square box, with some sort of fancy logo printed out on the lid. A rare occasion indeed, Fafnir appeared to be completely silent, with all her attention expended on the food resting on her lap. "This thing you humans call 'pizza' is the best thing I've eaten for ages!" Fafnir declared as she swallowed a whole slice of pizza in one bite. The more one looked at the girl dining, the more bizarre the scene would become. A girl, sitting on top a giant pile of shining gold, using some sort of broadsword as a substitute for a fork to eat pizza, which was eaten with hands in the first place. "But why the hell was the deliverer staring at me weird?"

The last slice of the pizza finally gone, Caster began staring longingly at the empty box. She let out a forlorn puff of air as she tossed the empty box away. A few hours. The creation of caster's lair took no more than a few hours, and yet the 'storeroom' looked like a treasury befit of a king. A single stairway leads to the underground treasury, locked behind a towering stone door, sealed with an ancient rune unreadable to modern magi. Caster's treasury itself was brimming with riches, walls of Mythril, and countless stone pillars that ran from the base to the ceiling. Of course, most of this was completely optional, yet Caster spared no effort in asthetics. In her eyes, her 'House of Gold' must glimmer brighter than the heart of the mountain itself.

Having enjoyed a satisfactory meal, Caster immediately switched to lazing around as opposed to actually preparing for the bloodbath that was likely to come. This war seemed to be under some speacial circumstances, it seemed. Upon summoning, Caster was granted basic knowledge on the premise of the war- two godlike entities and a dispute with the fate of the world waiting to be decided by fourteen heroic spirits, and their masters. Though, such information was irrelevant for Caster - she merely paid such matters no heed. Lying over her treasures (god knows how she even finds it comfortable), Caster fell asleep almost immediately, snoring loudly and drooling all over her gold. Was there truly no such other concepts other than 'food' and 'sleep' floating around in that hollow head of hers?


Twin Maids
Kozue Matou
Matou Manor

A micro-expression of perplexion displayed on Kozues face as she looked upon the servant that she had summoned. It was to her understanding that when summoning without a catalyst the grail would provide a servant that was compatible, or at least most like the summoner. And so it was strange to look upon what seemed to be a lively and rather energetic child. Although there was something else... She looked at the glass of wine she was holding in her hand that she had prepared for her guest before looking back at the one who had arrived. Should I give this to a kid? She thought to herself. Although it did seem like the servant was not used to this form, well they practically told her already that they had regained their youth so they must have passed on at a much older age. This was the first person she had met who spoke their thought out loud actually...

"Rise Caster. You need not bow to me, a simple acknowledgement of me as your master is enough. I shall also lend you my strength so that we both may obtain the grail." Kozue approached the servant with the glass held out, meaning to give it to her servant. "This is a small token of my gratitude for answering my summons, we have much to talk about tonight. If you would join me on a walk I would very much both of us leave this house for a while. There is a place in this city I would like to show you." Kozue spoke to her servant very matter of factly. She was not a very charismatic person and had very little social experiment but the attempt to give a warm welcome to her servant should be quite clear... At least she hoped. Ahh this is a bit more of a pain I thought...



The One Who Tries
Time waits for no one. That is the given fact that. It never stops nor does it look back, it continues on hesitation. It never looks back at times of war, it never looks back in times of peace or happiness, it'll never look back until the concept of time is no more. How loathsome can time be. To move on inconsiderately, as it leaves other behind in its trail of dust. Though, as much as it was hated it was needed. Without time moving everything would lead stagnation and the fulfillment of a dream. To time, humans did not need such luxury. That's is why it keeps on moving, to crush one dream and help accomplish another. Yet, this anger shall not change even under the whims of time. How unfair it was for time to crush a dream. Though it was just how life was, an endless cycle of succession and loss.

A singular ray of light shined out within the darkness. So, it was time. Regretfully, it was time to step out of the pool of self-pity. It was time their shine. Two hands reached out for the light, being whisked away from the eternal darkness. Light filtered in and out, the feeling of having a physical form again entered them. Two young girls materialized from the fading light. In that exact moment when they opened their eyes. A girl was bounded onto a table with a gag on her mouth. There was a man holding a book and looking like he had committed the worst crime imaginable. In a way, he did commit the worst crime imaginable.


In that instant the younger rider seemingly materialized right behind the male and karate chopped his collarbone. The force applied immediately knocked him out as he fell down. The younger Rider began to hastily tie the man down with anything that was nearby. Her face was flushed red as she took a quick glance back at the bounded girl and back at the man. The older sister sighed as she began to untie the bounded girl. She took off the gag and helped her up. Taking a few steps back she coughed before looking at the girl before her.

"We are Rider. Surname name _______, personal name ___, the one back there is ___. Tell us, are you our master?" The older of the two said as she glanced at Vita.


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It hurt. Ava could all but hear the straining of her muscles and the crunching of her bones as she was forced into the ground. What a poor stroke of luck. The boss was back early, before she'd had a chance to even start cleaning up after Fafnir, and, speaking of, the cute little dragon had gone and made herself into a shut-in too.

"So you're telling me that your Servant did this?" Atop her, was a brown haired woman that could only be described as 'disheveled'. Her hair had more akin to a mane than anything that would come out of a barbershop, and her clothes weren't much better. The only sign of her post, that as the head of the Burial Agency, were a pair of heavy, silver crosses dangling from her ears. "Let me get this straight. Not only do you expect me to believe that you of all people managed to summon a Servant on her lonesome, but also that they're a teenager, and that the house being blown halfway to hell somehow isn't your fault?"

Above her, Ava heard a hefty sigh as the weight pushing down on her was released.

"As absurd as it sounds, I somehow can't picture even you being dumb enough to think up a lie that stupid. Get to your feet, Ava." The woman spoke with a firmness that had grown to be as familiar to Ava as the back of her own hand. Groaning all the while, the white haired woman followed her orders with hesitation, pushing herself up and onto her feet in one swift motion.

"Did you have to pin me down like that? Wasn't it written somewhere in the Bible that you should like, be nice to people or whatever?"

"Something along those lines, but I don't consider you a person." The boss's time away hadn't dulled her tongue, she could see. Weren't vacations supposed to cheer people up? "Anyway. You said you summoned a Caster, yes? I suppose that isn't too bad a result... Though that doesn't change the fact that you've turned my generosity in finding you a proper catalyst into nothing more than a massive waste of time." With a briskness that matched the authority with which she spoke, the woman begun to pace towns her wreck of a home, Ava falling in tow behind her without needing to be asked.

"It goes without saying that you'll be introducing me to this Caster of yours, yes? I've a vague idea of the Servants you could have summoned using what we have in the house, but I hadn't imagined any of them filling the role of Caster. Are they a man or a woman? At the very least, are they of faith? You didn't summon an ancient cultist out of one of those war trophies of yours, did you?"

"Well..." Letting out a nervous chuckle, Ava took the reigns of both the conversation and their trajectory, navigating the two of them towards what was now Fafnir's treasure trove. "No, uh, not exactly. They're not a cultist, or even a demon... I made double sure to check! But they uh, she is calling herself a dragon named Fafnir."

No response came at the reveal, but Ava was pretty sure she could feel a glare digging into her back.

"Personally, I think it's a pretty impressive summon! Right? How many of the other Masters do you think summoned a walking talking fighter jet? I bet we'll just be able to fly around and breath fire on everyone else! That is, once I convince her to..." Before revealing the tendencies that Fafnir had started to display since her arrival, Ava's voice trailed off. She'd gotten too excited there. There was no need to go and get herself abused again because she summoned a Servant with a 'bad personality', or whatever. What the boss didn't know, wouldn't hurt her.

"Right, so what I'm gathering is that I'd be much better off talking to this 'Fafnir' on my own." This woman. Ava wasn't exactly the type to take insults and rudeness to heart, but was there any way she could speak to her other than trying to make her feel bad? She'd definitely make an awful mother. But at this point, she knew that there was no point in arguing with this abusive husband of a woman, so she kept her thoughts to herself, and led her into Fafnir's resplendent lair.

The moment she entered, as if her presence had been sensed the minute she set foot in the cave, Fafnir begun to babble from atop her tower of wealth. Apparently, in her absence she'd somehow managed to find herself a meal. Pizza, no less. How had she even gotten someone to serve her food in that outfit of hers?

"Uh, yeah. Pizza is pretty good. I'd rather have something with more meat and bone. I think they were looking at you funny because you're dressed like a freak, though. I got in trouble for that a bunch of times when I first moved in." Her voice aside, Ava's approach was heralded by the metallic crunching of gold and silver underfoot. "But uh, that aside, my boss wants to speak with you. Be careful, she's got even more of a temper than you do."

At her last remark, Ava could feel yet another glare cutting into her. But, perhaps because they were in the presence of one of the Servants that the boss had been lecturing her about for so long, no punishment came to match it.

"Please ignore her. You're Caster, I presume?" Stepping past Ava and taking back her rightful place in the front, the brown haired woman regarded the girl in front of her with a critical eye. "Milburga Narbareck. It's a pleasure. I'm what you could call... Your Master's Master, I suppose? Now, I wouldn't deign to expect subordination out of you, but in exchange for your destruction of my home, I assume answering a handful of my questions wouldn't trouble you too much?" Unlike the tone she took with Ava, Milburga spoke to Caster with an air of grace and respect. It wasn't a side of her that Ava had never seen before, but it was certainly one that she didn't see often.

"First, and most pressing. Can you explain the state of her Command Seals? I"m hardly an authority on the subject, so it may be semantics for all I know, but they're supposed to manifest as a very distinct shade of red, no? Yet-" Pausing for a moment, Milburga seized Ava's hand and jerked it towards Caster. "These are even whiter than the girl's, frankly absurd, head of hair. Any clue as to why?"

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"It is not proper of a good man that he should betray his own dignity for commodity. Certainly, I think neither of us would deny, that there is truth in the thought that, as my master in this holy grail war, you are to be my superior. However, it is not simply out of respect I bowed, but also out of gratitude for this renewed opportunity and renewed body. However, as it seems to cause you bother, I shall refrain from it henceforth, and take it as another form to express that gratitude." I rose to a standing position. "Now then, onto more practical matters. Ta Sýnnefa!"

Something like a fading white mist was released from my hands as soon as I cast the spell, crawling up my sleeves and spreading within those clothes I was materialized with, seeming to lift me off the ground for a moment before dropping me back after I raised an inch. I raised an arm, much faster than I expected to raise it, which in turn confirmed that the spell had been successful. Ah, I felt so light! Yet, even a spell like this, as simple as it was, felt more taxing than it should have been (although it did remain, nonetheless, rather insignificant). The summoning had gone well, and perhaps it was just the impression I had from my heightened awareness as a servant. My eyes drifted towards my master.

"I see indeed. It is, most certainly, fitting of the grail that I was summoned- compared to expectations, the mana I feel from you is lacking, not in refinement, but in amount. Yet, foul though it might be there it would be false of me to deny that there is very dense mana in the air of this...place. Who might you be then, master, to be in such peculiar conditions?" Without my skills, how long would my master even have been able to sustain a servant, I wondered? No, the whole place suggested her participation was far from a fluke. She was prepared to sustain just about any servant. Their effectiveness and their noble phantasms, on the other hand, might have been crippled, far more than I could be.

As master approached me, she handed me a glass with an all too-familiar susbtance. Could it be? I took the glass from her hands, though as I thought about this era, there was probably some discomfort to the current situation.

"There is no need for worry. This beverage moistens and tempers the spirit; and though it also lulls the mind, all things make virtue in moderation." As if to prove my point, I took a small gulp from it, barely opening the tips of my lips. "It would be indeed a waste to taste such fine delicacies in stage that so dampens my spirit. Let us go for a walk then, as you suggest, and talk these very many things you wish to discuss. I too wish to see the marvels of the modern world. The grail may inform me, but the satisfaction of my wonder can be sated only by sights of my own eyes, if can be sated at all. I beg that you lead the way, master."

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Lanced watched quietly as her Master ate in front of her, even going so far as to addressing it to her. It wasn't exactly the most 'graceful' thing to do, though it wasn't something she really cared all that much about. It was far more concerning to her to enact proper educate rather then the one who she was serving under. It wasn't something she saw as being some form of disrespect to herself to warrant a response. She wouldn't at all hesitate to continue eating when in a casual setting around her fellow companions even though she would probably be more careful about talking with food in her mouth. Fortunately for Charles his very thoughts that likely would spark a harsh response back from her weren't something she could read from his mind.

His request was quite simple to her electing her to simply nod in response at first. She had no problem refraining from calling him Master. It was already a term she felt awkward about as a whole. Using it to describe a skilled mentor was something that held a bit more weight in being a valid reason for using the term, though the other ways were ones she was far less content with and put a bad taste in her mouth. She was never one to serve under anyone unless she so desired it herself expecting respect given back to her in return. A warrior dedicated their blade towards a worthy cause, not simply to the service of another. Only one who earned a warriors respect and held a cause they believed in should ever receive her loyalty.

"Very well Mr. Driscoll." She spoke giving another light nod in response doing her best to avoid direct eye contact. It was a little strange to call him such a thing as a title far too use to the use to a much fancier sounding honorific. Still it would work for her needs. Calling him by his first name was a bit too strange for her given her lack of familiarity with him. It was far more fitting of a companion in arms, a certain respect one could only gain through fighting or training together with someone. She was taken a bit more back by his mentioning of her having another name to go by. She lifted her hand up slowly, placing it upon the side of her chin as if in thought. Naturally going by her real name was not something that was very wise as it was.

"If you so wish you can come up with a name you wish to call me, although it does not mean I'll simply accept any name you propose to me. I don't take kindly if such a name is belittling of myself. If you attempt to calling me something like darling, or baby, or sweetie, or any hogwash of that nature I'll make sure you come to regret it in private." She spoke quite sternly in what was perhaps her first real showing of her more boyish side. She wasn't at all into the aspect of being looked down upon, and such names came off besmirching her image. She glanced in his general direction keeping from establishing direct eye contact with him.

"Unless you really aren't sure I suppose i could attempt to come up with a name I might be able to identify with." She offered after a short delay as if realizing she might invoked a sense of dread in the man given her sudden stipulation. She leaned back in the chair taking on a more relaxed posture attempting to disarm any uneasy should he suddenly feel uneasy around her.

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