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Jun remained in place with Saber in close proximity. This Overseer seemed as trustworthy as a snake dripping venom into someones eyes. Was that really all there was to this war? Someone attempting to make the war a more fair go around? Normally Jun would like something becoming more balanced. Yet everything in his body was telling him this was WRONG. He needed to evaluate his options now. He could keep listening, he could attack directly, he could move outside and trap them in there. He still couldn't tell what class the Servant of the weird hat guy was. He had the Saber so a close quarters fight would go his way. Unless that was a Berserker and he would be utterly trashed. Jun could go for her Master, although he had no idea who this person was. His instincts as an assassin told him not to go in without good info

Jun moved back outside and asked Saber to stay there and relay any info he missed. His training ensured that he was a silent shadow. Outside he began setting up explosives. The link between Master and Servant meant he wouldn't miss out on any info while setting the charges. Next he needed to gear up, donning his small wrist mounted harpoon launcher. Hidden up his sleeve was a knife he had received from Master Fang. It split into two blades for increased offense. Jun could almost hear Master Fang now. Never assume your first strike will connect, boy!

Focusing his mind, Jun spoke with Saber. So Saber, anything else that snake of an Overseer had to offer about this stupid war?. Making his way back down into the catacombs, the hooded assassin retakes his place near Saber. Armed with steel and a plan, Jun lay in wait to strike at his prey... ALL of his prey

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While Melvin like the idea everyone getting fair chance in the war the method the overseer may of used to get there could of been questionable. Grant Melvin didn't play far or follow the laws all the time but this was a different type shadiness. An idea reinforced when the overseer kill or be killed and something about sponsors. The idea that were people above him paying him or provide the means to starts the this war made Melvin worry slightly of how things will play out from here. But for now Melvin would have worry about all that later. Time was going by and who knows when others master and servants will arrive or attack. "Well I could continue asking questions, by all means I have many but I think it time to talk about more important matters." Melvin said getting out of his chair. "I like to know more about the master market spoken about in the letter. I curious what it has to offer." Melvin stated looking around the room. "Is here or in another location perhaps?".
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"It seems you've been invited over as well." Cassandra addresses the third girl to arrive. Unlike the two of them, it didn't seem like she had brought her Servant along. This puts her at ease somewhat. She felt confident enough to rely on Rider should things go south.

"I won't mind a small bite to eat for now. You seem to be knowledgeable about this kind of thing as well." She eyes the other woman. "She doesn't seem to be a Servant. I'm not getting the same vibe I got from Rider at least." She turned to the now-invisible Rider. Of course, not even she can see where she's at right now. Having gotten the earlier girl's attention, Cassandra resumed walking, heading towards the district known for its delicacies and delicious fish and chips. "How about a small deal? Tell me something about this situation that I haven't heard before and if I like what you girls say, I'm buying."

As she offered this proposition, Cassandra reassesses her funds. She can probably make due with some fancy stuff for a while it seems.

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SaberLondon Catacombs

Information was power, but only so long as that information held value. And for the most part the information being gleaned in that moment had little value. There was but one shred of knowledge that did pertain a great wealth of value, however. And that knowledge made the entire thing worth while. The overseer addressed the woman as a servant while addressing the man as her master. Something the woman seemed to support. And yet Saber could sense nothing. There wasn't a servant anywhere near their vicinity. That meant one thing. They were dealing with Assassin, and if that was the case she was all but guaranteed a victory if they fought in the confined space of the catacombs.

That said, she did not want to run the risk of damaging relations with the Overseer. Nevertheless her Master had his own ideas and left to preparefor combat. As instructed she continued to observe, and other than the insight as to which servant they were dealing with there was precious little information that concerned her. As her Master's words echoed through her mind she responded in kind. "The overseer addressed the woman as a servant, yet I can not sense the presence of a servant. We're dealing with Assassin. Other than that they have said nothing of interest." As she finished her Master returned, retaking his spot to eavesdrop on their opponents. "I would suggest waiting for them to depart before engaging them. Snake or not, making an enemy out of the Overseer is ill-advised to say the least." Which was a shame. It would have been an easy knock-out if they could have fought down there. But the risks simply outweighed the benefits, and it wasn't like Assassin would fare any better in the open anyway.

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Adorable, it's a shame we might have to fight. Alexandria laughed lightly as she approached the pair, the boisterous jester throwing her arm over the more subtle schemer. Given the ease of such a familiar gesture and the lack of protest, perhaps they knew each other before the beginning of the war; sisters? Crimson hair -or any shade closer to True Red- was rare even in the moonlit world and such an omen was... unwelcome especially if it hinted at a family she may or may not have offended by doing her job.

It wasn't her fault she was the Cataloger of Atlas but still she had to deal with such frivolous complaints. The notion that this pair, or at least the less outspoken of the two, fell into that unpleasant category lost weight as she continued to speak. They were Magi, there was a certain haze in the air, something like a translucent fog that clung to them, but to not be aware of what was going on was something unthinkable to those part of the Three Great Branches of the Association. Then again, she was just supposed to observe the conflict, herself, before getting dragged into the thick of things; it wasn't, then, too far-fetched to assume that the pair shared her circumstances. There was also the possibility that they helped instigate the upheaval that resulted in the total failure of the Clocktower's attempt, but she would rather not act on that assumption immediately.

Maybe after breakfast.

"Lead on then, Milady. Though you don't promise hospitality, I would like to think your company would suffice." She spoke to the shorter one before a sly wink the way of the taller of the two. With grace she took to the latter's free side and linked her own arm with the jester's remaining one. "I am feeling peckish myself, and it would not do to register on an empty stomach, especially with a lack of the insurance of the past."

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Rider was completely baffled by the girl who was the epitome of ignorance. She hadn't the slightest clue what kind of 'cup' the Holy Grail was and didn't seem to know how dangerous this battle was. To think that someone would think nothing more of the Holy Grail than just another item to pawn off for some pocket change. Still, Rider could admire such ignorance as that as it was rare and refreshing.

The mention of food, or as Lenka put it; 'grub', did sound sound appealing. Granted Rider didn't need food to function like normal humans, all she needed was her Master's mana and she would be able to reside and partake in the War, but Rider did want to try all the new foods and delicacies that modern Earth had to offer! So food sounded like a splendid idea! Before the four woman could be off though, a fifth woman had joined them.

Rider, who was still in spiritual form, wasn't too happy at the arrival of yet another person. Most likely another master in the war, probably seeking to form some sort of alliance or merely observe and detail who her enemies were, but she couldn't sense another servant nearby. It bugged Rider a little too much but as long as this newcomer remained passive, Rider would do nothing unless ordered by her master. It was too early in the War to start attacking anyone that raised suspicion, and Rider didn't know enough about this mysterious woman or what servant she commanded if she was even a master at that.

Upon seeing that her master was now being touched and dragged along by both the shorter woman and the newcomer, Rider finally revealed herself, still wearing her normal/modern clothes. Poofing from thin air, Rider got in-between Lenka and Cassandra, breaking them up. Rider looked at both girls and nodded, her voice stern and loud, "Please refrain from touching MY Master. You must prove yourself before having the honor of touching such a beautiful woman." Rider was extremely territorial, and she viewed Cassandra as hers and hers alone. Taking her master's hand, Rider pulled Cassandra forward and linked her arm around her master's making sure that the other two were behind Rider and Cassandra, "So my prothymos! Where shall we go to dine? I want to try EVERYTHING!" Rider offered a devious smile to her master!

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Sarah.” Lancer mulled the name over in her head. She had never called her king by his name before. Would he have been much more at ease had she done so? Or perhaps it was just the progress of time. Perhaps it was just that this girl was but made of naivete itself. Friends, was it? How curious, that this creature would remind her so much of the beast that was her King. Surely, her fire and strength could not rival his, but that sore kindness and genuineness certainly did. They may speak of equality between both of them, but she did wonder sometimes just how true that was. He was a greater man than she would ever be, and she wondered if Sarah would live up to the same expectations as well. Not as a warrior, of course, but as a king.

Then I would propose that you call me by my other name- Conodar, though I suppose it is an unwieldy moniker. Connor would suffice.” Lancer took the girl’s offer to a handshake, and as she did, the pieces of armor upon her flared and dissipated in a burst of flame, leaving her in her slacks and black leather jacket, as well as the leather tunic underneath it, on her body. If they were indeed headed to the Tower, then she would have to blend in with the common crowd. At least the clothing under her armor allowed her to do just that without much issue. The mana flow that seeped from Sarah to her could be an issue, but if she were to cut the supply wilfully, the fact was that she could pass off as just another passerby, or a companion.

Shall we, then, Sarah? I imagine the author of the letter awaits.


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The spandex-clad girl who was shakily coming to terms with how her feet worked, judging by how she pranced around in a weird display of movement as she walked, most similar to a toddler who suddenly learned they had legs...But with a bit more spinning and jumping. She seemed to be both perplexed and radiatingly pleasured by her bodies ability to move, not in any paticularly extravagent ways, but it seemed to be entertaining to her.

She was following the red-haired woman with this locomotive enjoyment, though with enough distance that she hadn't even seemed to notice her master (Though she still wasn't entirely sure that that meant, she was still thinking about it) had stroked into a conversation with another master and her servant...Not that she would be able to tell, even if she was close enough, and it would seem from an onlooker not the slightest bit of anxiety or fear that would be obvious to occur in such an encounter was displayed.
Her ability to recognize another servant was either non-existent, or she was simply far more of an idiot than she seemed.
Thankfully, it was mostly the former.

In fact, her acknowledgment of the conversation didn't manifest until it was nearly over, with her suddenly exclaiming (After another serious of prances and excited jumps) something entirely irrelevant to the subject of food, movement, servants, masters, or the like. Nay, in fact, it seemed to address her own discomposure.

Her voice raised with an excitement that was wholly unlike her prior, almost curiously contemplating move, and she suddenly made to rush joyfully forth towards the red haired woman. Her arms flailing with glee, Still seeming to entirely disregard the fact there was another servant there, or that her master had been having any conversation whatsoever. She stopped within shortly of six inches from Lenka, nearly close enough for her sudden passion to be felt radiating off of her (Though, of course. This was actually the magical energy of a servants existence, of which she had no idea how to regulate, and her excitement had seemed to flare it up.)
"A name! I need one! That's what I'm missing! My heads swimming with all this dumb 'Don Quixote this' and 'Berserker' that! No wonder I'm so confused, that's not right at all, what kind of superhero is called Berserker? Haha! I need a proper hero name! Like...Hah! Pink Thunder! No, that's terrible....Dawnbreaker! That feels too generic..."

She spoke as if the girl had a complete understanding of what she was saying, a flurry of words that showed off how terribly little she grasped the situation, and how terribly enthused she was by it.

"Ah! It's good that you asked, actually. One moment." Shifting from his position with a casual flourish, Jaune brushed past his guests and descended into a lower area of the catacomb. For a few moments, the sounds of rustling could be heard, a grunt of frustration, before a telltale sound of triumph that would herald his return.

On his return to Archer and Melvin's line of sight he would be carrying a small plastic bag, the sound of clattering plastic coming from within.

"First of all, Merry Christmas." From the bag he produced a small device. A smartphone, most likely, and handed it to the Master of the pair. "Wasn't sure how many of you would be magical tech-deaf geezers, so I picked these up the other day." Before continuing, he returned to where he stood previously and left the bag to rest at his feet. "Turn it on. There's an app on there that'll let you order from the Market. Icon should look something like your Command Seal. Phone is loaded with up to a good month's worth of data too, so you shouldn't have to worry about running out. Anything you order will be delivered to you overnight. Just like the present the received this morning. Convenient huh? Don't worry about setting up payment, your Seals will be collected without any fuss."

"So, is that all?" Despite the exceedingly dull look in his eyes, he spoke with a smile. Like a store clerk, maybe. The kind that made jokes about what you were buying.

And had also never been the employee of the month.
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Melvin looked over the smartphone like device handed to him. "I like this, makes it more convenient to shop. Also over night delivery is also nice" Melvin said smirking as he turned the phone on and looked at the market app. "Strange items I see... But useful I assume. For now though they are to expensive for me... only for now though." Melvin said turning the phone off and placing it in his pocket. "This will be all for now Mr.Fawn, I'll be taken my leave." Melvin said look to the exit. "Dear if you could do a quick check to see if any one is out there. I prefer not to run into any masters or servants yet and we can only assume that they'll be coming here soon." Melvin said gesturing Archer to the exit.
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A sweet and sincere smile spread across Sarah's face as she listened to Lancer speak. "Connor... That is a lovely name." It was quite obvious that Sarah was a rather shy and timid girl, she seemed to be uncomfortable or perhaps more unfamiliar with being around other people. Although it seemed to be that she was beginning to feel a bit more safe with Lancer around as her stutter had seemed to cease, however her cheeks were still blushing a bright red colour. Sarah's eyes seemed to open wide in amazement as she watched Lancer change her clothing in style, it made here scratch her head a little as she felt a bit inadequate about her own choice of clothing. A plain white shirt and black sport shorts. She must have fallen asleep after playing out in the garden or something. Although truth be told Sarah didn't think she would feel very comfortable going out in something other than her sportwear so she simply put on her running shoes and a dark blue zipper hoodie as she responded. "Yeah I have a lot of questions I would like to ask whoever wrote that letter and I'm sure you do too Connor, it will be fun going together although..." Sarah paused as she was tying her hair up into a ponytail. "I-i don't actually know my way around outside. I only ever sat in the Lords car to go to the parks..." She felt quite embarrassed explaining her lack of knowledge concerning the world outside, after all Lancer was the visitor here, it should be Sarah guiding her new friend and not Sarah anxiously asking to rely on Lancer. "B-but if we have a map or something i-im sure we won't get lost or something." Sarah added as she packed a rucksack full of seemingly random books, a notepad, a few pencils and a picture of a dog. Once that was done she gave Lancer a thumbs up. "Uhhh I'm s-sure everything will be just fine anyway even if we get lost it will be together. Like an adventure story!" she concluded optimistically.



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Lenka Blenka
And the fellowship of the hungry
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Excellent, all Lenka had to do was continue to sweet talk this young miss wrapped around her arm and lunch would be secured. Though the price was a bit steep. Lenka knew just as much, if not less, about the situation, she wasn't sure about what to offer. Though, judging by how the woman spoke Lenka was able to assume that this same royal has happened before. The nerve, the fact that Lenka was just now invited was insulting.

"I'll tell ya something new! This competition is gonna be about one-hundred percent harder than previous years. That's 'cause this time there's about one-hundred percent more Lenka!"-she spoke as she pointed to herself with the thumb of her free hand- "An element this battle was sorely lacking in till now." It was with a coy playfulness that Lenka proudly declared this fact. Displaying confidence, but not aggression. She was just about to start leading the three to the nearest food joint but was suddenly separated by a fourth party. The taller woman that was with the redhead before vanishing was back. She seemed to be a bit of a tizzy about how Lenka was making contact with her master, as it were. Lenka took two hops back, distancing herself and not wanted to incur anymore wrath.

That should have been it, Lenka figured that it would be okay to start leading everyone to the nearest snack shack. However, right as she turned to begin moving, the woman who had been with her since she woke was standing mere inches away. She seemed giddy, and before Lenka could even guess why she was met with a barrage of words. Sentences went flying from this woman's mouth, yet not a single one made even a lick of sense. It was hard for Lenka to figure out just what this woman was thinking. Yet all the same, Lenka is nothing if not quick-witted. With the little context given she was able to formulate an answer, she just hopped it would be correct.

"We'll call you Zinnia. Easy to remember, rolls of the tongue nice, and we can call ya Z for short. Now then!" Lenka placed her hands on the newly named Zinnia's shoulders, spun her around and gave her a slight push forward. "Let's get this show on the road. To, lunch!" After making sure the other three knew Lenka was moving she headed off, steadfast and ready to eat.

Lenka insisted on using every manner of alleyway, shortcut, and unconventional travel to get to the destination. Claiming that she knew a quick way to get there, and insisting her knowledge of the city alleyways was second to none. She moved with confidence, swiftly, and cleverly masking the many times they had to backtrack by taking different routes. Even when not necessary she continued to insist she knew where she was going the whole way there.

Finally, the whole gang arrived at a small storefront. It seemed alike to any standard run of the mill fast food eating establishment. Only it didn't have the luxury of being a global brand. Above the door read a monochromatic sign, "Jim Jim's." In the window hung a neon "Open" sign but all the letters, save for O, seemed to be burnt out and unfunctional.

"Favorite pub's not open yet, so this'll have to do. It's great food, so long as you only order the burgers." Lenka entered first. The inside was nothing impressive. A bar and open kitchen, a few seating areas with tables that seemed a bit too close to one another. The colors were dull and an occasional fly could be seen buzzing in and out of the kitchen. The building relied mostly on the natural lighting from the windows, leaving the deeper corners a bit darker than desired. Each table had a random set of menus, though they were cast aside as to give the impression that they were never picked up after orders were placed. Lenka took initiative and sat herself down first. When the rest joined she picked up a menu.

"Guys, seriously, just the burgers."

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A low grumble filled the room, muffled by soft bed sheets. Barricaded by the leftover clutter from the previous night, a small mattress lay in the center of the living space, its many springs squeaking as the sole occupant tried his best to stay asleep. However, a stray hair would eventually peek out from the nest of blankets, looking much more eager to start the day than the man inside.

Eli let out a sigh of frustration as he began to untangle himself from his small refuge from the sun. Squinting, he gave a hesitant glance toward the red numbers displayed on his alarm clock. Awake before the afternoon. He had every intention of sleeping in, but the uncomfortable sensation around his arm was enough to disturb his dreams.

Running his hand through a mane of unkempt hair, Eli took notice of the red streak across his arm. Blood? Did he cut himself at work last night? Probably not. The marks that had formed on the back of his hand didn't seem like an ordinary injury.

Before he could give it much thought, a peculiar object caught his attention. A neatly wrapped box sat right next to the dust-covered work boots at the foot of his bed. He definitely didn't remember bringing that home last night. Then again, he didn't really remember anything after coming back exhausted.

Lazily lifting up the package with one hand, Eli looked it over with suspicion while attempting to rub the sleep from his eyes. It gave him an odd sense of déjà vu. Unless it was a bill or a check, he didn't get a lot of mail. He could only think of one time when he received something like this. With that in mind, just holding the box gave him a lot of mixed feelings.

While he had a bad feeling about opening some strange mystery box that showed up in his apartment overnight, Eli managed to resist the instinct to throw it away and took a look inside. After rummaging around for a few seconds, he raised an eyebrow as he brought some sort of sphere close to his face, attempting to look through the glass surface. What's this? Some kinda- Before he could finish his thought, a blinding light flashed without warning. "Ah! What the hell!"



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Once the light faded, a man in fine white robes and sandals stepped forth--green eyes immediately moving to assess his surroundings. A commoner's abode. No, possibly a bit less than the average commoner given that what lay at the center of the room wasn't even a bed, but a small mattress. Eyebrow raised at the clutter, Caster's gaze moved towards the sole living occupant of the room, still half buried in his blankets.

Dark skin, not unlike the enemies he'd faced in life. Caster was curious what sort of nationality his summoner hailed from, but didn't voice the question. It didn't really matter. In the war they were now in, the color of the skin didn't matter. Heroes of all sorts would be summoned to the battlefield by mages of a different era. Caster would have to defeat them all to retrieve God's sacred cup and fulfill the destiny written to him by the angels. It wasn't much different than the war he'd fought in life...except this one had rules. Masters. Servants. Command Seals. Overseer. The knowledge of the war, current era, and duties had streamed into Caster while he was being manifested into his new form once again, like a divine message from God. Therefore, there was little doubt in Caster than the man currently holding onto a glass sphere, command seals in display, was his Master.

His ally in the war.

Surprising, given what little magic potential he'd sensed in the bronze-skinned human. Nothing like the mages he was used to. Or anything indicating that he had the potential to be a chosen mage in the Holy Grail War at all, in fact. The only thing distinctive about his current Master were his eyes. His pretty eyes. Even with the thin film barrier, Caster could sense the magic in them. His gaze lingered there the longest, taking in the confusion and mistrust that had settled in.

It wasn't what he was used to.

He was used to mortals kneeling before him. He was used to a Master who knew what they were doing when the called for his assistance. Yet, it was clear the male on the bed hadn't called for him. No signs of a ritual either. Just a glass sphere...that served as his catalyst? He would have to inspect the orb later. For now, he had a confused Master to deal with.

Brushing aside his long, ebony hair, Caster brought his hand to his chest in introduction while his other held his scepter/staff. The smile he offered didn't quite reach his eyes.

"Greetings~I am Caster, your Servant for this War. May the wealth of the Heavens shine down on earth and bring us victory in this glorious fight."

No matter what role he played or where, there was only one being he truly served. One duty he was task to accomplish. And this time, Caster was determined to succeed.

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Archer could smell servants on the air. She was aware that as a servant, she could sense other servants, but her particular sense manifested as a smell. The scent was thick, so the servant must be strong. She cared little of the electronic market, Melvin could handle it, but she began to search the tunnel with her hunter's eyes. She could see them, thinking they were completely hidden behind a bend in the labyrinth.
"I've been watching Melvin, there was a pair spying on us but I do not know how much they've heard," She did have to assume they heard the overseer call her a servant, and with her skill they would figure her for an assassin. No reason to dissuade that. From her belt she drew her hunting knife, "I believe they have retreated back outside." But psychically, reaching out through her mental link to Melvin she whispered into his mind They are waiting in ambush just around the corner. Your suggestion?


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Melvin listened to archer as she explained there was already pair spying on them. "I see, so they left" Kevin said out load. But though the psychical link Melvin said something different. ...Well we have limit amount of options being our more confined space and lack of other exits... Our best bet is to some how catch them of guard before the do the same to us... Melvin thought looking around the room and then to the tunnel that the enter though before looking at the other tunnel also connected to the room. ...I think I have an idea... we take tunnel deeper into the tomb and set up our own trap... Either they step in it themselves or they leave... or if things go wrong we'll have to use a more subtle and destructive plan... make our own back exit... Melvin thought to Archer before heading down a tunnel opposite to the one to leave the tomb. "I do hope you don't mind me and my servant exploring this place a little. I haven't been in a tomb before I'm interested in seeing architect of it." Melvin commented to the Overseer as he headed down the tunnel.
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Jun was watching and waiting. He was almost on the edge of a seat, anticipating. Then he realized something TERRIBLE. If theres only one way out... they must have gone further into the tomb. If Jun and Saber went further in, they could be caught in a trap. So Jun took the practical approach and told Saber that they'd wait it out. They would fortify this area and wait for the Master to die of starvation. There was only one way out, so either he gets killed by them or a lack of sustenence. Either way, Jun and Saber win. Sitting down, Jun told Saber to stand by. Sure this may offend Sabers HONOR, however Jun didn't give two turtleshits about her honor. Honor can't win battles, intelligence and good plans do.

Still sat down, Jun performed some basic maintenance on his wrist weapon. With this he could shoot mini harpoons from his sleeve. It was easily concealed too. Having Saber watch the entrance, Jun went out and set up cameras, familiars and small ice barricades. Then he sat back down to regain energy. No one was sneaking up on this team. Judging from the skills displayed by the Servant, it was the Archer. The Assassin simply wouldn't have tried to take a Saber on in mortal combat. It had to have been a Servant with the ability to hide themselves if the need arises. It wasn't the Lancer, Rider or Berserker classes. They'd have charged right at Saber. The only options are Caster... and Archer. Casters hide and fortify, they use their magic to their advantage. This could only have been an Archer. Which would be bad for them since he had the second strongest melee class and they're in a tight catacomb.

"Game on"

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SaberLondon Catacombs

She generally didn't mind her Master's strategizing. Ambushing their enemy was a perfectly viable tactic that would help ensure their victory. And there were few things that would not be permitted in war. However, it was becoming clear that he underestimated his foes. Maybe this kind of plan would work against a magus, but not a servant. Even Assassin would be able to get out of this blockade. "I'm sorry, Master, but I am not allowing them to slip through our grasp by waiting here." The words took on a more solid sound as her form materialized back into existence. She looked back at the entrance of the catacombs. She very much doubted the Overseer would pick a location with no way out and what good was a blockade of the entrance if their enemies would simply slip out their rear exit?

With that she made her way back into the catacombs. The sound of her steel sabatons echoing throughout the hallways as she strode confidently back towards the chamber that had housed the Overseer and his guests. She rounded the corner to catch sight of Assassin's Master asking to explore the catacombs deeper, confirming her suspicions that they weren't going to fall for her Master's attempt. She came to a stop, making sure her presence was known to the three of them as she looked each of them over. Even standing directly before them she could not sense the presence of a servant. It was an off-putting feeling to say the least. "I beg your pardon, Overseer, but I had not been informed that combat in this area was off-limits. As such I would not to waste such an opportunity." She held her hand out by her side, her sword materializing within her grasp as she brought it up to point directly at the woman. "Let us make this quick, Assassin, for I am sure my Master would appreciate those command seals." She gave a nod at Melvin as she said this, however never once taking her eyes off the other servant.

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Archer heard the servant enter and turn. A woman clad in red, strong and based on her armament she was a saber. Not someone she wanted to fight up close but she could hold her own quite easily. This presented an opportunity. The saber seemed the honorable type which she could leverage, and having the overseer in the room reinforced the catacombs as a neutral zone. Well this, complicates things. But I can work with it. Her knife twirled in her hands making dull hum as it spun. Saber was a fighter. She would track any motion and keeping the knife moving was a good way to keep the servants eyes on her.. "Servant Saber I take it? I must inform you that any fight we have will not be quick, and any attack on my summoner will be repaid tenfold," She said pointing the knife at the woman's sword, "I would be happy to take this outside so we do not violate the neutral zone, if you and your master do not mind the walk back to the surface. Alternatively we could fight here but I suspect neither of us want to be buried alive." She took a glance at Melvin casually. Saber could do the lock eyes thing all she wanted, Archer was more then sure that she could dodge any surprise attack. We'll get to the surface and take the fight, learn our foe and escape.


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Saber kept her steely gaze locked firmly on the woman. Seemingly unconcerned with the idle motions of the knife. However, she did allow her weapon to fall idly by her side as Assassin responded to her challenge. "No lone assassin can stand before me and hope to make it out alive." The very idea that a mere assassin would prove a challenge to her was almost downright insulting. But then one does not become a warrior of their caliber without such confidence. At the mention of her Master being at risk of reprisal she simply gave the woman a nonchalant shrug. "My Master is not currently here. And even if he were I am more than capable of safeguarding him. Can you say the same?" With that she fell into a combat stance, ready to leap forward at a moment's notice. "Unfortunately the Grail made no mention of catacombs as a neutral zone. While I shall do my best to limit the harm to the Overseer, this is as valid an arena as any other." She disregarded the bit about being buried alive. She very much doubted any servant would succumb to such an event, she least of all. The magus contracted with Assassin on the other hand? By every metric her opponent was at a disadvantage and if she waited it out, or agreed to the woman's terms, they'd take flight and with that pesky presence concealment she doubted she could track them for long. Her only opportunity was to strike now, and that is precisely what she would do. With a thunderous clap she kicked off the ground, the force cratering the location she once stood as a bang echoed throughout the catacombs. In a span so minuscule even a magus would not be able to perceive it she was already at Archer, her sword coming down in a heavy strike.

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Before him stood a figure that some could describe as the picture of elegance and regality. Jade eyes looked into his own while the man's curved lips spoke of war and victory. Unfortunately, the greeting went through one ear and out the other, Eli not showing much care for the man's appearance or what he spoke of. That was made clear when the glass sphere flew in the stranger's direction.

While he was exhausted a moment ago, Eli now seemed to be filled with energy. He wasted no time climbing off his mattress as he stood his ground, arm still stretched out after a pretty solid toss. "You have five seconds to get out before I kick your ass!" That was probably the normal reaction in a situation like this. Nothing the guy said made any sense, and he didn't really care. All he knew was that some stranger had broken into his home.

"Either that, or I call the cops and kick your ass until they get here!" Rather than be afraid of an intruder, Eli quickly turned into the aggressor in this situation, raising his voice while a rather annoyed expression grew on his face.

Cracking his knuckles, Eli didn't take his eyes off the strange-looking man. He was armed, but it just looked like a stick. Could you even call that a weapon? "You the one who sent that box? Huh?" Asking a question conflicted with his previous demand, but Eli didn't take notice. Right now, there was an internal struggle taking place. The situation with the package was similar to what had happened a few years ago, which made him curious if the two events were connected, the two senders possibly being the same. On the other hand, he was in a bad mood because of a stranger barging into his home and was prepared to knock him out at any second. He was pretty split on which feeling was stronger. His anger may have had the winning edge at the moment, since he was still a bit upset about waking up early.



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Catching the glass orb intended for his face with relative ease, Caster blinked, admittedly caught off guard by his new Master's hostility. He observed the man cracking his knuckles curiously, unperturbed by the angry human's threat. It took a lot of guts to threaten a Servant with physical violence, even one of the Caster class such as himself. Then again, his new Master didn't seem to be very aware of the situation he was in. Of the Holy Grail War. Or even his role as a chosen Master. Green eyes assessed the taller male who intended to call the 'cops'--as if that would be very effective ward against him--critically . Did he even know he was a magus?

Letting out a long sigh, one part annoyed and two parts exasperated at his horrendous luck in terms of Masters, Caster answered the human's question. "I did not." Vanishing the staff in his hand, Caster tucked a lock of black hair behind his ear as he lifted the glass orb thrown at him, studying the runes in interest. It was the summoning ritual for a Servant, condensed into a couple of lines. The magic performed by mages in this era was really quite fascinating. Turning the dull orb, Caster continued. "It would appear that this is what summoned me here. Though the mana encased in the device seems to be all used up..."

Directing his gaze to the Command Seal bearer's mattress, Caster strolled forward, ignoring the weak threat posed by the boorish mage, just as he ignored the filth on the ground, and glanced down at the box the mage referred to. Picking up the letter at the base, Caster scanned the typewritten letter, before holding it out to the Master with the messy hair. "If you wish to know who the sender of the box is, I'd suggest you start reading first." Caster's tone was calm, though his eyes belied his mocking amusement. "There will be plenty of time for fighting later. For now, let me assure you, Master--I am not your enemy."

The war had already begun. Caster could feel it.

Fighting with his source of mana would be waste of time when they could be fortifying defenses and planning war strategies instead. If his Master really didn't want him in his vicinity, the more timely and effective method would be to utilize the command seals he'd been given. A terrible waste really. Caster would almost prefer sparring with his Master and showing him his place. Might be good to show his Master how weak he really was in the grand scheme of things. It'd prevent him from trying to attack another Servant at least.

"I don't suggest you call these cops of yours either. Not if you value their lives."

Normal people were not meant to be involved in a war of Mages and Servants. Caster could hardly be faulted for removing them. Or using them to build God's Kingdom on Earth. Between the laws of of man and the laws of the Great Creator, Caster had little doubts as to where his loyalty lay.

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"Just the burgers huh?" Cassandra thought to herself as she found herself at the doorstep of a rather dingy snack shack a stone's throw away from where they last met up. The presence of four others brought a bit more cheer to the establishment which as far as eye can see, was rather sparse in the niceties.

"I had been to places like these several times. Usually a good blending spot for people trying to pass off as inconspicuous. Average office types with their dress shirts and ties. Suitcases placed on the chair beside them. Occasional glances at their watch. Coffee and cigarette regardless if the heat's turned all the way up outside. A paper or tabloid in their hands. A lot of people I'm tasked to find tend to act too much like these folk. Gives them away. That unnatural, calculated way they go about their business like they're following a script or prompt." Cassandra reminisced as she browsed through the menu.

"Me and my friend--" Cassandra speaks up for her and Rider. "--will have two white cheddar classics and a seafood gumbo. For drinks, we'll take the house blend." She places her order which was met by a nod by the order taker.

"Now then--" She turns her gaze to the third woman who joined in their chance encounter. "You called our attention because you said you had a proposition to make yes? Before that though...aren't we still waiting on one more?"

The woman was a Master no doubt. The professional and calculated conduct she took when she approached the girl Lenka and herself was becoming, she noticed. Which means, she's someone with a Servant at their arsenal. Had they been around however, she was sure Rider would've spoken up. Either they weren't or they were hiding somewhere, perhaps waiting for a chance to strike.

"Watch out for even the slightest changes in the atmosphere or bad gut feelings Rider..."

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Melvin initial plan seemed to have not even began as Saber came down and quickly challenged archer to a fight. But it seemed Saber was under estimating Archer at least by assume she was Assassin. "Assassin my dear I leave taking care of archer to you, inform me once you have take care of her" Melvin said with a smirk. "Saber, i do hope enjoys the fight" Melvin said tipping his hat to Saber as started walking backwards into the tunnel going deeper into the tomb. As he gotten into the tunnel he quickly summoned a ice wall at the entrance to the tunnel before turning around and head deeper into the tombs.

"Either Archer wins, escapes, or gets defeated... Either one though I should be able to escape if it comes to that. Doubt a tomb like this only has one entrance or exit..." Kevin said to himself as he walked down the tunnel, using his new phone as a flash light...
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Jun sent familiars to search for Archers Master. He then used the mental link between him and Saber to inform her of his findings. How it was more likely she was fighting the ARCHER, not the Assassin. Jun told Saber that if she got out, she could gain distance. Which was a worst case scenario since she had ranged capabilities. Jun wanted Archer and Caster out of the way first. Their abilites would ensure that Jun would always keep his eyes over his shoulder. Saber wouldn't care, she was an honormonger. Staying put, Jun waited for the familiars to find Archers master. With his dumb hat, he was easy to spot in a crowd.

Jun swapped his knife for a crossbow. A single handed crossbow he kept in Baggy. It was sleek, stylish and best of all it was silent. Jun tested it with tranq darts before going over all his deadlier darts. He needed a good shot on Archers Master. With Saber keeping Archer busy, he would have ONE shot. If he missed or Archer saved her Master, he was done for. Not his life, they wouldn't kill him. He would lose them as they would run and find a point to shoot at them. Pulling something out of Baggy, Jun donned his Chesire mask. It was best if Archer and her Master never saw his face. It also had filters just in case he had to gas a bitch.

"Saber, don't fuck up"

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