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Fantasy Fantasy, Politics, and Fury (Game of Thrones / ACOTAR style).

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Princess of Irrelevance
Hello lovelies!

I hope this does not dissuade people, but I shall aim to keep this thread brief and prompt; there is nothing worse than investing a lifetime in an interest check that flops.

What is ACOTAR?
ACOTAR is a YA fantasy novel by Sarah J Maas.

Do I need to have read it to participate?
No, this roleplay will be founded on the concept of this series. The characters will not be related to the main storyline. The saga will merely utilise the politics and world built by Maas herself.

What is the concept? (SPOILER FREE).
Five hundred years prior to the beginning of A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR), the lands of the mortal humans and the immortal Fae had no separation between them. Many Fae from Prythian and the Kingdom of Hybern abused and mistreated humans, often holding them as slaves. This, along with other factors, is what drove the humans to begin the War, a conflict which forced the immortal Fae of Prythian to choose to fight alongside the humans to help them gain their freedom or to join the King of Hybern and his ruthless commander Amarantha to defeat the humans and continue their enslavement. At the end of the War, a Treaty was established between the Fae and the humans abolishing human enslavement by the Fae and ordering the separation of Prythian from the Mortal Lands by the enormous, invisible structure called The Wall. It also stated that the Fae must remain in Prythian. If a Fae were to cross over into the Mortal Lands, the humans have a right to dispose of that Fae however they choose.


What does the Court system mean?

Prythian is composed of seven separately ruled lands called "courts" consisting of four seasonal courts: the Summer Court, the Autumn Court, the Winter Court, and the Spring Court, and three solar courts: the Night Court, the Day Court, and the Dawn Court. It also borders the Mortal Lands to the south, with the only separation between them being the Wall, and lies east of the Kingdom of Hybern.

Seasonal Courts

Prythian consists of four seasonal courts: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. The geography of the seasonal courts begins with the Spring Court, the southernmost court, and the only court to border the wall that separates the Mortal Lands from Prythian. North of the Spring Court lies the Summer Court and Autumn Court, Summer to the east, and Autumn to the west. The fourth and final seasonal court is the Winter Court, which lies north of the Summer Court and Autumn Court.

Despite following the natural cycle of night and day, each of the seasonal courts only remains in the season specified by their court name. The Summer Court only ever experiences summer, the Winter Court only ever experiences winter, the Autumn Court only ever experiences autumn, and the Spring Court only ever experiences spring.

Solar Courts

North of the seasonal courts resides the three solar courts: the Night Court, the Day Court, and the Dawn Court. The Dawn Court resides north of the Winter Court and is known for its mountain palace in the clouds. Continuing North of the Dawn Court is the Day Court, the court said to contain much of Prythian's history within its abundance of libraries. Occupying the land to the far north is the Night Court, the largest and most feared of all of the courts.

Unlike the seasonal courts, the solar courts do not remain in eternal states of dawn, day, or night. Each of them follows the daily cycle of day and night, although it has been stated that those of the Night Court experience more stunning and breathtaking night scenes than that of the other courts.

Who are the Fae?

In this universe, the Fae who most resemble humans are called High Fae. High Fae are treated as superiors and rule over the "Lesser Fae", a term for those who are anything other. This creates bitterness and subtle resentment within the courts themselves; Lesser Fae are often reduced to peasantry and serfdom.

What powers do the High Fae have?

The High Fae are stronger and more powerful than the average faerie, and they may possess unique abilities that vary with their level of power such as winnowing or a trait received at birth, such as the daemati and shadowsingers.

Daemati are faeries that have the ability to walk into another person's mind. They are able to read, influence, and even shatter someone's mind, depending on their training and power.

Shadowsingers have the power of shadows and are able to control, transport, and meld into them. They are among the rare few who have the ability to hear and feel things others can't, making them excellent spymasters.

Seers are a rare type of fae that is able to predict the future through visions. Similar to shadowsingers, they are able to sense and experience things others cannot and therefore are very valuable to those in the presence of one.

The High Lords and their family all possess powers relative to their court. For winter, this may be: frost, storms, wind, manipulating air, whereas for summer this could be: heat, water-manipulation, a connection with nature etc. There can only be one High Lord of each court, and brothers often kill each other to inherit the title. Due to systematic sexism, there has never been a High Lady.

What is the storyline?
A cruel King hides overseas, amassing an army with the ruthless dream of eradicating humans and enslaving them once again. The courts must decide amongst themselves if they are sympathetic towards the Kings cause. Will they stand against their own kind and protect the humans again? The chances of triumph are slim. The King's army is vast, and likely to devour his enemies. Will they, instead, bend the knee? This roleplay will explore the politics between the courts and within.

What is expected from writers?
This will be a casual to advanced literate roleplay. Depending upon preferences of the group, it may or may not also adopt a discord server, in order to world build and convey simultaneous plots. Writers should be over the age of 16 years old, due to mature content and darker themes. Rules are RPNation standard. Explicit content will not be tolerated.

Please let me know if this is something anyone would be interested in. Writers are not expected to know anything of the books. This is a world that we can hopefully build together, with lore being kept for help in strict channels.


Minority of One
I created a similar roleplay world & premise a year or two ago. And I still have all my notes. :) Consider me interested, preferably for the Autumn Court.


Princess of Irrelevance
Autumn Court is one of my favourites! The eternal fall aesthetic and the (novel) use of fire had my heart 🥰. I’d love to hear all about your ideas, I’m so happy to hear you had a bunch similar. Writing partners that invest are actual treasures.


Princess of Irrelevance
definitely interested!! i adore sarah j. maas's books!

I’m only on wings and ruin 👀 who is your favourite character and what’s your favourite court?

I haven't read the books, but I would love to join you guys.
I am SO interested in this, GoT and ACOTAR are my favorite series

Whoop! I’m excited. I’ll give it until the end of the day and then I’ll make a server to plot and scheme. Is everyone okay with discord, or would you all rather use spare threads? Lemme know your preferences, please <3


There will be light
Hey if y'all still have openings I'm interested (though I don't know much about ACOTAR, I learn quick lmao)

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