Fantasy/Superpower (inspired by Berserk and One Piece, oh my)

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    Currently planning/building. I welcome all input! :)

    Hi all! So I have been working on a world called Absence for over a year now. I am currently creating a new aspect to this world in a world called Meerba. I am envisioning a blend of different genres. I have aspects of dark fantasy, your average superpower-based roleplay, action, discovery, survival, and perhaps the occassional slice-of-life/chill phase. As I have previously created something called Eclipse Seeds, and since the new world is largely ocean + islands, I was reminded of One Piece, and I have taken some inspiration from the franchise in terms of things and themes I liked about it, which you'll probably see in the final roleplay (cough cough. pirate crews). I also have taken some inspiration from things like Berserk, just so you have an idea of what I'd like the final product to entail. I am currently in the process of putting finishing touches, but I'd like to give players the chance to help me build the world, with islands and such. Please post here if you have ideas or questions. You can chekc out the already established lore here:

    Old stuff:

    Hi all.

    I'm currently creating a setting that ties in another, much larger world I have built. The original built included an ocean called "The Whirling Sea", which essentially cut off the majority of the world from about 40% of the planet. On the other side, the people that live "beyond" the Whirling Sea also don't know of the world on the other side. The new, cut-off region is called Meerba. There is one major world government, basically, although it operates under a different name in the Meerba region. The Meerba region is largely covered by water, but there's a ton of islands, both large and small, and also both natural as well as artifical. Naval travel is the primary means of transportation, flying machines do not exist outside of novel exceptions, and there are no roads built across the sea either. So just ships.

    Given the basic premise of islands and ships, and the fact that this world has peculiar trees whose fruits' seeds grant superhuman abilities, I was kind of reminded of One Piece a little bit, and figured that the piraty asthetic could translate very well into the Meerba region. So I have settled on three basic directions I'd like to shape Meerba after:

    1. The Caribbean

    2. Hawaii and perhaps generally Polynesian islands.

    3. Something inbetween Latin American and Spanish Baroque. I'm not sure what umbrella term would be best used here, but I'm envisioning a sort of Day of the Dead-like festival, with garlands, lights, people dancing flamenco, castanets sounding etc.

    The issue here is, how do I properly translate these feels and looks into a world where these places never existed? I can't say anything looks Polynesian, because Polynesian culture never existed on this planet, in that world. I suppose I could really need a hand on how to go about creating strong, vibrant imagery, modeled after a melting pot of cultures, without explicitly drawing comparison to them.

    More info down below. :)
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    What a coincidence!

    Which is good, because I now have some advice. It's the same advice I always give, though: research and attention to internal consistency.

    First of all, find images of architecture, art, dress, and technology native to the cultures you want to draw inspiration from, and give 'em a long hard look to figure out how you would describe them in a way that would convey the aesthetic you want to readers without namedropping the inspirations. 

    Then find out what you can about the geography of the region, the resources available, and how that shaped the above. Climate and wealth affect dress, for example. Do you have strange new trees or sea monsters from which resources can be claimed and put to work? How does that change the aesthetics? How does that change the functions of anything? Do the people need to devise some new tool from familiar resources to exploit the new ones? This can also strongly impact their religion, folktales, and customs.

    Then do some reading on the pre-colonial and colonial histories of those cultures, especially if you want things to feel piratey. Piracy is largely rooted in colonialism. 
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    Thanks! Would you be up to review a description once I complete it, and give your thoughts on it?
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    I'd be happy to. 
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    Alrighty, got some additional info, both in a sort of "Let me explain everything briefly" sorta way, as well as some additional lore info.

    [SIZE=18.666666666666664px]The Roleplay[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Meerba is a world of ferocious waters and endless adventure. It is predominantly made up of wild seas as well as islands of various sizes--both natural and man-made, and hosts a plethora of cultures and different folk. Some are benevolent to travelers, and some are merely amicable, while others are murky pools of criminality. Particularly in the north, the battlefield of mighty conquerors, one’s livelihood is gambled with each and every waking moment.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=14.666666666666666px]It is said that “beyond the north”, behind all obstacles known to mankind, an island awaits on which one can find the Citadels of Champions, where “the power to rule the world” lies. Those structures are considered nothing but myths and mirage, but some say it can only be spotted inside a certain perimeter, reached only after traveling through territory few have dared to step in. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Perhaps the most threatening rumor of all: The hordes of beasts that supposedly scour those waters. Once human, [/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px]something[/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px] has taken hold of all the poor souls that have failed to claim the Citadel their realm. The unminding remains, and the ferocious appearance they have taken on… If the tales are true, then the area known as The World Beyond North is an empire of the otherworldly. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=14.666666666666666px]However, as is to be expected, great danger holds great fortune, and great fortune attracts greed, and promises to quench the thirst for admiration. Many dedicate their lifes to the search for the mysterious Citadels; Most notably the Rogues. Rogues are the infamous individuals that travel across sea and land, defying the laws of Meerba. Many are feared and despised. Others are revered and celebrated, in spite of their wanted status. Whichever reputation they might call their own, wether they persue the Citadels or merely terrorize Meerba’s population, all individuals declared Rogues are hunted by Meerba’s governing body, the Horus Society.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=14.666666666666666px]The Horus Society is a political organization comprised of various branches, which effectively serves as a government for the entirety of Meerba. It’s naval forces as well as political leaders are tiered in complex hierarchies and sorted into a variety of sub-branches. Though Horus’s founding precedes historical records, and thus has never been democratically elected, they are almost unanimously accepted and supported as the world’s primary ruling body. History is foggy, but it is commonly believed that Horus’s founders came from beyond the Whirling Sea, an oceanic area that is untravellable, even more so than The World Beyond North. Though no reliable information about this mysterious territory is available (not to mention of no relevance to most of Meerba’s population), the sheer notion of having originated from within it is a popular pro-Horus propaganda tool.[/SIZE]


    [SIZE=18.666666666666664px]The Eclipse Fruits[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=14.666666666666666px]The Eclipse Fruits are peculiar fruits that grow on rare trees, called Calamity Trees. They are easily identified by their rotting and barren appearance, even amidst otherwise lush vegetation. Eclipse Fruits have three classifications:[/SIZE]

    1. [SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Light[/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px] - Light Fruits are associated with brightness, heat, life, health, warmblooded animals, land, and protection. A few powers that have been recorded in history include healing abilities, angelic physiology, fire-wielding, and light manipulation.[/SIZE]

    2. [SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Darkness[/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px] - Darkness Fruits are associated with the dark, cold, shadows, death, illness, coldblooded animals, and the ocean. A few powers that have been recorded in history include shadow-manipulation, anti-matter summoning, water-wielding, and hex casting.[/SIZE]

    3. [SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Dusk[/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px] - Dusk Fruits, sometimes called Twilight Fruits, are the rarest classification. They blend the borders between Light and Dark, and are often the most taxing on the user’s body and mind. Considerably less information is available about these Fruits due to their rarity, but aquatic physiology and blackflame-wielding are well-known examples due to their famous users.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=14.666666666666666px]All Eclipse Fruits are named after the powers they grant, i.e. Decay Fruit, Miracle Healing Fruit, Angel Fruit, and so on. Being naturally rare, Eclipse Fruits yield high prizes on the blackmarket, especially due to their artifical price inflation caused by the global ban of usage. Unreported possession, consumation, selling and/or attempts to cultivate are punishable by law.[/SIZE]


    [SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Kindled Spirit[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Every being in this world has an inherent energy flowing through their bodies, but not everyone is aware of it, or utilizes it. Some people call it chakra, other call it life force, but it all circles back to the same power. An individual who has has mastered the art of channeling this power, has a Kindled Spirit. A Kindled Spirit can be seen as an awakened state of being, one that boosts an individual’s vitality, strength, speed, and durability. This energy can be manipulated by extraordinarily skilled individuals, and can even function as a weapon, even, or embue one’s gear. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Visually, a Kindled Spirit reveals itself as smoke emitting from the user’s body, and a faint glow radiating off the skin, the color of which varries from user to user.[/SIZE]


    [SIZE=18.666666666666664px]The Black Market[/SIZE]

    Due to Horus's fir grip on all of Meerba, a booming underground society has developed around banned goods, many of which are highly dangerous. Aside from the Eclipse Fruits, unapproved or restricted technology can be found here as well. In particular, highly dangerous Rogues like to further reenforce their dominant positions by acquiring the most powerful fruits and the most advanced inventions to strengthen their crews. However, the most valuable artifacts are Glacier Shards. These shards are opaque and have a smooth surface. They take on a variety of shapes, and can come in different sizes, but they are all remarkably cold and emit a soft, blue glow. They are exeptionally rare (a Black Market broker saying goes "A billion years breeds shards worth two kidneys.") and also exceptionally powerful. Legend has it that the shards are part of three sets of crystals, which are hidden in The World Beyond North, in the Whirling Sea, and the at the enter of the planet.

    [SIZE=14.666666666666666px]That's all for now. :) [/SIZE]
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    If you need some maps this generator works really well.  Otherwise nice premise, reminds me of One Piece.  I think you explained things well enough to get people started.
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    That's pretty nifty for a roleplay with a variety of small islands. I'll bookmark that for sure. :P Thanks! Yeah, One Piece was definitely a bit of an inspiration. I believe I've written it down in the OP somewhere, but this is part of another roleplay where "forbidden fruits" were implanted, and I still had this huge water world untouched, and once super power fruits and sea-fare came together, it was kind of an obvious parallel, so I drew from it a little bit. Thanks for the feedback.
  8. Considering I stopped watching One Piece after episode 68, and Beserk is in my queue for 'Anime To Watch'-I think I'll help you out time-wise & Technology.

    This is low-key really good. I'm gonna need a bit to think up something of this caliber..
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    Thanks. :) I have some very vague ideas about technology. Another region set in the same universe has a variety of highly advanced technology fueled by Glacial Shards, which are rare supernatural artifacts. So my ideas was, perhaps, to have Meerba have even fewer of these, but have it be present enough to fuel some very basic technology. Particular the Contact Globes would be a very nifty thing to have in this region. They're basically crystal spheres that allow visual and aural transmissions with one another. However, I will need to come up with a logical reason as to why the Contact Globes can not connect with those of the other region.
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    (@Grey You're super good with internal consistency, so forgive me the tag.)

    So I had an idea how to implement Contact Globes in Meerba without having them connect to those of the other regions in the world. In the main region, Contact Globes work by being part of a sort of network of Glacial Energy. All cities have a distributor network that allows engines with Glacial Shard fragments/coating to connect with one another. Like an amplifyer of sorts, that allows the signal to work throughout the entire region. Meerba has considerably fewer Glacial Shard, so Contact Globes would likely need a much more sensitive receptor to function consistently through long distances. Because of that factor and the High Wall (a structure to divide that part of the world from Meerba and the Whirling Sea), the "signals" (unsure if that's the perfect word for a "magic" invention, but eh) communicate on a different frequency, and do not intercept with any non-Meerban Contact Globe. Also, Glacial Distribution Facility would likely be developed a little differently anyways.
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    Alright, added some more information to the main thread. I invite all potentially interested players to check it out and give me their thoughts! :) @White Masquerade Perhaps you'd like to take a look as well, since you found the last thread to be a bit bare? :P
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    This one looks good!
  13. *Would Also Agree*
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    Thanks you two! I would've tagged you Juicy, but your username messes with my ability to use the tag system. xD
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