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Fantasy Fantasy Plots Galore! (M/M, F/F, M/F)


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About Me

-I am based in EST and 20+

-I have been role-playing for around 8 years now.

-I have been mainly writing novella, though it depends on how much I have been given to work with. At minimum, my posts are a solid 4-5 paragraphs and at maximum 8-11 paragraphs. However, I do find it difficult to write out longer responses if my partner hasn't given me much in the way of action or dialogue to work with, so please do give me ample material. I tend prefer quality over quantity, so what really matters for me is a response with new actions/reactions/dialogue to continue moving things along. I tend to be a very descriptive writer, though I also do my best to add enough dialogue to balance it out!

-I am very fond of world-building and can come up with new characters at a drop of a hat. Most of my roleplays therefore introduces a very colorful cast of side-characters alongside with my main character.

-I do have an office job with a 9-5, so during the days where I have a lot of work or have OT, I am less responsive and may not get a response out. However, for the most part, I can get out at least one response. I am a big fan of rapid fire.

-For my active roleplays, I love to make character playlists or even share aesthetics.

-I use exclusively anime/digital art faceclaims.

Things I am looking for:

-Ages 20+

- A novella writing partner writing in 3rd person with proper grammar.

-Someone who wouldn't mind playing side characters as I also will be doing to help bring the world to life.

-Preferably an active poster -- if we can get the ball rolling on the roleplay and keep things going that would be great!

-Someone who uses digital art or anime for face-claims. Realistic face-claims make me uncomfortable.

The Plots

The roleplay is set within a fantasy Victorian-era steampunk world. The age of steam has provided the world with new forms of transportation and once again heralded a Golden age of exploration. The crown has generously allocated various professors and explorers with the funds needed to travel. Muse A is a well-established information broker (i.e. criminal) dealing within the seedier side things, with an avid interest in various upcoming lucrative field. It just so happened that one of the fields was in piloting, a happy coincidence now, with mounting interests in travel. Muse B is either a professor or explorer interested in launching an expedition of his own, having secured funding, but not yet a suitable crew. Through a series of coincidental meetings with Muse A (it can be negative or positive) and another series of misfortunes in finding a suitable pilot, he enlists Muse A. Together, the two set forth on a series of expeditions into the unknown (bonus if there is horror!)

Keywords: steampunk, urban fantasy, slow-burn, historical, poigance, possible enemies-to-friends-to-lovers, slow-burn, exploration, adventure, horror (optional bonus!), into the unknown we go, unexplored new lands, worldbuilding galore, travelogs, m/m

The roleplay is set within a high fantasy medieval world, outlining a typical epic quest. The kingdoms have been in locked within wars for centuries, coming to an unprecedented age of peace for the last five years. Though now, there has been talk of a strange illness creeping into the kingdoms from remote lands, any scouts sent from the different kingdoms vanishing without a trace. Muse A is an accomplished paladin who has seen her share of battles, once bright-eyed and idealistic, now wearied by needless bloodshed. Yet she remains the best paladin of her generation under her Goddess, working her way up to High Paladin before she finally opted to step out of the public eye and retire. Muse B is either a knight, wizard, or paladin from another kingdom who has fought against Muse A during the warring period and an accomplished figure in own kingdom. Seeing the number of scouts disappearences, both kingdoms decide to send their best out in a joint venture to investigate. This roleplay will follow Muse A and B in their journey towards healing from the wounds of the past and learning to rely upon one another.

Keywords: high fantasy, epic quests, medieval, mutual healing, introspection, poignance, slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers, mystery, action, tired old women falling in love, f/f

The roleplay is set within a high fantasy medieval world. The world has just entered a Golden Age, after a band of heroes defeated the great evil that had plagued the lands for so long. Yet in doing so, after the defeat of the evil, the members have gone missing. Muse A is a young stoic swordswoman with a perchance for violence (most issues can be solved with a sword!), searching for her brother, one of the heroes that has gone missing. Muse B is a hapless bystander who somehow found themselves swept up into Muse A's quest; perhaps they also have a relative gone missing or they somehow found themselves unfortunately dragged along into the adventure.

Keywords: High fantasy, medieval, comedy, world-building, epic quests, (all pairings welcomed, f/f, f/m, f/nb)

The roleplay is set within a high fantasy medieval world, outlining a typical epic quest. The lands have been plunged into the Dark Ages since a great evil swept the lands. In the shadows of such dark times, comes Muse A and B, both the so-called Chosen One's prophesied to bring an end to it. The only issue is that Muse A and B have a rather long history of hating one another, being rival mages/paladins/knights who have long since been locked in competition to prove their superiority. Unfortunately, now the fate of the lands has been tossed into their laps and they find they must work together to vanquish the evil after finding the other Chosen ones.

Optional/Bonus: The other Chosens are notably younger than Muse A and B and attempting to match-make the two rivals. In the process, the other Chosen ones find themselves somehow part of one dysfunctional family of choice, with Muse A and B becoming the father-figures.

Keywords: high fantasy, epic quest, rivals-to-lovers, action, slow-burn, comedy, m/m, tired old men falling in love, found-family

If any of the plots interest you, please send me a DM, I will not check comments. In the DM, let me know which plot you want to do, a little about yourself, and a writing sample.
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