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Fantasy Tournament

The Project
The golem immediately realized it had missed, only creating a crater on the ground.
The golem dragged its fists out, and just in time to see the griffin fly in the air.
The golem stood still, staring at the griffin as it dove at it. But a odd metal hemisphere on the golem's shoulder began spinning as the Project prepared to duel the incoming aerial foe. The face rune began slowly flashing yellow, but the flashes came faster as the output rune began charging.
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Zero Mortal Plan!
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Kai Takeshi
Kai listened to all the cheers and such sorts as he kept his hands hidden within his pockets. "Why are they so excited to see this, well I can't really talk to much since I'm pretty excited too. I can sense everyone's magical powers and it seems they're all good. " It didn't take long for Kai to realize everyone, there was a pair here as well as a golem. Isn't that strange, a golem in a situation like this. He took in the situation at hand as he dug into his pocket and pulled out a necklace with a gem on it. Once he placed the necklace around his neck the gem shined bright. His eyes shined a bright red as he was ready for combat.

As soon as Kai readied himself the announcement of the battle to start Kai jumped away from the fighting. The blonde shot arrows at everyone which seemed ineffective. He noticed the two run off to the woods as he jumped towards their direction. Finally reaching the forest he lowered his breathing as he watched them from a bush. Kai reached in his pockets as he threw two explosive kunai's towards the two, if as planned it would graze both cheeks but separating them as they would notice the explosive tags.
@Vagabond Spectre
Snezhana and Yemu

Snezhana started to cool down. Her senses were now finctioning well as Yemu can notice the huge difference. If snezhana paincs, Yemu gets the harder way of assessing the situation. Snezhana can hear the battle going on outside but she was told by Yemu to ignore it. She was so relaxed for second. That is until two kunais out of nowhere grazed Snezhana's favorite scarf on both sides. Luckily for her it only grazed her scarf and didn't do any real damage to her. "My scarf!" Snezhana cried as she saw the slits on her scarf. It seems like it was only the first layer of her wrapped scarf was damaged. She looked at kunais that tried to cut her. Yemu was the one more surprised than Snezhana herself as they saw the unmistakable explosive tag, through her vision which the girl has no idea about.

"Run!" Cried Yemu. Yemu sounded really shocked and quickly told Snezhana to run away as far as possible. Snezhana obeyed without question. Instead of running away further into the forest. Snezhana ran outside the forest! The girl was only at the edge of the forest, escaping from the area was no challenge. She ran away from the tree she was leaning on earlier and ran towards the clear flat area. There she saw the other fighters. Yemu did not predict this out come since they specifically ordered her to stay. Looks like their is no turning back now. Snezhana has already exposed herself and now Yemu has a new plan. "Keep an eye on them, hana." Yemu commanded. The girl followed and did kept her eyes locked on the other figthers. She ran outside the crossfire, in a safe distance between tham and the reat of the combatants. Snezhana plans to hide on the other side of the of the battlefield while Yemu uses Snezhana's 5 senses wisely, alert on any incoming opponent. Snezhana kept running and running towards the other side. She wasn't the best runner since anyone could just simply catch her by foot with her slow pace.

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The blonde has just challenged her to a battle. Quickly she fired an arrow at him aiming for his chest. She smirked a bit and drew her sword walking closer to the boy."Fine then. I accept your challenge."
in the background she could hear the fight between the golem and the thing and only just noticed the girl running off.'Ill deal with them later' she thought as she got ready to fight.
Ricky watched as a male came towards them.

Ricky stood in the clearing near the forest.

"Well folks," the announcer said. "All the fighters have made it! The first two fighters to be KO'd or surrender will not go on to the next round of the tournament. The can continue fighting in the losers matches though. The four fighters to remain standing in this free for all will go on to the next round!

Remember, whoever does not engage in battle before the battle royale ends will automatically lose.

This is a free for all, so attack whoever you want!"

Ricky put one of his blades in a sheathe behind him.

He blocked the arrow Alexa shot at him and started summoning power in his right hand. His left hand held his blade.

Ricky was in the clearing by the forest. Close to Alexa, mid distance from Kai and far from the golem.

@TheFatherofSniping @Vagabond Spectre @Kai123
She sheathed her sword and loaded another arrow and took aim, aiming for his right hand."Barrage!" she shouted as she instantly released three arrows in a tight cluster. She then dashed back a bit more. Turning towards the direction that the noise of the fighting between the golem and the gryphon she sighed "Id hate to clear up what's left of that Gryphon"


Zero Mortal Plan!
Kai Takeshi
Once the girls seperated the two kuani’s exploded. Perfect just as Kai wanted, soon as Snezhana left the scene Kai got out of the bush placing his hands in his pockets walking over to Yemu. “So what is your magic, or “power” young one.” He asked standing under the branch Yemu rested on as he watched the others fight. “I could’ve taken you out by sneak attacking, but i can tell from your reaction time your the other girl’s eyes and ears. Am i wrong?” Kai always analyzed the people he fought. “So you came in pairs?”

Before he could finish the announcer stated the rules for everyone to understand them. He smirked and continued to stand there understanding what he can do. For now he must see were this conversation will take him. Of course if he had to fight the girl he will, but he may try to ally her and the other one to help till they are all three out of the four in the winner bracket.
@Vagabond Spectre
Ricky ran to the left to avoid the arrows flying toward his hand.

"You'll never hit me with a direct attack like that!" the blonde male yelled.

He started running towards Alexa like a ninja, his right hand building a ball of water in his palm.

"Water shot!" Ricky yelled, firing a strong round blast of dense water. The first blast was at Kai, the second at the girl with the scarf and the third was the biggest, a bubble of water shot towards Alexa's feet.

After shooting the water blasts, he ran towards Alexa swiping at her with a horizontal slice with his left handed blade. His right hand was empty, but ready to be used for his water attacks. His left hand had the metal armguard and his blade in it.

@TheFatherofSniping @Kai123 @Vagabond Spectre
While his water attacks went toward his opponents, Ricky jogged towards the golem he had seen before.

He was across the battlefield so it took some time.

"Big guy! How's your fight going?"

The Project
The metal machine took a minute to realize its foe wasn't doing anything, so the face rune turned light red as it sought out more enemies.
At that moment, the face locked onto Ricky. The machine took a moment to realize Ricky wasn't hostile, leading to a brief moment of the face rune turning red before turning pink from confusion.
The golem pointed at Ricky, then pointed back, seemingly inquiring why the rogue came back.
Snezhana and Yemu

Just as Snezhana sprints her way across the battlefield. Yemu was paying close attention to Snezhana's hearing. It is crucial for Yemu's part to know what is going on around Snezhana. The spirit just let the girl run across the field while they hatch a plan. It took seconds for Yemu to stir up a strategy, unfortunately, there will be a change of plans.

Just like that, a voice was heard. A young man's voice to be specific. Yemu was hearing a lot of noises from, Snezhana's heavy breathing to the clash of weapons and fits in the distance. It was a hard task since a lot of noises tend to distract the human mind but luckily for Yemu. They are just a spirit which uses the child's mind. Hearing this specific line. Yemu indicated that it was a water-based attack thanks to the head up warning shot. A faint splurge of water flowing was heard getting closer and closer. Snezhana may able to hear it but her mind is so one track minded, she cannot focus on it. Yemu thought of a more flashier way to get rid of the attack but Yemu is concerned of Snezhana's limited physical capabilities. So without hesitation, Yemu mentally whispers into Snezhana's mind.

"Fall flat..." Yemu whispered. Snezhana who stayed obedient did exactly just that without question. She thought of it as a silly idea but as long as she obeys Yemu she is safe. Snezhana intentionally tripped herself to the ground, had little information why. The water shot passed by the girl laying down on the ground. She got her clothes slightly dirty but better than getting eliminated early. The water shot only sprayed the girl's back but nonetheless, it was a dodge.

"Now, get up. And face them." A rather risky choice from the wise spirit. Yemu seems to have lost their marbles. Earlier, they instructed Snezhana to specifically run to the other side without stopping. Now, he came with a new set of rather strange commands for Snezhana to face them.

"H-huh!? But you said!" Naturally, Snezhana opposes to the idea and tried to reason out. As she got up, she still followed Yemu's command and stood by like a normal girl. She started to twiddle her thumbs with a feeling of doubt racing in her heart. She really doubts the idea.

"Now now~ Yemu knows what they are doing. Now just there, okay?" Yemu sounded very confident of their plan. What is Yemu planning? What are they trying to pull off? Will it benefit their win?

The Night Owl

Level 63 Arcane Mage Overlord

He moved through the trees. Holding tightly on his Pole-arm-Staff hybrid. The blade from a strange red gemstone. And the handle black and red with of an equally strange wood.

He carried a shield on his back on top of a backpack full of a variety of potions and other equipment. He gripped his venomous and serrated dagger in between his jaws. Whilst his dangerous crossbow was held in is hands. Both made from the same material as the staff.

He was a dark elf of 6'2 and 168 lbs his time in the military made him muscular and he made sure it would stay.

He came to the edge of the forest. And looked at his opponents. He decided to aim at Ricky. Applied his 'Inner Focus' Then he fired
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