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Fantasy Fantasy rp partner wanted (repost)


Fire demon
I've been wanting to try a fantasy rp with knights, elves, fairytale creatures, bandits, and royalty.
I am also not exactly sure what to write in this so here goes nothing..
I would like to start on here to see if we click at first and then might move to a different location if we feel the need to.
Important things:
  • I do understand people have lives outside of here but I would like to know if there will be long periods without talking and I will update you as well.
  • I would like to be able to talk as friends and collaborate on ideas and things for the role play.
  • I do not expect long paragraphs for replies because most the time I have a hard time coming up with long replies, and I know they are not everyones favorite to do but I do expect thoughtful non-one word answers because that will get us nowhere and thats no fun

General role play details:
  • I would really like a fairytail type one maybe with some kidnapping, banditry, bars, dragons, etc.
  • multiple characters are allowed but within reason dont want to get too crazy with the characters.
  • ALMOST ALL creatures are allowed,
    • they just have to work in the situation.
    • and they can talk.
I am sure I am missing some details so any questions feel free to ask me. ^_^


Bavarian Donut Queen
Darn. Same. I have male characters but definitely hard to get muse while playing them unless I listen to their playlists


The one they warned you about
Interested, but my character is mute. He has modes of communicating though so you won't be without dialogue. Is that okay?

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